Can You Really Build a Billion Dollar Business Online?

Do you think it’s impossible to build a billion dollar online business?

Yes, I believe even if you have doubts in your mind!

Truth is, the richest super marketers today didn’t start making millions their first month, they did with consistency and hard work. And so, if you want to raise a beautiful family, build a good house and send your children and wards to good schools with your online business, then you have to start thinking like a billionaire.

“Building a billion dollar business begins with a billion dollar idea!”Daniel Adetunji

You don’t need money  to start up that business, all you need is an idea.

If you want to make money online, then you must be willing to devote your time in meeting the needs of people.

Building a successful business online demands hard work. In fact, you will face challenges and there are times you’ll feel like giving up; but listen, don’t give up, don’t give in!

Buiding a million dollar online business

Learn From Successful Online Entrepreneurs

Zac Johnson – Zac Johnson started blogging fifteen years ago. He started his blog ( not because of the profit behind it, but because of his passion and desire for upcoming affiliate marketers to succeed.

His desire and vision brought him the fame and money he has today.

Michael Chibuzor – Michael Chibuzor is a young guest posting Ninja who started blogging two years ago. His passion and drive to teach upcoming freelance writers how to succeed makes him thousands of dollars today from freelance writing.

What Are You Thinking, How Far Can You See?

I used this two successful entrepreneurs not because I felt like promoting them, but to encourage and tell you that it’s possible for you to make billions online. All you need is focus and direction.

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How far can you see? Think big!

The universe does not help people with small ideas ( I mean, small vision). It helps people who can see far–people who can see into the future.  It helps people who can see and think big despite the challenges around them.

You need to think big!  Erase  those negative thoughts and take up the helmet of success. You need the right mentality if you want to build a billion dollar business online.

Believe in yourself, and most importantly your idea!

If your belief is not strong, you’ll affect others around you. How do you want to get people to trust you if you don’t believe in yourself? Close your eyes, refuse to listen to friends who hate you for your belief and make you think you cannot be rich.

Don’t procrastinate– focus

Do one thing extremely well until you’re good at it.

The power of focus is important if you must succeed online. Don’t allow distractions, stay away from them. Focus on your goals, work hard to achieve them and celebrate your victories.

It may take long, but don’t give up, don’t give in

Every successful online entrepreneur produced results after plowing through difficult times and failures. If you’re afraid of failing then it means you’re not ready to be rich!

Over to you, my last words…

Remember, nobody is going to build your business for you. You are responsible for the upkeep of your business therefore, learn from this successful online entrepreneurs and apply the tips stated in this article.

All things are possible.

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  1. Blanca from Business Ideas

    Good post Daniel!I can’t say anything but your so great!Very true,we need to believe in ourselves.A good idea will result to a good business and besides nobody become a millionaire or billionaire in a single day except you won on a lottery!We must be patient and think of a better way to succeed in business.

  2. Theodore Nwangene

    Hey Daniel,
    I strongly agree with you on the above post. People drag on which is the first in starting a business between Money and Idea, and answer is very obvious.

    If you’ve given a million dollars today to use on anything of your choice, without any idea, you will squander the money but if you already have an idea, then you will multiply that money.

    Again, if all you have is taken away from you and you still have your knowledge/Idea, then you can easily start all over again just like what happened to Donald Trump in the past.

    But if your idea is taken away, then you are a dummy for life. Therefore, it is of no doubt that Idea is the first thing in business.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. bj @ consumer lists

    Zac Johnson, I’ve visited his blog and yes, he has been doing well. It does seem that people like him get success online if they have passion like Zac Johnson has. It’s good post, really very inspirational and one can gain confidence after reading this post for taking some benefits.

  4. Teofila Bushlend

    Hello, some great tips here, agree with what you are saying- I think it takes hard work, determination and patience as it can be very time consuming and take longer then you think to actually be earning a sufficient amount of money. It is hard but it can be done- but that’s the same with everything! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Jack Milgram

    Hi Daniel,
    thank you for this truly inspiring post. After reading your tips, I feel winged.
    I totally agree with you that one needs a good idea and lots of patience to start a successful business online.
    Good luck with your business and thanks for sharing!

  6. Fern

    Like anything you truely want especially a business, sucess never comes overnight, you have to work for it, a lot of blood, sweat, tears,determination and patience is needed. That way you appreciate it more when you eventually get it too.

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