The 4 Things That Will Insure You against Business Failure!

Today, as part of the Christmas celebrations, my local Church is holding the traditional annual Christmas Carol of 9 lessons. This annual event is a way of reliving the birth of the Savior. Because I know most of my time today will be taken up by this and other events I have decided to quickly put up this post before leaving for the Church service.

Success traits of winnersAnd so, for our today’s dose of inspiration I want to share with you the 4 traits of people who always up as failures. The purpose is to help you flee from them as fast as you can in your journey to greatness.

The 4 Traits of Failures:

1.    Slow in taking Decisions

Taking the right decision when it is needed is one of the secret to making progress in life. Napoleon Hill in his all time classic, “Think and Grow Rich” said, “People who fail to accumulate money, without exception, have the habit of reaching decisions very slowly, if at all, and of changing these decisions quickly and often!”  Enough said. Learn and be wise!

2.    Never Learning

In our world today changes happen so fast that it is really a challenge to stay abreast of what is happening. However, if you must make progress both in life and in your business, learn to stay green. Know what is working now in your chosen field. Use every available resource and always ensure that you are learning a new thing every day.

3.    Never Focussed

There is truly power in focus. If you are scattered both in your thoughts and actions, your progress will be hampered. A plan and a little dose of discipline will help you stay the course. Do not attempt different things at the same time if you know you will not be able to finish any of them.

4.    Lacking Excitement

Do not throw away your confidence. The road may be rough and narrow. The temptations may be overwhelming. But know this: only those who endure to the end are qualified to wear the crown. Your enthusiasm and excitement will guarantee your ending well. The unexcited can never achieve anything worthwhile.

Remember you cannot light another person’s fire until you have lit the fire within you. Fertilize your dreams with knowledge and confidence and always ensure you know what you want and are focused on getting it.

Your success is sure!

  1. I love the points that you brought out…but I love #’s 2 & 3 the best…never learning and never focused. When you stop learning or think that you know it all…you are out of the game. If you do not laser focus on your goals, you will never attain them.

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