Best 2020 Black Friday Deals for Online Entrepreneurs & Bloggers

Best 2020 Black Friday Deals for Online Entrepreneurs & Bloggers

While 2020 Black Friday is officially a few days away a lot of companies have already opened their doors for shoppers to take advantage of several special deals ahead of the main event.

Online retailers like Amazon are already offering several Black Friday deals. But this is not limited to only online retailers. In the online marketing circle a lot is already happening.

And so, if you have been looking to make some purchases for your online business at discounted prices then this is just the perfect time to do so. There are amazing deals on premium WordPress plugins, themes, web hosting, and many other tools to grow your business.

To help you find the best deals, I’ve spent the last few days scouting the net to hand-pick the following list of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for bloggers and online business entrepreneurs for 2020.

As you should know already these offers are for a LIMITED TIME only so it’s important that you take action immediately if you want to take advantage of these amazing deals.

Here’s a few things you need to note before proceeding:

  • Some of these offers are already running and will be ending in the next few days.
  • If you want to buy a domain name or webhosting understand that most of these offers are for your initial purchase only it’s to your advantage therefore to buy for a longer period.
  • While you want to take the free domain name that most of these webhosting companies offer note that if, at any time, you want to move to another host you might pay a higher price. I advice therefore that you buy your domain name from separately.

[Editor’s note: We are affiliated with some of these companies. This means if you buy using our links on this site, we may earn an affiliate commission. This is without any extra cost to you. You can count it as your way of supporting us to continue to provide with great content on this site. Learn more »]

That being said, here are the best 2020 Black Friday Cyber Monday deals for bloggers and online business entrepreneurs.

#1. GetResponse Black Friday Deals

GetResponse 40% for Life Black Friday Deal!

If you’re involved in any form of internet marketing (which I believe you do) then you will need to check this out. For this special 2020 GetResponse Black Friday special deal you get a discount of up to 40% off all annual plans and you can get started today for free!

This is an all-in-one online marketing program guaranteed to fuel your online business success. For this amazing deal you’ll get all of these:

  • Email marketing
  • Autoresponders
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Unlimited automation templates
  • Sales funnels
  • Unlimited lead funnels
  • Facebook Ads
  • etc.

But you’ll need to hurry and snag up your account right now because this is limited to the first 2000 accounts ONLY.

Get your special deal here

#2. BlueHost Black Friday Super Deals

Bluehost stands tall when it comes to webhosting. Even the famous world brand officially recommends Bluehost.

If you are planning on starting a WordPress blog or you’re considering a new web host then you should Bluehost.

Bluehost offers Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and Reseller Hosting. All of these plans come with 24/7 support, money-back guarantee, and over $150 advertising offers.

For this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday special deals, Bluehost is offering a huge discount. You can get Shared Hosting starting at $2.65/mo* for 36 months.


  • Choice Plus Plan — $4.95/mo* for 36 months
  • E-Commerce Starter Package — 40% off
  • Free Site Migration
  • Boosted payout for Managed WP up to $250 and WooCommerce up to $200

Check it out here:

#3. HostGator Cyber Week Sale

HostGator Black Friday special deal

Hostgator is one of the most renowned web hosting company on the net. HostGator offers Shared, Cloud, WordPress, VPS, Dedicated, and Reseller hosting at really affordable prices.

For this year’s Black Friday and Cyber week they are doing a crazy flat 75% Off on Flash sales for all new plans!

During this flash sale promotion, which is running from Wednesday, November 25th at 1:00 PM CST through Tuesday, December 1st at 11:59 PM CST, instead of their front of site offer of 70% discount you will get the flash sale offer of 75% off select plans † and free domains* during the ENTIRE PROMOTION!

Note: This offer is only valid for new plans, not applicable on renewals or existing hosting plans.

Click here to get this deal and save big.

#4. Namecheap Black Friday Special

Doing online business without a domain name is like inviting guests to a party without giving them any address. Your domain name is the one place where your target audience can locate and do business with you online.

One of the best places you can get a great domain name for the lowest cost is This year Namecheap is raising the stakes with the best Black Friday Domain Deals ever.

Starting right now you can get up to:

  • 99% off on domain registration,
  • 91% off on hosting, and
  • 90% off on SSLs.

Frankly, with this Namecheap special Black Friday offer you can get your online business up and running with as low as $3!

Please note that though Namecheap is mainly a domain name registrar, it also offers web hosting. Their shared hosting plan is a good choice for beginners. However, you may want to buy your web hosting from a renown host provider like

Check out the Namecheap Black Friday special deal here.

#5: Jungle Scout Black Friday Deals

Jungle Scout - Your all-in-one platform for selling on Amazon

Thinking of starting an online business selling physical products? Then you’re luck. With the 2020 Jungle Scout Black Friday Deals you’ll be able to save more than $200 getting your business started.

Right now ecommerce is massive, and it’s growing more than ever as people are shifting to online shopping for almost any type of product.

  • 90% of U.S. consumers have shopped on Amazon, and 65% shop on Amazon at least monthly.
  • 121.3 million Americans are Amazon Prime members.
  • In 2019, more than half of Amazon’s $280 billion revenue was fueled by its third-party sellers.

Jungle Scout is your all-in-one platform for selling on Amazon. With the Jungle Scout Black Friday Deals you get everything you need to start selling on

Get your Jungle Scout special deal here.

#6. Elementor Black Friday Special Deal

When it comes to building websites WordPress is definitely the top choice among webmasters. And when it comes to WordPress Page Builder plugins Elementor tower high above every other plugin.

Whatever your level of experience Elementor makes building WordPress websites insanely easy. It is the only complete design platform to offer pixel perfect design, yet produces 100% clean code. it takes your design vision and turn it into a stunning custom-made website.

Since I started using Elementor some time last year I’ve never considered another WordPress page builder. For the next few days, during this Black Friday special deal, you can get up to 25% off on the Expert plans and 10% off on Plus plans.

This deal will be ending December 03, 2020.

Get 25% OFF On Elementor

#7. Hostinger Black Friday Special – 90% OFF

Hostinger Black Friday Special

Hostinger is one of the most affordable yet fast web hosting solution in the market today. For their single shared hosting solution you can get started right now with as low as $0.99 per month and $1.89 for their premium, unlimited shared hosting plan.

With each of these packages you get free SSL and a free domain name. And wWhether you want to pay with Bitcoin, PayPal or credit card Hostinger is your perfect choice.

During this Black Friday, Hostinger is offering up to 90% OFF on all web hosting plans (Shared, VPS, Cloud).

Click here to check it out.

Alright, that’s it for now. In the next few days, while Black Friday & Cyber Monday is still on, I’ll work on updating this post to give you more deals. Hopefully, you’ll be able to take advantage of some of these limited time offers.

Have a happy Thanksgiving.

P.S. You can also let me know the business tools/resources you’d want to get while this special deal period is still on. I will do my best to include them in the next update.

And if your company is focused on bloggers and online entrepreneurs and you’re offering some form of discount during this period, feel free to send me a message via our contact form. I’ll gladly include your deal when next I update this article.

GDPR Compliance – A Practical Guide for Bloggers and Small Business Owners

Is your business or blog GDPR complaint?

If you answer “No” or, “What’s GDPR?”

Then, you should read this post very carefully!

In the last few days the online business space has been in a frenzy as online entrepreneurs and webmasters hustled to beat the 25th of May, 2018 deadline of being GDPR compliant. I’m sure that you must have received one of those emails telling you that their privacy policy have been updated!

So, what is GDPR compliance and what’s its implication for your online business?

If you are like me, then you must be asking these questions like right now. When I first heard about the GDPR I didn’t rush into updating my Privacy Policy instead I sought out different experts and also tried reading the GDPR document. But it wasn’t an easy task because the document is highly complex and simply unreadable.

I also found some articles and blog posts on Google but most of them had little to offer as they were mostly written to promote some product or the other. Many others were just a few thoughts on the GDPR document.

However, after much research and asking around, I was able to glimpse some insight into its meaning after which I reworked and updated my site’s Privacy Policy.

You can read the updated Privacy Policy here. It’s important that you read because it is the binding document on this site right now.

In this post, I want to share with you a few things on the GDPR and also give you a few tips on how you can easily stay complaint.

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a lawyer neither am I in any away an expert on legal matters. What I have done here is to make this complex topic understandable and actionable for you, within my own understanding of the topic. This article is for informational purposes only. I recommend that you consult your legal advisor to determine your own GDPR needs.

That being said, let’s get started…

Is your business or blog GDPR complaint?

Part 1: An Overview of the GDPR

What is GDPR?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and it is a new privacy regulation created by the EU to protect the privacy of all individuals within the European Union. Its focus is to give people more control over their personal data. This new regulation replaces the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and it is designed to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe.

While the regulation actually applies to businesses in the EU it however has effect on businesses outside the EU as long as they collect or process personal data of individuals residing in the EU.

This is where your blog or small online business is affected.

Of course, as an online business your operations are worldwide and persons from the EU do visit your website, blog or social media pages – except of course, if you’re blocking traffic from that part of the world!

Another very critical issue with this regulation is that though the deadline to be compliant was 25th May, 2018 it is also retroactive.

This means, if you have customers’ or subscribers’ data you’re storing or using even if these were collected before May 25th, 2018, you must ensure that you are also compliant on those too!

This is really serious and it will interest you to know that just a few day after the deadline Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, LinkedIn and others have been hit with serious GDPR complaints.

While these privacy activities may be targeting these giants for now, no one knows what they will be doing next. Remember that wise saying, a stitch in time saves nine!

If that does not give you some reason to be complaint, then this should…

The Penalties for Non-Complaint with GDPR

When I first noticed the panic this new regulation caused among online marketers I knew this was something special. And so, I was not surprised therefore when I discovered that most of the panic was actually because of the penalty – €20 million or 4% of your world-wide annual revenue, whichever is higher.

With that do you still want me to remind you at this point that you should take every step necessary to stay compliant?

The Penalties for Being Non-Complaint with GDPR

What Is Personal Data?

It is important you understand the definition of personal data according to the European Commission. This will help you better understand what you need to do to stay complaint with this regulation.

According to the European Commission,

“Personal data is any information relating to an individual (the data subject), whether it relates to his or her private, professional or public life. It can be anything from a name, a home address, a photo, an email address, bank details, posts on social media networking website, medical information, or a computer’s IP address.”

From the above definition (note that even a computer’s IP address is considered as personal data) it is clear that if you own a website or a blog, if you’re an online marketer, if you market on social media, if you use any form of tags for re-targeting customers…

… As long as you capture and record user data of any form, you need to be GDPR compliant!

It will interest you to know that websites and blogs, especially those that run on the WordPress platform, collect personal data in different ways. Some of these ways include:

  • Through registered users
  • Through comments posted on your blog
  • Through the use of contact forms on your site or blog
  • Through Google Analytics and other traffic monitoring software
  • Through email subscriptions
  • Through WordPress plugins

The Rights of Data Subjects Under the GDPR

The Rights of Data Subjects Under the GDPR

Now, while you might be tempted to simply update your Privacy Policy and think that will do the trick, the truth is, that’s just the beginning.

The crux of the matter is the rights of the individual under this new regulation. It’s expected that if you receive any request related to any of these rights, you should respond within 30 days. So, it’s important that you know what these rights are and how to go about protecting them.

To get the full details about these rights you may want to check out the official GDPR site referenced above. However, for the purpose of this post, here’s a brief summary of the rights of the individual under the regulation.

1. The Right To Be Informed

The individual is expected to know what type of data you collect about him or her and how it is to be used. You should provide clear and concise information why this data is being collected, how it will be saved, for how long, who has access to it and who is the data controller.

2. The Right Of Access

Beyond knowing how you store their personal data, the individual also has the right of access to that data whenever they wish. So, a subscriber to your email list or a user of your website can demand to have access to the data you have saved about him or her and you are obligated to provide such data.

3. The Right To Rectify Saved Data

The individual also has the right to have their inaccurate or incomplete data that is saved by you to be updated or rectified. Whenever, you or your data controller receives such a request you are obligated to take the necessary steps to have the data updated as requested.

4. The Right To Restrict

The individual also has the right to restrict the use of his or her data. In this case, you may record such data but not use same for any purpose.

5. The Right To Port Data

If the individual so wish he or she may request their saved data in machine readable or human readable formats. They are free to use this data for whatever purpose they so wish.

6. The Right To Erasure

The individual also has the right to withdraw their consent and request that their saved data be erased completely.

7. The Right To Object

The individual have the right to object the use of their data in a certain way. It is therefore important that you inform the user ahead of how their data is to be processed.

8. The Right Not To Be Subject To Automated Decision-Making

Where the data you saved about a user is to be used for some form of automated decision-making that will affect them legally or otherwise the individual has the right to opt out of such processes.

While all of these sound complex it is important that you understand them so you can stay complaint.

What Does GDPR Mean for Your Business?

From the above, every business owner, blogger, web master, internet marketer, etc. (as long as you collect and process personal data of users and customers) has the following responsibilities:

  1. Provide users your identity and inform them the type of information you collect about them, how and why you collect it, what you do with it, how long you store it, and who else have access to it
  2. Obtain clear and explicit consent from the user when you collect their data
  3. Give access to the user when they request such
  4. Delete any use’s data whenever such a request is made and show proof that you have done this
  5. Where there is any form of data breach, inform the users within 72 hours.

The question now is how do you ensure that you are complaint with all of these? This is what we want to look at next.

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Part 2: GDPR Compliance Checklist

Steps to Staying Complaint with GDPR

Let me repeat once again that the GDPR document is complex. The following is simply a basic guide of what you can do to be complaint.

Step 1: Update the Legal Pages of Your Website or Blog

These basically include your terms of use and privacy policy pages.

The terms of use or terms and conditions page on your site are basically the place where you state the rules that bind the user to your business. The privacy policy on the other hand deals with what type of data about your users and customers that you collect and process.

You will need to update these pages to include relevant information about GDPR compliance. Most of this will be on your privacy policy, since it is the document that deals primarily with consumer data on your site or blog.

Your updated privacy policy should specifically state who you are (which includes your name or organization name, address, contact information, etc), what personal data you collect, why you collect the data, how long you plan to retain the data, who else you share it with, how customers can download their data whenever they so wish, how they can delete or ask their data to be deleted, contact Information of your Data Protection Officer (which could just be your email address except you have a dedicated Data Protection Officer).

All of these should be clearly stated on your privacy policy page.

If you use WordPress for your site/blog then you will be glad to know that the latest version has a new feature that allows you to easily create your blog’s privacy policy.

WordPress 4.9.6 GDPR Update

To use this feature:

(a) Go to Settings -> Privacy

Wordpress Privacy Page Creator

(b) Create a new page or choose your already existing privacy policy page to set it.

Updating Privacy Policy with new WP feature

If you’re creating a new page, WordPress will populate the new page with the basic information that you need to have on your privacy policy. However, before publishing it you will need to review it, adding or removing data to agree with what you expect to have on your privacy policy.

Create new privacy policy

Step 2: Obtain Explicit Consent of the User before Collecting Their Personal Data

Since you’re required to get the consent of the user before you can process their data you should do everything possible to ensure that this is obtained. Look into the areas from which you collect data of users. This will include places like blog comments, contact forms, newsletter subscriptions, etc. Make sure you have the explicit consent of the user before capturing their information.

The easiest way to do this is to put a checkbox on all the places from which you collect data for the user to provide their consent. It’s important that you’re specific of what consent you’re asking for and include a link to your privacy policy. Also it’s important that you don’t pre-check the checkboxes.

Again the latest version of WordPress already has this feature for comments.

Wordpress GDPR feature for comments

Step 3: Clean Up Your Existing Email List

Since GDPR is retroactive you will need to clean up your existing email list to ensure that you only have subscribers who has given their consent. One way to do this is to send re-engagement emails so that your EU subscribers can re-optin to your list. Ensure that you clearly explain how you’d use the subscribers’ data and what content you will be sending them.

Step 4: Create a System for Data Subjects to Request Access to Their Data

GDPR requires you to allow users access to their data. It is not enough to state this on your privacy policy. You should also have in place a way for them to easily access the data when they so desire.

There are a number of ways you can do this. For example, if a user request to have access to the personal data you’re processing about them, you can take a screenshot of the customer record or you can export the contact details of the user in a CSV file and then send it to them.

This is another thing that the latest version of WordPress has made easy for you also. There are new tools for users to view their data, and even request deletion of their data. You can access these new tools by going to Tools.

WP GDPR Access the data

Here’s the process of using these tools:

  1. User requests to view or delete their data
  2. You go to Tools and then to the Export or Erase Personal Data Setting
  3. You enter the user’s email id, and click “send request”
  4. This sends a confirmation link for the user to confirm their request
  5. Once the user confirm the request you can then send them a downloadable file containing the requested data with the click of a button
  6. Once this file has been sent it will be deleted after 72 hours for security purposes
  7. If the request is for deletion, then as soon as the user confirms the request you can delete the data.

Conclusion – More Resources

There you have it, my simple guide to help you stay GDPR compliant. Please understand that, as I have mentioned earlier this is a complex topic. There’s so much that I have not touched on in this post. To dig deeper feel free to browse these resources:

Again note that violating the GDPR comes with a heavy fine of 20 million Euros or 4% of your revenues, whichever is higher. If however you take the above necessary steps, you’ll not have to worry much.

I do hope that this has helped in any way. If so, then show some love by sharing the post with your friends on your favorite social media!

Feel free also to share your thoughts on the GDPR in the comments below.

How to Harness the Simple Power of Email Marketing to Profit Online

Why do you think that many give up their dreams of making money online very easily?

If you answer, confusion and overwhelm then you’re definitely correct.

Every day thousands, if not millions, go online with the dream of living the dotcom lifestyle… (whatever that may be really!)

Unfortunately, only a few achieve that dream.

There are a number of reasons for this. For example, with so much information out there and with everyone telling you what you should do and shouldn’t do, you’ll always end up confused and overwhelmed!

Besides, many online business models seems to over complicate things so much that trying to make them work only result in creating more confusion and overwhelm.

The result is that it’s much more easier for many to give up than see their dreams through!

In this blog post I want to share with you a truly SIMPLE online business model that will save you the heartache and confusion.

Now, this business model is easily neglected by many because of its simplicity. Many others only see it as part of their business strategy and tactic. The fact however is…

…it’s one of the most POWERFUL online business models, ever!

So, what’s this online business model…?

Email Marketing!

How to Harness the Simple Power of Email Marketing to Profit Online

After years of doing business online and having tried nearly every business model out there, I can categorically say email marketing is the simplest but most powerful online business model you can think of!

As you may have heard it a number of times already, the money is in the list. The problem however is that as digital marketers we’re always looking for some advantage to make more money but in the process we overlook what’s right in front of us!


What’s Email Marketing and How Does It Work? defines email marketing as,

“The act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It usually involves using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness.”

Email marketing is aimed at building a list of prospects (also known as leads) who are interested in buying your products or services. First, you will need to connect with your target audience by offering them high quality information in exchange for their subscription.

You can collect leads using a combination of squeeze pages and opt-in forms. These forms are generated by your autoresponder provider and are embedded into the HTML code of your squeeze page template.

Each time a visitor to your squeeze page enters in their name and email address and confirms their action, they are added to your mailing list database, and become an active subscriber.

With the subscriber added to your database, your autoresponder kicks in and emails your prospect a welcome email that you’ve already set up. This is sent out automatically within minutes of their subscription.

From this point on your autoresponder continues to email the subscriber on pre-set dates. The purpose is to develop a relationship with them so you can convert them from subscribers to active customers who are ready to do business with you over and over again.

Basically, your list building funnel should consist of three major parts:

1: Squeeze Page With Opt-In Form
2: Compelling High Quality Offer or Incentive
3: Follow Up Emails And Broadcasts

Making Email Marketing Work for You

How to Make Email Marketing Work for You

If you’ve been wondering why email marketing has not worked for you in the past then you need to understand that the key phrase in the email marketing definition above is, “commercial message“.  The secret is in sending a blend of promotional based emails and relevant and useful content.

For example, if you create 4 emails that are scheduled to be delivered accordingly, you could set them up as follows:

1st Email: This should be set to instantly go out to your subscribers thanking them for subscribing to your list. If you have promised a free download or whatever, this email should also contain the download link.

2nd Email: This can be scheduled to be sent on the third day (whatever day you choose) after your subscriber has confirmed their request, and includes an email offering free content, additional articles or another report.

3rd Email: This may be sent out on the 7th day of the sequence, promotional based, advertising a related product.

4th Email: This may be scheduled to go out a day or two after the last one. It may include some content and maybe a reminder about the product you promoted in the last email.

The balance that you use, when mixing up free content with promotional based material is entirely up to you, however the more value you give to your list, the easier and faster it will be to develop a relationship with them.

While many advocate an aggressive approach others would rather tread carefully, initially focusing on building a relationship with your list, and then doubling that up with promotional offers, or recommendations to affiliate products.

But whatever route you want to take it is essential that you ‘condition’ your list so that they grow accustomed to receiving promotional based emails from you on a regular basis. It they only see your list as a means of getting “FREE” information you might see a lot of unsubscriptions whenever you try to promote to them.

It’s up to you to keep a pulse on your subscriber base, and determine what works best, how frequently you contact them, and whether they respond well to the products you are promoting. But, just don’t be afraid to experiment and test out new ideas and innovative ways to consistently grow and maintain your subscriber base.

That being said, let’s now dig deeper on building a profitable mailing list.

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The Tools You Need For Email Marketing

To build a profitable mailing list you’ll need some specific tools. These include:

A Professional Autoresponder Account

With autoresponder services like and, you are able to set up an unlimited number of mailing lists, each one featuring a customized code that serves as your opt-in box.

This is important as it helps you to tailor your emails to directly communicate with targeted groups of subscribers who are interested in specific information or topics.

Squeeze (Landing) Page

A squeeze page houses your opt-in form and provides a place for your contacts to find you, evaluate what you are offering and make the decision to become an active subscriber of your list.

A squeeze page is very similar to a salespage in terms of its primary function, which is, to pull in customers and motivate them to take action, in this case, subscribe to your list.

That call of action is essential in creating high performance squeeze pages. You need to clearly direct visitors to enter in their name and email address as well as instruct them to confirm their request to join your list (if you are using double opt-in).

One thing to keep in mind when developing your squeeze page is that it should motivate visitors in the same way that a traditional sales page should. However, the actual structure of your squeeze page will be very different.

With sales pages, they are typically designed to offer as much information about a particular product or service as possible, since the main focus is on transforming a visitor into a customer.

However, with a squeeze page you aren’t asking your visitor to make a decision to purchase or commit to anything other than to subscribe to your mailing list where they are rewarded with a free product.

Keeping this offer or giveaway in mind, when you develop a squeeze page, you need to have a strong focus on your market, and design your offer around an existing problem, need or question.

To come up with the best incentive offer possible, you’ll need to thoroughly evaluate your market and other competing offers so that you can create a relevant product that is in demand and more likely to capture the attention of your target audience.

Squeeze pages should be designed to offer a clear navigation system, basic structure and template and a compelling offer.

There are a number of options open to you in creating your squeeze page. If you’re good with html you can code your own squeeze from scratch.

But with the many landing page creator program out there you wouldn’t want to go into that trouble. In fact, when you sign up for a GetResponse account you’ll have access to the system’s landing page creator. Here you’ll find different landing page templates that have been proven to work in different markets. Once you’re logged in you simply need to choose one and customize it to your taste.

Apart from the Getresponse landing page creator another powerful one I will readily recommend is Landing Page Monkey. Now, that may be some sexy name for a landing page creator but beyond that with Landing Page Monkey you have a whole lot of features that makes it easy to creator high converting pages.

Another reason you may want to check this one out is that you’re not restricted to one autoresponder. You can integrate it with different types of autoresponders so if you’re already using another autoresponder getting Landing Page Monkey is a good option for you.

Check it out here.

Giveaway (Incentive)

This is what you’re offering your subscribers to get them into your mailing list. It is essentially, the most important element on your squeeze page.

If your giveaway (offer) doesn’t motivate visitors into subscribing, all of your marketing efforts will be lost. This means you’ll need to make your offer to be of interest to the majority of your target market.

The higher the quality of your giveaway as well as the more relevant your offer is to your market, the easier it will be to recruit new subscribers.

One of the ways you can do this is by creating a shorter version of a hot selling product, and offering it for free to anyone who subscribes to your list. The idea is that if competitors are successfully selling a similar product which you are giving away for free it will be easy to sign up visitors to your list.

Some giveaway incentives you can use include:

  • Free Reports
  • Free Ebooks (full length of leaked chapters)
  • Free Tutorial Guides
  • Video Tutorials
  • Free or Trial Access To a Membership Program
  • Free Booklet with “Top Tips”
  • Free Weekly Newsletter Subscription
  • Free templates or graphics
  • Free Audio Interviews, Lessons, Tutorials

The key is to make your giveaway relevant to your audience’s need. You want to make sure that your target audience is actively searching for similar information, and that it is being sold successfully in the marketplace. If you do that, you will have little difficulty building a massive list of targeted prospects who will be eager to receive your emails and broadcasts.

If you plan to promote an ebook or e-course of some kind, a very powerful method is to offer a leaked chapter of your info product. By offering this free chapter, you’ll not only provide new subscribers with a sample of the quality of your work, but you’ll also generate buzz around your upcoming product launch.

If your giveaway is well written, you will find it exceptionally easy to build a subscriber base of people who will likely purchase the full length version when it launches.

This is also a savvy method of creating a viral campaign for your upcoming launch as people pass around the ‘leaked chapter’ to everyone they know.

The two easiest ways of getting your freebie created are, outsourcing and buying PLRs.

If you are interested in outsourcing your project to experienced freelancers, you can easily find a trustworthy professional from the following freelance marketplaces:

Just make sure to provide your freelancer with a clear outline of what your project entails and be sure to follow up by requesting updates and reviewing the content after it’s created.

If you’ll rather use private label rights (PLRs) material, make sure you spend time revising the material so that it blends well with your own personal style. This is very important as you will want people to recognize your brand and become familiar with your work, right from the beginning.

Some sources for PLR you may want to consider are: (You get a fresh supply of high quality PLR products every single month absolutely FREE!)

Recommended: How To Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaigns To Be Mobile-Friendly!

How to Design an Effective Squeeze Page

Squeeze page sample

As I have mentioned above, your giveaway incentive (freebie) is definitely the most important piece of your list building package. However, your squeeze page need to do the “selling” for the prospect to “see” the value of your freebie. This is why we said earlier that it serves the same purpose as a sales page.

It’s important therefore that you create a landing (squeeze) page that will effectively sell your freebie. Here is a quick overview of the most important elements that you need to include in your squeeze page:

A Compelling and Attention-Grabbing Headline

This is the very first thing that your visitor sees.

To be effective the headline should not only attract attention but also draw in the prospects keeping them focused long enough to become confirmed subscribers.

Your headlines text size should be larger than the rest of the text on the squeeze page. For increased exposure, consider adding color to your headline (red and blue works well).

You may also want to highlight your headline and any sub headline that you use. You can use the <h1> and <h2> tags to enlarge your text, which will not only help with capturing attention from your visitors but will also alert search engine crawlers that the enlarged text is important.

Center your headline within your template and try to work in your opt-in box so that it is close to the headline itself. If you are using a CSS based squeeze page, your opt-in box could be placed in a right column, with a bullet list of benefits featured in the main body of your page.


You should keep your content trimmed down so that it focuses only on the most important information that you have to share. Avoid wordy squeeze pages that offer endless paragraphs of information. Your squeeze page has ONLY one task…

…to convert visitors into subscribers!

So, you need to keep it clear, concise and of course, exciting!

You should split test your copy to determine what will increase conversion rates. But in the meantime, here’s a quick overview of how to structure your squeeze page content for better results:

a) Use Bullet Points To Highlight Benefits

Bullet points emphasize important features and draw attention to the special aspects of becoming a subscriber of your list.

This is a great way to showcase the benefits of becoming a subscriber, and what they will receive, in return, for their subscription.

For example, if you were offering a report on a topic like: ‘Insider Secrets To Finding A Work At Home Job’, your benefit list could include:

  1. Discover how to land a high paying online job even if you have absolutely no experience working online!
  2. How to avoid heart-rendering work at home job scams!
  3. Discover the #1 freelance website where 99.9% of new telecommuters are able to secure employment in their first week online.
  4. Create a compelling resume that guarantees you stand out from the crowd and get noticed by top paying companies online!

b) Retain Focus At ALL Times

Eliminate any external links and keep your squeeze page focused. You should avoid all of forms of distractions either by linking to external websites or internal pages on your site.

You should be focused ONLY on getting the subscriber on your mailing list.

Avoid navigation menus, widgets, plugins, or links to articles. Your squeeze page should be one-page long, feature your bullet list, headline, opt-in box and privacy policy. Eliminate clutter and any information or content that is not necessary to securing the subscriber.

c) Strong & Clear Call To Action

If you want your squeeze page to successfully recruit new subscribers, you NEED to clearly direct visitors to fill out your opt-in form and confirm their request.

Do NOT assume that people know what to do. Remember, not everyone is likely to have experience with mailing lists, and so you need to directly instruct them as to how they are able to gain access to your free, high quality offer.

Similarly, you should also direct them to confirm their request to your list once they have entered in their name and email address.

If you are using a double opt-in format, you will NOT be able to communicate with those who have not verified their request. So, make absolutely certain that you are following up and instructing everyone to confirm.

You can do this by automatically directing subscribers to a secondary page on your site that thanks them for subscribing and tells them that the final step is to check their email and confirm their request to join your list by clicking on the verification link sent out by your autoresponder system.

Consider highlighting your call to action, or using bold text to emphasize it, like this:

“Submit Your Information Immediately To Claim This FREE Report – Before It’s Gone!”

This creates a sense of urgency and gets them excited about what you’re offering. This is an important element to keep in mind. You may also want to try a more specific scarcity tactic, like:

Only 25 Copies Available! Claim Yours Before It’s Gone!”

d) Minimize Graphics and Use Them Wisely

Your squeeze page should load quickly and remain clean and focused. However, it’s been proven that using report covers, or ecovers can increase subscriber rates by giving your visitor a visual picture of what they will receive after subscribing to your list.

Make sure that the graphics you use are high quality and original, and that your report cover portrays the product or offer you are giving away accurately.

If you are offering a short report on…

“Dog Training Mistakes To Avoid”,

Make sure that your report cover clearly illustrates the topic.

Always make sure that you personally go through the subscription process before launching your campaign to make sure that you receive the initial welcome email sent out by your autoresponder, and that your opt-in box itself works properly.

Squeeze pages can be as detailed and lengthy or as short and precise as you wish, depending on your target market and overall layout.

You NEED to make sure that you emphasize the benefits of joining your list, and that you highlight the opt-in box, drawing attention to it and whenever possible, keeping it visible above the fold.

Always use a headline that explains exactly what they will receive after they become a subscriber. People don’t always give away their email address so easily and it’s your job to explain exactly how they will benefit by doing so.

Regardless of how you structure your squeeze page, you need to thoroughly test what works and how you can improve it.

Now, let say again that with or you get a number of already proven landing page templates. You don’t have to stress yourself wondering if your landing pages will work. Check them out and make your pick.

Your Email Broadcast Schedule

To better organize and manage your email marketing for the best results, it’s important that you create a schedule of when you plan on releasing new broadcasts, as well as your actual autoresponder sequence so that your emails are going out on a regular basis.

Being consistent will help you develop a relationship with your list while conditioning them as to what and when to expect your next email. By doing this, you will find that your open-rates will increase as subscribers begin to look out for your emails.

When creating your first email campaign, I suggest creating 6-10 emails (for a start). You can then add additional emails into your sequence as time goes on.

Remember though that subscribers who are already a part of your email cycle will not receive new emails that you add to the sequence unless you send out an actual broadcast.

You should set your first email to go out automatically, after a new subscriber confirms their request to join your list, with additional follow-up emails being sent out every 2-3 days.

Here’s an example of a one week email sequence:

Monday: Free Report
Tuesday: Free Article
Wednesday: Promotional email
Thursday: Free article
Friday: Promotional email
Saturday: Promotional email
Sunday: No email

Always keep notes of any ideas you have for email content, and if you are outsourcing content creation to freelancers, make sure that you always proof-read the material and add in your own style.

You want your subscribers to become familiar with your brand, and so even if you outsource the majority of the work you need to apply your own personal style to every email you send out.

You also want to focus on balancing the amount of promotion-based emails with information-based ones. This will help you to retain more of your subscribers.

The more value you offer, the more responsive your list will be. You can add instant value by purchasing private label rights material and revising it so that you can create free reports for your list. You can also compile articles into ebooks or reports as well.

Final Words: Conclusion

Email marketing and list building is truly one of the easiest methods of building automated income online. With a single click of the mouse, you can instantly broadcast a promotional based email to a built-in customer base, without having to worry about the cost of customer acquisition or advertising.

In order to monetize your lists effectively however, you need to focus on treating your subscribers well so that they trust you and of course, respond to your offers.

You can stand out from the majority of email marketers in your industry by over-delivering on fresh, quality content.

Remember that people sign up to receive your emails believing that they will benefit in some way. If you deliver quality, relevant and useful information that truly helps them, you will be rewarded with an active and responsive subscriber base.

Focus on building a relationship with your subscribers through constant contact and updates.

Don’t let your list run cold by failing to communicate with your subscribers. It’s relatively easy to design an email marketing campaign by using high quality private label material, and by hiring content writers to create articles that can be used within your broadcasts.

Hope this has been of help. If you will want to have more help in this area then sign up for my free newsletter below. As a bonus for your free subscription you will receive a week long tutorial on email marketing success.

7th Year Anniversary Giveaway Special – Day #2

In continuation of our 7th Year Special Giveaway Package, I’ve put together invaluable resource for you today.

If you’ve been a long time reader of this blog you’ll understand that I’ve always shared my concern about the failure rate of online businesses, especially blogs.

It really beats my imagination that despite the many tools and information out there, only a small percentage of those who the dream of building an online business go beyond the starting stages. Over these years I’ve spent valuable hours researching this topic and in my research I’ve uncovered the top reasons Why Some People Fail At Internet Marketing.

As a way of helping you avoid being one of the failure stats, I’ve packaged this information in today’s gift. I’ve also shared some insightful ideas and suggestions on how you can leverage this knowledge.

Whether you’re just getting started out or you’re already making some money online, this special report will help move you to the next level.

Enjoy and profit!

“Why Some People Fail At Internet Marketing”

Why Some People Fail At Internet Marketing

[easyoptinbuildersimple eoboptinsid=”eoboptin5″]

[NOTE: If you’re already subscribed to the you should have received the link to download this special report]
If you have any questions post them in your comments below.



4 Essential Tips for Running a Successful E-Commerce Business

Do you have dreams of setting up and running a successful ecommerce business?

Does the prospect of operating your own successful business from any location in the world, while creating the life of your choosing, appeal to you?

In the recent past, the ecommerce economy has witnessed a rapid upward growth. For entrepreneurs this is both exciting and intriguing and so, if you’re truly interested in starting your own ecommerce business there’s no better time than now.

What Is Ecommerce Business?

E-commerce business, also known as electronic commerce or digital commerce, is simply is a way of carrying out business over the internet. With the growing popularity of the world wide web and of course, improvement in technology that has enabled more and more people to access the internet, business transactions between companies and consumers carried out online are now a common thing. Consumers can now easily purchase products and services over the internet using their credit cards and get their purchases delivered through mail. One great example of an ecommerce site is

Running a Successful eCommerce Business

Why Should You Care About Ecommerce Business?

Apart from the fact that the internet has greatly impacted how business transactions are conducted in the past few years, as an entrepreneur you should indeed be excited with the prospects of an ecommerce business for a number of reasons.

For example, you can extend your business reach beyond your local boundaries since the internet is global and not restricted by any physical boundaries. Besides, starting an e-commerce business is easy and inexpensive. Most e-commerce websites can essentially run themselves once they reach a certain point of success. And, as we have mentioned earlier, the prospect of growth is huge with more and more people turning to the internet to make their purchases.

Another reason why you should care about this is that recent stats about ecommerce businesses have shown that for the past decade or so, overall online sales volume have increased dramatically each year. Selz, an online selling tool, reported recently that online shopping and ecommerce is expected to grow by 8 to 12% in the next few years with sales in the United States alone going for between $427 billion and $443 billion.

Beyond this, the report also indicated that people are spending more money each time they shop online while BI Intelligence forecast indicates a spending of up to $632 billion online in 2020 for consumers in the United States!

Ecommerce Business Growth Stats

If you ask me, these are indeed interesting figures which any proactive entrepreneur would want to take seriously. However, if you expect to see results there’s the need to approach it in the right way.

So, whether you already have an existing brick-and-mortar store and you have plans of launching an ecommerce branch or you simply have plans to launch a brand new ecommerce business, you should be willing to put in the time and effort to produce the expected returns.

In my research I’ve uncovered some common specific qualities that many of the current owners of successful online e-commerce sites have. Note and implement these tips in your ecommerce business and they would definitely help you get off on the right foot.

How to Run a Successful E-Commerce Business

1. Treat It Like A Real Business

Just because the business is online does not mean that it shouldn’t be treated with as much regard as a real, brick-and-mortar store. If you truly have a desire to grow your business into a massively successful one, then you need to treat it as if it is already one.

An e-commerce store is a real store and should be treated with the same respect as the CEO of a multi-million dollar business.

Ecommerce business secrets

2. Use the Right Software

As an online business owner, it is essential to find the right software to run your business. One of the bigger choices you will have to make when it comes to software for an e-commerce business is the choice of an online shopping cart system from a reputable company such as

For many online business owners, choosing the right software for each area of the business is fundamental for the success of the entire operation. Scalability, marketing tools, security concerns and other factors all have to be taken into serious consideration when looking for software options. Choosing the best software should not be taken lightly.

3. Find Your Target Audience

One key part of running a successful business is correctly finding who your target audience is. A lot of businesses that don’t succeed have failed to take this seriously. Without knowing your niche, you can end up wasting a lot of time, money and resources on marketing to the wrong audience which won’t covert to customers.

Finding your correct target audience will rely heavily on your products and the focus of your business. If you can correctly figure out your target audience, you will be in a much better position to bring in steady amounts of leads.

E-Commerce Success Tips

4. Allow Customers to Be Brand Ambassadors

There is nothing better for the success of a business than to get glowing recommendations from satisfied customers. It adds credibility to your business, products and brand.

Collecting and sharing all of your reviews and testimonials regularly will encourage more participation and sales from your website visitors. While you are able to talk your business up as much as you like on your own, it is ultimately what your customers have to say about your business that will make or break the success of your business.


Ultimately, how big you will grow your ecommerce business is up to you. You’ll need a lot of hard work and determination. Most successful ecommerce shop owners have reported periods of failure before seeing and substantial returns.

However, no matter how long it takes success is sure if you don’t give up. You simply need to fully understand what you want out of your business in order to find the ambition to make it a reality.

10 Lucrative Online Home Based Business Ideas You Can Start Today

Indeed, the global economic outlook has proven in the recent past to be more stable than a few years ago however, the financial pressure is not yet over. But beyond that, many of us have learned during these times that you cannot just leave your destiny in the hands of anyone else – whether it’s the government or some employer! Your life is more important than that. YOU just have to take responsibility for your life or you’ll be the one to regret.

Here, at the Web Income Journal, we’ve been “preaching this gospel” for year now. We’ve advocated that even if you have a full time job nothing stops you from starting a side business online. To help in this regard, we have devoted ourselves to sharing tips, strategies and resources to help you make it happen. Knowing there are a thousand and one business ideas out there that you can choose from and that this could be intimidating because of the share volume of information, we’ve tried to make the Web Income Journal blog your “go-to” resource when the need arises.

It’s with this mind therefore that I recently undertook a research aimed at compiling a list of lucrative home based online business ideas that anyone, no matter the experience, can start and profit from starting today. Knowing that the market is saturated with all kinds of make money online scams, I took some extra care in choosing the business ideas to be included in this list.

Frankly, I must say I’m truly amazed with what is out there for us to pick from. In this post I want to share with just 10 of these lucrative online home based business ideas. So, if you are right now scouting online looking for possible business ideas to work on, I ask that you go through these ones and see how you can build an online business from them.

Alright back to our lucrative online business ideas. Here our handpicked online business ideas for you to choose from today:

1.    Editing And Proofreading Jobs

Start a Editing and Proofreading Jobs

I’m sure you must have noticed the silent revolution that has been on for some time now. It has become one of the most talked about topic on most sites these days.

Want to know what that revolution is?

Ok, it’s the gradual shift from the traditional internet marketing hard sell to inbound marketing tactics using quality and informative content. This revolution has practically turned marketers into publishers with the option of producing volumes of marketing content every day.

With so much to do, most of these marketers and businesses now resort to external sources to edit and proofread articles or reports before they’re ready to be published online.

Now, if you are a native speaker of whatever language a client needs a document or article proofread, or if you have good command over that language, then you can pick up editing and proofreading jobs. I can assure you that this is really a lucrative business idea for the now. Simply do Google search for the term, “Editing and Proofreading Jobs” and see you what the search engine will return!

2.    Email and Phone Handling

Email and phone handling services business

Now, this business idea had been there for some time but, like #1 above, the global meltdown has also fueled it. With many businesses trying to cut cost many have resorted to looking for different ways to outsource their business operations. And this is where email and phone handling businesses come in.

Email and phone handling is similar to a virtual assistant position; only thing is that it doesn’t require making appointments or needing any extensive skills.

To do email and phone handling, you would mostly do things such as cold calling, answering queries over phone and handling emails.   Business owners generally tend to hire support staff to handle these tasks, as they’re often too busy to do them themselves.  With email and phone handling services you could easily add some extra income to your regular income.

3.    Software Load Testing

Software Load Testing Business Ideas

Over the years the internet has continued to experience more and more smart tools that help with business and other online operations. Most software companies, when they are almost finished with the development of a piece of software, will hire people to test it out for them in order to find bugs and see how effective the software is.  The purpose is to ensure the product meet the market requirements. So with the information gathered from the testers the product is improved before releasing it to the mass markets.

The good news is that with so many software developers out there looking for people to test their products, this has become a lucrative business idea for many.

To become a ‘Software Load Tester’ you can check out companies which offer exclusive testing services like for possible ideas. Besides, a simple search on Google for “Load Testing jobs” will also give you some possible ideas and tips on how to run with this business idea.

4.    Game Tester

Become a Game Tester

This is similar to software testing above. With this, you would play and test out games in order to identify possible defects.  As a game tester you are expected to play the game step by step and be careful to note even the smallest of errors, if any, and provide a detailed report to the company.

In order to become a Game Tester, it’s ideal for you to be a hard core gamer. You should also know how to play the games effectively so you can identify the bugs in the software. So if you are one who loves playing games online and you are interested in making some money from your passion then becoming a game tester is a good idea.

5.    Write Software For Resale, With Rights

Resale rights business idea

Do you have knowledge of programming? Then you are in big business!

Frankly, if you are very good at programming, this is a great way to earn extra cash on the internet.  With so many websites trying to achieve different things with much ease and in less time, if you can create a program that is able to meet these different needs, you can sell it for a good amount of money.

Besides, you could also offer resale rights to the program, giving other people the opportunity to sell it and collect the commissions. This will give you the opportunity to charge a premium price for the program especially if you’re not a fabulous marketer but still want to earn a lot of money from your work.

Now, I understand that this business idea is not for everyone however, the truth is there is enough information online that can be of help if you want to take this up. Check out this site for a high-power resale rights business you can get started today:

6.    Design Or Build Websites For People

What Makes a Website User Friendly?

If you are good at HTML, graphics and Photoshop, then web designing might be a great option for you to consider.   In order to create websites, you just need some creativity and know how in using the tools.  You can create impressive websites using templates alone, and people will gladly pay so that they don’t need to take the time to figure out how to learn the programs.

Besides, if you are very good with setting up WordPress blogs you can also use the WordPress blogging platform to build impressive websites for companies and they will love it. One good thing about websites built with the wordpress blogging platform is the ability to include a blog in the setup. This is a great way of making the website more lovable to the search engines. Besides, it gives the business person the ability to easily update the site without looking to any external hands.

7.    Create An Automation Software And Charge For The Service

Create An Automation Software And Charge For The Service

With so much to do online these days and with lesser time available to do all of these, many people are becoming more interested in automation services or software where a task can be done for them without having to do as much manual work themselves. A lot of these pieces of software abound in the market right like: automated software for article rewriting, automated software for checking spelling/grammatical errors in the articles, automated software for article spinning, automated software for PDF to word conversion, and so forth.

Despite the fact that there is so much pieces of automated software out there already, there is still room for more. If you can identify the need and create the software, you can make a whole lot of money.

One good way you can find out if there is a need for software out there is to simply browse through the administration jobs in freelancing sites. For example, you might see a specific job where someone is asking to extract a set of data from a particular site and populate it in excel. If the demand for a specific service is high, you can create a software to do the job and mass-market it.

Besides, you can also create something for one specific buyer and charge them for it or simply take up the advertised jobs and charge the market rate as if it were manual work, but use your software to speed up the production! 🙂

8.    Provide Uptime Monitoring Services

Provide Uptime Monitoring Services

Recently, I’ve been very concerned about my websites. I have a number of them in different niches and I wanted to know whenever any of them is down and why. To effectively do this, I had to engage a website monitoring service.

I know I’m not alone in this. Webmasters generally want to make sure that their websites are working as frequently as possible. If any site goes down for any reason, they want to know how long it was down and why. This is crucial for webmasters because most of the time, that site is their source of income.

I can categorically say that this is a lucrative business idea if you know how to go about it. Besides, you can even use free uptime monitoring software. All you need do is setup your business page and advertise your services. Once you have the job, take the website’s details and input them into the software, download the reports, and provide them to your client. You will be surprised that even though some webmasters know about this software, they’d still rather hire someone to do it for them rather than do it themselves.

9.    Shoot And Sell Videos Online

Shoot And Sell Videos Online

Creating videos these days is no more a thing reserved for the professionals. Video sites like Youtube and the rest has made video production for online viewing a thing of fun.

But do you know you can actually produce videos and see them online?

Yes, if you can shoot an interesting video that people are ready to watch, you can also sell it online and make some money.   Your video can be anything from an interesting event, video tutorial, demo video, etc. All you would need is a good video recorder. Even a good camera with quality lenses as well as a microphone, recording and mixing equipment, etc can do the trick.

10.    Offer Video Montage Services

Offer Video Montage Services

Another way to make money with video productions is through helping people create memories with their pictures.  What you will need here is to take some pictures that a customer provides, put them together in a nice slide show with background music, and then burn it to DVD.

You simply need some innovation and creativity to succeed greatly in this business. Give people what they want and they will pay you handsomely for it. Remember that people are paying for these video montages because it is a unique way to present lifetime memories for people.  So, use your imagination and give something they will fall in love with.


There are numerous lucrative business ideas for making money online out there right now. You only need to choose the one that you are best suited for. Think of your passion, talents and skills. Once you can match your business idea with your passion, skill and talents you will be on your way to building a business that will beat your imagination.

Your Turn: Do you have any other business idea that should be included in this list? Are you in any way using any of these ideas right now?

Share your thought with us in your comments below.

Simple Tips for Choosing a Domain Name That Enhances Your Brand

A popular quote from William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet reads thus:

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;
So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call’d,
Retain that dear perfection which he owes
Without that title. Romeo, doff thy name,
And for that name which is no part of thee
Take all myself.”

Indeed, a lovebird like Juliet may believe there was no difference if a rose were called by another name. However, it’s clear from the play’s outcome that a name indeed has far more meaning than may at first meet the eye. And if you’re thinking of picking a domain name for your brand, you should know that a name truly matters.

Whether you’re choosing a domain name for your new business or you’re just setting up a website for your already established brand, you should be fully aware that a positive first impression counts for a great deal. This is no truer than in the case of the first impression a new customer has of your business.

When potential customers first click on your ad, they need to go to a website that is filled with attractive visuals, rich in informative content, and stocked with all of the latest e-commerce features. However, before you can get to any of these details, you need to start at the beginning – a solid domain name.

Simple Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

Start Off on the Right Foot with a Great Domain Name

When it comes time to reserve domain name services, you need to make sure you are choosing the one that is right for your personal and professional needs. The name you choose for your domain will be one that will stick with you for a very long time.

Of course, you can change it by changing your site, but this involves a great deal of time, effort, and sheer hassle. It’s better to get off on the right foot by choosing a domain name that you and your customers can be happy with. This may involve quite a bit of thought on your part in order to get this detail absolutely right.

How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Business Branding

There are several elements that come together to make up a really great domain name.

To begin with, it helps to choose a name that is short, snappy, easy to spell, easy to pronounce, and easy to remember. You want to choose a domain name that reflects the best part of your business in the most positive light.

You’ll want your name to conjure up an image of the industry you are in. Finally, it’s best to choose a name that is light, humorous, and memorable without being too cute or instantly dated.

Choose a Domain Name that is available

After You Choose Your Domain Name, Make Sure It’s Available

After you make your final choice regarding your domain name, the logical next step will be to make sure that it is free and available. You can use a domain name registry checker to ensure that you aren’t infringing on someone else’s intellectual property.

The last thing any new business needs is a nasty lawsuit over copyright infringement. If your name is identical or too similar to someone else’s, you will need to come up with a new one in order to avoid a long series of suits that you are bound to lose.

Get Assistance from Domain Name Services Providers

There’s no doubt that choosing a domain name these days could be a tasking endeavor for both startups and seasoned entrepreneurs alike. While on one hand the common and popular .com names have been taken on the other hand, new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) have recently entered into the market making it a difficult task to decide on the right one to pick.

To avoid making mistakes, it’s an excellent idea to get in touch with a professional domain name services provider as soon as possible when you’re thinking of get one for your business. This way, you can receive excellent advice and counsel concerning how to choose and register your domain name.

Domain Name Services Providers


Your website domain name is a huge investment for your business whatever way you look at it. It is the bedrock for your business’ online presence. It defines you and what you stand for as a business and it provides the doorway for potential customers to find you online. Just as your business name and brand identify you in the marketplace so also your domain name identifies you online. It’s important therefore that you choose your domain name with care.

If you are ready to take the plunge into the exciting and lucrative world of online business then you’ll do yourself good to get across to professionals who can help you choose the right one.



How to Avoid Being An Online Business Failure!

When you hear things like, 90% of new businesses fail in their first 5 years, what is your reaction? Do you just overlook it with a wave of the hand? Are you appalled by such stats?

Fact is, I’ve always wondered why, with the available information today, many wannabe online entrepreneurs still fall flat on their faces with their online business. For me, it’s really worrisome. I just can’t imagine why the high failure rate.

And that is why for some time now I have been researching and studying this topic. If you have read most of my blog posts for the past couple of years you will discover that I’ve tried to, in one way or the other, proffer some help. So this post is actually an addition to the many others that are already published on this blog. Just take a look at the related posts section below this post for more on this!

Okay back to the question, why the high rate of online business failure despite the available info on the net today?


Some Misconceptions About Doing Business Online

Of course, there are a number of reasons. But before we look at that it is important to say that success happens online because of some very important factors.

Success happens because people have the right ideas about internet marketing and how it works…


Success happens because people do not expect to get rich quick or become millionaires overnight without lifting a finger; as most gurus will want to make you believe!

So, if you jump into starting an online business with the notion that you can get up and go to work whenever you want you will only be setting yourself up for failure. Those who think they can work when they feel like it and still make a living online are living in dreamland. It will never happen!

If you have these false hopes then you better do a rethink.

Again you can’t expect to build a successful business online by simply getting a website built and hanging out an ‘open for business’ sign. The world isn’t going to line up and hand you their money because you have setup a website!

You must understand that online businesses do not run on auto-pilot without your personal input. Yes, it’s true that you can automate most of the workings of the business but that does not take away the place of putting in the right amount of work, especially if you’re just starting out. Most of the internet marketing gurus who entice you with their hyped up sales-letters have already paid their dues in this area. So, do not believe them when they tell you this in their bid to sell you their push button solutions.

It’s important therefore that you get this clear that success online has never happened overnight for anyone and it won’t happen over night for you!. You must be prepared for the time investment if you desire to be successful.

Common Reasons Why Many Internet Business Startups Fail

Lack of basic business knowledge

1. Lack of Basic Business Knowledge

All businesses have two things in common. They are BUSINESSES and therefore be run like BUSINESSES!

Anyone who desires to build a successful business need to understand the accepted practices of running a business. They need to understand simple and basic ideas like acceptable over-head expenses in relation to projected income. Internet entrepreneurs need to understand profit and loss and what constitutes each.

A college degree in business is not essential for a digital entrepreneur to be successful but it sure wouldn’t hurt. Just some basic business knowledge is absolutely vital.

If you have a hard time balancing your personal check book, you probably should keep your day job and forget about starting an internet business.

It is true that you can hire accounting firms that will tell you whether or not you made a profit but not how to make it. If you have no business background you need to, at the very minimum, get some good business advice before you even consider opening an online business.

The fact is all successful businesses operate on sound business principles. Successful businesses aren’t accidents. The proof is in the numbers….only 10% of new internet businesses are successful or are even still in existence after the first 120 days of operation!

It is not even reasonable to expect to make a profit from a new business enterprise for many, many months.

You must have sufficient resources available to not only launch your business but provide for your own personal needs for an extended period of time. It’s called ‘capital’ and there is no way around the need for enough of it.

The good news is that, just as I have said earlier, there are enough info out there to help you out. A simple visit to will open a whole of possible help to you. Better still here’s a top recommended resource: Go It Alone

Go it Alone - Kindle Book

2. The Wrong Mindset

You’ve most likely heard the phrase, “He has an attitude!” This is usually a derogatory remark made about a person with a disagreeable attitude.

But the word ‘attitude’ is an important one when discussing internet marketing start-ups. A good attitude…a good mindset can’t insure success but a bad attitude and a bad mindset can certainly guarantee failure!

Here are some wrong attitudes that will absolutely guarantee failure:

1. I can work when I want to -Wrong, wrong, wrong! You can’t just work when you feel like it. You have to expect to put in many long and very tedious hours of very hard work to make a new internet enterprise succeed.

2. I can get rich quick – You couldn’t be more wrong and you are not only wrong but you are putting yourself in danger as well. There are bazillions of crooks out there on the internet who are waiting for their next easy prey and if you are looking for a quick way to get rich, you ARE the next mark.

It is possible to make a very comfortable living with internet marketing enterprises but if anybody ever tells you it is quick or easy, they are deceiving you.

3. I don’t need a business plan – There you are…wrong again! Internet business is BUSINESS. The same business principles apply to online businesses as they apply to any brick and mortar business. It is imperative that you have a plan for success that is based upon these sound business principles.

4. When you have an internet business of your own, you don’t have a boss – Wrong again! You are your boss. If you aren’t a good boss who sees to it that work is accomplished on time and in full, you will doom yourself to certain failure.

Unless you are a boss who sets up a working schedule and establishes goals that must be met, you will find yourself working at a job under a boss who does do those things and maybe for minimum wage!

Build your own dream or someone else will hire you to build theirs!

So, How Do You Optimize Your Possibilities for Success?

The thing about starting a business…any business… that there is no guarantee of success under any circumstance. Even big international businesses can fail at new business ventures. Failure is always an option but the possibility of success can be optimized.

You can optimize the possibility of success by:

1. Having a good solid business plan in place. There is an old saying: “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail”. A detailed set of plans for success will greatly help. You need to have the steps from getting from point A to point B listed in great detail that include realistic cost estimates for accomplishing each step.

2. Expecting to work very hard to accomplish your goals. Never expect anything to be easy. You will be right most of the time because things are rarely as easy as they look. Each step toward success requires work, time and patience. Sometimes things don’t work out right on the first try. You have to be willing to try again and again until you do succeed.

3. Not falling for get-rich-quick schemes. The internet woods are full of those who prey upon those who are looking for quick and easy ways to become rich. Those ways do not exist. Get over the idea that there is an easy way out. There is NOT.

Please remember those statistics – 90% of all new internet businesses fail in the first 120 days!

You don’t have to be part of that majority. You can become a part of the 10% minority.

Will love know what you think of this post. Kindly share in your comments below.

Top 3 Business Blogging Mistakes That Can Cost You Your Business!

Are you an blogger (i.e. you run a blog that is geared towards driving traffic to your small business) or do you regard yourself as a blogger who makes money ?

Whatever the terms by which you want to be known, a blog is one marketing tool that you don’t want to ignore as an online marketer. Since the advent of blogs they have become very useful both as models or traffic-generation tools for small businesses.

Here are some business blogging stats that will interest you:

  • B2B entrepreneur blogger drive 67% more leads than those that do not.
  • Businesses that blog are 13x more likely to enjoy positive ROI.
  • Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their business websites.
  • Blogs are rated 5th most trusted source for accurate online information.

Now, despite these stats, a blog could become a problem to your business if not used well!

After 7+ years as a blogger I can rightly say, blogging is like a two-edged sword – handle it rightly and you will enjoy the benefits; misuse it and you’re sure to get hurt!

The unfortunate thing is, many small business owners and approach blogging with a mindset that is tantamount to sabotage!

3 Blogging Mistakes (Sins) that Can Cost You Your Business!

In this post, I want to highlight the top 3 business blogging mistakes you must avoid if you desire to get the best from your business blog.

Ready for this? Then let’s get started:

1. Not Aligning Your Blog with Your Business Objective

Align your blog content with your business objectives

This is indeed a sin of the highest order!

One thing I have discovered about blogging in the past few years is the EASE with which you can be thrown off your chosen path. I have seen very many passionate bloggers who started their blogs which the mind of promoting their home based business.  They were fired up having heard of the wonderful things a blog can do for your small business website.

Unfortunately, in a bid to increase blog comments on their blogs and because of the influence of other blogs which they were frequenting in order to drive traffic through comments, these entrepreneurs who started well were soon distracted by what they read on the blogs they frequented. Most times these blogging entrepreneurs, forgetting their business purpose and , suddenly start writing about blogging tips and other make money blogging content because, to them, these topics are more popular amongst bloggers.

If you have fallen into this error, you are committing a heinous SIN against your business! You must understand that RELEVANCE is the key word when it comes to building your business through blogging. When a visitor comes to your business blog your content must be able to give him/her a sense of what you are offering. Don’t write about the latest updates when your business is, selling men’s wear!

Know your target audience and focus your content at that one persona!

2. Not Generating Leads with Your Blog

Your blog shoul help you drive leads for your business

As mentioned above, one of the benefits of blogging is growing a list of potential customers. Your blog should therefore have a system for capturing these leads in the first place and then nurturing them into paying customers. If you are not doing this right now with your business blog then you’re sinning against your business!

Of course, many bloggers have the wrong notion that adding an RSS feed subscription is enough for your blog. But the truth is RSS feeds have limitations as they are not designed for selling – something you will want to do as a business.

To build a responsive list that will help you build your business you need a reputable lead management system. There are many good lead management system providers out there that you can choose from. In choosing it is important that you choose those that offer autoresponder services which will allow you to automate most of the lead management process.

One autoresponder that you can depend on any day any time is This is one email list management system that is very popular with successful online business owners. One good thing is that you can test run the system for free for a whole month before opting to pay for it. Another thing I found really useful about the system is that you have the opportunity to get a free 30 email list building training during that 30 days of testing the system! Frankly, I must say this alone is GOLD as the training you get will help you greatly in your business.

Click here to get your free 30 days trial.

If you want to get more results with any autoresponder services, it’s advisable to also use a lead capture program like the “Easy Optin Builder” or …. These programs are great for creating popup optins or lead capture pages that will help you capture email addresses on your blog.

For details about the Easy Optin Builder,  Click here!

3. Creating Content That Stinks

great content works great for your business goals

There’s no doubt about it, your blog exist to help you create content that will engage, excite and entice your target audience to take the action you desire. So content is actually the driver of a blog’s success.

Now, it is true that you don’t need some professorial qualification to create your blog’s content, but the fact is, if your blog content is below par you will have more people clicking away from your site than you will have them clicking to visit!

Many people will judge your expertise and how qualified you are in your niche by the content you post on your blog. This being so, it is important that you run away from posting content that is filled with misspellings and that is badly written on your business blog. Too many grammatical errors and misspellings will only help in driving away potential customers.

SUGGESTION: If you have challenges creating high , either get other people (freelancers) to create content for you or better still, get a voice to text converter.

With a voice to text converter you will find it much easier to produce content for your blog as all you need is to “talk” your articles while the software types it out for you. This way you don’t need to fear misspellings and grammatical errors. Besides, you will have a more “conversational” sounding article which will be more engaging!

One voice to text converter that I will readily recommend is the Dragon Naturally Speaking software. Dragon is presently the world’s bestselling speech recognition software. It will not only turn your talk into text but can also help in making other computer tasks easier and faster.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13.0For example, the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13.0 speech recognition software is three times faster than typing – with up to 99% accuracy. You simply say the words and they will appear on your computer screen. You can also dictate or modify documents, spreadsheets and presentations, manage email, search the Web, post to Facebook and Twitter, and more.

For more details about the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13.0 speech recognition software, please click here!


A blog is a MUST for your online business but you must guide against committing the above blogging mistakes. Ignoring this advice could result in devastating outcomes. As the competition is getting stiffer by the day you must also rise up to the challenge.