Paper Work And Running Your Business: What I Discovered Recently!

As online entrepreneurs, there are a lot of things we take for granted.

For example, trying to keep your business completely paperless.

As much as this sound great the fact still remains that completely keeping paperless offices is not feasible for now as there will always be the need to have some information in official papers.

As it is now, some government requirements and legal necessities requires us to keep paper records. This is why no matter how much you try to keep everything “digital” it is advisable to have some of your documents in paper form – just in case there is the need for it!

I recently had the need to do this and that was when I discovered that there are actually different papers for different uses and purposes. Deciding on which to go for was a little problematic but at the end I got what I wanted.

Now, if you think paper is paper, then you will be surprised how wrong you are. The fact is, if you take your business serious (and you should) then you will want to present a professional look for your brand.

This is one reason why you will want to purchase nothing but the best official papers for your business.

Besides, if you want to run your home business office effectively, you are going to need to purchase several different kinds of paper.


Well, I discovered that for each job you do in the run of a day, there is a particular kind of paper that will get the job done best. So as a business it is important that you have the right type of paper for each job.

In this article I want to talk about some of the standard forms of paper that I discovered you will need for the day to day running of your business. So whether you’re running a “digitalized” or a brick and mortar business, you will definitely find this info useful.

So let's begin, shall we?

Using paper work for your business

1. Printer Paper

All printer paper is not created equal.  For a truly crisp, true-to-colour prints, you will need to match the paper you use to the type of printer you have.  For example, if you have a laser printer, you’ll need laser printer paper.  This will give a smooth, professional-quality finish to your printouts.

If your printer is an inkjet or a combination of printer, scanner and copier, multipurpose paper designed for inkjet printers will do the job just fine.

2. Photo Paper

Is your printer designed to print photos? Then you’ll need to invest in dedicated photo paper for best results.  This paper is designed to give crisp photos with ink that does not bleed.  This can be an affordable option over having photos printed professionally if this is something your office does frequently.

3. Recycled Paper

Recycled paper is best reserved for internal correspondence, where image and professional appearance isn’t the top priority.  Because of its recycled nature, this type of paper often features a duller colour with small specs of fibres, etc. in the paper, which can give a more rustic appearance. It is an environmentally responsible and affordable choice for printing emails and internal memos or other in-office correspondence.

4. Office Stationary

Even in our technology-driven world, there are still occasion where nothing but a pen and paper will do the job.  Be sure your office stationary supply cupboard is stocked with things like notepads (for taking down notes during meetings, etc.) sticky notes (for annotating documents and leaving quick notes for co-workers) and telephone message pads.  These things may seem outdated in a modern office, but they aren’t.  Sometimes a pad of paper is the most efficient tool for doing the job.

5. Envelopes

This is often overlooked when some people stock up on their office paper supplies.  Unless you do everything electronically, you are probably going to need envelopes for things like sending out invoices, distributing product information and other types of sales correspondence.  A variety of sizes and types will help cover your bases.


Give or take, every office needs paper. And so, to be sure you are getting the best results out of your printer and copier, it’s important that you purchase the right kind of paper.  Beyond that, paper products are used at virtually every turn in an office, so always be sure you stock up on everything you’ll need.  There’s nothing worse than needing to take down an important message and not having something to write it on!  Your choice of paper sends a message about your company’s image.  Make sure you are sending the right one.

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