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Hey friends. So you also survived the end of the world? Then accept my congratulations!Welcome to the new world! I truly hope that the old world and its rottenness and sorrow are gone forever (who really want to hear of shootings of innocent children who have committed no crime!) Let's hope we're truly in a new world where happiness and fulfillment are the order of the day and where everything is truly awesome! 🙂

And talking about awesomeness, today in our 12 Days of Christmas Inspiration series I want to talk to you about how to make your business  truly awesome in 2013.

Don’t know about you but as the year is ebbing to a close I’ve decided to take a critical look at my business. How was the business a couple of years ago? How is it now? Where do I want it to be another two years from now? These are some of the issues I have been looking at.

You know, for the past few years of running this blog I have tried different strategies, implemented different tactics and of course put in every ounce of hard work necessary.  Right now, my desire is to take it to the next level of success.

You have such a dream also?

Alright, then you will want to listen to what I have to say in this post because I’m about showing you what you must do to take that business to the next level  – wherever that is to you!

What Is The Value Of Your Time?

Now, before we continue I want to ask this, how much value do you place on your time? I mean if you were to charge for your services by the hour, how much would that be?

Ever thought of that? Ok, now think of this, if you know the value of your every hour will you be spending more time doing the things you are doing right now in the name of building your business?

But, hold it! Are you really in business or you are just a blogger? You know I have read many blogs lately where bloggers gave reasons why they blog. And you know what, many are just blogging for the fun!

Now, if you are in that group, you can close this page right now. You are not the type I’m addressing here. However, if you consider yourself an entrepreneur who blogs (you are blogging because you consider it a tool for growing your business) then read on.

No, It Is Not About Your Skills

So, you are still reading right?

Ok, listen to this: Skill and creativity are good assets in running a business however you could be skillful and talented with creativity but still end up broke if you don’t have the right strategy.

It is worth repeating: If You Don’t Have a Strategy You Will End Up In Tragedy!

And that is why for me this is the time to reevaluate your strategies and tactics. You will need to put in place something that will not just produce some “noise” without any motion but a strategy that will make 2013 an awesome year for you!

You will need to reevaluate if all the hustling, social networking and blog commenting for traffic, etc. is really improving your business and bringing in results commensurate with the value of your time. Here are some areas you will need to look at again:

1. What Is Your Business?

Now, I am not unawares that before you started that business you took some time considering what you truly wanted to build. This is the time to review that. Are you sure you are in the right direction two, three or four years down the road? Are you still on target or you have allowed yourself to be derailed by what you are reading on other blogs?

The blogosphere is filled with many teachers you know. And of course, many of the blogs out there have good teachers you should listen to, but there is a problem here. As with every other teacher/student relationship, being influenced by the opinion of the teacher is not an uncommon thing. Problem is, you may have veered off your chosen path and are now pursuing the path set by another.

Like I said previously, it is time to ask yourself again, why are you here? What is your mission? How do you aim to achieve that? What is your business model and strategies to achieve your target?

You must settle this and let it guide your actions. Remember your business is your responsibility!

2. How Much Do You Understand Your Market?

Your business has a target market, right? How much do you know of this market? Do you know their pain area? Do you know what they really want? Do you know what they are struggling with?

And then this, are you sure your target market is truly the one you are driving to your site/blog? (Truly big one here!)

Now, what are you offering to heal their pains? Will they readily reach out for what you have to offer and be glad that you did? Are you communicating in the right language with them?

Your ROI is dependent on these questions if you must take your business to the next level. Good thing is, there are online research tools that can help with this. Use them to understand your target market better and also the right language to use in your marketing communications.

3. What Competences And Capabilities Do You Bring?

There is no doubt that for you to compete very well in this over flooded marketplace you need money, time, skills and the right tools. But matter of fact is you don’t need to have all at once. As you reevaluate your actions and activities online, you simply need to know what are your areas of competence and how that will help you move your business forward.

Once you lay your hand on this, make it your USP and found ways of enhancing your operations with this competency. If there is the need to acquire some other skills, don’t hesitate to do so. Of course, in a market that is always changing as we have online, constant learning is necessary.

So, there you have my tips for making your business awesome in 2013! Do you have some more to add? Or, do you have issues with any of these? Please let’s have your opinion in your comments below.

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  1. Roger Weavers

    Hi Chadrack,

    Great post. Many of my clients ask me a bout setting up a blog and when I ask them why they want one they don’t really know. The answers are mainly because they think they should as it will help their business. They have no real clear objective and do realise the commitment that is required. I have had a blog for years but its only this year I have started to interact with my visitors which has been a great help for me to understand my market better.


  2. Tim Bonner

    Hi Chadrack

    For 2013 I want to bring more value to my readers but trying to be even more helpful and to grow my brand around that.

    I wrote a post a few months back which is still my biggest traffic draw but in some ways I wish I’d never written it because it’s not just what my blog’s about.

    I’m not sure I have a strategy as such though. I have some long-term goals though but for now it’s taking all of my time up just keeping my blog up to date. I only get time to spend on it when I’m not looking after the kids.

    So, also for 2013 I need to be more careful about the time I do have and be more inventive with ways to get things done I think.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend Chadrack.


    1. Chadrack

      @Tim Bonner,

      I understand your point Tim. Frankly these posts are a way for me to refocus my blogging career. I had a kind of template of what I wanted my blog to be and do. But over time I have come to discover that what I doing right now is not what I set out to do and so, for me it’s also going to be kind of reformation. I’m going to stop spending much time on most of what I’m doing right now so that I can truly face what the purpose of my business.

      Thanks for joining the conversation.

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