Blogging Statistics – Where Do You Stand as a Blogger?

Blogging has grown in popularity over the years. In the same vein it has evolved into its own online money making industry over this period of time.

But beyond these changes one thing that has continued to be a surprise to many is the variance in success level among bloggers in different genre.

In this blogging statistic infographic by a whole lot of insights is revealed. Of course, there are various blogging statistics published by different sources yearly but I’m intrigued by this one that I’m sharing it here.

As you read through it I want you to ask yourself a few questions:

1. Where do I stand in all of these as a blogger?

2. Where do I hope to be in the next year with my blog?

3. What one stat can I work on to move my blog to the next level?

Why I want you to ask yourself these questions is because of some of the insights from the survey.

For example:

  • Over 43.3% of bloggers surveyed listed “Hobby” as the reason for starting their blog(s)! Really? As someone who is always encouraging you to a business and not just a blog, that’s really not what I expected.
  • A surprisingly 69.6% are making $0 income from their blogs while about 0.6% are making over 1 million. Wow! Please read that again and see the disparity. But that just correlates well with the fact that a big number only take their blog as a “Hobby”!
  • A resounding 69.4% give lack of readers/traffic as their biggest worries compared to security (16.7%) and lack of earnings (54.9%).
  • Over 60% have started a blog only to abandon it while 40.7% have been consistent with their commitment to the blogs they started.

Alright, let’s get it on…!

Blogging Statistics for 2018

Blogging statistics updated each year can be found here.

Your turn: Will love to have your take in your comments below.

9 Creative Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business Today!

Creative Ideas for Profiting Iin 2012!

There is no doubt about it, marketing your business on the internet is evolving every day. But as a savvy business entrepreneur you need to put in place your own strategies to stay ahead of the competition.

Putting in place these strategies don’t have to be difficult because you don’t need some rocket science to do that. Whether you pick them up in the course of running your business online or you simply decide to put a “twist” on what you see others doing, as long as they serve your purpose they are justified.

In this post I want to present you with a few creative marketing ideas which could help boost your business profits any day! Read them and feel free to adapt them to your peculiar marketing needs. Pick two or three from the list and work on mastering them. I bet you will be the better for it!

So here we go:

1. Increase Your Visibility Through Co-Operating With Your Competitors

There’s one fact about running any form of business and that is, regardless of what business you are in, every penny you earn comes as a result of the cooperation of other people. These could be employees, suppliers, partners or customers. Another group of people who are very important but we want to stay away from are our competitors.  But instead of staying away from them or fighting them, you could team up with them and start an association geared towards your specific industry. By simply partnering with them you could increase your visibility and exposure which will ultimately increase your profits.

2. Leverage The Efforts Of Your Customers

Your customers could actually be your best sales people because satisfied customers will eagerly spread the word about your product or service. However, to better encourage them to do this, start an affiliate program. The benefit of receiving an income for telling their friends about your product will be an added incentive to spread the word. This is a good way of multiplying your marketing and advertising efforts and increasing your profits.

3. Improve Your Business by Being a Good Listener

Customer feedback has always been a powerful tool for businesses in knowing how to better serve their markets. Today listening to what your market is saying is much easier to do.

Do a search for your business name using either Google or the social media sites. Chances are you will find comments that could help you improve your business. A comment complaining about your customer service, your web site design, product, etc will help you know what to improve.

4. Covertly Encourage People to Link to Your Business Website

We all know the importance of backlinks in gaining visibility on the search engines. Online entrepreneurs have always created backlinks by encouraging reciprocal links. How about some creative ideas that will encourage one way backlinks to business website? For example, you could offer a discount on one of your products and encourage your customers to link to your site to qualify for the offer. They could create the back links on their social media profiles or if they have blogs, make a post mentioning your offer.

5. Add A “PR” Page to Your Business Website

One good way you can create more visibility for your online business is by getting into the news. You can do this by adding a “PR” page to your site. Allow your site visitors to submit newsworthy items to be published on this page. This could attract the media and soon your site could be the “go-to” site for the latest news.

6. Provide a Free Online Directory on Your Site

Like the “PR” page, you can add a free directory of interesting downloadable e-books on your site. If people find your directory to be a valuable resource, they will visit it over and over again. This will not only increase traffic to your site but also increase the reach as your visitors spread the word about your free directory.

7. Hold Free Online Classes Or Webinars

I’ve seen a similar idea being used by Adrienne Smith of Offering a live informative training on your site will definitely entice people to visit your web site. If you do this very well, you may just become the go-to expert in your topic area. These classes or webinars could be held weekly or monthly to get people to revisit your web site again and again.

8. Offer Free Consulting For Your Site Visitors

Depending on your business, you could establish your expertise and thereby increase your clientele by simply offering free consulting on your web site. This could be offered via e-mail or by telephone. Skype is another good medium to use. Considering the cost of consultancy, people will place much value on your free consulting and as they talk about it on the social media sites they will simply be offering free promotion for your business.

You could simply add another stream of income to your business by recording or saving the information you give out and creating a product you could sell or give away for more exposure.

9. Create a Free Group on Facebook or Linkedin and Make Your Business Website the Official Site

A Facebook group can be a power traffic generating tool for your business site. Linking your business site as the official site for the group will greatly create visibility for your site. You can also design membership graphics for members to place on their sites. As more and more people come to know of the group and become members so also the popularity of your site will increase. This’ll increase your repeat visitors and sales.

These ideas may not really be new but you can use them as idea generators for enhancing your business operations this year 2012. Your success with these marketing strategies will greatly depend on how you are able to apply them to your peculiar circumstances.

Over to you: Are implementing any of these creative ideas in your marketing right now? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

13 Weird Secrets of Successful Bloggers Revealed!

How successful bloggers make a living blogging

Have you ever wondered how a “select” group of bloggers are making a living, or very nearly making a living from their personal blogs?

Yes, you hear (or read) of them jetting off to interesting places, wearing beautiful clothes, and reviewing all manner of products…and making a living from it. But, have you considered how they do it?

Now, if this has been a sort of mystery to you then wonder no more because you too can. In this post I’m about revealing to you the carefully guided secrets of these successful bloggers!

For the past five years I’ve been monitoring a select few of these bloggers and now I can confidently say, I’ve uncovered their secrets! The surprising thing is that most of these bloggers are really not “working” as hard as the rest us however, the results are totally weird!

So, if you have been thinking that this is beyond you, then you will need to think again!

Secrets of Successful Bloggers Revealed!

Secret #1: Blog About Stuff You’re Interested In

The first step is to think of things that you’re interested in to blog about. If you blog about things just because you think people will like them, even if you don’t like them, it’ll shine through in the way you write. You’ll lose interest pretty quickly. Only blog about things you’re interested in and care about as a rule.

Secret #2: Blog For the Right Reasons

You should blog for all the right reasons. Blog for you. Don’t blog for somebody else, because somebody you know is doing it, or because you think it will make you rich. It might very well make you rich, but that will come after years of perseverance and work. You’ll make next to nothing in the first few years, and you’ll quickly give up if you’re doing it for money reasons.

Secret #3: Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to a successful blog. Posting sporadically won’t get you many loyal readers. That isn’t to say you should post at exactly the same time on the same days, although that would be way more organized and effective. Simply commit to posting a couple of times a week to stay fresh and current. If you leave it for too long without publishing a post, you can bet that you’ll lose interest.

Secret #4: Write Original Content

The worst thing you can do is copy other bloggers. Your content should be completely original. So original that it passes all of the searches Copyscape can muster. You can get in trouble for this and you won’t develop a great readership. Make sure your content is all your own, written off the top of your head. Feel free to take inspiration and do research, but make sure that it stops there. Nobody likes a ‘me too’ blog either, so even if you aren’t copying anybody still try to make your blog stand out.

Secret #5: Make Friends With Other Bloggers

Whatever you do, don’t keep yourself to yourself. Even if you’re normally an introverted creature, try to come out of your shell and make friends with other bloggers. Comment on their posts, follow them, share valuable information, whatever it takes. Most successful bloggers are really supportive of one another, so make sure you’re always friendly.

Secret #6: Connect With Blogger Networks

Blogger networks exist to help connect bloggers and brands. Working with brands has many advantages, if you weren’t aware already. Some of them will give you something free for a blog post in exchange. Others will pay you for advertising. Blogger networks makes it easy for you to find each other, so make sure you sign up to them and make your profile look appealing.

Secret #7: Comment On Other Blogs

Commenting on other blogs is essential. Not only will it send people back to your own blog, it allows you to connect with bloggers and blog readerships. Just make sure that the comments you leave are valuable. They should be well thought out and relevant to the content. Answer a question posed or add something useful to the discussion. Comments like ‘good job’, or ‘nice!’ won’t get you very far.

Secret #8: Guest Post

When you’ve made enough blogger friends, you may have the opportunity to write guest posts and have guest posts written for you. This is a great way to attract a bigger following, so don’t hesitate to approach a blogger you like with a collaboration proposal. Don’t get ahead of yourself though; you need to establish yourself in this industry first.

Secret #9: Post at Peak Times

Peak times include early in the morning when people are travelling to work, in the afternoon when people are having lunch, and in the evening when people are relaxing. Releasing your blog posts at these times will be much more effective than doing it when you feel like it.

Secret #10: Take a Notebook Everywhere

Most successful bloggers take a small notebook everywhere with them. This way, they can note down ideas for posts and never forget another valuable opportunity! Even if an idea doesn’t seem tangible to you at the time, write it down. It may come in handy one day. If you haven’t made a blog yet and find yourself thinking about it, start with this to see if you regularly come up with good post ideas. I bet you’d create a free website today if you realised just how great your ideas were!

Secret #11: Include Pretty Pictures

Pictures are proven to increase the click through rate of a blog post by a mile. Try to include pictures that are all your own. They should be as high quality and attractive as you can make them. There are lots of tutorials online, so make sure you watch them to get an idea of how to make great blog photos. Some bloggers make their posts photo heavy, while others go easy on the photos and heavy on the text. Either way, you need something to break up your information!

Secret #12: Be Yourself

Don’t try to be somebody or something you’re not. The most successful bloggers are nothing but themselves. Ignore what you think is popular and what people will like. There will always be somebody out there who wants to read about you.

Secret #13: Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Never compare yourself to others. This can be hard, with so many other bloggers around. However, this can stop you from being yourself and posting the things you want to post. Don’t focus on how many followers somebody else has got, or how many awards. Focus on yourself and how you can improve. Show support to other bloggers and you’ll get it back.

There you have the uncanny secrets of that successful bloggers have been using to make a living online. Use these secrets wisely and you will be able to create a successful blogging career without fail. Good luck!

How many of these secrets are you applying right now in your blogging?  Share with us in your comments below.

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6 Pinterest Tactics for Exposure and More Traffic! [Part 6]

How many times have you heard it said that, “Build It and They Will Come” is only a line from the Field Of Dreams?

Lost count, right?

Ok then, I beg to sound like a broken record here for the fact is, even if your Pinterest account has a professional look and its well optimized in all the places, if you cannot get people to see your pins or if your Pinterest boards are not driving traffic, you might just be wasting your time.

In this post therefore we want to look at some tactics for getting targeted traffic to your boards and how you can siphon some of that traffic to your niche blog and then convert them into leads that will make your money!

But before then, let me quickly remind you that this is part 6 of our Pinterest for Business blog series. If you missed previous entries, please click here now to join the flow!

Now, on to today’s post….

How to grow your Pinterest account

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Pinterest Algorithm, Pinterest Search and Your Pinterest Exposure

Before now, Pinterest was showing every new pin in the category sections. This was good for everyone since the pins could stay for a few minutes before being pushed down by newer pins. However, of recent, Pinterest has changed this to also show repins.

Of course as expected this pushed up the volume of pins showing in the category sections. The result is that pins now only stay at the top of the category sections for a few seconds leading to reduced exposure for your pins!

But there are more frustrating things. For example, getting into the popular categories on Pinterest is a herculean task, especially for new accounts. Right now, no one can actually say exactly how Pinterest algorithm works to determine what pins to show in the popular categories. All we can work with for now is what we know about other social media sites, like Facebook EdgeRank, We must must content ourselves in assuming that Pinterest gives more weight to well-established accounts with more followers, more likes and more comments.

But the good thing is that though Pinterest algorithm proves elusive Pinterest search engine, on the other hand, appears to work basically on keywords density.

For example, a simple search on Pinterest usually returns pins with no likes, comments or repins showing up above the ones with hundreds of repins simply because these ones have photo titles and descriptions that match the keywords used in searching!

Knowing these about Pinterest and its algorithm here are a few tactics to boost your Pinterest exposure:

1. Keywords optimization

Forget about Google’s war against keywords. This is Pinterest and not Google! Freely use keywords in naming your photos and graphics. Use keywords also in the descriptions. This will increase the chances of pins showing up when someone search on Pinterest with your target keywords.

2. Use of #hasttags

Hashtags are another good way of getting find easily on Pinterest. Hashtags have now become a generally accepted way for many to quickly and easily find what they are looking for on social media site. When this is used together with keywords you actually increase your chances of being found on Pinterest.

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3. Choose who to follow with care!

Of course it may be tempting to want to follow as many pinners as possible. However, instead of following just anyone out there you will want to concentrate on popular pinners who are in similar niches and have boards similar to what you have. Though many of these established pinners may not be as willing as newer people to follow you back, but because you have similar niches and boards, many of them are far more likely to follow you back because you match their interest and taste.

Now one of the reasons why you need to focus on popular pinners is the fact that these pinners already have large followers. When they follow you back and they repin your pins all of their followers get to see your pins!

But how do you uncover popular pinners to follow? Here are 2 simple methods that can help:

a. Visit the popular category on Pinterest and look for pins that match your boards. Select the ones that are repin-worthy.  Locate the original pinner and then follow them.

b. Carefully search your niche category with keen interest for the pins that have a good number of repins. Choose a few of them and then follow them.

Do this over time and you will soon have a group of targeted followers.

4. Comment on popular pinners’ pins

This is a covert way of attracting the attention of other pinners. As mentioned above when you start following other pinners, watch out for those who have thousands of followers. When you notice anyone that matches your interest, take note of them and then monitor your following feed for latest updates from these popular pinners.

Whenever there is an update from any of these pinners, like and comment on some of them before other pinners start seeing and repining them.

The idea is to expose your comments to as many of the followers as possible. This is similar to posting comments on popular blog posts when they are first published to gain the attention of other commenters. The good thing here is that not many people post comments on Pinterest pins.

This is good for you as your comments have more chances of standing out.

5. Use guest pinners

Do you know you can invite other pinners as contributors on your boards?

Yes, you can actually use this to have access to popular pinners’ follower news feeds without you doing anything. This is actually like guest blogging. First, you will need to create a special board specifically for guest contributors. After doing this, go out and look for popular pinners. First follow them and then invite them to be contributors of your board. If any of them accept your invitation, your board will automatically show up on their own list of boards.

To take this to another level, you can also choose to follow your contributors’ boards and they will automatically follow all your boards!

On the other hand you can seek to be a guest on others’ boards. This automatically gets your pins in front of all their followers without even having them to repin your pins.

6. Paid/Sponsored Ads

You also have paid options that will help you build your Pinterest following faster. If you want to take this route it is advisable that you wait till when you start making a profit from your efforts and then re-investing part of that profit into paid advertising.

Here are some places for paid/sponsored ads options:

Pinbooster –

Pinauthority –

Apart from the above you can also use There numerous special fiverr gigs of people who will repin your pins for only $5!

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Whatever your target in building your followership on Pinterest there are few things you must commit to over time as this does not come easy. Pinterest like Google is working hard to ensure no one knows much about how its algorithm works but from what we know about other social media sites it is clear that by simply increasing your followership and engagement, the Pinterest algorithm will give you some preference.

Use the above strategies therefore to improve your chances of being found on Pinterest and subsequently driving more traffic from the one social media that is reported to drive more targeted and converting traffic than Twitter, LinkedIn and Google plus combined.

So, that is for this entry. Which of these tactics are you already using on Pinterest? Do you think any of these ones should not be on the list? Share your thoughts with us in your comments below.

PART 7: 11 Awesome Pinterest Tools to Boost Your Business Easily!

Making Money On Youtube – An Insider Guide (Infographic)

So you have heard how others are making money on, right? But have you considered how you too can do the same? What, you have?

Then this is good news for you!

Our friends at Free Youtube Downloader have put together an insightful infographic that walks you through how to make money on Apart from the fact that this infographic is aesthetically beautiful it is also glaringly clear that following the steps outlined is not something that will be tasking to you.

The tips and strategies in the “keyword research” section of the infographic actually got my attention. Since I have very little knowledge about doing keyword research on, I was immediately attracted to this section and I must say, I picked up some useful tips from that section.

Alright, let me leave you to enjoy this insightful infographic. Hope you learn one or two things on making money with your Youtube account.


Now, Your Thoughts on Making Money On

What did you learn from this infographic? Share your thoughts with us in your comments below.

How to Stop Blogging From Killing Your Business


There’s no doubt about it, blogging is a powerful tool for marketing and promoting your business online.

As one report has shown…

  • Companies that have a business blog drive 55% more web visitors than those that don’t!
  • B2C businesses that blog generate 88% more leads per month than those who don’t! and,
  • B2B businesses that blog generate 67% more leads per month than their counterparts that do not blog!

Impressive figures there you must agree…

However, despite these wonderful stats, blogging can kill your business and shred it into pieces as quickly as salt would an earthworm!

I’ve been blogging for about 5yrs now and within this period I have seen many entrepreneur bloggers fall into the blogging “black-hole” and losing their businesses in the processes!

In this article, I want to draw your attention to the dangers of blogging and how it could kill your business quickly than you can imagine. Of course, I’ll also give you some insights on how you can stop that from happening.

Blogging could be killing your business without your knowing!

The Dangers of Blogging to a Small Business!

1. Blogging Is Addictive!

Yes, this could be both good and bad for your business.

It is true that adding a blog to your business site is one of the greatest ways of driving traffic and connecting with your potential clients/customers. However, because of the addictiveness of blogging you will soon discover that you feel more “happier” and “elated” working on your blog than working on your business.

This is dangerous to your business.

You must remember that your business blog is a tool that will help you promote your business. Whether you have your business as your blog or you have a blog as a support to your business site, the fact still remains that the purpose of the blog should be aligned with your overall business purpose.

If this is not done, you soon discover that you don’t have a business!

What to do about this: Have a clear cut purpose for your blog taking into consideration your overall business purpose.

2. There Is So Much Bad Blogging Advice Out There!

This is really a big one!

Over these years of my running a blog I’ve discovered that there are many “experts” in the blogosphere who have very wonderful pieces of blogging advice, which if not taken with care, could be harmful to your business’ health!

For example, how many times have you heard things like:

You should blog every day if you want to succeed with your blog!

The secret to blogging success is quality content!

You should be reading and commenting on tens or hundreds of blogs every day and make sure you reply to every comment posted on your blog!

You mustn’t ignore social media. You should spend quality time updating and connecting with your online networks everyday!

Now, on the face value these are truly great pieces of blogging advice but do not lose sight of this fact: to achieve all of these in a day, you will need more than 24 hours to work on your blog!

Running around social media sites, blog hopping to post comments, researching content ideas and then packaging “quality” content every day for your blog will soon take you away from doing what your business really needs to flourish.

Please don’t get me wrong, these things are good for building a community around your blog and subsequently your business but done wrongly, they will quickly kill your business!

What to do about this: Ensure you have a blogging plan that is designed around your business overall plan. Your business should be the focus of your blogging activities and not just your blog!

3. The Dangers of Being Assimilated Into the Blogging Mold!

Be careful or you will fall into the bloggers mindset!This is another big problem of blogging.

When I said above that blogging is addictive I meant it literally. You see I’ve discovered that bloggers have such a connection with their blogs that you sometimes hear things like:

“I just can’t stop blogging no matter what, I’ll always blog!”

That is good, right?

But, whatever good is in that statement the fact is, many of those who say such things are not saying it because blogging is helping them put food on their tables. Rather what they are saying in effect is,

“Even if I’m not getting anything from blogging I love blogging for what it is and will not exchange it for anything else!”

That is passion at play, right?

but the fact is that is the blogging mold…

…and falling into it will soon make you forget why you started blogging in the first place. In fact, those who are entrenched in this mold actually believe that blogging to make money is ethically wrong!

I have referred to this on several occasions as the bloggers’ mindset. The problem is that as you visit and read different blogs you will soon begin to accept these anti-business blogging ideas as the truth and once they get settled in your mind, your business would be the one to suffer!

What to do about this: Mind the company you keep. As the Good Book puts it: “Evil communications corrupt good manners!”

Don’t let those anti-business ideas being thrown around on many blogs out there get into your head. Remember you’re an entrepreneur running a blog to build your business.

Instead of just running around reading blogs about blogging, go out there and read blogs about business blogging. Subscribe to them so you can gain from their insights!

4. It Could Distract You From What Is Important – Productivity!

From experience in these past few years I’ve discovered that bloggers relishes in activities!

Read blogs about blogging and you’ll soon discover that there is a long list of what to do as a blogger every day. The general advice is that except you do these things you cannot succeed as a blogger.

Unfortunately however, most of these activities hardly translate to results for your business. As pointed out earlier when you spend most of your daily hours working on your blog you will soon discover that your business will be neglected.

But please note: Businesses don’t thrive on activities but on productivity!

Your return on investment (ROI) is what matters when you are building a business. I have seen blogs that are “successful” only on the number of blog comments they have but when you look really closer you will discover that the blogger is hardly making a hundred buck each month!

As I write this the biblical story of Jesus and the cursed fig tree is greatly impressed in my mind.

The story goes that on one of the days while Jesus was on his earthly ministry he desired something to eat and seeing a fig tree ahead of him with every sign of fruitfulness, he thought he could get some fruits from it and satisfy his hunger. But what a disappointment when Jesus got to the tree and discovered that the fig tree only had an appearance of fruitfulness but had nothing to show for it!

I’m sure if you know that story very well then you know what happened to that fig tree!

Now, that is a strong analogy indeed but the fact is that when you start a blog as a tool to promote and market your online business you should be aiming for results – productivity and not just activities!

What to do about this: From the start define what productivity is to you as a business. Is it a long list of blog comments, most of which are posted by other bloggers who expect you to return the “favor” else you’ll never see them again? Is it how many blog posts you are able to publish in a week and the number of traffic you are able to drive?


Is it about the number of traffic you are able to convert to leads and subsequently, customers?

If the latter is what productivity is to you then you must see your blog as the top of your marketing/sales funnel.

You simply cannot afford to concentrate your efforts on just your blog. You must learn to use your blog as an email capture system and put more effort into building relationships that will eventually result in more business profits!

Final Thoughts

Blogging is a veritable tool for your online business. Adding a blog to your business website is the quickest way of growing your business. But you must learn to use it well else, like a two-edged sword, it can become a dangerous weapon against your business!

You must always constantly evaluate your blogging activities so that they do not sideline your business purpose. Most importantly, be vigilant enough so that you do not pick up the bloggers mindset that does not expect anything in return for your labors.

Don’t let blogging kill your business. Clearly determine where your blog should be in your business scheme of things and then let it do what you have designed it to do – drive valuable and potential clients and customers to your business!

Your turn: Did you learn anything from this post or do you disagree with what was discussed? Make your voice heard in your comments below.

Overcoming Procrastination: How to Get UNSTUCK From This Killer of Dreams!

How to stop procrastination

This past Sunday, February 9, 2014, I was on the pulpit in my local Church where I preached a sermon titled: Hindrances to Moving Forward and How to overcome them – with special focus on Procrastination! The sermon is part of an on-going sermon series in my local church.

Realizing that the topic is one that is very relevant to the theme of this blog, I have decided to do a post based on the sermon. I’m sure that this post will be of great help to you as you’ll agree with me that procrastination is one demon that bloggers and online entrepreneurs have to contend with at one time or the other.

I’ve tried as much as possible to restrict the content to areas where it concerns blogging and marketing online. But even with this the post is a lengthy one. But don’t let that deter you. Take your time in reading through and I can guarantee that you will definitely gain something from it.

First, What Really Is Procrastination?

Though, the term is defined variously, basically it means willingly delaying to do something. It is the act of putting off tasks to a later date.

Procrastination may manifest as the inability to consistently take action in order to finish what you started or the inability of getting started in the first place.

Now, if you are sincere you’ll agree that as a blogger, entrepreneur, marketing professional, social media strategist or whatever you may tag yourself you may have come face to face with this monster at one time or the other.

Why putting off doing something might just be a normal human action, where it becomes a habit that you struggle with, procrastination becomes a deadly disease with damaging effects which must be dealt with.

But, Why Do We Procrastinate?

What are the causes of procrastination? Why are many plagued by this killer of dreams?

There are actually many reasons for procrastinating. But basically it has to do with who we are. Just like the program that runs a computer a procrastinator may only be responding to their inbuilt program! But this is actually a chronic situation.

The following are some of the causes of procrastination:

1.    Personal Convenience

Humanly we always want to do things when we think it is most convenient for us. Pain is something we abhor as humans. When pain is involved we will always find some excuse to delay what needs to be done.

2.    Laziness

The problems of procrastinationHow many times have you heard the phrase, you need to work smarter and not harder?

But do you know that many take that as a license for being lazy? To them making money online is simply about joining some over-hyped program, work 3 hours a week and then the money will start flowing in. they want to call this the internet life style.

But unfortunately, things don’t work that way – not online. The result is that many who have that wrong notion end up procrastinating, putting off the “hard work” and waiting for some “push button” solution!

3.    Indecision

This is actually a big one.

Many people procrastinate because they are not able to know which direction to take.  As a blogger or a solopreneur working online, you occupy different roles in your business. For any action to be taken you need first to take a decision. If for any reason you are indecisive, this will delay action and this could have adverse effect on your business.

If You’re Having Problems With Indecision Because You Don’t Know the Direction to Take, Click Here Right Now!

4.    Fear

This may come in different ways.

Most times it is the fear of failure. This could manifest with questions like, what if I start this and I then make a mess of it? What if I can’t pull this through since I don’t know what really involved?

As these fears well up in the mind, the whole senses would become numb and the desire to take action would completely be taken away. The result is procrastination.

5.    Perfectionism

Most of us are perfectionists, to a fault!

We always want to do everything with a touch of perfection. But unfortunately, this turns out to be a problem as it can lead to procrastination. We may spend too much time analyzing what needs to be done that we end up not doing anything about it.

A case of analysis paralysis!

Another way perfectionism manifest is in looking out for perfect conditions before doing anything. Unfortunately, we don’t seem to realize that perfect conditions is a rarity. The Holy Book has warning for this:

“Whoever watches the wind will never plant. Whoever looks at the clouds will never harvest!”

Looking for perfect conditions or simply seeking to do everything perfectly all the time can push you into the realm of procrastination.

How to Overcome Procrastination

There are a few things you can do to overcome procrastination. Here are some of them:

1.    Probe The Problem

Why do you really procrastinate? Look inside of you. As mentioned above, most times the problem is who you are. You must understand that we manifest our real self by the way we live. Most times procrastination is only a reflection of who we are inside – the unseen scripts that is your makeup!

It is important therefore that you probe the problem. If need be seek help.

2.    Set Your Priorities

Don’t rob Peter to pay Paul!

When you don’t have your time planned out with the right priorities set, you may major in the minors while the majors suffer! Putting off a task because there is no time for it right now may ultimately result in more load of work. a bigger problem.

Prioritizing will also help you live your life in your own terms instead of what others are expecting from you. Spend a few minutes or hours planning out the day’s activities.  A to-do-list with set time for finishing each task will help you make the best use of each day.

3.    Learn to Focus

I have written about this severally in the past few days. But it will not be out of place to repeat it here.

One thing all us will agree on without fail is the fact that there are so many distractions online. If you truly want to achieve your dream therefore you need focus. You must work on your mental and physical faculties to know what to focus on at every point in time.

If you have a to-do-list as stated above, then you are half way through this. However, simply having a to-do-list is not enough. You need self-discipline. You must train yourself therefore to constantly focus on the task at hand. This way you can truly beat the distractions around.

4.    Just do it!

Overcome procrastination with partnershipsOk, This may not be new to you. But the fact remains that this is a big cure for procrastination. I know that there are times when you just feel like not doing anything even when you know you NEED  to do something. Your feelings may actually be the procrastinator insider you trying to rear its head. The best thing to do in times like these is to “force” yourself to that thing you feel like not doing.

of course, most times it is not easy doing this. But the more you practice “forcing” yourself even when you feel like not doing; those inner scripts will soon get the message and will readjust to cooperate with you!

5.    Partner with others

Most times we need someone to “keep an eye’ on us. Trying to overcome procrastination on our own may not work most times. But a constant reminder from a partner or a friend may help cure the demon of procrastination.

You can form a partnership with a friend and then set targets on what you want accomplished. The members then monitor the progress of one another. Partnerships like these will greatly help to overcome procrastination.


Like someone rightly said, procrastination is the thief of time.  Now if you know that time is your greatest asset in life, you would not let procrastination steal it from you. I like what the Holy Book has to say about this:

“See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the times, because the days are evil.”

Indeed the days are evil. You don’t know what the next second would bring. You only have the NOW. You must therefore make the best use of it.

Procrastination is indeed a killer of dreams. It’s your duty to stop it!

Over to you: Do you have problems with procrastination? Ever experienced some unpleasant situations as a result of procrastination? Share with us in your comments below!

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5 LinkedIn Marketing Tactics That Will Help Boost Your Online Visibility!

LinkedIn marketing tactis
There is no doubt that marketers are today maximizing social media sites to interact with customers/prospects and growing their businesses in doing so. This is one of the reasons why many are rushing to create social media profiles for their businesses on sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

But amongst these different social media sites, LinkedIn stands out for one reason – the site is built for the entrepreneur! While others like YouTube and Facebook were built on the platform of entertainment and friendship, LinkedIn has its roots in business; with a special focus on the professional crowd!

In this article I want to share with you a few ideas on how you can use the LinkedIn site to drive your online visibility and enhance your business profitability.

So, let’s get started.

1. The Group Announcement Feature

This is one of the ways you can greatly expand your reach on LinkedIn. Though there are other gains of creating a LinkedIn group this feature stands out. It is a powerful feature for announcing strategic events that are relevant and timely to your target audience. You can announce events such as an exhibition, webinar or even a white paper or ebook you are giving away free. Used correctly, it is a great tool for strengthening and maintaining mindshare with your LinkedIn communities.

using LinkedIn to boost your business

2. Make Your Connections Valuable For Your Business

Every wise business person desires highly targeted traffic to their offerings and this you can find on LinkedIn. You’ll be able to find new customers, suppliers, partners, experts and other people who are valuable to your business on the site. The secret is in first defining your target audience.

Once you have decided on this, start by browsing the networks of your connections. Then using the advanced search option, join groups that your target audience are already in or would likely join. You can also create an alert with your searches. This will let LinkedIn send you an email every week with new prospects.

3. Showcase Your Expertise Using The Help Forum

Question and answer sites over the years have helped marketers to drive traffic to their businesses. But one thing that separate answering questions on LinkedIn from other online Q&A sites is the fact that these site are filled with faceless individuals who post anonymous answers with different reasons.  Answers on LinkedIn however come from professionals with real profiles attached to them. This makes these answers more real and believable.

But since LinkedIn rested its Answers feature back in January of 2013, many marketers thought that was the end of a valuable making feature on LinkedIn. The truth is that there are still a few other ways to do this. One such way is through the LinkedIn Help Forum. By simply browsing the help forum and then answering member questions you’ll be able to siphon a part of that traffic to your profile and business site.

4. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

The main purpose of this is to position your LinkedIn profile so that when people use the search option on the site they will easily find you. A few ways to optimize your profile is to add relevant keywords to the headline, summary and the specialty section of your profile. You should also edit your public URL, and customize your website listings by choosing the “other” option when setting up each website listing. Also use relevant keywords to describe your websites instead of the “my web site” offered by LinkedIn.

How to optimize your linkedin profile

5. Make Your Profile Publicly Visible To Everyone

Apart from optimizing your profile as in #4 above, it is important that you make your profile public by choosing the “my profile photo is visible to everyone” option when uploading your profile photo. Not doing this may prevent potential customers from finding you when they search the site.

People search on LinkedIn

Conclusion: Indeed LinkedIn is a great site to find potential customers but creating a profile is not enough. To maximally utilize the social networking site for your business gains you need to carefully plan your strategy and work out your plan. If you’ll put these tips into use they’ll greatly help boosting your online visibility and ultimately your business success.

Are you using any of these tactics in your marketing efforts right now? Share with us in your comments below.

How Do You Craft A Killer Blog Post? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Blogging is a powerful tool that online marketers are presently using to promote their businesses online. Blogs are not only good for interacting with your site visitors but they are very good in driving traffic from the search engines.

For example, research have shown that Companies that blog regularly drive about 88% more leads each month than those who don’t while a whopping 92% of those who publish multiple times a day on their blogs have landed a new customer through their blog!

However these statistics notwithstanding, simply adding a blog to your business site does not automatically produce these results. The secret is really what you write about and how your blog posts are created! How your blog readers respond to your posts will be determined basically by how much the post is able to connect with their needs. It’s important therefore that you craft killer posts that will intrigue, inform and connect with the readers.

Unfortunately, not every entrepreneur or business person knows how to craft such blog posts. This is why this infographic by Who Is Hosting is really a must read for all blogging entrepreneurs. I invite you therefore to carefully study it to learn the secrets of crafting a truly engaging and informative blog post that will help you drive traffic and generate leads from your business blog.

Secrets of a Killer Blog Post by Who Is Hosting This: The Blog

Over to You: What are your views on this post about crafting killer blog posts? Share with us in your comments below.

How Are You Sure You’ll Succeed In 2014? [GOALS]

Goa setting success 2014!

It has become a ceremony that many must perform at the start of every year. Even when they nothing has come out of their previous years’ ritual they will gladly perform some more with the hope that this year would be different!

Of course, I’m sure you already know what I’m talking about here. But in case you still cannot figure it out, I’m talking about New Year resolutions and goal setting!

Do I mean making New Year resolutions and setting goals for the New Year is a wrong thing to do?

No, and a thousand NOOOOOOOOO!

However, as you can testify (because I’m sure you have personal experiences) the excitement that moved you to make that resolution or set those goals in the first place, most times rarely last 3 months!

It is true that many hardly remember what their resolutions and goals for the New Year are after the first couple of months. They simply make these resolutions and set their goals but then they continue with every other thing they have always done.

Can I hear you already saying, that’s insanity?

Yes, and that’s exactly what someone actually called it. If you continue to do the same thing and expect new results, that’s the sign of insanity!

So, may I inform you today that if you want to be sure of success this year 2014, forget about simply setting goals and making New Year resolutions. Take practical steps to ensure that you succeed.

If you have not taken a good look at your business activities in the past year, this is the time to do so. No, it’s not too late, do it now! I did mine in December and I took the Christmas holidays to work on putting in place some very pertinent changes that you can see on this blog right now. I just wrote about that here. And, I intend to follow the path I have set out for the year.

How Can You Make 2014 Different and Guarantee Your Success?

In setting your goals and making 2014 the best year in your business, I want to give you the following 3 action steps:

1. Be Specific

You’ve heard it said, set SMART goals, right? Now look at the goals you have set for the year, are they really specific? Read most of the blogs that have posts on the blogger’s goals for this year. Can’t you see that something is wrong?

Look carefully and you discover that most of what is being referred to as goals in these blog posts are nothing but “to-do-list” for the year! There should actually be a goal(s) which these “to-do-list”, rightly called objectives, are targeted at achieving.

So, if you want to guarantee your success in year 2014, be specific about your GOAL!

I intend to expand on this in my next post. If you don’t want to miss it, subscribe to my newsletter and you’ll be notified at no cost whatever.  Don’t miss it!

Work SMART: Set Goals!

2. Be Methodical

Now, setting that goal is not enough if you want to truly achieve your aim. The next step is putting in place a methodology for bringing that goal to fruition. You must be methodical. Plan out your strategy. Take a look at what you have being doing and note what you will need to change and what you must retain.

This will require work but don’t shy away from it. Take the time to carefully layout your strategy for the year.

From experience this is actually the bane of many online business entrepreneurs. Many do not take the time to do this. After setting what they call goals for the year, they simply continue with their work somehow hoping that things will fall in place.

But that is a fallacy! Things will not work unless you work on them!

3. Be Consistent

This is where many fall off.

In fact, it does appear that our human nature has a way of playing pranks with us here. When we set out to work on something the tendency is to always be on the lookout for results but once this refuses to come when and at the time we expected them, we quickly loss interest.

And, this has caused many a heartache!

If you must see results from your New Year resolutions or goals in 2014 you must consistently push on with your strategies. Be consistent with your methods. Of course, you need to evaluate them along the line but never make the mistake of switching from one method to another just because you saw someone else using something else.

[wpgfxm_bullets bullet=”green-arrow”]
  • The woodpecker is able to accomplish its job because it is consistent.
  • The spring of water is able to grow and become a mighty river because it was consistent in its flow. Meandering and snaking its way around obstacles, it continues its flow until finding the place of least resistance it spreads out to become a might river!

Do not allow obstacles and the troubles of life stop you from achieving your goal for the year. You have all that it takes to overcome that obstacle.

Remember, there’s nothing that you’re facing right now or will face that others have not faced. The Good News? Whatever obstacle that comes your way, you have all it takes to overcome it!

So, keep on keeping on and success will be yours!

It doesn’t matter what market you are serving. It does matter the competition you are up against. If you decide this year to really be specific about what you want to achieve, if you will be methodical in working it out and if you will stay your course and be consistent no matter the challenges, 2014 will be the best year you ever had!

I look forward to saying “Congratulations” to you at the end of 2014!

Let’s continue this discussion in the comments section below.