4 Guaranteed Ways to Make Money From Home!

How to make online from home

[Editor: This guest post is written by Shrini whose details appears below the post]

Making money at home had always been a dream of many over the years. In the years before the internet traditional mail order marketing was one of the biggest ways to make money at home. But with the advent of the internet making money from home has not only become much easier but pleasurable! Hundreds of avenues are now opened for anyone who wants to make money from the comfort of his/her home.

According to a survey, home based businesses make a significant chunk of workforce in the United States. One of the reasons for the rise in the number of people desiring to make money at home is because it not only cut down on commuting but it also saves time and cost. Besides, it also improves the quality of life because there is less stress since you have less constraints working at your own pace.

Despite the increased usage of the internet however there are still many who are curious on how to make money from home on the internet. This article is therefore for those who have questions like:  “how can I make money at home.”.

The following are some of the most excellent ways anyone can make money at home online.

1. Start A Blog/Writing Assignments

Many people do not realize it but the truth is all of us have a writer lurking within, waiting to be unleashed. You can start a blog and make money writing about things you like. Your blog, which is actually a long list of your thoughts, can be monetized. One of the good things about blogging is that you can have fun while you earn. And what more, you are not answerable to anyone but yourself! You can have flexible timings a good thing for mothers and home makers. If you are ambitious, you can turn professional and take up writing assignments thereby expanding your scope of making money at your convenience. There are numerous sites on the internet today that offer commission based jobs to authors and writers. Books, eBooks, user manuals and technical workbooks have a huge market and you can be gainfully employed in the publishing field.

2. Virtual Assistant

Another way you can make money online at home is by becoming a virtual assistant. Indeed virtual assistance is a lucrative profession in our today internet based world. Professionals and businessmen employ part-time virtual assistants to undertake routine jobs for them, like air ticket bookings, managing their daily correspondence, overseeing projects etc. These are simple tasks which do not need any expertise. If you can spare a couple of hours a day it would be enough for this kind of work. Virtual assistant work is suitable for young moms who are otherwise busy looking after their home and children.

3. Affiliate Marketing

For the slightly more ambitious, affiliate marketing is simply the best way to make money at home. Affiliate marketing is you promoting other people’s product so that you receive a commission when anyone buys that product. Of course there are few things that you need to master if you must make a good income with affiliate marketing. An understanding of website development, creation of landing pages, internet marketing etc. is required if you want to be a successful affiliate. There are many websites which specialize in catering for the affiliate market. Click Bank is a popular site for affiliates. There are hundreds of products (like selling diet coupons) and services from which you can choose a couple or more to promote to make money. You may have to devote significant amount of time, at least initially, to develop the market. Affiliate marketing is serious business and requires business savvy as well as knowledge of the internet.

4. Selling Through Ebay

EBay is a great place to sell products.  You need not be a manufacturer or producer as you can use wholesalers. You have to simply market and sell products on EBay and issues like delivery are managed by the main manufacturer. You can even sell globally, since insurance and delivery is managed by a network of affiliates. To be successful on EBay, you don’t need any expertise except to know what is hot and happening. Electronic goods are an all time favorite and you will not go wrong if you choose such products.


There are many other ways by which you can make money at home on the internet. Hurdles like geographical reach, language issues and communication are no longer barriers for doing business from home. What you need is an internet connection, a PC and then of course your smart thinking cap! Done well, some make money at home business ideas can become a source of passive income.

Ok, there you have it, four simple ways to make money at home online. Feel free to share your thoughts on this article in the comments below.

[Shrini blogs on WeightLossTriumph.com, a diet blog that features real testimonies of people who have lost weight successfully with some of the most popular weight loss programs. Being a writer with a diverse interest, Shrini also reviews online merchants related to fitness and health, but also technology, clothing and jewelry.]


    1. Chadrack

      @Affiliate Marketing Coach, Glad to know you’re doing well with your affiliate marketing. And must say article writing service can really be good way to start making some money online quickly. Once you get the experience needed you can always go into more detail task.

  1. James H

    Agree with you Srinivasan, If you have skills like writing or marketing, you can do really good in WFH. if you cant do these things there are few things more like, Designing, coding etc.. So develop a skill and go ahead!

  2. John@Restaurant Recipes

    I agree with your article. These are the main sources of online income that I know of too. Well there are other get rich quick schemes, but these are the only ones that really work.

  3. Christopher Roberts

    Srinivasan that is a very useful article for potential internet/.net entrepreneurs!

    I have tried few of the methods, and I must say that selling on eBay can work.

    From personal experience though, unless you are buying new stock and then selling it on, it can be a very long-winded process of cleaning up your items, taking some great pictures, researching the spec etc.

    Virtual Assistant work sounds interesting, I might research that a bit more now – unless you have anything else to add?

    A good article Srinivasan thanks 🙂

  4. Srinivasan

    @Christopher Roberts,
    Thanks. I am glad my article is of help. There are several marketing sites online that offer virtual assistant jobs. Check them out. My Best Wishes to you.

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