5 Proven Tips to Tailor Your Online Marketing Campaign for Success

So far, 2013 has proved to be a promising year for many business owners. However, if you want to cash in and achieve the success you are dreaming of, you need the right online marketing campaign. There is no two way about it!

Of course, the Internet is in-arguably the most effective tool when it comes to getting your name out there.  And so, you want to make sure that all marketing campaigns conducted via the Internet are effective and will bring you results.

In this article I want to present you with a few tips on how to design your online marketing campaign to fulfill your business dreams.

Online Marketing Campaign Success

 1. Get a Framework for the Basics

You need to know your services and/or products inside and out.  You should sit down and write the basics of these.  These things will play into your marketing campaigns down the road.  The basic details are good to have handy because you will be asked about them.  You will also want them ready for things like promotional emails.

You also want a complete list of the benefits for each service and/or product.  This should not include key product  features because these will be in your basics.  The benefits should be identified so that you can tell people exactly why they need or want what you have to offer.

2. Know Your Customers

If you do not know who is buying your services and products, there is no way to ensure that you continue to attract them.  You need to know what they want so that you can tailor your online marketing campaign to them.  For example, if your products and services are mostly used by small businesses, then your campaign needs to target this demographic.  Small business owners will not want bells and whistles, but will want the important information to be straightforward because they do not have a ton of free time to read emails and online campaign materials.

3. Profile the Markets

What you are offering will probably appeal to more than one customer market.  Because of this, you will need to profile each market individually.  You want to know things like their political leanings, age, gender, job or career path, education level, religious preference, salary and reading preferences.  This is just a short list and you can add more demographics to this.  Profiling is not to single anyone out, but to learn which marketing efforts will work the best.  For example, what appeals to young women probably will not appeal to middle-aged men.

4. Speak Their Language

When you are creating your online marketing campaign, you need to speak in a way that will appeal to those you are targeting.  For example, if you are working on a campaign for a new cardiac medication, you would use layman’s terms to target patients and more professional jargon when targeting medical professionals.  When a customer feels that you really “get them” and understand their wants and needs, they are far more likely to trust you and what you have to offer.

5. Keep it Simple

This applies to every customer imaginable.  Online marketing should be kept short and sweet because people’s attention spans are far shorter when reading emails and online materials.  You want the most important points right at the beginning of your materials.  You also want to hook potential customers right away and being straightforward right away is one of the most effective ways to do this.  Tell them what they need to know out of the gate and save the little things for later.  The key is to be able to anticipate what your customers want and to give it to them.

Think about it, are you using these 5 tips in your online marketing campaign right now? What have been your success so far marketing your business online? Share your views with us in your comments below.

About The Author: Julianne Parrish is a freelance writer that specializes in marketing and advertising. She writes for sites like Optiva that feature SpellBrite LED Signs, that help companies drum up new business. In her free time she enjoys reading and spending time with her daughter.

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Can You Really Make Money Building and Selling Websites?

Without any doubt the Internet has opened up different ways for people to make money these days whether full time or part time. From running of eCommerce sites and selling of information products, a lot of people have discovered lucrative opportunities online. One of such business opportunities is the building and selling of websites. What these people do is, like real estate developers, they create nice looking sites and then sell them on auction sites such as eBay.com. this online business model is also known as website flipping. The question many people will want answered is, can you really make money from building and selling of websites? Can these sites actually make money for the average Joe?

Using Blogs For Promoting Your Business Website

Here are a few ways you can make money from website flipping:

1. Hosting Services – Some website designers will offer a website for a very low price to entice a sale. Part of these offers is a free month or year worth of hosting on his or her server. Many of these people will use a reseller service for webhosting in order to sell off space on the Internet for a very low price. When a sale happens, part of the stipulation may be that you are committed to a specific amount of time with this hosting provider for a discounted price if not free. Some may think this practice borders on immoral, especially if the auction or sale doesn’t emphasize this feature. At any rate, many of these practices are actually cheaper per month to the consumer over paying directly for hosting.

2. Outright Sale – It could take a great deal of work to generate enough traffic to sell a website for thousands of dollars, but it does happen. Developers will spend several months cultivating a website to generate a certain amount of traffic and then sell them to the highest bidder. If the developer can prove to the potential buyer that the website generates thousands of visits per day, he or she can easily make a sale. The more quality traffic a website receives, the more valuable it becomes. However, this could take a great deal of time and search engine optimization management in order to make this a lucrative venture.

3. It’s All in the Name – A common practice on the Internet is the buying and reselling of potentially golden domain names. By keeping an eye on what’s trending in the general public, a seller could discover the perfect domain name at the time and buy it from a registrar for less than $15. He or she can then auction off the domain or use services available such as those located on Godaddy.com to sell the domain name for a great deal more. Some of these sites have sold for tens of thousands of dollars from just a simple $15 investment. However, this entails that you have a good eye for the current trend and can make an educated guess as to what the next big domain name will be.

4. Content for Success – One of the most important constants to remember of the Internet is, “content matters.” Simply throwing a nicely designed template up with a few pages of content won’t help you sell the site later on. The site needs to be rich with unique and well developed content. These pages need to be added on a regular basis in order for the site to score well with search engines such as Google. You can’t write 10 pages of 1000 word articles and expect the site to generate a great deal of traffic. It needs to be a regular flow of relevant content to the niche supporting the website’s name. For instance, writing about boats on a website named “babyclothes.com” is not going to bode well for future sales.

5. Don’t Waste Space – If you are developing a website for the purpose of selling it later, you might as well use what you have. Add money making programs like Google Adsense and affiliate marketing banners to put more money in your pocket. If you can provide evidence that your site is making money from these venues, it will exponentially increase the value of the site. Coincidentally, you may find yourself wanting to keep the site because of the amount of money it makes from these services.

The Internet has provided a platform for money to be made in a variety of ways. Whether these are purely online services or selling products world-wide, the Internet opens possibilities to virtually any business idea. Developments for continued success are constantly being designed to benefit anyone. Regardless of whether you are a website designer looking to sell your creations or a guy in the basement of his house running an online eCommerce home electronics store, discovering new online methods could help you solidify your income.

Over to you: do you think money can really be made from building and selling websites on the internet? Share your views in your comments below.

Author Bio: Jason Miner an expert freelance writer loves writing articles on different categories. He is approaching different bloggers to recognize each other’s efforts through “www.blogcarnival.com”. He can be contacted through e-mail at jasonminer8atgmaildotcom.

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Site with Agile Web Design!

[Agile website design. Ever heard about that? Well, personally I never heard of it. And so, when I saw this guest post by Sarah Lamb, I thought it is something you would want to learn about. Will you love it? You decide that! So, here goes Sarah Lamb’s post on agile web design. Enjoy!]

Website traffic! This is definitely a big pain in the neck for many online business persons. And like most business folks, I’m sure you are prepared to give anything for more traffic to your site, right?

But have you ever thought about how the design of your website may be hampering all your efforts to drive more traffic to your site?

Truth is, what may have worked a few years ago is today already obsolete.  Technology may have made your site redundant. What you need therefore is a fresh dose of design vitamins to revitalize your site and make it buzz like never before. For this you need agile web design.

Agile Website Design for more site traffic

What is Agile Web Design?

Agile or nimble – fleet footed, changing with the times. Changing with user cues. Dynamic. Your web design must be all this and more. The good old days were indeed, good – you created a website and forgot about it. It remained that way for years and years.

There was a reason why you could get away with such sheer laziness. There was less competition. Google was not there in the picture. You were happy with whatever traffic you received – but not now. Things have changed. And your web design concepts have to change if you want to drive  more traffic to your website.

Agile web design means getting your web site to respond to user cues. It means adapting to technology. It means finding new ways to get traffic.

User Cues and Website Design

Users or visitors to your site expect much more from you than ever before. Unfortunately, they may not tell you this except you have a way of asking. So, you simply need to be sensitive to their cues.

Have you ever noticed how your visitors entered and exited your site? Do you have a tool to watch your visitor’s path around your site? If you don’t, you must first get Google Analytics. It’s free and fun.

The second step in agile web design is to respond quickly to cues and hints. If you find that visitors exit after spending lots of time on your site, but don’t buy or do what you want them to, then you must change your website design.

You must get them to fulfillment. This means changing and changing again and again. It’s also called iteration. You change your web page a bit and watch. Then you change a bit more until you get what you want.

This is how you will get more traffic and also reach fulfillment.

Clean Web Design

We have many more platforms to deal with now – mobiles, hand-held tablets and smartphones. Your web design has to cater to all these devices. This means your presentation has to be clean, without clutter. Keep your message in front or better still, keep only your message.

Forget about big images which look beautiful but don’t get you fulfillment. These images don’t load or take an awful lot of time to load in mobiles. You are likely to lose these customers. Maybe you are already bleeding!


Agile web design means attracting more traffic through iteration. You must keep refining your design and learn while you change. Only by doing this will you attain traffic nirvana.

Sarah writes on web design and similar subjects. Here is an example of some wonderful  printing   technology. Check them out here.

Success traits of winners

How To Build Passive Income Streams With Blogging

(Editor: This is a guest post by Michael Chibuzor, a Freelance writer. In this post Michael touches on a topic I consider to be a life-line for many bloggers. If you are struggling trying to make money with your blog, you will need to listen to what Michael has to say here. Enjoy! )

If you’re a full time blogger, you already know that blogging is hard work.

I mean, it’s so hectic that if no one is motivating you, the chances of giving up are high. Is that correct?

Over the years, I’ve not really shared with my readers and email subscribers how I earn a living online.

Many of them believe I only generate income from freelance writing.

But that’s not true, 20% of my income is from passive sources, which I want to share with you here.

In order to avoid working hard like an Elephant and getting paid peanuts either from advertising, freelancing or pay per click ads, I want to humbly walk you through the process of building passive income streams.

You’re qualified to earn more

Every blogger is qualified to make more money online. Because time is precious and there are no set of entrepreneurs online who waste more time than bloggers. Do you doubt this?

It takes a lot of time to research, write blog and guest posts, optimize for readers and search engines alike. All these activities could burn you out if you’re not getting the due rewards.Success traits of winners

That’s why you need passive income streams. And of course, I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but passive income is better than a one-time business model.

For instance, if you’re a writer like me, once you write the article and send to the client, your payment will be sent and that’s it. The client can do anything he or she pleases with the content. Why you yawn and pray.

These days, I discovered that clients have become overnight bestselling authors. They never labored for this – except their money.

If entrepreneurs who outsource jobs to bloggers are this wise, I think the time for bloggers to rethink their strategy has come. I mean today…

What is passive income?

I’m not going to give you a complicated definition here, because passive income is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s actually the most viable business model to channel all your efforts on.

In a nut shell, passive income is the type of income you generate from active sources which you’ve worked hard on.

Remember, for any model to bring you passive income, it MUST to be active. In other words, it must be functional and performs optimally as though you were still supervising the work. If you’re looking for quick money and you start working towards earning passive income, I’m afraid, you may give up.

This is because passive income takes time to mature. It’s the essence of life where time dictates events.

Just like a boy isn’t expected to get married at age 10, if you’ve a niche website that you just launched, you need to give it time to mature. Bear in mind though that the time frame to generate passive income is relative. This might be due to competition and other factors.

Here’s an example: two of my micro sites in the software niche started earning $100 – $300 per month respectively within 3 months.

I worked hard for it, but more than that. I also worked smarter than most bloggers out there. According to Martin Luther King Jr, the time is always right to do what is right. So get started…

Profitable passive income streams

Affiliate marketing incomeFrom henceforth, you should focus your 90% attention on passive income. But the question is, which streams are better than others? I’m not going to bore you with the common ideas that so-called experts give, instead I want to challenge you to start building niches sites.

Don’t be scared of Google Panda, Penguin, EMDs or even Lion updates. These updates can’t destroy your niche sites if your foundation is strong.

The solid foundation for passive income with niche sites is quality content. Many people don’t even know what ‘quality’ content is all about – because it’s relative.

For instance, the blog post that I found helpful may not even be valuable to you. I could recall an evergreen guest post I wrote for lifehack.org in 2012. It was really actionable, to the extent that a major media agency picked it up, visited to my blog and asked for my permission to republish it.

On the other hand, a stranger emailed me also saying the article was full of generic tips and has no benefit…that’s human perspective for you.

The only thing that makes any type of content a ‘quality’ piece is when it solves a problem, resonates with people’s interests, adds value to what people already know or remains relevant as the year goes by.

That’s quality content at its very best – it’s got nothing to do with keyword on the title or using big grammar and nonsensical jargons (don’t write like that).

Passive income hack

Use Google keyword tool to research long-tail keywords in your chosen niche. Once that’s done, register a domain name that has at least one of the terms that people search for. Do the usual wordpress installation and start adding pillar content.

After two months, build quality and natural links to those money pages and continue to add exclusive content.

Within 3 – 6 months, your niche site would start to bring in passive income. And if you continue to work smart on it, you’ll earn decent passive income without touching a pin. Sounds like B.S.?

Why not give it a shot; after all I’m not selling you another $47 e-book that would work you through the entire process. I’m giving you a wake-up call today.

Stop slaving away at your blog updating and replying comments, it’s not worth it. Build a reliable source of passive income with niche blogs and say bye-bye to blogging nightmares.

Get started with passive income, learn how to become a top affiliate in the health industry? Download free super affiliate handbook: “The Road to Success” ($197 VALUE) and learn how to generate 109 sales in a single day.

How a Good Marketing Strategy Can Help With Your Business Success

Whatever market you are servicing, the success of your business depends largely on how good your marketing plan is. Unfortunately, many business persons market their businesses on a trial and error basis. They simply try out different marketing tactics without really focusing on any and when nothing good comes out those tactics they simply give up.

But that is really a wrong way of trying to market your business. It is important that you don’t only have a marketing strategy but that it must be coordinated and well planned. Enough time should be devoted to the different components of the strategy to ensure that the best result is achieved.

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In this article I want to share with you four ways how a good marketing strategy helps in your business success.

1. Increased Business

Get a good marketing strategy for your businessMarketing professionals all agree that the most crucial goal of marketing is to gain customers. But you cannot do this without a good marketing plan. To build a viable business you need not only a solid marketing plan but a strategy that helps you create a lot of paying customers.

Though, as your business grows, you may depend more on repeat customers to gain more business, but the fact is, if you are just starting out, you need to spend a lot of time and resources in setting up your marketing plan. It is when you’ve done this correctly that you will gain a solid amount of customers who will help your business grow.

2. More Exposure

A solid marketing plan will help expose your business. Ideally, your business should have so much exposure that everyone knows about it. But in reality this is not possible since there is no marketing plan that can expose your business to everyone! However, you can aim high, and at least try for maximum exposure in your city or neighborhood. For the most part, any exposure is going to be good exposure, so long as it happens in markets that can lead to conversion.

3. Growth

Without a solid marketing plan, your business will not grow. If you want your business to succeed, it must grow at a solid rate. When you have a good marketing plan, along with an adequate marketing budget, your business will grow at a solid rate. It may take years for you to develop a perfect marketing plan, but once you do, your business will have more customers than it can handle.

4. Better Understanding of Your Business

Any business owner will tell you that they learn a lot from their customers. With a good marketing strategy, you will learn how your customers respond to certain campaigns, and you will also learn what your customer’s desire from a company. As this happens, you will in turn learn a lot more about your business and what it will take to succeed. With this information, you should be able to propel your business to the top.


from the above it is clear that if you neglect your marketing strategy, you are simply setting yourself up for failure. The truth is that a solid marketing campaign will do more for your company than any other project. After all, your business ideas and products need to evolve to keep up with the demands of your customers. Remember, you always must track your marketing campaigns to see what works and what does not work, or your entire efforts are for naught!

Over to you: I will love to know your opinion on this subject of using a good marketing strategy to build your business. Share your thought with us in your comments below.

Jemma Charms writes about marketing, business and education. Check out her most recent work, on how to find the best finance schools.

Chatwing Chat Widget: Uplifting Customer Engagement and Satisfaction the Easy Way!

What do you think is the key to online business success? Is it your well-designed marketing website? Or your knowledge of generating website traffic through implementig the right SEO tactics to rank your website high on Google?

Indeed, running an online business comes with a lot of challenges. However, if you will take the bold step of implementing the right strategies and tools, the reward could be great.

Now, many online marketers are of the view that getting traffic to your website is the key to online success. But you must understand that getting more people to visit your site is not just the end of it – you also need to convince them that you’re offering only the best there is. And Chatwing chat widget can actually help you do that.

So, what is Chatwing Chat Widget?

Chatwing Chat Widget - engage customersChatwing chat widget is a chat tool that instantly installs itself in any website – yours, for instance – in seconds. After you embed it, the chat software becomes a website chat box that will act as a direct connection between you and your potential buyers.

The chat widget is practically versatile, since you can open it in another window and turn it into a pop-window, dragging it with you as you browse other pages or sites while at the same time chatting with your viewers.

Engaging your customers in live chat is a sure way of gaining their attention and for them to reply to you is only a trivial matter. Chatwing chat widget comes with its newly upgraded social media integration capacity that lets your potential customers join your chat room by logging into their Facebook, Twitter, Google or Yahoo accounts. They can also log-in anonymously by signing in as guests. This not only gives your chatters ease but also the freedom in logging in whatever manner they like.

How Chatwing Chat Widget Can Help You with Your Business

With Chatwing Chat Widget  you can directly influence your potential buyers’ point of view of the product they’re going to buy for the better. You can make them understand; let them know more details of that product that’s not listed on your site. You can use it to endorse your products and services you offer to them firsthand.

Being able to maintain credibility is also a must in garnering more buyers. Your chat room is a very accessible place where everyone can go to. Therefore it is only natural that you must set up some rules and regulations so you can manage it properly. Chatwing chat widget has the features that are just right for this job.

The blacklist system will block out anyone outside the chat room. This is very useful for keeping those spammers or flamers or anyone who just wants to disrupt your conversation with the other chatters at bay. You can use the feature to block their Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo accounts or their very own IP address. You also have the choice of deleting their messages for added convenience.

You can also set up word filters to block out profanity and modify it anyway you want. This feature, along with the blacklist system will give your chat room security and gives you a sense of control. Assigning moderators to look out for your chat room and your customers is also a good idea, especially if you’re managing a well sized company.

Moderators can have the same control rights as the administrator (you), in that they can also ban chatters and delete their messages, but only if you allow it. Now you can bring out customer satisfaction and do other things at the same time.

Take Your Chatwing Chat Widget Wherever You Go!

Being an online business owner it’s only typical that you’re always on the go. But at the same time, so is having constant communication with your buyers. The Chatwing development team has already put that into consideration and has made the widget Android OS and Apple IOS friendly. Now you can keep chatting with them in your mobile phone wherever and whenever you go.

Being able to provide quality service is one of the main criteria in maintaining a successful online business. That is why satisfying the customers’ needs is a must and by chatting with them, not only will you know their concerns quickly, you can also address to them just as easily. And as you engage in conversations with your potential buyers, keep giving your best services at hand while at the same time keeping a lively chat room, chances are when they’re off buying something again, you’ll be the first one their list to buy from.

Find Chatwing on the web @ http://chatwing.com


Affiliate marketing income

Affiliate Income Strategy: How To Quickly Double Your Income In 2013

Let’s roll the ball and make more money. Are you ready?   Affiliate marketing income

Does this sound familiar, you wake up early in the morning, logged into your affiliate account expecting to see orders.

But to your greatest surprise, you found $0.0000?

As if that wasn’t enough, you kept a positive outlook, and waited for three months. Still, you didn’t make any money.

What am I not doing right? You kept asking yourself. The truth is, you’re not alone.

I’ve been an affiliate marketer for over 3 years, even before I became a freelance writer.

The frustrations are enormous. It could make someone go insane – after all, you’ve worked hard enough. You deserve to make money online.

Focus On The Right Stuff

Call me crazy for what I’m about to say. You didn’t make enough money from the affiliate offers you’re promoting because you were focusing on the wrong stuffs.

The moment I realized this, I began to see results pretty fast. By results, I don’t mean $1000 per day as advertised by so-called gurus. But I’ve earned $110.23 per day from my affiliate marketing efforts.

So, What Exactly Are You Missing?

“You’re desperate for money!”

Did you know that out of desperation, you can make a lot of mistakes? It’s obvious. People who make money online have mastered the art of giving value.

You can’t cast a magic spell on money because it doesn’t answer to that. The only thing that matters is what you’re offering to the market.

I’ve seen people with viable and hot affiliate products fail woefully. The problem isn’t the product or the product owner, but the marketer failed to provide value. As a content marketer, I understand that when your mind isn’t relaxed, you can’t produce quality content. True or false?

You’d end up infusing your pain and frustration into the content – thereby losing its juice. Such content can’t speak to people’s need or solve a problem. It’s the type that gets slapped by Google Panda or Snake. He he!

The more value you provide, the more money you make. Let me quickly show you how to deliver great value and make more money with affiliate marketing.

Build Premium Email List

Don’t get this mixed up; there is a BIG difference between collecting email leads for your business and building a premium email list.

The word “premium” means high quality. In other words, the only way to double your affiliate commission is when your subscribers are responsive. If you haven’t heard that “the money is in the list,” you’re living under a rock.

But allow me to paraphrase that statement, “The money is in the relationship you’ve established with those who joined your list.” And the list bait (e-book, software, membership access et al) you’re using must not be FREE. I mean it, don’t give away free stuffs.

That’s a BIG mistake which has kept several people from meeting their affiliate marketing goals. You don’t expect people to buy what you’re promoting with ease, when you didn’t offer value in the first place. If you must give away stuffs in exchange for leads, ensure that it’s “premium.”

What Does That Mean?

Ideally, you should buy the product you intend to promote as an affiliate. This way, you can read and discover the “strengths” and “weaknesses” of the product.

You can also take screenshots of the member area and use for your review. If you do all of these, your conversion rate would increase. Guaranteed!

But if you can’t afford the product, you should contact the product owner and ask for details. You could even test the product.

It depends on how well you communicate with the owner. He or she would be glad to help you out – the more sales you bring, the more money he makes. It’s a win/win situation for both of you.

Give away a short report, e-book or 5-minute video that can educate potential buyers. When you allow people to glance through the paid product at no cost, they’d be more than willing to get the full product.

That’s my secret and it’s never failed – it works pretty well. This kind of giveaway is unique, and speaks of value to people who actually subscribed. They’d thank you for giving them access to the product, before asking for their hard earned money.

Eliminate The Dollar Mindset, Earn More!

To a large extent, when you unveil the good and ugly aspects of any affiliate product, you’d double the conversion rate by 203% or more.

I was surprised that potential buyers still felt comfortable when I told them that the product would take time to bring results. Rather than making false claims and cunning people, I decided to come out as an honest person. You should be honest, too.

When you eliminate the dollar mindset, you’d earn more. Because, now your product reviews would take on a new cap. You’d be concerned about people and their needs.

Of course, you still want people to purchase the product – but that’s not your #1 priority/focus. You want to build a lasting relationship with buyers, so that in the nearest future, they can become an asset when you launch your own product.

Stop Holding Back

Create a separate landing page for the product you’re affiliated to.

This way, you can channel quality traffic to the page, build a premium list and begin to spoon-feed subscribers with rich, valuable and friendly content.

Second, understand that no affiliate product/program is 100% perfect. If you assert that yours is, it’s a slap on the buyers’ face because you’re lying.

Stop hoarding vital information that can help people make buying decisions. It’s your turn to build a system that will generate income even when you’re asleep.

See you ahead!

[This is a guest post by Michael Chibuzor a Freelance writer and content marketer for T3leads. Check out the T3leads payday affiliate program to make some extra money in 2013.]

How To Use Stock Imagery To Skyrocket Your Blogging Career

[Editor: This guest post was written by Stephen Summer. Please see below for details about his offers.]

Blogging is work and strenuous work for that matter!

This is a bitter truth that many bloggers realize very early in their blogging career. And when they do the effect is easily seen in the downward trend in their passion for blogging. Very soon their enthusiasm and high hopes of making it big and living the internet life style is deflated as they become dismayed without any future in the blogosphere.

This is really pathetic but whether you’re presently passing through this phase or you have already passed through it one thing you must realize is the fact that this happens all the time. From the prevailing statistics however, this stage usually set in when your blog gets stuck at a level where it is finding it tough to lure new visitors and to retain the number of returning visitors.

Of course, we do know that traffic is the backbone for the success of any blog. Once you cannot drive new traffic to your blog and the returning readers are dwindling then you are already approaching that plateau point and you must do something really quick.

But not to worry, I have a humble and doable solution for you and that is using stock imagery in your blog posts.

Now before you begin to accuse me of trying to rob you off all your fortunes that you have amassed after so many hours of hard work, let me quickly say I have no such plans. What I am trying to do is to help you put some new life and color into your blog which may just translate into more fresh and repeat traffic. And this new lease of life can really fire up your zeal for blogging again!

using stock imagery in posts

Here are some reasons why you should consider using stock imagery in your blog posts:

1. Images are Really Powerful

Just imagine a magazine with texts crawling all over and no images to complement the bare facts and figures. It is hard to imagine, right? Then how could you expect that your blog will be able to hook onto the attention of the users without images? There is no doubt about it, good images contribute to the popularity of a blog and great images can make your blog shoot to fame.

But wait, you cannot just go out there and steal other people’s images and pass it as your own. So, the only option left is garnering some credit for images in some leading stock photography sites and then using them on your blog. It’s that simple!

2. A Blog Does Not Need To Be Text Based

Why do you want to bore people to death with your dry statics? Why not put some life into those bare bones? You can really do this by coming up with some images that come with additional dose of twist and turns. However, if your photography skill is not that much impressive, you can pass the buck to stock photography sites as they have the best photography talents all over the world. Just find out the best images that are supposed to give your post a new lease of life and see a visible increase in the visitors’ interaction. And the good news, you would not have to put that much pressure on your pocket since there are some discount coupons available on leading stock photography sites like Jupiter Images, Phtos.com. Get them fast and you are good to go!

3. Pinterest Is Watching!

Ok, I think you will want to consider this one really quick. Pinterest is another great social media site that is in the making and if you wish to be a part of it, you need to make sure that your blog has a good volume of traffic otherwise, no one would care to repin your post or come up with an interesting comment. And come to think of it, the concept of Pinterest is  nothing but images and so if you have any intention of being a part of this great revolution then you have no other option but to use images that are high in quality and powerful enough to seize the attention of the viewers.

4. It Makes Your Blog Look Beautiful

Wondering how looking good or smart can help your blogging career? Well, believe me even in this digital age, looking good is the first requirement to have a crush on. You cannot make you blog look pathetic and ugly with only texts surrounding it. You need to impress your visitors and the only way you can achieve this is by adding awesome images.

Ok, I have tried to help you see reason why you should consider using stock imagery in your blog posts. The simple reason is to put some new lease of life into your blog helping to bring in new traffic. As you do know the simple rule of thumb in blogging is:

More Visitors = More Money = Great Blogging Career

Social media sites like Pinterest have somehow made us realize what good pictures can do for us. Now is the time to put this to your advantage and the quickest way to doing this is using stock imagery. Once you start you would soon realize that it is really the best thing you have done.

Over to You: Are you using stock imagery in your blog posts or do you do you images yourself? let us hear your opinion in the comments section.

[A Photos coupon is available here and a discount for Jupiter images is offered in Stephen Summer’s site. He is an advocate of using photos to better convey your messages on your blog.  He is a professional blogger and social media addict. He is associated with a coupon blog and writes different articles on promotional codes. Stephen lives in Saint Louis, MO, with his family and enjoys working from home as a blogger and writer.]

How to Copyright Content: 5 Proven Tactics to Stop Content Theft & Ensure Your Content Is Not Copied!

There is a crime that many do not really consider as such – treating content on websites or blogs as anonymous and using it at will! Because of this content theft is a common thing online and most times small content owners, like bloggers, are often the target.

According to Wikipedia.com,

“Copyright is a legal concept, enacted by most governments, giving the creator of an original work exclusive rights to it, usually for a limited time. Generally, it is “the right to copy”, but also gives the copyright holder the right to be credited for the work, to determine who may adapt the work to other forms, who may perform the work, who may financially benefit from it, and other, related rights.”

Stop content copyright thievesUnfortunately, many are unaware of these content copyright issues while most of them deliberately rip off content from other websites/blogs and use it as their own. If you own a website or a blog – especially if it generates revenue – it is important that you take preventive measures to protect your content. The last thing you want to see is your content benefiting someone else more than you.

The following are some tactics on how to copyright web content and keep them away from content thieves.

1. Protect Your Content With Plug-Ins

The first preventive measure is to add protection plug-ins. Use RSS Footer and Antileech to make sure that even if your content is copied, you get full credit for it. These WordPress plug-ins either add your website link below your content, or spin it to make it look different. You should also disable the use of “right click copy paste” on your website to make your content difficult to be copied.

2. Include A Content Copyright Notice

Content thieves often target websites and blogs without a copyright notice. This gives them an idea that either the creator is a novice, or unbothered about his/her website’s content being copied. Create a copyright notice mentioning what you allow and what you don’t. Usually, it should state that the content on your website can not be used without your permission, and if used calls for legal action. If some websites use your content, they are liable to give you full credit for it. Let people know that you are aware of your rights.

3. Get A Creative Commons License

Your content copyright notice should scare most of the thieves away, but to be sure, get yourself a license. A creative commons license will legally make you the owner of your work, and can be used like a weapon if ever needed. If your website generates revenue, it’s most important that you get your content copyrighted. The license would legally define what you are willing to share and what you strictly don’t allow.

4. DMCA Protection

Digital Millennium Copyright Act makes all websites to adhere to the copyright laws. Register your website with DMCA and add their badge to your website to ensure the safety of your content. You can also buy the DMCA tool kit to find anyone using your content without your prior permission.

5. Protect Your Images And Other Documents

Image theft is also a common form of copyright violation. If the images on your website are your own – created by you or purchased – insert a watermark. People often search images through Google and copy the unclaimed ones. Placing a watermark is enough to warn them. It’s an effective and reliable method to protect your images from being used for profit.

The above content copyright measures though simple are effective in preventing content thieves from copying your content without crediting you. Follow them and you wouldn’t need to be worried about your content being copied. Because even if is copied, the responsible person/company is liable to face legal action. Usually, reporting to search engines or web hosts is enough to sabotage any plagiarism or theft attempt. Just keep a track of your website’s content using Copyscape.com and, make sure it is not misused.

Your comments and views on how to copyright content will be appreciated. If you support content copyright or not let us know in the comments below.

Online Coupon Codes & Social Media Marketing Success Principles!

Do you really desire business success this year marketing with online coupon codes?

Then hear this:

The right application of social media and coupon discount offers can increase profitability in business.

In this informative post, I want to share the 5 top marketing principles to help realize your business goals this year. It’s a wonderful year and only the purpose-driven entrepreneurs will share success stories.

In doing business online, you’ve to know the essence. Making profit is secondary; the ultimate and primary reason why you registered a domain name and now a blog is to touch lives around the world.

Has someone ever told you that the world is desperate for solutions? Then he was not far from the truth.

Effective social media marketing principles

What makes Amazon and Wal-Mart famous and successful in the shopping niche isn’t their fancy and quality content. They are simply meeting a need. If you must succeed in your online business this year therefore you must pay attention to these 5 online coupon codes marketing principles:

1.    Study Your Market In and Out

A market is a group of people you’re targeting. Never overlap market with some building or office space. It deals with people, what they want and the willingness to pay for it at any fair price.

The best way to study your market is to begin with you. If you’re targeting a market, then you should have some passion or interest in it.

When you think like a customer, you’ll ask yourself certain questions. Naturally, the right questions will always produce the right answers. Whatever problem you’re facing and need answers to, is likely to be viable and is what other prospects are seeking answers to also.

External research is simple. Just hang out in places where your target audience are and participate in the discussion segments. Online discussion boards, social media portals and Yahoo answers are cute places to be.

2.    Package Your Products Beautifully

Nothing is new on the face of the earth. Virtually every topic or subject has been treated and there is a product for it. So, what’s left for beginners and those who want to make money with social media and coupon discount offers?

Packaging is the loftiest ingredient that’s left. The efficiency of your product in terms of packaging would ensure the conversion you get.

Gone are the days when people do not care about beautiful e-covers and fancy websites. These days, if your e-book is informative but lacks a catchy e-cover and sales copy, you won’t sell.

Even a crappy product will sell like hot cake as a result of a powerful copy and top notch e-cover design. Before you share any viable coupon discounts with your prospects, make sure your landing page is ready to convert sales.

3.    Don’t Use Force Or Hype

One good thing about coupon discount offers and social media marketing is the simplicity of it. If you’re careful and observant, your daily activities on Twitter and Facebook would reveal vital marketing principles.

Don’t use force or marketing hype to persuade buyers. Do you know that those who search on Google with product names, for example, vista print discount coupon, psprint discount codes etc are already pre-sold and eager to buy?

Yes, you didn’t ask them to type the product name on Google search, but they did. How on earth did they know about that product and that it exist online? TV commercials, internet advertising, word of mouth etc are marketing channels buyers go through every single day.

Therefore, what these prospects need is a little nudge to move ahead, not a push or hype. I’m glad you know better now

4.    Discipline Yourself to Focus

Focus is the price for productivity. If you want to achieve tremendous results in this age, you need to stay and stick around in ‘that’ project without looking sideways. Focus will take you to the top and keep you there.

These social media and coupon discount marketing principles should be applied to everything you do online.

Your Facebook fans and Twitter followers should know you for consistency. You shouldn’t introduce one product today and change your mind tomorrow. If the product isn’t suitable for your followers, please don’t offer it at all.

That is why proper market research matters – it would eliminate all the guess work and give you an open check to cash in.

Discipline yourself this day. Social media users are not money-geeks nor do they love to squander money. They are fathers, mothers and teens with blood running through their veins. Stay focus to win the ultimate prize.

5.    Offer a Viable Coupon Discount

Using coupon codes can grow your business from within. It will enhance your credibility and trust. If you’re a blogger, every affiliate product you recommend should be useful and helpful to your readers. Does the product have questionable features? Then don’t link to it.

It’s the same thing with coupon discount offers. I’ve tried some hostgator discount codes which I got from others but it didn’t work. I felt so unsatisfied and vowed never to trust the person who recommended such buying codes. Little things matter in your business dealings with prospects, joint networks and media practitioners. Take this advice to heart.

Learn to offer the best services, products and coupon codes when necessarily. These are the prerequisite principles behind successful web marketing.

Social Media & Coupon Offer Recap

There you’ve it, the five essential marketing principles behind coupon discount codes and social media marketing. But these principles are life-based. It works in any country and professional field.

Will you click-away from this page and neglect to take action or will you start implementing right now? The ball is in your court – the world is watching you right now. See you at the top!


Michael Chibuzor loves writing and reviewing online merchants, two of which you can read more about here and right here. Michael is a Social media examiner and helps small businesses drive targeted traffic to boost sales. His recent reviews explain how Vista Print and Psprint services work. These services offer business cards, banners, wedding invitations, signs, and labels, covering all your business’ printing needs.