How to Improve Your Business Online Visibility through an Enhanced Profile

Having an online presence is crucial to business success these days. With the internet nearly every aspect of your business can be improved for effectiveness and efficiency. One area that the internet can help your business is in the area of improved visibility. Before now, this was totally dependent on your advertising cost and your customers’ word of mouth promotions.

But not anymore!

These days with the right tools and approach you can greatly increase your business visibility by simply creating a brilliant online profile. An enhanced online business profile carefully crafted to gain attention and exposure will help your business reach more people and also gain a larger share of the market. In this article I want to share with you a few ways you can do this.

How to increase your business online visibility

Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Business Online Profile and Visibility

1. Website

The foundation of any business’ online profile is their website. Think of it as a central hub, where almost all of your online content is going to link back to. This is going to be on the top of any letterheads, on business cards – the link is everywhere. This means that your website as to both look and function excellently. A poorly designed or unresponsive website gives an immediate bad impression. Consider employing a Web Designer to revamp your site for you if it’s not quite up to scratch. The layout needs to be simple, coherent and clean. Also, it must make it very clear what your business is all about and be full of links to all of your other content to help that grow too.

2. SEO

Now you have the basis of a brilliant online presence; you need to grow it. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the perfect way to do this. If you’re not clued up about SEO, don’t worry. It’s relatively straight-forward, and you can outsource it from your business if it seems to be too challenging. You might have the greatest product or service in the business, and be exactly what a potential client is looking for. However, if they can’t find you online, you’re stumped. What SEO does, is place your site or content at the top of search engine results to make sure that your business is found by the people who need it. Companies like can provide an affordable SEO service tailored to your business' needs. It’s important to outsource to the right people, however. You don’t want to hire a bad SEO company as that will only backfire on you, and you could end up overspending.

3. Social Media

Social media is a must in the modern age. Your client base can sky-rocket with well run, content heavy social media platforms at your disposal.  Gaining retweets or shares is great. With them, your business can target not only those who are looking for you. But also those who are unknowingly just scrolling through their timelines. Facebook and Twitter are perfect mediums for racking up a new client base. Make sure your posts and content match the tone of the platform. Twitter should be chirpy, short and fun. Whereas on Facebook you can post longer material, with a more serious approach. To grow professionally online, consider LinkedIn. The social network for business is global and growing already. This could be a great way to make excellent B2B relations or even headhunt a new member of staff for your organization.

4. Press Releases

If your company has something to shout about, then tell the whole world about it. Don’t just limit yourself to your organization’s address book either. You can pay to have your press release reach a much wider client basis. Press releases are a great way to market a new product or service that your business is trying to sell. People are more impressed when a product is unveiled to them as revolutionary or game-changing. So really try to push your product or service in this way. Include links to social media platforms and ones back to content on your site. Having these within articles will engage the reader and hopefully invite them to consume more of your content. This ultimately will help massively grow your businesses profile online.

5. Google My Business

If you business has a physical presence offline as well as a digital online, then let people know about it easily. When using search or Google Maps, potential clients will often search for specific phrases. These might be things like ‘nearest shoemakers to home’ or ‘italian restaurant in ____’. Make sure that your business appears when people return these kinds of inquiries online. Google My Business easily enables you as a business to place your physical space on a map. Whether it be a retail store, factory, restaurant, etc. it can be found rather simply by any Google search user. My Business lets you add your website, social media, phone number, opening hours and other crucial information to Google. The effect of this is phenomenal. Next to no sites have a higher Domain Authority than Google. So by being visible on one of their services, your client base and online presence is only going to increase.


I hope this guide has been able to inspire you to reinvent the way your company thinks about digital. You must understand that having a strong online profile is actually the foundation to your online business success. It is a great way to increase your business visibility and of course your results. So, simply follow these tips and make it happen right now!

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  3. With them, your business can target not only those who are looking for you. But also those who are unknowingly just scrolling through their timelines. Facebook and Twitter are perfect mediums for racking up a new client base.

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