Google Analytics: Looking at Your Blog With a Magnifying Glass!

Is it not surprising that bloggers hardly ever talk about Google Analytics when it comes to blogging success?

You wouldn’t believe it but from my own experience, I feel that without Google Analytics blog owners are simply like  the good old blind men who set out to know what an elephant actually look like. You know how they all described it, right?

The one who touched the tail described the elephant as looking like a rope. The one who touched the body said it was one like a wall. And the one who touched a leg choose to call the elephant a drum! 🙂

It may sound funny but the truth is that many bloggers are doing the same today with their blogs if they do not have a good tool like the Google Analytics tool to know much about their blogs!

So, What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free tool which blog and website owners can use  in analyzing the flow of traffic to their sites. Studying and analyzing user or visitor behavior have always been a marketing objective. Every wise business person wants to know things like: Why do buyers buy? Why do visitors to my site almost reach out to buy but in the end they don’t? Etc.

I recently had an insightful experience with one of my clients. Working with Google Analytics, my client could see that most of the site visitors baulked at the payment gateway page. Concluding that there was definitely something wrong, I went through the data with a toothpick   and did some research on the subject.

You won’t believe what I learnt from this exercise. I discovered that my client actually failed to provide sufficient confidence to visitors about the safety and security of his payment gateway.

By introducing a SSL certificate we managed to convert 60% visitors into buyers (which is great by any standard). Now, all this would not have been possible without Google Analytics.

Here Are A Few Things Google Analytics Can Do For You!

1. Detailed Data On Visitors

Google analytics is so detailed that you can even get the exact place from which a person visits your blog. You can study visitor behavior – how they came in (from search engine, other blogs, AdSense, social media) , what they did while at your site or blog , which pages they visited and finally how they exited.

By analyzing this data you can learn a lot about people and also about your own blog. A little tweak here and there and you can create a better impact on your customers (visitors).

2. Reduce Your Site Bounce Rate

An important consideration for SEO is bounce rate. This is defined as the percentage of visitors who leave a site without bothering to visit any other page. This may happen due to many reasons. Using Google analytics you may be able to decrease bounce rate and improve your Page rank. The amount of time spent by visitors on your blog can also be increased by analyzing the site data. Page download speed impacts on SEO. Though broadband and high speed internet has tremendously reduced irksome wait for visitors, you can do a lot more to make browsing your blog a better and more pleasant experience.

Ultimately it’s all about converting traffic into sticky eyeballs. Getting traffic is not sufficient – you have to hold on to them.

Deploying Google Analytics

Though initially I thought that I would never be able to do it alone, I realized that deploying Google Analytics is fairly easy. You have to register with Google and then copy-paste a line of code into your web pages or blog. When we hear of lines of code, JavaScript and such, we generally tend to walk away from it. My suggestion is not to panic because it’s a simple task.

Google Analytics for WordPress

If you’re using the WordPress blogging platform then you’re luck. There are some nice Google analytics Plug-in available for WordPress. Even otherwise, its fairly simple to install. Those of you who have not experienced the power of Google analytics, my advice is to go for it right now. You will feel the difference.

What is your experience with Google analytics? Share your views with us in the comments below.

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