The Top 4 Most Effective Social Media Sites For Your Business Marketing

The big 4 social media sites for your business

Social media and successful businesses go together like salt and pepper. They are a match made in heaven!

Hopefully, that doesn’t come as a surprise because your business might be in a lot of trouble in the not so distant future if today you ignore social media marketing. There is no doubt that many business owners now know how important social media is, but they don’t know how to exploit this powerful business promotion tool for their benefit.

You cannot just pick any social media site and hope for the best. You need a strategy if you want success. To help you come up with a successful strategy, I present to you the best social media sites that every business should focus their online marketing efforts on. Learn to use these sites well and you will see great success in your marketing endeavors.

So, let’s get started…

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn for business

To show its importance, let’s have a look at how many people use LinkedIn. On average, it gets two new users every second, which means there are over one hundred and thirty million users around the world. To begin with, they are contacts that you cannot afford to miss out on. What makes LinkedIn even more successful is that these hundreds of millions of users are all in the business sector. LinkedIn provides a database of like-minded people who can follow, converse and use to cultivate leads with one another. Normally, it would take years to build up this kind of info. Now, it is just a click away.

2. Facebook

How Facebook can help your business is one question that a lot of people ask. For whatever reason, they cannot comprehend how a social media site is good for business. For starters, it is free advertising. Again, masses of people use Facebook around the world, even though they are not strictly looking for business. But, you can always change their mind with some gentle persuasion. Before you know it, one post could result in a huge boost in sales. Facebook’s biggest benefit is that you are advertising to hundreds of millions of people, and it is so easy to use. No other social media outlet can compete with their power or their simplicity.

3. Twitter

Promoting your business on Twitter

The Twitterati are always out in force. Twitter might not have the 800 million active users that Facebook has, but it still has 300 million. Not too bad, don’t you think? Where Twitter and Facebook also differ are trends. Twitter can start trends in a moment’s notice and increase your reputation around the world. Following an event or an experience that your company has been a part of, you can create a hashtag and market it around the world. Sometimes the response will blow you away.

4. YouTube

Youtube marketing strategies

Online marketing strategies need to include video. It is all about a holistic strategy, so all users have something they enjoy. In the case of video, however, it is more important than you think. A video is more relatable and relevant than written content because viewers can see the people involved. It gives your business a face to which they can place the name. And, with 48 hours of video uploaded every minute, you cannot fail to realize the potential.


There are other social networks out there you will want to consider, but the sheer numbers of these four make them the Holy Grail of social media. If you can master the use of these sites and strategically apply them in your online business marketing, you will definitely see the type of results that will surprise you.

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  1. Great post. Those are very useful social media marketing strategies. Most importantly defining your social media goals, then you can work towards them.

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