Inspiration: Who Is Setting Your Rules?

On different occasions during these 12 Days of Christmas Inspiration series I’ve emphasized the importance of learning from others.

However, I have also noticed that many a time when you have respect for someone and you want to listen to them, you found yourself, most times, wanting to please them in everything. You readily accept their thinking and dictates as the rules to be followed. You believe their thinking is more enlightened than yours. And because you often allow them, they will want to convince you to move to their rhythm.

Unfortunately, I'm seeing this very rampant lately in the blogosphere. Many have set themselves up to dictate what to do and what not to do on your blog because they are not doing it.

But doing that will only leave a feeling of deep frustration and personal failure when you cannot meet up with their demands. You must understand that your inner self yearns for expression. Every human being wants to be convinced that they are somebody who is competent to set their own rules. You don’t want to be the one who simply follows while another sings, “Every body do as I do, don’t worry!”

Why your blog has to make money

How to Set Your Own Rules and Win Your Battles

1.    Know What You Want

Earlier in this series, I asked the question: “Why are you here?” What is it that you truly want online? Why did you start that online business? Providing answers to these questions is very important. Once you have the answers your next move is to choose a business model that will help you achieve your dream. Your business model will then determine your activities and strategies.

2.    Learn To Listen But Take Your Own Decisions

That, we are in an environment infested by the deadly disease called information overload is nothing new. You must be able to know how to sift through the avalanche of information and know which one will help you achieve your dream. Listen when others speak but ask yourself, how does this help in furthering my business considering the business model I have chosen. Don’t let others bamboozle you into believing you are on the wrong path. Because it is not useful according to their chosen model does not mean it is not good for you.

3.    Focus On Results

When I started blogging I equated the success of a blog with the number of comments that the blog receives. With this in mind I came up with different tactics to encourage more comments on my blog. But lately, I have become wiser. I must confess that I have seen more successful blogs that rarely have comments on their posts!

What am I saying here?  Does it mean having comments on your blog is bad? No! Of course, there is a feeling of worth when you see more comments on your posts. But truth be told, how much are those comments helping to achieve your dream?

Remember, the market does not pay for efforts, it pays for results. Are you producing results? That is the question. Are those comments helping you produce results or are they just efforts that give you some feeling of importance?

My dear friend Theodore wrote a post recently where he asked, “Do you mistake activity for achievement?” I truly think Theodore has made the point really clear.

The lesson: focus on results.

Your turn

Are you setting your own rules or are you simply following the leader? Simply following will only guarantee that you remain behind, seriously! 🙂

Will love to have your views. Please share with us in your comments below.

  1. Hi Chadrack,
    thanks for this highly motivational post. Setting the rules and finding our unique voices is definitely way better than adapting to the environments. The principle of the survival of the fittest is right for the blogosphere, and “I do as everyone does” is only a weak excuse for not finding our own ways. Thank you for sharing your authoritative views.

    • @Diane Clark,

      Rightly said, Diana. In a crowded market place like the internet simply comforming to someone else rules is the worst way to find your voice. It is better to observe very well what others are doing and then find a way of making yourself heard.

      Thanks for the comment.

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