Fail-Proof Business Launch: 4 Dangers to Avoid If You MUST Succeed!

Business launches are becoming very popular events in recent times. While many new businesses are launching by the day the stats remains alarming since most new business startups end in failure despite the euphoria of the launch event.

One thing for sure is the fact that launching a new business or product these days don’t have to eat deep into your budget. But if you must succeed with your business launch there’s the need to put in a lot of planning and strategizing. Laying a solid foundation for the launch is very important. But more important is ensuring that your goals for the business launch are realized.

Once you have decided on a date for your business or product launch, you need to be aware of one particular thing: the clock is ticking. For sure, failing to meet your self-imposed deadline won’t necessarily kill your business stone-dead, but the chances are that it will end up on a life support machine. You don’t want this to happen to your business, right?

So, how do you avoid this from happening?

To combat the many different issues a bad launch can cause, it’s vital that you:

a) Set an achievable date, and

b) Ensure that nothing stands in the way of your product launch.

The following are a few of the dangers that could stall your launch, and ruin your business before you even get it off the ground.

Fail-Proof Business Launch

Business Launch Dangers to Avoid

1. No Plan For Growth

It’s all well and good putting your product or business out there based on estimations. But the reality of the market is that you just don’t know how successful/unsuccessful you will be. And there are inherent problems with both results.

If you are unsuccessful, it’s going to be difficult to pull things around, but if you are wildly successful, you will need a plan in place to help you steer through the demands of rapid growth. Ultimately, that could lead to shambolic disaster, so you must have an idea of how to manage it.

2. Dishonesty

Make sure that your product does everything it says on the tin. Dishonesty – or even overestimating the quality of your product – will only result in abject failure, low expectations, and a huge disappointment for your ideal target audience. Given it is these people you will rely on to spread the word about your business or product, you want to give them the best possible experience, and never overshoot your claims or promises.

3. Lack of Testing

There will always be little kinks and issues with newly-launched products – and most customers will forgive you the odd slip-up, particularly when it comes to ironing out software bugs in a technology product. But make no mistake about it, if you haven’t been testing your ideas well beforehand, your idea could sink before it even gets a decent shot at success.

Look into JIRA testing, focus groups, and test out your prototypes to the nth degree. Make sure that you iron out all those major kinks, or you will learn to regret it.

4. Lack of Differential

The vast majority of new businesses and products are very similar to those already on the market. And unless you are different, the chances of a successful launch and growth are slim.

Make sure you know exactly what your differential is, and that you can explain it to your customers. If you don’t know how you are different, how can you expect your market to understand?

Business Launch

5. No Market

Finally, if you don’t have a market for your business or product, don’t expect to grow one from nothing. The most important questions to answer before you launch are: ‘Who will buy this?’ and ‘How much will they pay?’ If you can’t answer either, you have no business – it’s as simple as that.


Launching a new business or product takes more than just setting a date or creating the buzz. You will need to sit down and plan the launch event. Determine your goals for the launch, understand who your target audience is and what they want and then ensure that you deliver your promise.

Planning a product or business launch or have you’re launched a product? What other tips do you think will help ensure a flawless launch? Share with us in your comment below.




5 Simple Ways You Can Build A Cult-Like Following Around Your Brand!

Have you ever considered how brands like Apple, Coca Cola and many others were able to build a cult-like following around their products and services?

Ever wondered what magic is behind the action of normal human beings who will spend days lined up outside Apple stores waiting for a new product release?

Over the years, this has always been the same. Whenever a new version of the iPhone is released, the line-up of customers waiting to get their hands on the new release is the same. The fans stand in lines (some spending days out in the open) waiting to get their hands on the new smartphone. Funny enough, many of these fans, most times, still have the last version that might still be working great.

Besides, the new version might just be a simple improvement on what is being released into the . And come to think of it, these products can actually be gotten online, in places like, and will be shipped to your doorsteps, even if you will need to wait a few days!

So, what difference does it really make to get the new Apple product on the day of release? Does buying it a few days later make it less; both in value and aesthetic?

It’s indeed “irrational” to say the least!

Apple cult-like followers

But as a , wouldn’t it be a great thing if your existing and potential customers develop such an attachment to your brand? Considering what this has done for Apple over the years, is it not a wise thing as a business to think of how you can create such a cult-like following for your own business?

Okay, maybe some figures might interest you. If so, then hear this, during the launch of the iPhone® 5s and iPhone 5c models Apple reported a record 9 million sales in just 3 days after the release. And recently, the Company posted a quarterly revenue of $46.9 billion and quarterly net income of $9 billion for its fiscal 2016 fourth quarter ended September 24, 2016!

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Interesting, right?

Now, imagine how much success you can achieve if your brand has such a cult-like following. Of course, Apple may have built this magic over the years. What that simply means if you commit to it today you too can build the same cult status for your business and see customers fall over themselves to have your products or services.

Here are a few suggestions:

How To Create A Cult-Like Following For Your Business

1. Stand Out As a Business

iPhone  customers are passionated connected with the product

Every business person knows something about unique positioning () but not many have been able to find a way to implement this in their . One sure thing around us today is the fact that the noise around has become so deafening that simply setting up your wares in the marketplace without finding your unique positioning, will only amount to a waste of time.

The first step to doing this is, knowing who you are as a business and what makes you stand out from the crowd. Apple has been able to do this very well and has gone on to implant this idea in the heart of their customers. You can learn from Apple by committing to discovering why you exist as a business and then using the information to position your brand in the marketplace.

2. Create an Exclusive Club

Exclusivity creates cults

Who is the target of your products? Is it for just everyone or there is an exclusive group you want to reach? If you want your customers to bond with your brand at the level of becoming a “cult,” your products must be designed to satisfy a specific group.

Ask Apple any day and they will tell you that there products is not for everyone. They are not in the market to satisfy just everybody. And with that stand Apple customers over the years sees themselves as belonging to an exclusive club of Apple “loyalists.” Like it or not they are pride of it!

3. Communicate the

Nobody knows your product or service more than you. You believe in it and you can stand for it any day. But you will need to effectively communicate that belief if you want others to also have the same faith on your product or service.

You must understand that perception is everything in the marketplace. It is the image you create in the minds of the customer through your marketing that will determine how they regard your product or service. You can communicate right image through your marketing message, your business logo and even your website design. Use all of these to create a positive image in the mind of your prospects and that will help them to better bond with your organization.

Apple has been simply great with their brand message over the years. Before launching any of their products into the market various pre-launch events are organized to sensitize both potential and existing customers of what to expect in the new version. These events are so successful that even before the product hit the market, there is already a long list of expectant customers.

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4. Provide a

Apple a great product indeed

Beyond communicating the right message with your marketing can you prove the quality of your product or service? Can you back up that message with a great product or service?

You could spend millions on marketing and in creating a buzz around your business but if your product cannot live up to the image created, then the customers would simply stay away. Besides, that quality must be consistent if you want the patronage to continue.

One thing we can say about Apple over the years is that their products have always lived up to the expectations of their customers. You too should work towards satisfying your customers with quality products.

5. Be Terrific With Your Customer Service

Youer customer service matters

You can talk about your product or service and create the needed buzz but you will greatly multiply that if your customers do the talking for you. And the simple way to enlist your customers to become your product evangelists is by adding a terrific customer service to your great product!

This is one thing that Apple has been able to do over the years. Their customer service is not just amazing but well beyond expectations. They have been able to use their customer service to create a deep and lasting connection with their customers. Besides, through their responses to customer complaints they have been able to come up with improvements to their products.


Indeed Apple’s cult-like following did not happen by chance. It is a well orchestrated move by the Apple brand and it has worked greatly for them. There are of course a variety of other items that might have accounted for the Apple magic, for example, the ability to innovate and take risks, but with the few listed here I do hope you can create your own success in the marketplace.

Your turn: What other things you think a business can do to create a bonding with their existing and potential customers?

Share your thoughts with us in your comments below.

3 Unique Marketing Ideas to Put Your Company on the Map

Is marketing your business really difficult? Well, the answer to that question depend a great deal on who you ask. A search on google or any of the other search engines you are bound to be flooded with a whole lot of different ways that you can market your business.

How about making your business stand out through marketing?

This is where problem lies for many businesses. Right now the business world is overflowing with companies, all competing to get the biggest slice of the demand that they possibly can. But if you want the interest of customers, you have got to make your business stand out from the rest.  And this depends greatly on how well you promote your business and how unique it looks.

You will need to come up with some unique and innovative marketing ideas that will literally compel customers to come to you. Of course, this does not come with mere wishing. And so, in this post I want to share with you a few marketing concepts that will help put your business on the map.

Interested, right? Then let’s get started

How to get more customers

1. Make It Personal

All companies in the market are trying to make it look as though they are offering a personalized service. But, most do not have the time or money to offer customers a personal treatment. Instead, they offer the illusion of this type of treatment. One way to do this is through automated call handling. The customer is left with the impression they are speaking to an employee but they’re talking to an automated program. However, this is just altering perception and there are ways to show customers you do care.

We think a great way to do this is to send out e-cards. Christmas is approaching so why not start by sending out some business holiday cards. These can be anything from saying “thanks for being a loyal customer” to a simple “season’s greeting.” Don’t forget that these cards aren’t just for Christmas. They’re a great, cheap way to show your customers that you care, all year around.

Or, if you’re looking for a personalized marketing campaign, what about personalized merchandise. You can get this made in bulk by a company and then sell it to consumers. Many businesses believe this type of marketing pays for itself. It’s also great for making your business stand out at trade shows and you can even give it away for free with a purchased product.

2. Hold An Event

If you’re trying to catch the interest of local clients and customers, why not hold a party. This can be a simple celebration, letting customers get to know the people behind the company. Or, you can set it up as a fundraising event. Showing your company cares about more than just making profits is a brilliant marketing strategy. It will separate your business from the pack. By throwing an event, you’ll be wining and dining the customers you need to stay loyal when times are hard.

3. App Tastic

If your company doesn’t have an app, you should speak to a developer as soon as possible. An app is a brilliant way to market your company as a business that is more accessible to consumers. You can set up the app to do anything from giving more information to other ways customers can make purchases. These days consumers love having the services they use right at their fingertips.

So, let’s wrap up this post by asking that question again: is marketing your business really difficult?

As you can see from the above all you need is some creativity. There’s a hundred and one strategies and tactics out there already but if you can put on your thinking cap and be ready to tweak things a little you can do wonders. I can guarantee you that if you will try a few of the above marketing ideas before the end of the year you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

How to Invest In and Profit from the Web In 2015 and Beyond!

If you have been online for some time now you definitely would have become familiar with pop-ups, junk e-mails, and fake web page comments laundering various programs business opportunities that promises you can make a fortune from the web! The question many want answered in the midst of all these is, can you really make money from the web?

Well, the fact is, it depends on who you ask.

While private sellers will readily tell you the internet has opened up a world market to them in a way they never dreamed of a few years ago, media and news website owners on the other hand, are still in a panic about how to make the money they used to guarantee with full page ads!

But the web is not even just what is on our laptop screen anymore. It is not even just on our phones or tablets. As smart technology advances, apps and programs connecting these portals to simple home devices are being released into the market nearly every day. This is where the smart investor needs to put on his thinking cap to stay ahead of the curb.

What you should be asking yourself, instead of focusing on those junk-emails or dubious pop-ups and dismissing the possibility of making money from the web, should be how do you invest your resources in the web and profit from it?

So, if you are interested in profiting from the web now and beyond, here’s what you should be doing:

investing and profiting from the web

1. Invest in a Website

Investing in a web site which is already making money is something to think about. Remember however, if you are going to ensure that that growth continues, you will have to keep an eye on the site. As an investor, you may want to hire someone to deal with it, updating and delivering goods etc.

Alternatively, you can get the help of web services like who will be entirely committed to taking that responsibility of you. All they demand in return is a partner’s share of the profits!

Note however, that as with any investment you should be careful how you spend your cash, and look for third person testimonies before putting in your money. And of course verify them. Never you think you can just create a constant stream of profit with little need for oversight. That is surely a pipe dream. But if you are ready to invest the time and resources to make things work, you’ll soon be laughing when you start recuperating your investment.

2. Invest in the Internet of Things

A lot has been written about the phenomenon emerging in the “internet of things” (IoT). For an investor, this basically means keeping up with the way that smart technology can change the value of a simple device into megabucks. This kind of investment is for Dragon’s Den buffs, and requires a lot of research and contact with would-be inventors. But a quick search of startup sites reveals thousands of creative engineers and technicians out there who just need a little cash to tide along. At least before the world recognizes their genius.

Back in 2014 Gartner reported that IoT-connected physical objects will grow to 26 billion units by 2020 (excluding smartphones, tablets and laptops), and IoT product and service suppliers will generate incremental revenue of more than $300 billion in 2020.

Back in 2014 Gartner, Inc. declared that 4.9 billion connected things will be in use in 2015 and this would reach 25 billion by 2020. The research Giant further opined that IoT-connected physical objects would grow to 26 billion units by 2020 (excluding smartphones, tablets and laptops), and IoT product and service suppliers would generate incremental revenue of more than $300 billion in 2020 rounding of these words:

“The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a powerful force for business transformation, and its disruptive impact will be felt across all industries and all areas of society.”

That is really powerful and something that mustn’t be ignored by any wise investor. And you can take advantage of this right now by going to web summits and organized technology fairs which will help you identify current trends and also make important connections.

3. Invest in Your Own Site

This might seem too obvious. But for those who have thought about it for more than a minute, it is actually terrifically difficult to get a money-making site doing its job. It all depends on how much money you want to make, and what kind of site you want to have.

For example, if you have a blog-style website, the usual route is gaining followers until you have enough to attract advertisers. Alternatively, your site may sell information, like on an academic or news-oriented site. Sites such as the New York Times use a paywall for user access. One thing is for sure, it is not as easy as it looks, unless perhaps you are selling a product, and even then there are difficulties.


If you are truly looking to make money from the web you should be looking beyond internet on your laptop screen. The money making possibilities of the web is expanding by the day. Technology is opening up the horizon and you should take advantage of the innovations. As an investor you can invest in websites that are already making money, you can invest in the emerging internet of things (IoT) or simply build your own website and sell information or any product or service of your choice.

Starting Strong: The Secret to Starting Your Own Successful Business!

There is always that feeling of satisfaction when you start your own business and the customers start flooding in. Watching your business finally hit the ‘tipping point’ is a wonderful feeling. Yes, we love that moment when we take on more clients and the money is pouring in steadily. It’s definitely a great moment that anyone would remember as a defining point in their company.

Unfortunately, there’s a long, hard road to this point! Startups and new businesses are like icebergs. There’s an enormous mass of unseen work and dedication hiding under the ocean. Only a tiny peak rises above the sea level. Getting your business off the ground is all about building a huge foundation first. It’s often frustrating, because businesses grow slowly. Most times your efforts feel wasted.

In this article I want to share with you a few start up business secrets that are proven and guaranteed to help any business start strong.

How to start your own business with ease

How to Start a Business Successfully

1. Planning and Research

It’s a well-known fact that most new businesses fail within their first two years. Now, there are all sorts of reasons for this. But, chief among them is a severe lack of planning and research. If you’re going to launch a business, you need to know everything about your market, and your customers. Research the competition, and find that unique niche to capitalize on. Research your customers, and find out exactly who you will sell to. Make a watertight and flawless business plan too.

2. Sheer Hard Work And Passion

Getting your business off the ground requires a lot of unseen hard work. You’ll spend weeks and months working without any immediate reward. It’s disheartening, but you’ve got to look at the bigger picture. That’s where sheer hard work, dedication, and passion come into play. If you’re not loving this process, you’re doing it wrong. Get up early, put the hours in, and make it happen.

3. Find A Partner

You very rarely see a business take off without a strong partnership at the helm. Even when there is one high-profile figurehead, there’s usually a hidden partner – the Eduardo Saverin to Mark Zuckerberg; the Steve Wozniak to Steve Jobs!

Entrepreneurs are typically creative and imaginative. But you need the logical, financial brain to balance it. Embrace your weaknesses, and delegate the work to others. A business partner will help shape the business, and take it to the next level.

4. Initiative

The biggest businesses in the world got their break because they went after it with fierce initiative. They didn’t wait for success to knock on their door. They spotted a gap in the market, and they jumped on it fast. Use your initiative. Follow your instinct. The longer you wait to capitalize on an opportunity, the faster someone else will grab it.

5. An Online Presence

It’s very tricky for any modern company to exist or survive without an online presence. As a small business, it’s your best tool for growing an audience and reaching customers. If it seems overwhelming, visit Ken is a veteran of the industry, with tons of help and advice for fledgling startups.


Getting your new business off the ground is no easy feat. But trust me, it’s all worth it eventually. The trick is to plan your growth, and not expect overnight success. Work hard, find passion in everything you do, and get a business partner to help you!

What was your startup story like? Was it a challenging one? What are your best-kept secrets? Share with us in your comments below.

5 Emerging Industries You Should Consider As an Entrepreneurs!

The entrepreneurs emerging business ideas

The entrepreneurial spirit is often driven by good ideas. That is why it is often said that entrepreneurs thrive on ideas. Where others will look and see nothing worthwhile an entrepreneur will only take a glance and come up with a load of ideas!

But do you know that all around us, up-and-coming industries are sprouting and that most are already ripe for the taking?

In this article, I want to take a look at some of the new industries raising their heads, and that are expected to make a big impact. Take a deep look at the list. If you feel you have something to offer to one of the industries on this list, then you should give it a shot right away. You could build a website service focusing on any of these areas and who knows, it could become a goldmine!

Alright, here we go…

Emerging Industries #1: Web security

Web security has always been a relevant issue for businesses, as they have to protect sensitive data from prying eyes. However, in recent years there has been a lot of concern from the general public about government snooping and the power that corporations and marketing firms have on us. So, all of a sudden, everyone’s interested. If you think you know enough about the subject, or are just interested in peeling back the many layers of the industry, then why not start a blog? If it gains any popularity, there is plenty to talk about and plenty of products that you could sell from your site.

Emerging Industries #2: Translation

If you have a second or third language – or even more than that – then translation could be your key to success. The world is becoming a much smaller place thanks to the Internet, but there are still plenty of barriers – and language is one of the most obvious. With businesses trading more and more across the globe, there is a big market for translators. Think about the need for online website copy or translating intermediaries in business meetings. Think you have what it takes? Then why not get started today.

Emerging Industries #3: Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana in various states may well create a domino effect for others, and there are many people taking advantage of the new rules. ‘Cannabusiness’ is a very real thing now, and the market is only expected to grow know. There are even cannabis web design agencies, dedicated to giving their knowledge of the market to up-and-coming businesses looking for a break. It isn’t without its risks – your trade will generally be restricted to a few areas – but in the long-term, the established companies can expect to grow beyond their dreams.

Emerging Industries #4: Mindfulness

Successful businesses all around the world are embracing mindfulness, a meditation technique. The practice has been shown to help employees work better and with more focus, and there is also evidence that it can reduce office sick-time. You could start a blog on the subject and sell many of the burgeoning industry’s products, or even think about setting yourself up as a mindfulness coach. There will be plenty of opportunity for clients if you want to go down that route.

Emerging Industries #5: Biotechnology

The biotech industry is expected to be huge in the coming years. While researching and developing highly technical products in a lab might be out of your reach, there is nothing to stop you writing about it. As the industry grows, you can keep up to date with news, and by the time it explodes, you could well be an expert. It’s a definite long game – but that’s the case with all emerging industries.


These are just a few examples of potentially lucrative emerging industries. Getting in now is sure to help you position yourself for a greater tomorrow. If you will commit yourself to learning a little more about any of these industries you could get started right away and only time will tell what the result will be. I hope this information will be of good use to you. There be an action taker!

Startup Ideas: 4 Simple Tips to Easily Get Your Startup off The Ground!

Business startup success tipsImage Source

So you’ve decided to start your own business, right? What a brave move!

Deciding to step out into the world in order to make it on your own is definitely a bold step. However, it is unfortunate that so many people who do this fail, not because of any other thing, but mostly because of lack of preparation.

You need to understand the complexities of running your own business if you must make a success of your startup business. There are so many pitfalls that you must avoid. And, note this: there’s no secret formula for success. You just have to do the best you can!

To help you, here are some tried and tested basic tips for starting right. These are sure to help you in the initial process of getting your business startup off the ground.

Helpful Startup Business Ideas

1. Business Plan

The first step in the process of wanting to start any business is going to be to write a business plan. This will act as the blueprint for the future and direction of your business. It will include your business philosophy and end game. It will also detail your projected figures, plans for growth and industry knowledge. You’re going to refer to your business plan a lot over the course of the process. So you need to make sure you’re serious about it. Everything need to be included in the business plan. If you’re not going to do it properly, you shouldn’t bother trying. Your business plan will also be vital in trying to attract funding, financing or partners to your business.

2. Business Loan

A key part of getting your startup business off the ground is going to be applying for a business loan. When you decide to start your own business, it might dawn on you that it’s going to be an expensive venture. You’ll be footing the cost of everything, and this can be a daunting prospect for even wealthy people. Unless you have a lot of money, there’s a good bet you’ll look at getting a business loan. This will allow you to cover the large costs when you first start up your business such as paying for materials, products and staff. In order to secure a business loan, you’ll need an excellent business plan. So make sure you spend a lot of time on it and that you show you can pay back the loan.

3. Outsource

When you first start out with your business money will be tight. You’ll need to be running in the most efficient way possible but trying to spend as little as you can. One of the best ways to do this is visit and look into outsourcing. This will allow you to get work done quicker and to a higher standard. It’ll also mean you save money by not having to higher staff full time. You could outsource for a couple of weeks or the duration of a project, and you’ll make a significant saving. Outsourcing could well be something you continue to use throughout the business. But there’s no doubt it will have a benefit when you’re just starting out.

4. Know Your Market

The best way to get your startup off the ground is to know your market. It’s no good starting a business in computer programming if you know nothing about it. You need to know the industry you’re going into. And you need to know it well. You should identify successful competitors in the industry and find out as much as you can about them. It’s also important to identify potential gaps in the market. You need to know what customers want, and then you can adapt your business model to give them what they want.


Getting a business idea off the ground is indeed a great challenge. But you don’t have to stress over it. The internet is filled useful tips and ideas on how you can get your startup off the ground with ease. In this article I have offered you 4 such tips. Put them to practice and you will be better equipped to successfully win with your start up business.

Top 5 Innovative Business Ideas to Grow Your Business NOW!

Small business marketing ideas to grow your business online

So, you have made it yet into another year in your online business, right? Great! You indeed must congratulate yourself for many have fallen by the way in the past year.

However, ever as much as you have accomplished this feat, there’s still much to be done. Whether you are a blogger doing all you can to to make money online or you’re a small business entrepreneur marketing your stuff online, one thing for sure is that you will love to see your business grow beyond what it is right now, by the end of this year.

So, how do you do this? Don’t you think there’s still some room for doing more? How about some new business ideas?

There are hundreds of good business ideas that you can apply as a blogger or web entrepreneur to enhance your online business. No matter the successes you’ve achieved so far, now is the time to start making plans for the higher level.

In this article I want to give 10 innovative small business ideas that you can implement right now to grow your business profits starting now. Of course, they not rocket science. They are simple strategies anyone can implement.

So if you’re ready, let’s begin:

1: Re-Brand Your Business

Rebranding and product re-launch is a powerful marketing strategy businesses employ to increase their market share off-line. It could take different forms like changing the business logo, redesigning the product packaging, introducing new components in the product content etc.

Rebranding has a lot of benefits including, but not limited to, creating a fresh impression of the product/business in the minds of customers and prospects. A successful product re-launch can really bring great benefits to the business.

As a business blogger you can creatively use this strategy to give your blog and online business a fresh lease of life. I recently employed this strategy on this blog. I gave the a facelift that touched every area of the blog – the blog design, logo, and content package were given a new life.

To implement this strategy in your online business, simply take a deeper look at your business and come up with areas you will need to work on. Think of how you can package this into something that will interest your customers and then design it to be a product re-launch!

To make sure that this work out great you can involve different promotional tools to give the re-launch some buzz. You could employ PR services, social media announcements, article marketing, guest blogging etc to create the necessary buzz. This will not give you some new incentive to do more in the business but will also give you the opportunity of getting new customers.

2: Prioritize Your Time & Operations

This is another great tip that will greatly enhance your online business and increase your profits. By now you definitely know that there are lots of things that jostle for your attention everyday on the net. There are of course dozens of ways you might be employing right now to market your blog/business.

But, how about if you’ll prioritize your operations and choose to focus more on some operations?

For example, instead of spending hours hopping from one blog to the other posting comments or spending hours in a forum reading and replying to discussions, you could decide on writing articles for submission to the article directories or better still write guest posts for blogs that accept guest blogging. This will not only increase traffic to your blog but also your profits.

3: Add a New Marketing Technique to Your Schedule

This is indeed another powerful way of enhancing your online business success. Chances are you’ve been using some specific marketing methods over the past months or even years. How about adding something new?

Ever tried to promote your blog or business online through free classified ads?

How about video marketing?

Have you considered podcasting?

Indeed, these are some of the internet business marketing ideas and techniques for marketing your business online. Analyze your present marketing strategies and then consider the ones from this list that you can add to them.

By simply adding another marketing method to your usual strategies you can actually increase your profits greatly.

4: Leverage the Efforts of Others

There is no doubt that you have a limit to what you can achieve in a day – except you’re some super human! However, you could increase your productivity greatly if you’ll use the power of leverage. For example, outsourcing.

Outsourcing is something every successful person and/or corporation is involved in. The internet has made it a lot easier for you to outsource your work to competent people – sometimes at ridiculously very low cost!

The good news however is that doing this can really be of great benefit to you as you’ll produce more results. So if you’re thinking of some innovative ideas to maximize your success then you need to outsource your operations.

To achieve this you need a well laid out system for your business. Ensure therefore that you’re building a system for your business so that you can leverage the efforts of others without any fear of messing things up.

 5: Get Involved With Video Marketing!

As I’ve mentioned in #3 above, video marketing is something you should really consider adding to your online marketing arsenal! This is SERIOUS enough that I want to put it on a separate list

One reason you should consider video marketing is the fact that video gets indexed very fast by Google and this could be a great plus for your blog or website SEO. Besides, the traffic a single video can generate could sometimes be outstanding.

If you’re worried about video marketing because you lack the skills to get involved, you could easily outsource it. The good news is that there are various online video services that will easily convert your blog articles to video with little or no effort on your part. Here’s one online program that will turn your articles to highly valuable videos without much effort from you.

If you however, want something more professional then basically you need a simple digital camera that has video capabilities. You can get any of these from Amazon at a good price.

In creating your videos all you have to do is talk for a few minutes about whatever niche market you are in. You can give away tips, advice, or give a product review for a product that you are promoting. It can be either a product or service that you created, or one that you are promoting as an affiliate.

Here’s an example of a video I created sometime ago:

I have also created a Youtube channel for the WebIncomeJournal. Feel free to subscribe today!

Ok, that’s all we can take for now because of space. We definitely will continue with this in our subsequent posts. What you should know however is taking a proactive step in building your business demands you being innovative and forward thinking. I do hope that these business ideas and the ones we will discuss later will indeed help you boost your business income in the months to come.

Let’s make it a date!

Your comments are always welcomed. Feel free also to share your views on the video.

The Essential Guide to Launching a Brand New Project within Your Company

Starting new projects in your company

Businesses are living entities and therefore need to survive and thrive no matter how highly competitive the terrain may be. But how can your business do this? What do smart businesses need to be innovative and stay relevant in the market?

One sure way of doing this  is by investing in new entrepreneurial initiatives and launching new projects.

Deciding to start a new project within your company is a fantastic way to expand your current business. When your company has more than one key focus it makes your business diverse – meaning you have more than one income stream. This way you have stability in your company!

There are indeed many pros to starting a new company project, but having the idea is the main thing. When you have a spark of an idea, you need to use it. Unfortunately, not every business person knows how to go about this.

In this post I want to present you with a guide that you can use in launching a new project within your company any time you so wish.

Launching a New Project

1. Discuss and develop your idea

Before you decide on any project specifics, you need to discuss your idea. The best way to refine an idea is to share it with your peers and see what they think. Take the time to develop your idea before you do anything. Sometimes taking constructive criticism is the hardest part of being a creative person. You need to have a thick skin so that people can tell you what they think of your idea. You need to accept that some of your ideas will be dead ends. That is okay. Discussing your idea gives you the chance to see whether there is a future in your project.

2. Set out the terms of the project

Once you have decided on an idea, it is time to set out the terms of your project. That means that you need to make sure that you pin down the specifics of the project. Use your idea as a seed and let it grow into a fully-blown plan of action. You will need to create a thorough project plan so that you know what you need from the project. Now is also a good time to run the numbers and see whether the project is financially viable.

3. Consider the project drawbacks

You have to be a realist when it comes to projects. That means that you need to consider any possible drawbacks. You need to know what the risk factor is for you and your company. Ignoring the risks is a surefire way to fail. Consider all possible eventualities and think about whether you can afford for the project to fail. Business is all about taking risks. Just make sure that you don’t take a risk that costs you your company.

4. Define your goals (and a time frame)

What are you hoping to achieve from this project? You need to have specific goals in mind when you are in the planning stages. Make a plan and decide what you want from the project. It is vital that you set a time frame as well. If you have no deadline for your project, you will struggle when it comes to staying on task. When projects have no goal, they tend to go on for a long time. Make a clear goal and tell your staff about it. That way, everybody is on the same page.

5. Choose a project manager

When you are appointing a project manager, you need to find the right person. Many bosses think that they need to promote from within their ranks, but that is not always true. It might benefit you to bring in a fresh mind for the project. You could consider holding interviews for the position so that you find somebody who is perfect for the job.

6. Put together a star team

When you are creating your project team, you have to keep in mind how people work together. It is not just about choosing the right people for the job; it is also about choosing people who complement each other. You should consider holding team building days so that you can watch how different employees interact. That way you can choose the people who work well together, and give yourself the best chance at success.

7. Find a space for the new team

You need your new project to be a separate entity from your main business. That means that your project needs a new office. Find some office space available to rent as required so that you have a level of flexibility in your workplace. You can sign a rolling term contract so that you can have the new office for as long as you need. Now, you need to take a step back and let your team take control.

8. Do your market research

Whilst your project is in its developmental stages, you should take the time to do some market research. Make sure that you explore all avenues so that you find the right project for you. It will be worth looking at different sections of the public to determine what each demographic thinks. That way, you know who you are targeting your new project with, and you can work to impress them. Diving into a project without doing your research is a recipe for disaster.

9. Have faith in your idea

It will not be easy to launch a new project. Finding your feet when you take on something new always takes time. You need to make sure that you have faith in your idea. When you start to doubt that you are doing the right thing, it will become hard. If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will either. Make sure that you don’t lose sight of your vision. When you start to have doubts, your team will feel your negativity. That will put extra pressure on the project and make it almost impossible to complete.

10. Be flexible!

You have a tight plan, but along the way there will be changes. Embarking on a project and thinking that everything will go to plan is naive. You need to make sure that you have a level of flexibility in the project. Remember, you learn by doing. Along the way, you might find that there are simple ways to complete the project. These ways might differ from your original plan, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider them. Allow room for change when you are trying something new. If you allow your team to alter the project along the way, you will find the entire process is smooth.


It’s not enough to start a business. Managing and growing that business is essential. Without this the business will soon lose out in the market. You don’t want this to happen.

To stay relevant therefore you need to continuously start new projects in your company. By using the above tips you will be able to constantly innovate and break into new markets faster than ever before as you launch new projects in your company.

Image credit: Kevin Dooley

Do You Really Know What Your Blog Readers Want from You?

Frankly, do you know or, are you just another voice contributing to the information overload?

Blogging is indeed an art. And, to be an effective blogger you need to be a specialist in your target niche – whether that niche is photography, travel or home appliances. But beyond having some form of expertise in your target niche it is important that your content truly engage with your blog readers.

There are various ways you can make your writing effective and usable for your target audience but the one sure way is to give them exactly what they want. The question therefore is, how do you know what they want? How can you  judge the pulse of your audience and see to it that you give them what they truly want.

Are you prepared for the bargain?

If yes, then you are on the way of becoming a successful blogger. Pay careful attention therefore to the tips listed below and your blogging initiative will go miles.

How to know what your blog readers want from you!

1.  Communicate Regularly

You need to be in sync with the mood of the moment. This effectively means that all your channels of communication need to be open, all the while. Before you get down to pen your thoughts it would be of great help if you gather qualitative information on the kind of information which your readers want. The best way to judge the pulse of the audience is to communicate with friends and family and know on what all they want to read. This will give you a fair idea of the mood prevailing in the market and help you come up with an effective piece which has been written well.

2.  Use Social Media to your Advantage

The advent of social media has changed the matrix of market and the same applies to the blogging industry too. Social media websites be it Facebook, Twitter or You Tube, all have managed to spread its tentacles across a cross section of the society.

You can post some general queries on your Facebook account and ask for creative suggestions from people on what all they wish to read. This will give you a good idea of what the audience wants in reality as young people represent a major fraction of those who are active on the blogging scenario. Similarly Twitter and You Tube can too be used to spread the message effectively and communicate with people from across the spectrum.

3.  Invite Guest Bloggers to contribute

You can also invite guest posts from other bloggers. This is an effective way of coming up with content which has great demand in the market. As these guest bloggers keep on contributing on a regular basis to various blogs, they are quite conversant with the mood prevailing in the market. As you get more guest bloggers to contribute, your chances of getting successful will increase as these bloggers will continuously come up with blog posts which are in demand in the market.

4.  Ask your Readers

This is another effective way of knowing as to what exactly the audience wants. Get direct and ask your readers straightforward. The best way of doing so is to have a comment option at the end of the blog post. By going in for this strategy of blog promotion you will hit two targets in one go? One, you will be able to judge the quality of the post on account of feedback received from the audience and will also get to know what exactly does the audience wants.

If however, you do not wish to share what your readers tell you on the public platform, you can alternatively leave your email address at the end of the blog post and ask the readers to get back with their suggestions and comments.

 5.  Checking your Analytics

Alternatively, you can keep an eye on the blog statistics. You need to check on as to which blog posts are receiving the maximum views and which of these posts or pages stay the longest on the top rank of search engines. This aspect of blogging is known as bounce rate and will give you a fair idea of what all is popular in the market and needs to be written about.

Interestingly, the format of the post also plays a key role in the way your whole bogging scenario gets judged by the readers. Sometimes the readers prefer information in the form of a How to Do or a video format.

Keep an eye on the reviews which you are able to get on any particular post. Sometimes it is better to change your niche area too depending upon the interest level of the readers and the popularity of the subject.

Getting a fair view of this scenario is possible only if you keep a keen watch on the interest of your readers and write accordingly. Pay attention to the above listed facts and you are sure to come up with a comprehensive blog post which will attract the attention of your readers.

So, over to you. What is your take on this? Are you using any of these tips in gauging the pulse of your blog readers?