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If you answer yes to any of these questions, then advertising on this site or sponsoring our posts will get you what you want!

Did You Know…

  • That only about 5% of people trust content branded directly from a vendor; but about 53% trust content that is endorsed, created or reviewed by their peers? (Source:  DemandGen)
  • That in an Ipsos OTX study,  nearly a fifth of the respondents affirmed they would purchase an item if it was liked by a friend?
  • That a Forrester report revealed 90% of consumers trust recommendations from others?

Ok, now you know…

But, what does this mean to you?

Simple: Product reviews/endorsements and advertising on a targeted platform like the Web Income Journal can greatly help you drive targeted traffic, generate high-value leads, boost your brand awareness and also improve your site rankings!

Some Interesting Stats:

Here are a few stats from Google Analytics:

  • The blog’s top traffic sources are mainly: Direct traffic 63.91% and Organic search (Google and Bing) 14.54%.
WIJ traffic sources
  • The blog has a highly engaged audience with an average bounce rate of 32.87%, average visit duration of 10:24 minutes and pages per visit of 3.29.
Site stats for advert page
  • The blog's traffic is distributed across different countries with the top ones being, the United States: 33.38%, India: 10.27%, United Kingdom: 5.14% and Canada: 3.08%.
country stats

Advertising Packages:

NOTE: All the following packages have been carefully planned after months of testing and evaluation. They are all premium placements with positions specially arranged to give you the best returns.

1. Post Sponsorship:

This is an innovative way of taking advantage of our highly engaging content. Pick any of published post or an up coming post and I'll put a “Post Sponsored By:” message on the post with your target URL, the name of your product/service and 150 characters of text describing your ad. Your ad displays every time the target post loads.

Cost: $40 Quarterly

Media: Text Link Ad

2. Site Wide Banner Ad:

This is indeed a premium placement right on top of the website just below the header. Your banner will be displayed on all blog pages but not including the main home page.  Three sponsors share this position but you can always purchase the 3 slots if you want all 100% impression! This is definitely the best buy if you want repeat exposure at an affordable price.

Cost: $100 Quarterly

Media: 780 X 90 Full Banner Ad

3. 125 x 125 Banner Ad:

Buy this space and your ad will be placed right on the top column of the sidebar on all our blog pages excluding the homepage. This is indeed a prime area of the blog.  With the 125 x 125 banner ad, you receive 100% of the ad impressions.

Cost: $30 Quarterly

Media: 125 X 125 Banner Ad

4. Big Square Banner Ad:

This sponsorship gives you the opportunity of being placed on all blog pages but not including the homepage. This ad appears under all blog posts just above the comments section and right beside the ‘Related Posts' section, making it highly visible to all blog readers just after they have read the post and are motivated to post their comments. This ad position has been tested over a six month period and have proved very effective click-wise.  Three sponsors share this spot. If you desire all 100% impression you can buy the 3 spots at a time!

Cost: $60 Quarterly

Media: 300 X 250 Banner Ad

5. Product Review:

This is our flagship advertising option. I will personally test run or check out your product/service and write an honest review of it. Where necessary I will include a live case study of how the product/service performed.

Please note that the review will be based on my assessment of the product/service and this will be clearly stated in the review. Of course, you will have the opportunity to read the post before it goes live.

As you can clearly see on this blog, my content are not only of high quality but also highly engaging. Your product review will not be different. You can see an example here.

To ensure your review perform maximally, the blog post will be widely promoted to my email subscribers and to my social media contacts. I'll also from time to time refer to it in my post and use it as examples to other clients.

Cost: $120  (Your review has no expiration date!)

Media: Blog Post

6. Paid Guest Posting:

Yes, I do accept paid guest posts on this site. If you're looking to drive traffic or link directly to your sales page or e-commerce site, then this is for you.

How is this different from “Post Sponsorship” and “Product Review”?

In post sponsorship the link is clearly tagged “Sponsored by:” and it is valid only for the period paid for (i.e. quarterly). Also for product reviews, the post is written by me after test-running the product or after carefully checking it out – my own way.

However, for “Paid Guest Posts,” the post is written by you to your own taste (but may be edited to suit the structure of the site) and it may be published under your own account (to be created for you) or you may decide to have it published under my personal account (this has it own benefits!).

For more clarifications, please contact me Here.

Cost: $50 (no expiration date!)

Media: Blog Post

Payment For Your Service:

All payments are through For any of the options above, please  contact me first to ascertain availability. Once this is confirmed, I will forward my Paypal details to you to facilitate your payment. And then, you can send your graphics and text where applicable.

Note: Animation is allowed in all banners but no Flash.  For banner ads please note the following sizes:

728 x 90 banner – Must not be bigger than 30K,

300 x 250 banner – Not more than 25k; and

125 x 125 banner – Not more than 15k.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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