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Hi, I’m Chadrack Irobogo, founder of the WebIncomeJournal.com.

It’s my pleasure to personally welcome you to the Web Income Journal.

The Web Income Journal is a non-traditional publisher of online business tips, expert advice and how-to guides.

Since 2009, our focus has been on helping entrepreneur bloggers and small business owners with inspiring and practical internet marketing and online business advice designed to you bring your biggest dream into reality.

Besides our inspiring blog content I’ve also curated top online business training courses from more than 20 digital entrepreneurs & experts in the Web Income Academy. In this training courses you will find proven online business methods, strategies and ideas that will help move you in the direction of your dreams.

Who’s Our Ideal Reader?

While our content is targeted at entrepreneur bloggers and small business owners of all sizes the ideal reader is the budding internet entrepreneur who is feeling overwhelmed and confused with the many, and most times conflicting, internet marketing and make money online strategies being bandied out there.

With 10yrs+ experience as an internet entrepreneur, I know firsthand the confusion and the winding journey, that’s associated with building a truly profitable online enterprise.

If this is you then I invite you to dive in deep with me by taking the FREE 7-Day Crash Course on building a profitable online business today:

“Rome Was NOT Built In A Day!”

While you’re here, it’s important that I let you know my philosophy about this “make money online” thing. After years of doing business online I have come to truly believe that there’s no “GURU” who has or know the “ONE SECRET” to succeeding online.

Of course, many of us fell for that myth at one time. In fact, for years, I was a victim of the false hope that is sold by the so-called online Gurus. During these years, I ran in circles looking for the ONE magic widget that would turn my business into a money-pumping machine!

But now I truly believe there’s no “magic silver bullet technique” to building a profitable online business. All it requires is …

… the Right KNOWLEDGE and taking the Right STEPS!

This is what this blog is all about… high-value advice and resources that makes starting and growing your online business easier than ever.

Feel free therefore to browse the blog. For a start I advise that you start here.

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