Marketing With Twitter: 5 Ways To Grow Your Twitter Followers

free coupon In our today’s world of social media marketing knowing how to use twitter in marketing your products and services online is a skill you must inbibe. This is because marketing with twitter is one powerful way of achieving outstanding results with little effort.

Social media marketing has evolved in the last couple of years because:

  1. It enhances your web experience and build your credibility easier; and
  2. It positions you to profit from every marketing effort you employ.

Now, if you are interested in marketing with twitter then you must be ready to grow your twitter followers. That definitely is the first approach to gaining grounds in marketing with twitter because to sell your products on twitter you need a huge database of people who will read your tweets every minute.

Unfortunately, marketing with twitter is for the savvy marketers. Not everyone on twitter is achieving the results they desire. In fact, I discovered that a huge followership doesn’t really help, sometimes!

What you need to win with twitter as a marketing tool is to aim for a huge followership and then make that fan-base a responsive one.

It works like email marketing. It’s not the amount of subscribers you acquire, but how many of them actually respond to your follow-up messages.

In that vein, let me share with you my 5 point strategies to grow your twitter following. Remember, our aim is to make this list, targeted, responsive and long-term followers. If that’s what you want for your business, let’s dive in:

  1. Business Card Strategy:

Not so many twitter marketers are utilizing the power of business cards. But it works so well, and if you approach it creatively, your fans would skyrocket and grow at the speed of inflation! ?

But, please hold it before you run off to go get that card, what you need is a charming and classy business card. Something the recipient will be willing to keep for a long time. I discovered that an awesome business card doesn’t lose its vigor and vitality when shared.

Till this day, business cards I received from colleagues while in a business workshop are still with me. I can’t possibly throw them away – they look great but unfortunately, the owner lacks the intuition to add his twitter handle vividly. So, get your card ready, whenever you attend offline seminars, workshops and conferences, exchange business cards, and make sure you have your twitter handle well inscribed.

The people who receive this card from you are somewhat pre-sold. After all, they came for the event without you inviting them – they are targeted and eager to follow you.

2. Guest Posting Strategy

The power of guest posting for other blogs cannot be under-emphasized. My guest work have been featured across several A-list blogs and the results have been awesome.

Talking about free and fresh targeted visitors, that’s no longer my problem. All I’m after now is converting those traffic into future customers.

By writing quality articles on your niche, you can easily grow your twitter followers. A published work that has your name on it, not only increases your business presence, it also influences the way blog readers see you.

For those who want to grow their twitter followers, you should include your twitter handle at vantage locations especially on the bio.

But if you’re still working on increasing your backlinks, and pagerank, this strategy might not be for you. You can come back to it later in your business after you’ve acquired quality and decent external links from other blogs.

3. Position Yourself As An Expert

When an expert speaks, even when it looks wrong, you still believes it. Why? It’s a mindset and that’s the way we were taught in School to always take the words of professionals to heart.

As an internet marketer, I discovered that you can’t possibly call yourself an expert, but you can earn it.

So, don’t struggle to be recognized as an expert in your niche, there are things you need to do to win the hearts of your prospects easily. One way to do this, is to deliver quality information.

Whatever you do, make sure your work speaks for you. If you’re into blogging, don’t be in a hurry when writing your blog articles, take time and make it real. Within a short time, your expertise would become obvious.

Once people begin to see you as an expert, getting them to follow you on twitter is easier than your next breakfast. I mean, they could literally send your links to a friend and ask them to follow you. Why? Because you deliver top notch content just like the expert you are!

  1. Share With A Friend Link

I recently discovered a stealth approach to increasing your twitter followers and it works. For those of us who use emails to communicate with our subscribers, how much do you leverage on your current customer?

Do you know that every of your single customer has friends and chains of network? You need to start tapping into this idea and grow your twitting followers.

For every broadcast message you send out to your list, add an anchor of your twitter handle and ask your recipients to share with their friends.

This looks simple, but the impact on your twitter account could be amazing. You can add 50 – 100 followers or even more within 24 hours.

A perfect example where this system works is this: online shoppers wants to save money and so they are looking for free coupon and discount deals. Sharing such emails could cause a viral marketing surge between friends, families and colleagues.

  1. Automate And Schedule Tweets

The final method you can use to grow your followers, is through automation and scheduling. You can’t always be available to post new tweets. You’ve got other aspects of your business to work on. But you can use free and paid twitter tools and apps to automate and schedule your activities.

This way, you’ll always have fresh content for your followers, and attract new visitors as they read your tweets every single day. Automation is the watchword of success on the internet. What would have happened if there was nothing like auto responders? So dull, isn’t it?

So, to get started in automating your tweets, I recommend It’s a free tool that’s compatible with twitter and works perfectly.

Action is what brings results. Why not step out and give this marketing with twitter strategy a shot, it could be the missing coin to your marketing explosion.

  1. Nice article… Share with a friend link is new to me, I haven’t tried it as yet but will focus on it and see the impact.

  2. Is it also good if I follow a thousand people on twitter and wait for a few weeks if they follow back? I’ve used this strategy but I’m not sure if its legal in a SEO strategy? But it works fine.

    • @Danica Stone,

      You don’t expect everyone you follow on twitter to follow back. Besides, you should aim at building relationships for that is what will increase the response rate as Micheal clearly show in the post. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Some of these strategies look really good Chadrack. I never thought about putting my twitter ID on my business card though. Mainly because if they come to my blog, all my social icons are right there. If I put my Twitter ID I would want to follow that up with all my other social sites as well. That could end up being one cluttered card.

    Here is what I’ve learned about Twitter. It’s good to have a lot of followers but if you aren’t interacting with them or sharing some of their content, they are there just taking up space. We all know having thousands of followers is hard enough to keep up with so why not just have those that you know are there for the right reasons.

    I know the other benefit is so that their friends will see your tweets too but way too many can end up hurting you more. But you do need followers in order to have some success so these are great ways to build those up.

    Thanks for sharing these tips. They are all great ones for sure.


    • @Adrienne,

      First, this post is a guest post by Michael. Personally, I’m not really much on twitter. I occasionally post updates and do a little sharing there.

      But I think your observation is valuable. I have barely 1,500 followers on twitter but frankly, I find it difficult staying up with just 30 of them. So I’ve always wondered how those with 5,000, 10,000 and even more followers are doing it. I think this whole idea of social networking is being abused somehow.

      However, I’m thinking of prioritizing my activities on twitter to be able to better use the site. I’m still learning about this whole thing though! 🙂

  4. I never read this but it sounds interesting..Thank you for sharing .Job well done..

  5. Blog comments are a powerful marketing strategy . You should serious consider enabling comments on your company’s blog and reminding blog visitors that you can and want to hear back from them. Negative and positive comments must be allowed so that it is clear that this is indeed an open forum and discussion between the company and its customers.

  6. You’ve said that guest posting for other blogs is a good marketing strategy online. I would like to know if it is also a good marketing strategy to accept guest posts for your blog?

  7. I like what you said about guest posting driving fresh traffic. That seems to be what everyone these days is promoting – and it works Do you also request pay for guest posts, or just take advantage of the back links?

  8. Basic tips: always bring your business card everywhere, everytime you go out of your home. Thanks anyway for sharing this!

  9. this tips helps a lot.what could I say with your tips one way to have a followers is that by blogging I try it and it works cause this is one way to market your business.

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