How to Get Super Results From Social Media, 60 Min a Day! [INFOGRAPHIC]

As a business person if you are not using social media as part of your marketing strategy, then you are missing out, BIG time!

But as much as this is true, the fact however, is that managing a business' social media presence could be time consuming. As a result many have decided not to take it too seriously and so, they spend too little time on social media. And most time. they do it without any clear direction.

Others, who care to put in some effort, spend too much time thereby sabotaging their over-all success as too little time is spent on other areas of managing their business!

In this scenario the question then is, how do you effectively manage your social media presence to get the desired results in your business?

Like many others, I have asked this question a number of times. I'm not unaware of that social media demands a continuous tending if there must be positive results. But considering the little time available to handle task of managing business and running social media campaigns, I was really intrigued when I came across “Social Media Cocktail – How To Quench Your Social Media Thirst In 60 Minutes A Day”, an infographic presented by Dendrite Park.

The infographic is actually straight forward. But a careful look reveals that it indeed have a lot that can help you solve the time problem of social media marketing. It offers some practical and doable suggestions of what tasks to concentrate on and how much time you should spend on  each. All in all, it will only take you 60 minutes a day win the social media war if you follow the suggestions of this infographic. Indeed, it's one infographic every business person should take some time to understand.

Do enjoy it …

How manage your social media marketing more effectively

So, how did you find the infographic? But most especially the tips presented therein? Interesting right? It's clear that putting in the right effort into your social media marketing can truly produce the right results. So, why don't you take these social media nutrition facts and start implementing them right now?

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  1. Great post. Those are very useful social media marketing strategies. Most importantly defining your social media goals, then you can work towards them.

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