How to Find the Right Answering Service for Your Business

Communication is key in every aspects of our lives. In the business world it is crucial. In this post I'll share with you how to choose the right telephone answering service...

Communication is key in a variety of disciplines throughout life. In the business world, however, it has the capability to make or break relationships with clients, vendors and others vital to the day-to-day operations of a particular business. It’s important therefore that you have a seamless system for staying in touch with your customers.

Unfortunately, because the customer service landscape is fast changing because of the challenges that mobile, email and social media has thrown up the can be very difficult for smaller companies to compete in this realm. Doing so might involve higher payroll expenses to bring in a secretary or communications staff.

While that could be a big hit to the bottom line of any budget, there are some more cost-effective solutions that might meet all applicable needs without breaking the bank. The best of these solutions is engaging the services of a telephone answering service.

What Is A Telephone Answering Service?

Find the Right Answering Service for Your Business

At the basic level a telephone answering service receives and answers calls on behalf of other businesses. Based on the customer’s instructions the receiving service uses both automated and real human beings to process and deliver incoming calls.

When you engage the services of a telephone answering company it is like having your own call center – without the cost involved!

Some of the things a receiving service can do for your business include:

  • Relaying urgent calls to an on-call personnel
  • Screening calls in order to protect company personnel from non-urgent and sometimes superfluous calls
  • Providing an off-site “front office secretary” in order to replace an expensive on-site staff member, or to handle occasional excess traffic.

How to Choose a Consistent and Reliable Answering Service

When you’re ready to employ the services of a telephone answering service for your business you should consider the following:

1. Find a Solution for the Problems That Exist

Every business is different and the priorities of their executives or owners are also unique. When the time comes to advance a particular department within an organization, pay attention to what the actual needs are and find a way to address them comprehensively and economically.

When discussing an answering service or similar addition, it pays to shop around and find not only the best tech or human resources for the job but also the one that offers the biggest bang for the buck. As it turns out, there are many options available that can offer great assistance for a reasonable price. It might save payroll expenses that would otherwise come from hiring a staff member to remain on hand to field phone calls and other communications.

2. Find the Best Deal for the Right Services

Once a company and its executive staff understands the complexities and individual issues it is facing in this arena, it will be much easier to do some comparison shopping.

Look online for recommendations of products that have high levels of reliability and interactivity to minimize frustration for those calling outside of business hours. Endless voice prompts or a convoluted series of entries can dissuade otherwise loyal customers from even calling the number to share questions or concerns.

3. Find Out What Others in the Same Industry Are Using

When you’re ready to employ the services of a telephone answering service for your business you should consider the following:

This is important for two distinct reasons: First, competitors trying to serve the same customer base will probably be able to reveal what works well and what does not meet the needs of a particular business model. On the other hand, a review of competitors in the industry could also show where there might be an opportunity to distinguish one business from the rest of the crowd. Finding a novel solution or establishing a niche segment within the larger market.


There is no doubt that customer care is crucial to your business success. However, with businesses going global and operating round the clock, having a telephone answering service is not a luxury but a wise business investment. Use the tips above to decide on the right answering service for your small business and never miss any opportunity to stay in touch with those vital to the running of your business.

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  1. Just started an idea and discovered your info. Very helpful. I am over 50 and a little late in the tech game because of past jobs that required little or no time in front of a computer. I am a very good writer with many published articles to my name over the years BUT now journal writing by hand does little or no good in the world of tech. When I get this blogging thing going, it is gonna explode.
    I really appreciate your advice. All the best!

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