5 LinkedIn Marketing Tactics That Will Help Boost Your Online Visibility!

LinkedIn marketing tactis
There is no doubt that marketers are today maximizing social media sites to interact with customers/prospects and growing their businesses in doing so. This is one of the reasons why many are rushing to create social media profiles for their businesses on sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

But amongst these different social media sites, LinkedIn stands out for one reason – the site is built for the entrepreneur! While others like YouTube and Facebook were built on the platform of entertainment and friendship, LinkedIn has its roots in business; with a special focus on the professional crowd!

In this article I want to share with you a few ideas on how you can use the LinkedIn site to drive your online visibility and enhance your business profitability.

So, let’s get started.

1. The Group Announcement Feature

This is one of the ways you can greatly expand your reach on LinkedIn. Though there are other gains of creating a LinkedIn group this feature stands out. It is a powerful feature for announcing strategic events that are relevant and timely to your target audience. You can announce events such as an exhibition, webinar or even a white paper or ebook you are giving away free. Used correctly, it is a great tool for strengthening and maintaining mindshare with your LinkedIn communities.

using LinkedIn to boost your business

2. Make Your Connections Valuable For Your Business

Every wise business person desires highly targeted traffic to their offerings and this you can find on LinkedIn. You'll be able to find new customers, suppliers, partners, experts and other people who are valuable to your business on the site. The secret is in first defining your target audience.

Once you have decided on this, start by browsing the networks of your connections. Then using the advanced search option, join groups that your target audience are already in or would likely join. You can also create an alert with your searches. This will let LinkedIn send you an email every week with new prospects.

3. Showcase Your Expertise Using The Help Forum

Question and answer sites over the years have helped marketers to drive traffic to their businesses. But one thing that separate answering questions on LinkedIn from other online Q&A sites is the fact that these site are filled with faceless individuals who post anonymous answers with different reasons.  Answers on LinkedIn however come from professionals with real profiles attached to them. This makes these answers more real and believable.

But since LinkedIn rested its Answers feature back in January of 2013, many marketers thought that was the end of a valuable making feature on LinkedIn. The truth is that there are still a few other ways to do this. One such way is through the LinkedIn Help Forum. By simply browsing the help forum and then answering member questions you'll be able to siphon a part of that traffic to your profile and business site.

4. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

The main purpose of this is to position your LinkedIn profile so that when people use the search option on the site they will easily find you. A few ways to optimize your profile is to add relevant keywords to the headline, summary and the specialty section of your profile. You should also edit your public URL, and customize your website listings by choosing the “other” option when setting up each website listing. Also use relevant keywords to describe your websites instead of the “my web site” offered by LinkedIn.

How to optimize your linkedin profile

5. Make Your Profile Publicly Visible To Everyone

Apart from optimizing your profile as in #4 above, it is important that you make your profile public by choosing the “my profile photo is visible to everyone” option when uploading your profile photo. Not doing this may prevent potential customers from finding you when they search the site.

People search on LinkedIn

Conclusion: Indeed LinkedIn is a great site to find potential customers but creating a profile is not enough. To maximally utilize the social networking site for your business gains you need to carefully plan your strategy and work out your plan. If you'll put these tips into use they'll greatly help boosting your online visibility and ultimately your business success.

Are you using any of these tactics in your marketing efforts right now? Share with us in your comments below.


  1. mvenkat K

    hi Chadrak your correct social media ruled the market, no doubt, but we chose correct platform to market our websites, products, content, and other programs, LinkedIn is only professionals site, some nations like India and other many people don’t what is linked-in, they know Facebook only, your idea is exactly perfect, it is working some times only.

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