How Can Pinterest Help Your Business? – You Need To Read This!

Are you on Pinterest?

An insipid question right? I know with the entire buzz about Pinterest being the latest and hottest new social network in town, who wouldn’t be!

Would you be surprised that despite the buzz, I only created a Pinterest account  just a few weeks ago?

Wondering why? It’s because I am not really keen about jumping into every opportunity that comes along. I always want to be sure that adding another social network to the ones I’m already using will help further my business objectives and not just be another time waster!

And that was the reason why I had to do some research to know how Pinterest can truly help an online business. So, in this article I want to share with you some very interesting facts and ways pinterest can help your business which I have been able to uncover.

So, let’s begin.

But first, images

What Is Pinterest?

According to Wikipedia,

“Pinterest is a pinboard-style social photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, hobbies, and more. Users can browse other pinboards for inspiration,’re-pin’ images to their own collections or ‘like’ photos. Pinterest’s mission is to “connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting” via a global platform of inspiration and idea sharing. “

It is founded by Ben Silbermann, of West Des Moines, Iowa and it is funded by a small group of entrepreneurs and inventors.

Why is Pinterest Creating Such Waves?

It does appear the social media bug has infected just about everyone online these days. Coming from now where, Pinterest suddenly appeared on the social media landscape like a storm!

In December of 2011, Experian Hotwise placed Pinterest as one of the top ten social networks at an enviable #5, beating big names like LinkedIn and Google plus!

From my own calculations, this is definitely the reason for all the attention that Pinterest is enjoying today because later reported that between December 2011 (when the Hotwise report came out) and January 2012, unique visitors to Pinterest increased by 155%!

Yes, 155% within a period of one month!

Do you think online marketers who are always looking for easy ways of generating quick traffic ignore such potentials?

Not in your life!

A Few Pinterest Lexicon

A Pin: This is an image added to pinterest. In all indication, this is Pinterest’s content.

Pinning: This is an act of visually sharing content on Pinterest. As tweeting is to twitter!

Pinboard: This is a set of theme-based pins. You can create different pinboards on different topics or titles. If you’re using WordPress as a blogger you could equate this with categories!

Repin: This is when you repost somebody else’s pin. Again you can think of retweeting in twitter!

Pin it button: This is the pinterest button which you can place on your website or blog to facilitate the sharing of your content on pinterest. Any pin that is added using the “Pin It Button,” links back to the site they came from. This is very important for businesses who want to use Pinterest for business dealings.

Pinner: This is a person who does the pinning.


How Can Pinterest Help Your Business?

1.    Generate More Traffic to Your Website/Blog

Your business definitely needs more traffic for increased sales. From all indication Pinterest can greatly help you with this. Reports already show that pinterest drives more traffic to websites than facebook and Google plus! Well, this is not really a surprise to me because these two sites have not really proven to be traffic generators in my experience.

So, if these statistics are correct then for one, it is something every business person should consider. I don’t know if you are still dilly-dallying or you already have a pinterest account. If you don’t, consider requesting your invite now to get a slice of that traffic!

2.    Build Back Links

Every online marketer knows the value of back links to their business website or blog. From my research this is another area pinterest can greatly help you. If you are using the pinterest “Pin It” button on your site, every pin using the button has a link back to the source. Though these links are ‘nofollow’ links and may not directly affect your search rankings, yet they are nonetheless valuable. Also those links can help in more people visiting your site.

3.    Generate Leads

This is another area that many businesses have reported good results. With the volume of traffic that you can get from Pinterest, implementing a good lead capture system is sure to produce outstanding results. If you have a social media selling strategy that takes Pinterest seriously, you will definitely want to make some good business from this.

4.    Social Integration/Sharing

The ability to integrate your social networks to ease sharing between your different social media profiles is a great way businesses can boost brand visibility. Pinterest has made this really easy as it gives members the option of sharing posts/pins through facebook, twitter and email. This means that with a single pin you can reach these other networks without visiting them.


Pinterest is indeed offering online marketers a new way of increasing business through communicating visually with potential clients/customers. This article has shown a few ways you can greatly use pinterest to your business advantage. However, you must take note that Pinterest states clearly in their Acceptable Use Policy that you are not allowed to use your account for commercial purposes. Nevertheless, under the Terms of Use there is a mention of individual accounts and accounts for companies and I’m sure no company will open an account if not for commercial purposes.

The trick in using Pinterest for business therefore, (just as in every other social media marketing) is not to blatantly showing off your products or services. It’s about finding creative ways to show your target audience how your product or service fits their lifestyle.

Indeed, this is a primer on using Pinterest for business but I hope it is helpful in some way!

As usual, I’ll be glad to read your comments and respond to them. Are you using Pinterest for business? What is your experience so far? share your thought with in your comment below.

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