How to Harness the Simple Power of Email Marketing to Profit Online

Why do you think that many give up their dreams of making money online very easily?

If you answer, confusion and overwhelm then you’re definitely correct.

Every day thousands, if not millions, go online with the dream of living the dotcom lifestyle… (whatever that may be really!)

Unfortunately, only a few achieve that dream.

There are a number of reasons for this. For example, with so much information out there and with everyone telling you what you should do and shouldn’t do, you’ll always end up confused and overwhelmed!

Besides, many online business models seems to over complicate things so much that trying to make them work only result in creating more confusion and overwhelm.

The result is that it’s much more easier for many to give up than see their dreams through!

In this blog post I want to share with you a truly SIMPLE online business model that will save you the heartache and confusion.

Now, this business model is easily neglected by many because of its simplicity. Many others only see it as part of their business strategy and tactic. The fact however is…

…it’s one of the most POWERFUL online business models, ever!

So, what’s this online business model…?

Email Marketing!

How to Harness the Simple Power of Email Marketing to Profit Online

After years of doing business online and having tried nearly every business model out there, I can categorically say email marketing is the simplest but most powerful online business model you can think of!

As you may have heard it a number of times already, the money is in the list. The problem however is that as digital marketers we’re always looking for some advantage to make more money but in the process we overlook what’s right in front of us!


What’s Email Marketing and How Does It Work? defines email marketing as,

“The act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It usually involves using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness.”

Email marketing is aimed at building a list of prospects (also known as leads) who are interested in buying your products or services. First, you will need to connect with your target audience by offering them high quality information in exchange for their subscription.

You can collect leads using a combination of squeeze pages and opt-in forms. These forms are generated by your autoresponder provider and are embedded into the HTML code of your squeeze page template.

Each time a visitor to your squeeze page enters in their name and email address and confirms their action, they are added to your mailing list database, and become an active subscriber.

With the subscriber added to your database, your autoresponder kicks in and emails your prospect a welcome email that you’ve already set up. This is sent out automatically within minutes of their subscription.

From this point on your autoresponder continues to email the subscriber on pre-set dates. The purpose is to develop a relationship with them so you can convert them from subscribers to active customers who are ready to do business with you over and over again.

Basically, your list building funnel should consist of three major parts:

1: Squeeze Page With Opt-In Form
2: Compelling High Quality Offer or Incentive
3: Follow Up Emails And Broadcasts

Making Email Marketing Work for You

How to Make Email Marketing Work for You

If you’ve been wondering why email marketing has not worked for you in the past then you need to understand that the key phrase in the email marketing definition above is, “commercial message“.  The secret is in sending a blend of promotional based emails and relevant and useful content.

For example, if you create 4 emails that are scheduled to be delivered accordingly, you could set them up as follows:

1st Email: This should be set to instantly go out to your subscribers thanking them for subscribing to your list. If you have promised a free download or whatever, this email should also contain the download link.

2nd Email: This can be scheduled to be sent on the third day (whatever day you choose) after your subscriber has confirmed their request, and includes an email offering free content, additional articles or another report.

3rd Email: This may be sent out on the 7th day of the sequence, promotional based, advertising a related product.

4th Email: This may be scheduled to go out a day or two after the last one. It may include some content and maybe a reminder about the product you promoted in the last email.

The balance that you use, when mixing up free content with promotional based material is entirely up to you, however the more value you give to your list, the easier and faster it will be to develop a relationship with them.

While many advocate an aggressive approach others would rather tread carefully, initially focusing on building a relationship with your list, and then doubling that up with promotional offers, or recommendations to affiliate products.

But whatever route you want to take it is essential that you ‘condition’ your list so that they grow accustomed to receiving promotional based emails from you on a regular basis. It they only see your list as a means of getting “FREE” information you might see a lot of unsubscriptions whenever you try to promote to them.

It’s up to you to keep a pulse on your subscriber base, and determine what works best, how frequently you contact them, and whether they respond well to the products you are promoting. But, just don’t be afraid to experiment and test out new ideas and innovative ways to consistently grow and maintain your subscriber base.

That being said, let’s now dig deeper on building a profitable mailing list.

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The Tools You Need For Email Marketing

To build a profitable mailing list you’ll need some specific tools. These include:

A Professional Autoresponder Account

With autoresponder services like and, you are able to set up an unlimited number of mailing lists, each one featuring a customized code that serves as your opt-in box.

This is important as it helps you to tailor your emails to directly communicate with targeted groups of subscribers who are interested in specific information or topics.

Squeeze (Landing) Page

A squeeze page houses your opt-in form and provides a place for your contacts to find you, evaluate what you are offering and make the decision to become an active subscriber of your list.

A squeeze page is very similar to a salespage in terms of its primary function, which is, to pull in customers and motivate them to take action, in this case, subscribe to your list.

That call of action is essential in creating high performance squeeze pages. You need to clearly direct visitors to enter in their name and email address as well as instruct them to confirm their request to join your list (if you are using double opt-in).

One thing to keep in mind when developing your squeeze page is that it should motivate visitors in the same way that a traditional sales page should. However, the actual structure of your squeeze page will be very different.

With sales pages, they are typically designed to offer as much information about a particular product or service as possible, since the main focus is on transforming a visitor into a customer.

However, with a squeeze page you aren’t asking your visitor to make a decision to purchase or commit to anything other than to subscribe to your mailing list where they are rewarded with a free product.

Keeping this offer or giveaway in mind, when you develop a squeeze page, you need to have a strong focus on your market, and design your offer around an existing problem, need or question.

To come up with the best incentive offer possible, you’ll need to thoroughly evaluate your market and other competing offers so that you can create a relevant product that is in demand and more likely to capture the attention of your target audience.

Squeeze pages should be designed to offer a clear navigation system, basic structure and template and a compelling offer.

There are a number of options open to you in creating your squeeze page. If you’re good with html you can code your own squeeze from scratch.

But with the many landing page creator program out there you wouldn’t want to go into that trouble. In fact, when you sign up for a GetResponse account you’ll have access to the system’s landing page creator. Here you’ll find different landing page templates that have been proven to work in different markets. Once you’re logged in you simply need to choose one and customize it to your taste.

Apart from the Getresponse landing page creator another powerful one I will readily recommend is Landing Page Monkey. Now, that may be some sexy name for a landing page creator but beyond that with Landing Page Monkey you have a whole lot of features that makes it easy to creator high converting pages.

Another reason you may want to check this one out is that you’re not restricted to one autoresponder. You can integrate it with different types of autoresponders so if you’re already using another autoresponder getting Landing Page Monkey is a good option for you.

Check it out here.

Giveaway (Incentive)

This is what you’re offering your subscribers to get them into your mailing list. It is essentially, the most important element on your squeeze page.

If your giveaway (offer) doesn’t motivate visitors into subscribing, all of your marketing efforts will be lost. This means you’ll need to make your offer to be of interest to the majority of your target market.

The higher the quality of your giveaway as well as the more relevant your offer is to your market, the easier it will be to recruit new subscribers.

One of the ways you can do this is by creating a shorter version of a hot selling product, and offering it for free to anyone who subscribes to your list. The idea is that if competitors are successfully selling a similar product which you are giving away for free it will be easy to sign up visitors to your list.

Some giveaway incentives you can use include:

  • Free Reports
  • Free Ebooks (full length of leaked chapters)
  • Free Tutorial Guides
  • Video Tutorials
  • Free or Trial Access To a Membership Program
  • Free Booklet with “Top Tips”
  • Free Weekly Newsletter Subscription
  • Free templates or graphics
  • Free Audio Interviews, Lessons, Tutorials

The key is to make your giveaway relevant to your audience’s need. You want to make sure that your target audience is actively searching for similar information, and that it is being sold successfully in the marketplace. If you do that, you will have little difficulty building a massive list of targeted prospects who will be eager to receive your emails and broadcasts.

If you plan to promote an ebook or e-course of some kind, a very powerful method is to offer a leaked chapter of your info product. By offering this free chapter, you’ll not only provide new subscribers with a sample of the quality of your work, but you’ll also generate buzz around your upcoming product launch.

If your giveaway is well written, you will find it exceptionally easy to build a subscriber base of people who will likely purchase the full length version when it launches.

This is also a savvy method of creating a viral campaign for your upcoming launch as people pass around the ‘leaked chapter’ to everyone they know.

The two easiest ways of getting your freebie created are, outsourcing and buying PLRs.

If you are interested in outsourcing your project to experienced freelancers, you can easily find a trustworthy professional from the following freelance marketplaces:

Just make sure to provide your freelancer with a clear outline of what your project entails and be sure to follow up by requesting updates and reviewing the content after it’s created.

If you’ll rather use private label rights (PLRs) material, make sure you spend time revising the material so that it blends well with your own personal style. This is very important as you will want people to recognize your brand and become familiar with your work, right from the beginning.

Some sources for PLR you may want to consider are: (You get a fresh supply of high quality PLR products every single month absolutely FREE!)

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How to Design an Effective Squeeze Page

Squeeze page sample

As I have mentioned above, your giveaway incentive (freebie) is definitely the most important piece of your list building package. However, your squeeze page need to do the “selling” for the prospect to “see” the value of your freebie. This is why we said earlier that it serves the same purpose as a sales page.

It’s important therefore that you create a landing (squeeze) page that will effectively sell your freebie. Here is a quick overview of the most important elements that you need to include in your squeeze page:

A Compelling and Attention-Grabbing Headline

This is the very first thing that your visitor sees.

To be effective the headline should not only attract attention but also draw in the prospects keeping them focused long enough to become confirmed subscribers.

Your headlines text size should be larger than the rest of the text on the squeeze page. For increased exposure, consider adding color to your headline (red and blue works well).

You may also want to highlight your headline and any sub headline that you use. You can use the <h1> and <h2> tags to enlarge your text, which will not only help with capturing attention from your visitors but will also alert search engine crawlers that the enlarged text is important.

Center your headline within your template and try to work in your opt-in box so that it is close to the headline itself. If you are using a CSS based squeeze page, your opt-in box could be placed in a right column, with a bullet list of benefits featured in the main body of your page.


You should keep your content trimmed down so that it focuses only on the most important information that you have to share. Avoid wordy squeeze pages that offer endless paragraphs of information. Your squeeze page has ONLY one task…

…to convert visitors into subscribers!

So, you need to keep it clear, concise and of course, exciting!

You should split test your copy to determine what will increase conversion rates. But in the meantime, here’s a quick overview of how to structure your squeeze page content for better results:

a) Use Bullet Points To Highlight Benefits

Bullet points emphasize important features and draw attention to the special aspects of becoming a subscriber of your list.

This is a great way to showcase the benefits of becoming a subscriber, and what they will receive, in return, for their subscription.

For example, if you were offering a report on a topic like: ‘Insider Secrets To Finding A Work At Home Job’, your benefit list could include:

  1. Discover how to land a high paying online job even if you have absolutely no experience working online!
  2. How to avoid heart-rendering work at home job scams!
  3. Discover the #1 freelance website where 99.9% of new telecommuters are able to secure employment in their first week online.
  4. Create a compelling resume that guarantees you stand out from the crowd and get noticed by top paying companies online!

b) Retain Focus At ALL Times

Eliminate any external links and keep your squeeze page focused. You should avoid all of forms of distractions either by linking to external websites or internal pages on your site.

You should be focused ONLY on getting the subscriber on your mailing list.

Avoid navigation menus, widgets, plugins, or links to articles. Your squeeze page should be one-page long, feature your bullet list, headline, opt-in box and privacy policy. Eliminate clutter and any information or content that is not necessary to securing the subscriber.

c) Strong & Clear Call To Action

If you want your squeeze page to successfully recruit new subscribers, you NEED to clearly direct visitors to fill out your opt-in form and confirm their request.

Do NOT assume that people know what to do. Remember, not everyone is likely to have experience with mailing lists, and so you need to directly instruct them as to how they are able to gain access to your free, high quality offer.

Similarly, you should also direct them to confirm their request to your list once they have entered in their name and email address.

If you are using a double opt-in format, you will NOT be able to communicate with those who have not verified their request. So, make absolutely certain that you are following up and instructing everyone to confirm.

You can do this by automatically directing subscribers to a secondary page on your site that thanks them for subscribing and tells them that the final step is to check their email and confirm their request to join your list by clicking on the verification link sent out by your autoresponder system.

Consider highlighting your call to action, or using bold text to emphasize it, like this:

“Submit Your Information Immediately To Claim This FREE Report – Before It’s Gone!”

This creates a sense of urgency and gets them excited about what you’re offering. This is an important element to keep in mind. You may also want to try a more specific scarcity tactic, like:

Only 25 Copies Available! Claim Yours Before It’s Gone!”

d) Minimize Graphics and Use Them Wisely

Your squeeze page should load quickly and remain clean and focused. However, it’s been proven that using report covers, or ecovers can increase subscriber rates by giving your visitor a visual picture of what they will receive after subscribing to your list.

Make sure that the graphics you use are high quality and original, and that your report cover portrays the product or offer you are giving away accurately.

If you are offering a short report on…

“Dog Training Mistakes To Avoid”,

Make sure that your report cover clearly illustrates the topic.

Always make sure that you personally go through the subscription process before launching your campaign to make sure that you receive the initial welcome email sent out by your autoresponder, and that your opt-in box itself works properly.

Squeeze pages can be as detailed and lengthy or as short and precise as you wish, depending on your target market and overall layout.

You NEED to make sure that you emphasize the benefits of joining your list, and that you highlight the opt-in box, drawing attention to it and whenever possible, keeping it visible above the fold.

Always use a headline that explains exactly what they will receive after they become a subscriber. People don’t always give away their email address so easily and it’s your job to explain exactly how they will benefit by doing so.

Regardless of how you structure your squeeze page, you need to thoroughly test what works and how you can improve it.

Now, let say again that with or you get a number of already proven landing page templates. You don’t have to stress yourself wondering if your landing pages will work. Check them out and make your pick.

Your Email Broadcast Schedule

To better organize and manage your email marketing for the best results, it’s important that you create a schedule of when you plan on releasing new broadcasts, as well as your actual autoresponder sequence so that your emails are going out on a regular basis.

Being consistent will help you develop a relationship with your list while conditioning them as to what and when to expect your next email. By doing this, you will find that your open-rates will increase as subscribers begin to look out for your emails.

When creating your first email campaign, I suggest creating 6-10 emails (for a start). You can then add additional emails into your sequence as time goes on.

Remember though that subscribers who are already a part of your email cycle will not receive new emails that you add to the sequence unless you send out an actual broadcast.

You should set your first email to go out automatically, after a new subscriber confirms their request to join your list, with additional follow-up emails being sent out every 2-3 days.

Here’s an example of a one week email sequence:

Monday: Free Report
Tuesday: Free Article
Wednesday: Promotional email
Thursday: Free article
Friday: Promotional email
Saturday: Promotional email
Sunday: No email

Always keep notes of any ideas you have for email content, and if you are outsourcing content creation to freelancers, make sure that you always proof-read the material and add in your own style.

You want your subscribers to become familiar with your brand, and so even if you outsource the majority of the work you need to apply your own personal style to every email you send out.

You also want to focus on balancing the amount of promotion-based emails with information-based ones. This will help you to retain more of your subscribers.

The more value you offer, the more responsive your list will be. You can add instant value by purchasing private label rights material and revising it so that you can create free reports for your list. You can also compile articles into ebooks or reports as well.

Final Words: Conclusion

Email marketing and list building is truly one of the easiest methods of building automated income online. With a single click of the mouse, you can instantly broadcast a promotional based email to a built-in customer base, without having to worry about the cost of customer acquisition or advertising.

In order to monetize your lists effectively however, you need to focus on treating your subscribers well so that they trust you and of course, respond to your offers.

You can stand out from the majority of email marketers in your industry by over-delivering on fresh, quality content.

Remember that people sign up to receive your emails believing that they will benefit in some way. If you deliver quality, relevant and useful information that truly helps them, you will be rewarded with an active and responsive subscriber base.

Focus on building a relationship with your subscribers through constant contact and updates.

Don’t let your list run cold by failing to communicate with your subscribers. It’s relatively easy to design an email marketing campaign by using high quality private label material, and by hiring content writers to create articles that can be used within your broadcasts.

Hope this has been of help. If you will want to have more help in this area then sign up for my free newsletter below. As a bonus for your free subscription you will receive a week long tutorial on email marketing success.

Top Reasons Why You Should Get a Virtual Business Mailbox

There’s no doubt that these days more and more businesses have gone digital, making the traditional ways of running businesses something of the past.

Much of the business operations now run digitally. But, as much as this has enormous gains, the fact still remains that a lot of people still prefer these days to send old fashioned snail mail when they want to contact your business, instead of an email. In a situation like this, your “digitized” business will need to have some measures in place to effectively handle this.

This is where virtual business mailbox services come in.

But what is a Virtual Mailbox?

A virtual mailbox, or digital mailbox as many would prefer to call it, is a cloud-based technology that allows you to register a virtual mailing address so you can access your snail mails on your mobile devices or your internet-connected computer.

How it works is that once your virtual mailbox address is registered, people can send traditional snail mails to this address and the virtual mailbox service operator will scan the mail and send it to you digitally so you can access and read them online!

This is indeed great for your business. It doesn’t matter if you’re operating wholly online or you have a physical address. With a virtual business mailbox you wouldn’t “block” out any of your potential customers.  Besides, you will be doing this without cumbering your business operations in any way.

Sound interesting, right? But there are more reasons why you should have a virtual mailbox for your business.

Benefits of virtual business mailbox

10 Benefits of a Virtual Business Mailbox

1. More space

Letters, packages and other documents take up room. Less room means less organization. Your business can become drowned in a sea of similar looking documents very quickly. No physical mail equals more room to breathe.

2. It Is Cheap

Cheaper than the ramifications of lost or damaged mail anyway. Information on virtual mail service pricing is available from many sources, so take a look at your budget. Consider the value of the service against how much you have to spend. You could save money, and that’s vital for any business.

3. No Worries about Ruining Letters

Everyone has spilt a cup of coffee on a letter before. Everyone has accidentally thrown one in the bin. Everyone’s dog has eaten an important correspondence. It’s annoying, and that letter isn’t coming back anytime soon! Cloud-based mail gets rid of this worry; you can’t stain a digital document!

4. Access Anytime, Anywhere

Whether you’re in the office or at home, you’re always in the loop. You won’t have to physically dig out a letter or package. It will be on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. You could be at home, watching TV, or in the office working on a deal. The only limitations are with your internet connection! You’ll boost your business by increasing availability.

5. Easier To Forward Mail

If it’s digital, this goes without saying. How much easier is it to forward digital documents? We’ve all done it in the past. This takes that notion to the extreme. Forwarding a physical letter is a pain – you have to make a copy for yourself, for starters. You then have to address and mail the original. It’s not efficient, and wastes time.

6. Copies Readily Available

Speaking of copies, you can quite easily make as many as you desire. It’s far quicker to copy a cloud-based document than it is a physical one, for obvious reasons. If you need to send a letter to your investors, or to your business partner, you can easily do so.

7. More Than One Person Can Read

If there’s one copy of a letter, then only one person can read it any given point. However, a virtual mailbox allows you to more easily share that mail with other people. You can access it on different devices at the same time. It’s effective collaboration at its finest.

Virtual Business Mailbox allows for more collaboration

8. Easier To Organize

As previously mentioned, more paper equals less space, which equals less organization. It’s far easier to gather and collect digital mail as opposed to physical mail, and you can save a chunk of admin time in the process.

9. A More Efficient Business

A more organized business is a more efficient business. Businesses are huge operations with many moving parts. Can you afford to spend all your time on one area? Probably not. Switching up certain processes allows you to focus more time and effort on other things.

10. Stay in Touch When Traveling

Whether you’re jetting off to Rome or holidaying in Hawaii, you’ll always be in the loop, and you’ll always be connected. Never again will you miss a correspondence or letter!


Running a business involves a whole lot of huge, moving operations with many working parts. As such, it’s important to make all those operations as streamlined and easy as possible. Luckily for you, cloud-based technologies, like a virtual business mailbox, give you the power to operate without the hassles and headaches common with traditional business operations. So why allow your online business to loss out with those who still want to use traditional snail emails to communicate with you? Go for it, get a virtual business mailbox today.

So, what do you think about using virtual mailbox services for your business? Share your thoughts with us in your comments below.

4 Critical Areas of Marketing You Mustn’t Ignore In 2016!

Do you have dreams of moving your business to the next level this year?

That’s great!

But what are your marketing plans to ensure that it is not just some wide dream? Have you taken the time to lay out your marketing strategy?

If you truly desire to see better results than what you have seen over the years, it’s important that you have in place a powerful and effective marketing strategy for your business. This means you’ll need to do what you can to use as many different strategies as possible.

In this post I want to show you some of the most essential areas of marketing your business should be focusing on.

Areas of marketing to focus on

Marketing Essentials You Should Be Using

1. Email

Of all the marketing techniques available to you, email remains one of the most important. Despite being the oldest form of online marketing, it still plays a huge role in business marketing. You need to think about why emails have become so vital, and what it is they offer customers. If you can understand and appreciate this, you’ll be able to customize your emails effectively. You can communicate with any clients anywhere in the world by using email, and you can be active or passive. It’s an important technique to use so you have to make the most of it.

2. SEO

Another of the most important areas of marketing you can use for your company is SEO. Search engine optimization plays a massive role in developing awareness for your brand. Get in touch with FSE Online and see how they can help you. You need to make use of SEO experts to help the company appear in more search results. Bringing awareness to the brand is the best way to increase your client base and get more visitors to your website.

3. Social Media

If you run a business, you aren’t going to get very far without making full use of social media. People always go on about how important it is, but this can’t be overstated enough. Social media sites are hugely popular and have millions of active users. So you have a massive global audience you can target and interact with. If you can represent yourself in the right way across social media, there is no limit to what your company can achieve. Make sure you have an active presence on several social media sites and try to post updates as often as possible.

4. Copy

When it comes to any business or industry words matter. That is a fact, and there is no escaping it. Words play a massive role in marketing, and can prove to be one of your most powerful tools. That’s why you have to pay attention to the copy your business is going to be using. On your emails, web pages and social media posts you have to get the wording absolutely perfect. As such, you might think about using copywriters as much as you can. Bringing in expert wordsmiths to do the work for you is the key to snappy and seductive copy!


To create better results for your business, you need some sort of marketing strategy. This is what will play a major role in any success you may have this year. You cannot afford to waste your time on every single tactic out there. This is why you need to ensure that you focus on the best marketing methods for your company.  Of course, some might work a little better for your business than others.

In this post I have given you an idea of the areas of marketing that are most important to you. Focus on these proven and time-tested marketing areas and you will never go wrong!

So, what do you think? What are the areas of marketing you think should be included in this post? Feel free to share with us in your comments below.

Worried About Hiring A Bad SEO Company? Here’s How To Spot & Avoid Them!

These days you have to do more than just design a kick-ass website. You need to apply SEO or “search engine optimization” techniques as well.


Because you want to increase the number of people that visit your site!

As you can imagine, a website with few visitors to it isn’t going to be of much use. But, if you have thousands of regular visitors, you’ll get higher conversions. And if you sell products on your website, that also means a better return on your investment.

Most people just hire an SEO company to look after that side of things for them. The problem however, is that most SEO companies do what is referred to as blackhat SEO. Falling into the hands of these group of SEOs could spell a BIG problem to your business website ultimately.

Hiring an SEo company

So, how can you avoid ending up with a “bad” SEO firm? How can you ensure you do not waste you money in hiring the wrong SEO Company if you need to use one?

The following scenarios will raise red flags and help you to avoid them:

How to Identify “Bad” SEO Companies

1. They Send You Unsolicited Emails

Do you get emails from supposed “offshore” SEO consultants offering their services? If so, some of what they say might pique your interest. But, you shouldn’t engage with people that spam your inbox.

They might say that they’ve visited your website and can improve your SEO for you. They may even tell you how “impressed” they are with your content. But what they fail to mention is they are lying!

Most, if not all unsolicited emails of that nature use a marketing list as their source. Yes, that’s right; someone has BOUGHT your email address from somewhere! The best place for such correspondence is the junk mail folder in your email program.

2. They Don’t Have A Website

You would think that all SEO companies have a website that tells visitors more about what they do. The ones that don’t are usually scammers or novices. You can often tell that because they use a generic email address instead of one with their own domain.

When looking for SEO companies, the best tool at your disposal is Google. For instance, if you’re searching for a Perth-based firm, you’ll come across Don’t talk to anyone that only has an email address like “”!

Google SEO guide

3. They Make Promises They Can’t Keep

As Judge Judy always says on TV, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is! I’ve lost count of the number of so-called SEO companies that make fantastic promises.

For example, they guarantee to get you “to the top of Google” or they can deliver results in just 24 hours. There is no magic formula to guarantee success in the world of SEO.

It’s an ongoing process and, if done right, you will get to “the top” at some point. There is no service to buy or people to bribe at search engines for guaranteed results.

4. They Claim To Have “Secret” Methods Of Success

The biggest alarm bell should be when an SEO company tells you about how they have secret ways of success. Everything that all good SEO consultants know about is available to learn online. Even Google offer a free PDF to help you tune up your site for SEO purposes!

It goes without saying that you should also avoid SEO firms that claim to have “people on the inside.” Google employees aren’t allowed to sell any confidential information. Not if they want to avoid going to jail, of course!

Avoiding a bad SEO company


Search engine optimization is important for your business website however, if you must hire a search engine optimization company for that aspect of your business you must invest in the right one. Any expense on SEO is a cost on your business and so must be able to give you the right ROI. Be wise, use the above to check out any SEO company before committing to any agreement.

Paper Work And Running Your Business: What I Discovered Recently!

As online entrepreneurs, there are a lot of things we take for granted.

For example, trying to keep your business completely paperless.

As much as this sound great the fact still remains that completely keeping paperless offices is not feasible for now as there will always be the need to have some information in official papers.

As it is now, some government requirements and legal necessities requires us to keep paper records. This is why no matter how much you try to keep everything “digital” it is advisable to have some of your documents in paper form – just in case there is the need for it!

I recently had the need to do this and that was when I discovered that there are actually different papers for different uses and purposes. Deciding on which to go for was a little problematic but at the end I got what I wanted.

Now, if you think paper is paper, then you will be surprised how wrong you are. The fact is, if you take your business serious (and you should) then you will want to present a professional look for your brand.

This is one reason why you will want to purchase nothing but the best official papers for your business.

Besides, if you want to run your home business office effectively, you are going to need to purchase several different kinds of paper.


Well, I discovered that for each job you do in the run of a day, there is a particular kind of paper that will get the job done best. So as a business it is important that you have the right type of paper for each job.

In this article I want to talk about some of the standard forms of paper that I discovered you will need for the day to day running of your business. So whether you’re running a “digitalized” or a brick and mortar business, you will definitely find this info useful.

So let’s begin, shall we?

Using paper work for your business

1. Printer Paper

All printer paper is not created equal.  For a truly crisp, true-to-colour prints, you will need to match the paper you use to the type of printer you have.  For example, if you have a laser printer, you’ll need laser printer paper.  This will give a smooth, professional-quality finish to your printouts.

If your printer is an inkjet or a combination of printer, scanner and copier, multipurpose paper designed for inkjet printers will do the job just fine.

2. Photo Paper

Is your printer designed to print photos? Then you’ll need to invest in dedicated photo paper for best results.  This paper is designed to give crisp photos with ink that does not bleed.  This can be an affordable option over having photos printed professionally if this is something your office does frequently.

3. Recycled Paper

Recycled paper is best reserved for internal correspondence, where image and professional appearance isn’t the top priority.  Because of its recycled nature, this type of paper often features a duller colour with small specs of fibres, etc. in the paper, which can give a more rustic appearance. It is an environmentally responsible and affordable choice for printing emails and internal memos or other in-office correspondence.

4. Office Stationary

Even in our technology-driven world, there are still occasion where nothing but a pen and paper will do the job.  Be sure your office stationary supply cupboard is stocked with things like notepads (for taking down notes during meetings, etc.) sticky notes (for annotating documents and leaving quick notes for co-workers) and telephone message pads.  These things may seem outdated in a modern office, but they aren’t.  Sometimes a pad of paper is the most efficient tool for doing the job.

5. Envelopes

This is often overlooked when some people stock up on their office paper supplies.  Unless you do everything electronically, you are probably going to need envelopes for things like sending out invoices, distributing product information and other types of sales correspondence.  A variety of sizes and types will help cover your bases.


Give or take, every office needs paper. And so, to be sure you are getting the best results out of your printer and copier, it’s important that you purchase the right kind of paper.  Beyond that, paper products are used at virtually every turn in an office, so always be sure you stock up on everything you’ll need.  There’s nothing worse than needing to take down an important message and not having something to write it on!  Your choice of paper sends a message about your company’s image.  Make sure you are sending the right one.

How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Online Marketing

The world of digital marketing is basically a world of facelessness and automation. As a result many marketers see the customer as just another number in the profit equation.

But that shouldn’t be. while you are looking at your stats and want to measure hits, new visits, repeat visits, conversions, etc. the customer wants to be seen as some human and treated as such. You must understand that the customer can tell when they’re being treated as just part of a machine, and when they’re truly respected.

With modern technology at its current state, there is no excuse for this anymore. Digital marketing can be every bit as personal as a real life encounter. A personal touch in your marketing will make a world of difference. Customers love to know that they are dealing with real people. They like to know that they are acknowledged.

If you’re wondering how you can do this then I invite you to carefully read this article.

Here are…

5 Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Your Online Marketing

1. Show Your Face

Use your marketing channels to show customers behind the scenes. We love to know that real people are working to make things happen! It’s a small thing, but a simple picture of employees working together makes a big difference. Upload pictures of you and your workers planning the next big launch. Show them using your product or just working behind the scenes. Get creative with this, we love seeing how things are made and the people behind it!

Personalize Your Business Marketing

2. Address Customers By Name

Email marketing is still one of your most powerful tools. However, it can often seem so indirect and impersonal. Our tolerance for poor emails and spam is at an all time low. We’ll ignore anything that isn’t useful or personal.

The good thing is that nearly all mass email clients out there have the functionality to implement the recipient’s first name. It’s so simple, but so powerful. Try putting their name in the subject line for serious results.

3. Happy Christmas!

One of our favorite pizza restaurants has a fantastic approach. They send us a free pizza voucher on our birthday, every year. What a brilliant way to show a personal side! It rewards loyalty and makes an emotional connection with customers.

You can do the same thing with a company like Ecard Shack. Send personalized birthday, Christmas or Halloween e cards. It’s fun, it’s personal and it makes a connection.

4. Reward Loyalty

Customers really love to know that they are recognized for their loyalty. In the faceless world of online shopping and services, it’s hard to feel valued. It’s really important to make sure that your loyal customers feel valued. Register how many purchases each customer makes. When they hit a certain number, reward them with a free purchase. Offer them a streamlined service or an upgrade. Anything that recognizes their loyalty will go a long way.

5. Remember preferences

People will flock to your business for a variety of reasons. Often they will be there for a niche reason. Use a web algorithm to remember their choices and preferences. Make sure that when they return, they are shown these preferences. Use wording to tell them that you have hand-picked these results for them.

Get to know your customers and create a personalized service for them.


The world of digital marketing is now more sophisticated than ever. Take advantage of this and show a personal side to your services. The best marketing makes a strong, personal connection.

Are you making that personal connection with your customers? Want to share how you’re making a stronger emotional approach with your marketing? Why don’t you do soin the comments below?

How To Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaigns To Be Mobile-Friendly!

Mobile Email Marketing Tips
A silent revolution is going on in the marketing circles, with mobile (or better still smartphones) at the center of it all! Radicati Group recently published a report indicating that worldwide the number of email accounts are expected to increase from 3.3 billion accounts to over 4.3 billion by 2016. The reported also indicated that about 730 million of these email accounts access email via mobile or tablet devices!

Some other reports shows that in the first half of 2013 alone about 52% of emails were opened on mobile devices and of the about $61.8 billion of U.S. retail ecommerce holiday sales expected this year, transactions on mobile devices are expected to reach a record 16 percent!

This is indeed a green light for email marketers to think of adopting mobile email marketing as an urgent need.

But unfortunately, not many marketers are optimizing their email marketing campaigns for mobile devices as reported by eConsultancy. According their recent release only about 25% of marketers are presently taking advantage of the mobile revolution!

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The question that begs answer is why leave money on the table when you can easily mobile-ize your email marketing with a few changes? Why isolate more than half of your target audience who are using mobile devices?

I personally think it is a suicidal mission to ignore this super connected shoppers. And so, here are a few ideas to get you started on your mobile email marketing adoption.

5 Simple Ideas For Mobile Email Marketing Adoption:

1. Redesign Your Emails for mobile Users

One of the very first things you must consider to effectively reach out to mobile users is your email design. Since mobile devices have smaller screens than desktops, designing your email templates to take care of the small screen is simply the ideal thing. One of the simple solutions to consider is using a responsive design. With this type of design your target audience can easily read your emails both on their mobile devices and on their desktops without you doing any other thing after setup. The good news is that many autoresponder services have incorporated responsive email design into their services.

2. Use Short And Enticing Content

Of course, when marketing through email keeping content within reasonable length is essential. But this is doubly so when you’re optimizing for mobile devices. With smaller screens and an “on-the-go” mentality of mobile users you must put more emphasis on shorter but effective email content. Have a clear picture of who your audience is and what they want and succinctly package your email message to hit hard without taking much space. Avoid any fluff as trying to market to mobile users with long content will definitely generate some negative outcome.

3. Use Readable Font Size

For readability, the font used for email to be read in mobile devices should be larger than the font used for desktops. Some industry experts advocate using HTML to control the font sizes. This way the email copy would be presented at 12 pixels for desktop users and 14 pixels for the mobile users. Others however recommend using text as images in the content but in using this it is important that the font size used within the image is a size that is readable on mobile devices. However, these issues are taken care of you’re using a responsive design.

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4. Use An Un-Obstructive Navigation

As mentioned earlier mobile devices have smaller screens than desktops and making the best use of the small space available is very important. Now, it is common knowledge that consumers do not fancy the idea of scrolling websites. Understanding this you should move your most important content to the top of your email message. One way of doing this is to move the navigation and menu of your email to the bottom of the page instead of putting it at the top as most marketers do. This way your most important content would be well positioned and read early enough.

5. Make Contact Info Readily Accessible

One good thing about smartphones is that users can easily call businesses or access needed information on the go. Making your contact info easily accessible in your email promotions therefore means potential customers can easily get across to you while reading your emails. By using specific mobile apps you can make your phone numbers clickable. If your business has a physical walk in store adding maps to your emails will also make it easy for customers to locate your store – a possibility of more business for you!

It is very clear that adapting to the on-going mobile email marketing revolution is something you can easily adopt and now is the time to do so. Considering the growing number of mobile phone users right now, not optimizing your email marketing campaigns for mobile is simply shortchanging your business. It is therefore time to re-evaluate your email marketing tactics today and make the necessary changes.

Let’s have your views on this post about optimizing your email marketing campaigns for mobile devices. Feel free to post your views in your comments below.

Marketing With Twitter: 5 Ways To Grow Your Twitter Followers

free coupon In our today’s world of social media marketing knowing how to use twitter in marketing your products and services online is a skill you must inbibe. This is because marketing with twitter is one powerful way of achieving outstanding results with little effort.

Social media marketing has evolved in the last couple of years because:

  1. It enhances your web experience and build your credibility easier; and
  2. It positions you to profit from every marketing effort you employ.

Now, if you are interested in marketing with twitter then you must be ready to grow your twitter followers. That definitely is the first approach to gaining grounds in marketing with twitter because to sell your products on twitter you need a huge database of people who will read your tweets every minute.

Unfortunately, marketing with twitter is for the savvy marketers. Not everyone on twitter is achieving the results they desire. In fact, I discovered that a huge followership doesn’t really help, sometimes!

What you need to win with twitter as a marketing tool is to aim for a huge followership and then make that fan-base a responsive one.

It works like email marketing. It’s not the amount of subscribers you acquire, but how many of them actually respond to your follow-up messages.

In that vein, let me share with you my 5 point strategies to grow your twitter following. Remember, our aim is to make this list, targeted, responsive and long-term followers. If that’s what you want for your business, let’s dive in:

  1. Business Card Strategy:

Not so many twitter marketers are utilizing the power of business cards. But it works so well, and if you approach it creatively, your fans would skyrocket and grow at the speed of inflation! ?

But, please hold it before you run off to go get that card, what you need is a charming and classy business card. Something the recipient will be willing to keep for a long time. I discovered that an awesome business card doesn’t lose its vigor and vitality when shared.

Till this day, business cards I received from colleagues while in a business workshop are still with me. I can’t possibly throw them away – they look great but unfortunately, the owner lacks the intuition to add his twitter handle vividly. So, get your card ready, whenever you attend offline seminars, workshops and conferences, exchange business cards, and make sure you have your twitter handle well inscribed.

The people who receive this card from you are somewhat pre-sold. After all, they came for the event without you inviting them – they are targeted and eager to follow you.

2. Guest Posting Strategy

The power of guest posting for other blogs cannot be under-emphasized. My guest work have been featured across several A-list blogs and the results have been awesome.

Talking about free and fresh targeted visitors, that’s no longer my problem. All I’m after now is converting those traffic into future customers.

By writing quality articles on your niche, you can easily grow your twitter followers. A published work that has your name on it, not only increases your business presence, it also influences the way blog readers see you.

For those who want to grow their twitter followers, you should include your twitter handle at vantage locations especially on the bio.

But if you’re still working on increasing your backlinks, and pagerank, this strategy might not be for you. You can come back to it later in your business after you’ve acquired quality and decent external links from other blogs.

3. Position Yourself As An Expert

When an expert speaks, even when it looks wrong, you still believes it. Why? It’s a mindset and that’s the way we were taught in School to always take the words of professionals to heart.

As an internet marketer, I discovered that you can’t possibly call yourself an expert, but you can earn it.

So, don’t struggle to be recognized as an expert in your niche, there are things you need to do to win the hearts of your prospects easily. One way to do this, is to deliver quality information.

Whatever you do, make sure your work speaks for you. If you’re into blogging, don’t be in a hurry when writing your blog articles, take time and make it real. Within a short time, your expertise would become obvious.

Once people begin to see you as an expert, getting them to follow you on twitter is easier than your next breakfast. I mean, they could literally send your links to a friend and ask them to follow you. Why? Because you deliver top notch content just like the expert you are!

  1. Share With A Friend Link

I recently discovered a stealth approach to increasing your twitter followers and it works. For those of us who use emails to communicate with our subscribers, how much do you leverage on your current customer?

Do you know that every of your single customer has friends and chains of network? You need to start tapping into this idea and grow your twitting followers.

For every broadcast message you send out to your list, add an anchor of your twitter handle and ask your recipients to share with their friends.

This looks simple, but the impact on your twitter account could be amazing. You can add 50 – 100 followers or even more within 24 hours.

A perfect example where this system works is this: online shoppers wants to save money and so they are looking for free coupon and discount deals. Sharing such emails could cause a viral marketing surge between friends, families and colleagues.

  1. Automate And Schedule Tweets

The final method you can use to grow your followers, is through automation and scheduling. You can’t always be available to post new tweets. You’ve got other aspects of your business to work on. But you can use free and paid twitter tools and apps to automate and schedule your activities.

This way, you’ll always have fresh content for your followers, and attract new visitors as they read your tweets every single day. Automation is the watchword of success on the internet. What would have happened if there was nothing like auto responders? So dull, isn’t it?

So, to get started in automating your tweets, I recommend It’s a free tool that’s compatible with twitter and works perfectly.

Action is what brings results. Why not step out and give this marketing with twitter strategy a shot, it could be the missing coin to your marketing explosion.

A Belated but Must-Be-Done Announcement of the Top Commentators for the Month of May!

First, I must apologize to every one of you, especially those who are the top commentators for the month of May, for staying away for this past few weeks without a word. I’m really sorry. Though it was meant for good, but I realize that I should have put in a word, at least, to let you know what was happening. I do hope you’ll find a place in your heart to forgive me!

Well, my “sabbatical” was to fix a few things that have been bedeviling this blog for some time now. As you are quite aware I had to pull down the whole structure and set it up again sometime ago.

But unfortunately, since then I have been receiving emails from some of you on how you are finding it difficult in publishing your comments. Besides, I also observed that many of the comments held for moderation are sometimes multiples of the same comment, a clear indication that the comment was posted a number of times. It was to correct this problem therefore that gave rise to my “sabbatical”.

This past couple of weeks I had to once again do some “dismantling” and restructuring trying to figure out what was really wrong. I have tried a couple other themes in trying to pinpoint where the problem is coming from. But so far it does appear that the problem is not with the current theme so I’ve restored it back.

For now I wouldn’t say all is well. What I’m doing right now is still a test. I’ll be grateful therefore if you will report any problems encountered (if there is any) whenever you’re posting your comment. One thing I know is that problems are not meant to break us but to make us stronger. We may be knocked down but we will never accept any knockout! We know where we’re going and therefore nothing will stop us. I believe this problem is here to bring out the best in us.

And so, I must appreciate you for being there for us even when I’ve not posted any article for the past couple of weeks or so, which is unusual. I call on your therefore to keep your comments coming they are a big encouragement.

Top Commentators for the Month of May:

And now, let the drums roll for our top commentators for the past month:

1. Christopher of The

Apparently Christopher is taking the top position for the third consecutive month! I truly admire Christopher for his dedication to this blog. He has not only proved to be a reader of this blog but also a friend in that he is always quick to shoot me an email whenever he discovers anything not working the way it should. I have said some good words about and why you should join the community of bloggers there. Read that post to know more. But today I want to point you to an article Christopher wrote recently that every blogger should read. It’s about reputation and your blog’s success. You should read it right away.


2. Andrew Walker of

Andrew Walker was able to edge out some other promising contenders for the second position. Some Andrew come on the scene he has shown that his intention is to hit the top. Well, though he couldn’t clinch the top position, but he was able to get the second! And what is Andrew offering you. He wants to help you save some money. I’m sure you do your shopping online, right? Of course, who doesn’t these days! Ok, how about saving some money when you do your shopping, great right? If you love that then you should visit today for their Discount Coupon Codes and Promotional Vouchers that will help you save money when you do your online shopping!  I think doing that is a wise decision both as an individual and a business because every dollar saved will turn out to put some more power into your pockets!

We congratulate Christopher and Andrew we look forward to see more of you here. Our gratitude also goes to everyone else. We appreciate your contributions to the success of this top commentators’ rewards package. Accept our warmest thanks!

Please Read This Very Carefully: I’m considering modifying the rules of the game. I will make this known at the end of June. For this reason there will not be any top commentators’ announcement at the end of June. This is (1) to compensate for the lost time in this month and (2) to formerly commence the new commentators’ rewards package in the month of July. Please do bear with me and watch out for the new rules.

Remember, I want you to post your comments and let me know if you still have any problems. And if you think there is anything that can be added to the top commentators’ rules to make the whole experience a fulfilling one for all of us, simply post it in your comments below.