How to Write a Good Blog Title: SEO Title Tips!

Putting together a blog post is like constructing a building. There are different parts to the blog that will make it achieve your purpose. But of all these the title is the most important.

Crafting a powerful title for your blog post is a skill you must master as a blogger. Your post titles are simply headlines that could make or break your posts!

In this post I want to reveal a simple tactic that you can use to greatly empower your post titles. I’m sure you’ve heard about the why and how to optimize your titles for the search engines. All that is good stuff. But the tactic I want to reveal here is something that will take your post titles to another level when it come to search engine optimization.

This simple tactic could really be laid out in 3 components. But I’ll simply handle it by breaking it up as follows:

Writing blog titles that work

1. Write For Your Regular Readers:

The first aspect of your blog title you want to work on is writing a title that will peek the interest of your regular readers. To get this right you want to know what has been popular with your readers and the topic you’re dealing with in your particular blog post.

Once you’ve these in place, craft a blog title that will make them click and read more.

Remember your regular readers will not go to google before they come to your blog. They are not searching for your site. Either they will come via RSS feed or they might simply enter your blog URL into their blowser.

But once they are on your blog, the first thing that will entice them to read more is the title. So put in your best in writing that title. Frankly you may forget about seo here as that will be taken care of below!

Well, that’s not much or is it?

On to #2!

2. Polish Your Title For The Search Engines:

Now this is where the fun starts.

I know you’re not writing only for your regular readers. You also want to get more search engine traffic, or don’t you?

Ok, search engine traffic is frankly a different ball game. To achieve that you’ll need to make sure that your post does not only appear on the search engine results but the title actually makes people to click and visit your blog.

What you need do is to easily work on the same title you’ve written and make it do the work for you. You can easily do this with any seo plugin like All In SEO Pack plugin.

Once you’ve this installed, before publishing your blog post, take the same title you’ve written and rework it. Ensure that you build in a little curiosity and your target keywords/phrases into it. Enter the new title into the SEO box in your writing section. It’s something like this:

seo title image

3. Shorten and SEO The Post Link:

One other thing you can do to empower the title is to shorten and seo the post link. This can be done easily using the new permalink feature of wordpress. Just below the title pane you’ll see the post permalink.

shorten blog title example

Click on the “Edit” button and then enter a short and optimized link with your keywords/phrase. For example on this post the permalink is, “” Once you’ve entered what you want click on “ok”.

4. Craft A Powerful Description For The Post:

The last thing you’ll want to do before publishing your post is to enter a description for the post.

Understand that when it comes to search engine marketing what will help your blog article to achieve its purpose of drawing traffic to your blog is its ability to offer something of interest to the searcher.

Getting on the first page of Google is nothing. What really matters is that people click on your links and visit your blog. And most times what will achieve this is not just the title but the title in conjunction with the description.

It must interest you to know that if you don’t give the search engines a description, they will simply take the first few words on your post and return that as the description. Or most times they return your blog home description!

This does not only affect the search engine ranking of that post but also may not peek the interest of that particular searcher.

So how do you give the search engines a description for each of your post?

You simply take that post’s target keywords/phrases and write a short description for the post. All In One SEO Pack plugin is handy here also. Just below the title pane of the plugin you’ll see the pane for the description. Enter the description here. For example, for this post here is the description I used,

“Writing SEO blog titles are a good way of driving organic targeted traffic from the search engines. Read this post and discover a simple way of doing this..!”

Now if you look at that description you’ll discover that those sentences never appeared any where on the post itself. But simply putting them there is a boost to the effectiveness of the post when it appears on the search engine results.

So Let’s See The Results Of This Simple SEO Tactic!

Yes, I want to show how this tactic will come out at the end of the day! So let’s use this very blog post. I’ve just published it before taking this screen shots. First how the post appears on your blog page:

the blog title

and here’s how it appears on your title bar:

title bar example

Do you note that the post title on the blog page is different from the one on the title bar? The one on the blog is visible to your readers why the one the task bar is what searchers will see on the search engines.

This is really powerful. You can use this to empower your blog titles for more SEO results every time!

So let’s hear what you think of this tactic. Have you been using it? If so how effective has it been to you?

5 Reasons Why Your Blog Will [DEFINITELY] Fail – Here’s How to Stop It!

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Today, I’m featuring a guest post from a great friend, Theodore Nwangene. Though I’ve not accepted guest posts on this blog for some time, Theodore is one blogger that knows his acts. Check out his bio at the end of the post to connect with him.

Alright Theodore, over to you…!]

Hey Chadrack, thanks for this opportunity. Having been online for the past 8 years I’m really concerned that many bloggers are still struggling with their blogs.

In this post I want to share a few tips I hope will help new bloggers avoid this struggle. So, thanks again for the opportunity to use your platform.

Ok friend, maybe you’ve just launched a new blog and you’re eager to see the cash rolling in. Of course, you’ve seen your friends gaining massive influence, and making loads of money with their blog, and you can’t wait to be counted among the super successful bloggers.

Now, what next?

You want to start applying all the expert tips to building a successful blog – flooding your blog with content, promoting your content on social media, commenting on other blogs, writing guest posts for other blogs, etc.

You certainly don’t want to leave any stone unturned.

But before you start doing all of these, I want you to pay attention to me first, let me tell you a very important that will prevent you from taking the wrong steps thereby bringing your blog to its knee.

Yes, I know that no one is immune to making mistakes however; being aware can help prevent them from occurring.

In this post, I will share with you the 5 of the dangerous mistakes most new and intermediate bloggers usually make while starting their blog. Avoiding these mistakes will immensely contribute to the growth and development of your blog.

Let’s get started.

Blogging mistakes to avoid

1. Writing for Yourself Instead of Your Audience

Are you kidding me? I never knew you’re such a popular figure. You’re probably a celebrity if not; you must quit making your posts about yourself.

Here’s the truth: Your readers don’t give a sh*t about you unless if it will help them in one way or another.

As a content marketer, you must inform, inspire, educate, and guide your readers whenever necessary.

However, writing about your personal experiences once awhile is good because it will add some personality in your writing but it certainly must benefit your readers in a way.

2. You Want to Please Everyone

I totally understood your desire to touch as many lives as possible via your amazing content, but I’m sorry to inform you that such idea emanated from Hell.

You can’t possibly appeal to everyone, and a lot of bloggers don’t know this. The one critical thing that will ultimately determine the success or failure of your website is

how targeted your topics are.

Immediately you start writing for everyone; your content will become disengaging and annoying because your blog will lose its main scope.

However, you should instead, lesser-focus more on your core values. Channel your content solely on your select audience and forget about the others.

In the end, this will help to build up your expertise in your industry and will ensure you don’t fill your site with myriad topics.

3. You Don’t Know Your Target Audience

This is one of deadliest mistakes I see among bloggers, especially the new ones. You may understand your topic pretty well but if you don’t know who your audience is, it will display in everything you do on your site, and this will even

tually bring about your failure.

For you to build a solid blogging business, you will need to connect with your target audience on a deeper level. This will help you to serve them better and give th

em exactly what they need.

For example, how are you going to feel when you have a mentor who always tries to teach you how to count and write figures 123……..100 when you’re already very good at that?

I know how boring it can be to attend such class, and if care is not taken, you might eventually st

op attending his class.

The same thing happens when your mentor tries to teach you Calculus when you barely understand simple arithmetic.

Funny enough, this equally applies to blogging.

For you to make it, you need to fully understand your reader’s pain-points and then meet them right at the point of their needs – you have to know what level they are currently at on the topic you’re teaching them.

Without knowing all these things, your tips will either become too advanced or too basic for them, and this will end up scaring them away.

Define your blog audience

4. You’re using a Crappy Web Host

I can’t possibly stress much on the importance of choosing a reputable and reliable hosting company when starting your site.

It is often tempting to use any of the cheap and crappy ones out there, but unfortunately, that will eventually drive you out of business.

For instance, when I started my first site back in 2011, I made a mistake of choosing a cheap web host because I concluded that I couldn’t afford a quality web host.

Wondering what happened next?

Just as you guessed, I never knew the hosting company was insecure as a result; my blog got hacked up to 3 consecutive times until I finally left that domain name. This really frustrated the hell out of me, and if not for the fact that I’m highly committed to blogging, I would have called it a quit.

Here’s the truth…

…Getting a quality host can indeed be pricey, but in the end, it will be well worth it because it will save you from a lot of headaches.

Therefore, stay away from those low-quality web hosts as they will do you more harm than good.

5. You’re Not Consistent

One of the secrets of successful blogging is being super consistent. This is very important for the growth of any blog.
Yes, I’ve been advocating recently that you shouldn’t focus all your efforts posting daily as most gurus advised. This is because it may eventually start affecting the quality of your articles.

As far as content marketing is concerned, quality often trumps quantity. But, it is also advisable to have and maintain a publishing routine. Can you manage publishing once/week, twice, or even five times/week?

This is entirely up to you.

Once you’ve concluded on the right times and days you want to be publishing, you need to stick to it. What matters most, however, is for you always to ensure your content is of higher quality.

You need to understand that maintaining a publishing schedule is not about “Let’s just throw up some junk post because I’m committed to publishing 3 times per week”. This will ultimately affect your readership.

Writing 2 quality contents per week will obviously be well received by your audience than writing 7 low-quality, mediocre content per week. So, choose quality.

Consistency is the key


Blogging is indeed a tedious task, but not as hard as people made it. Once you understand the basics of blogging and avoid the mistakes mentioned in this post, you will never have any problem becoming the next pro blogger.

You need to:

1. Write for your audience, not for yourself

2. Stop pleasing everyone

3. Know who your target audiences are

4. Get a quality web host

5. Create a blogging schedule you’re sure to maintain, and always focus on quality

With all these tips, you won’t have any problem to make your blog a massive success.

Make Money Blogging: Take Your Blog to the Next Level with These 8 Simple Tips!

In the last few years more and more people have continued to turn to the internet as a source for a second or a primary income. Of these number, reports indicate that those who want to make money online blogging are increasing by the day.

Unfortunately, most of those who want to make money blogging soon find themselves running round in circles and never making any headway. Many struggle for years without making any reasonable income from their blogs.

But this shouldn’t be so. As blogger it’s expected that you should continue to improve and become better – the more you improve as a blogger, the more your income will improve! However, this is where many get it wrong.  They have the wrong notion that making money blogging is all about starting a blog and writing “good” content. But that is just the foundation. If you want to make more from your blog you need to take it to the next level.

GOOD NEWS:  There are a few things you can do to improve yourself as a blogger that will help you make more money from your blog.

BAD NEWS: The things you need to do demand time and effort. Yes, some of them are simple but others are complex!

QUESTION:  Are you ready to put in the time and effort required to take your blog to the next level so you can make more money as a blogger?

If you answer yes to this question then read on because the eight ideas discussed below will all help you to the plane of earning more income from your blog starting today. Depending on your position right now, you could choose the ones that you think are most applicable to you and your situation, and then push on from there.

Ready? Then read on…

Mak money blogging tips

How to Become Blogger and Make More as a Blogger

1. Make Your Work More Shareable

If you want to become a better blogger, your work needs to be more widely read. The only way to discover new opportunities is to have your work read. This can then lead to offers and jobs as a blogger. But you should focus, first of all, on thinking about how to increase the amount of traffic your blog gets.

The best way to do this is to make your work more shareable. Add images to the work you post on social media. And ensure that there is a share button for all the major social media platforms at the bottom of each post. This makes it much easier for people to share your writing with friends and followers.

2. Give Yourself More Time to Write

Time is always an important factor for bloggers. If you don’t have enough of it, then it’s hard to improve your writing and blogging skills. You should do whatever it takes to create time for your writing and then stick to the schedule you have in place.

One of the ways you can do this is by setting aside time to write. If you set aside an amount of time in which you can write each day, your writing will improve massively. People say that practice makes perfect, and it really is true. You can’t improve at anything unless you spend time on it. That’s how you make mistakes and learn from them. Even if you only have 30 minutes a day to dedicate to writing, it’s worth it. And of course, the results will soon show in your blogging income.

3. Commit to Your Blog

You need to have a direct commitment to your blog as well. Your blog can only be a success if it is updated regularly. It often seems like 99% of blogs out there have been abandoned. And there is nothing worse than finding a blog that you love, only to discover that it hasn’t been updated for months. This instantly puts visitors off. And they won’t keep coming back to see if you post anything else. Once they get the impression that the blog is inactive, they simply won’t come back again.

Keep your blog active, and never go more than a couple of weeks without posting on it.

4. Add Something Extra to Each Post

Variety can be a huge asset when you are trying to keep your blog fresh and popular. So, why not try adding something fresh and new to your posts each time you write something. It could be a different writing style, a new layout or a new way of integrating and using graphics. It’s entirely up to you which you choose, but do make the effort to add new things. It’s a good way of keeping people interested; it simply stops them getting bored of what you’re doing. There are all kinds of interesting features, such as reader polls, that can be taken advantage of.

How to blog with authority

5. Write Guest Posts

As a blogger, you should think about branching out occasionally. This can be a smart move when you are looking to progress and reach larger audiences. Guest blogging can be the best thing to do when you’re in that kind of situation. It offers you the chance to write posts for other blogs. That can mean exposing your writing to an entirely new audience. And, if you’re lucky, some of them might like what you write and check out your blog. It’s something that can be really beneficial to you as a writer.

If you want to know which sites to write for, go to Guest Post Tracker’s list of sites.

BONUS: Check out my detailed guide on guest blogging success here!

6. Get the Length Right

As you mature as a blogger, you will start to learn the importance of getting the post length right. If you ramble on for too long, people will get disinterested. That’s not what you want. But if your posts don’t go into enough depths when discussing complex issues, this can disappoint readers too.

There is no one answer to this problem. You simply have to look at each situation and decide which post length is best. You will get to know what your readers want by looking at the figures. If long posts aren’t as successful, then maybe you should stick to the shorter ones.

7. Write with Authority

People want to know that they are reading something that has been written by someone who knows what they’re talking about. If they don’t feel like the writer is writing with authority, then they will look elsewhere for the information they’re looking for.

The solution?

You need to write with authority, and don’t be afraid to show off the knowledge that you do possess!

You have to be willing to give people what they want. If you can’t, then maybe you should think about learning more about what you’re writing about before you start typing up the post.

8. Make the Blog’s Layout Look Great

When people head over to your blog, they’re not just interested in what you’re writing. They will also take the actual blog itself into account. If the blog looks old-fashioned and poorly designed, they might stop reading before they’ve even started. So, make sure that the design is modern and fresh.

And you should also ensure that every post is easy to read…

That means getting the colors and the font just right. Simple, clear fonts, combined with contrasting colors, are always best. If you try to complicate things, then it can easily backfire on you.


Building a blog to make money blogging is simple indeed but what will bring the truly success requires your time and effort. Go beyond what the average blogger is doing with these simple tips and you will see your blog making you more money online.

Of course, these tips are not exhaustive. So why not share a few of your tips with us in your comments below?





How to Turn Your Blogging Hobby into a Flourishing Career

Online ventures have paved the way for hundreds of entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. There’s never been a more exciting time to launch a company on the World Wide Web.

There is a plethora of opportunities open to creative individuals. Blogging is a phenomenon that many people get involved with on a leisurely basis. However, growing popularity has opened up many streams for making money out of this idea. And so, it’s now very possible to turn this hobby into a genuine career.

Earning a living from the comfort of your own home is appealing, especially when you’re writing about something you love. In this post I want share with you a few ideas on how you can move from just a hobby blogger into pro-blogger and join the list of people living the dotcom lifestyle!

So, if you are truly interested, here’s how you can master the market:

Find Your Feet

One of the first challenges that any businessman faces is finding their place in the market. This is no different with blogging, and it’s imperative that you decipher your brand before jumping in at the deep end.

Writing about your passions in life will make blogging more enjoyable, which is one of the main reasons you’ve made this your career. As well as deciding a topic, you must also discover your writing style. This will develop with time, but it’s vital that your personality shines through.

These decisions will impact every future decision you make. So don’t make mistakes.

Build the Perfect Platform

Your blog website is essentially your shop window. If you want customers (readers) to stay, it must be made appealing.

Platforms like WordPress offer bloggers the chance to build their website by modifying templates. These are often the cheapest and best option. Visitors will be familiar with the style of WordPress sites, even if they don’t know it themselves. If they can navigate the site easily, they’ve got a much better chance of staying.

Meanwhile, it’s important to buy your own domain rather than using the subdomain. It will look more professional, and is also easier to market.

Business startup success tips

Gain More Traffic

Once you’ve made the perfect website, the key to success is building a bigger audience. Readers are the key to monetizing your blog, and will be the single factor that determines whether this can be a successful business venture.

As an online business, the internet is key to your marketing plan. Most users will still try Google to drag up information on a particular subject. Giving your blog a strong presence on this platform is a must. SEO consulting services can help boost your search engine visibility.
This breakthrough will encourage more traffic and could be the key to long-term success.

Another thing to remember is that most people now access their websites through mobile devices. Be sure that your blog is optimized for these platforms too.


The most important aspect of any business is that you keep moving forward. You cannot rest on your laurels after minor success. You must always be on the lookout for new ways to reach new heights and gain more money.

Using YouTube to make video blogs is a great way to help win over new audiences. Meanwhile, this channel can be monetized to make a second stream of income too. What more incentive could you need?

Meanwhile, you can look to use ideas like guest blogging to build the blog. Additionally, affiliate marketing and Google Ads can help increase your profits too. Ultimately, that’s what turning blogging into a career is all about.

I will love to have your ideas on how to turn your hobby blogging into a flourishing career. Share with us in your comments below.

4 Amazing Ways to Create More of a Buzz around Your Business!

Creating a buzz around your business

Have you ever wondered how companies like Apple gets so much attention?

Can you imagine what you can achieve with your if your prospects are that interested in your products as Apple lovers are about the Apple Brand and its products?

Truth is, all that is possible if you can effectively create a buzz around your business in a way that your brand is ALWAYS in the mind and heart of your target audience.

Starting a buzz around your business is all about getting interested in what you have to offer. In fact, you won’t be able to attract and clients if you hide yourself away and don’t make the effort to get your name out there.

If you want to bring in more clients, you need to get people talking about your business. And, there are plenty of things you can do. Simple things that will help you create more buzz about your company and its products.

It doesn’t matter where you are at right now, the following ideas, if implemented in the correct way, will surely help you spreading the word about your services and products. They may seem so simple (and that is why many overlook them) but if you will implement them today you will achieve great results.

Creating a Buzz around Your Business the Simple Way!

1. Get Your Name on Websites and in Publications

You need to get people reading, hearing and saying your business’s name if you want to bring in more customers. There are lots of ways that you can put your name out there, both in print publications and on websites. Firstly, you can approach site editors about writing guest posts and columns on a number of sites. Look for blogs that are relevant to your industry and think of some topics on which you can lend your expert knowledge. As well as content yourself, you can try to get other people to write about you. You can approach journalists directly and send them a pitch to write your story. Look for sites the profile entrepreneurs too, so you can talk about both yourself and your business.

2. Hire Some Help

If you’ve got the cash, asking for some professional help can be the way to go. Marketing companies know all the best ways to drum up excitement around your brand, and they have contacts and reach that you may not possess yet. A company such as eLocal Buzz can help to sort out all your online marketing, including your website and SEO. This method of getting more attention for your business might cost you some money, but it will also save you a lot of time. You can free up your time for other tasks, and you’ll get excellent results from a professional firm.

3. Publish Your Press Releases

If you don’t already write press releases for significant events in your company, you need to start doing it now. You should have had one on the launch of the business, but even if you didn’t, it’s important to write them for significant occasions. But just preparing a press release isn’t any good if you aren’t also distributing in. As well as sending it to any key people in the press or online you think would be interested, you can put it on press release sites too.

4. Support a Charity

Getting behind a charitable cause can be great for any business. People can see that your enterprise has values, and you can get your name out there too.

So, are you ready to try these things to get people talking about your brand? Hope you do for you’ll definitely discover very soon that the buzz surrounding your brand is deafening!


How to Start a Blog That Will Make You Money in 2015!

Start a blog the right wayImage Credit: Flickr

So you are now set to start a blog that will help you make money online, right? Oh, that’s great. But how much are you ready to really start blogging?

One thing you must understand is that starting a blog is not as easy as starting to type on your laptop and making millions overnight. If you want to start a serious blog, you need to ensure that you have a proper plan for it.

Aside from being a way to make money online, a blog can be a fantastic outlet. Creative people love to find ways to express themselves each day. When you have a blog, you can talk to the world whenever you want to do so. In this post I want to give a few tips that will help you create the blog of your dreams – making you money for the years to come!


Here we go…

My 6 Dead Easy Steps to Starting a Profitable Blog

Step 1: Decide On A Subject

The first thing you need to do is decide on your topic. If your blog lacks any focus, it will fail. Blogs that don’t have one subject matter seem to lack direction. You will not get a dedicated readership if they don’t know what they are getting from you. As obvious as it might sound, you need to write what you know. For example, if you adore makeup, start a beauty blog. You want people to come to you for advice, and so give them some handy tips.

Step 2: Make a Plan

Before you start writing, you need to make an action plan. If you don’t make a plan, you might find that you lose momentum after you start your blog and just give up. Decide how many posts you will upload every week. You could also decide on themed posts. For example, every Wednesday, you could do a ‘Wednesday’s Style’ post. When you have a proper structure in place, it will be easy to run your blog.

Step 3: Find a Platform

There are loads of different blogging platforms you might want to use. The most popular is probably WordPress, although it is not the only platform you can use. Once you find a platform, you can create your blog using their easy step by step guide. Choose a theme for your site from ThemeForest to customize your site.

Step 4: Start Writing

This bit sounds a little easier than it is. You might think that writing is simple, but it is not. If you start typing without thinking about what you want to say, you will end up with a whole lot of jargon and rubbish. Instead, you need to plan out your posts so that you know what the point of each piece is. If a post has no reason behind it, it will seem shallow and stupid. Think about what you want to say to your audience and how to say it in a clear way.

Step 5: Monetize Your Readers

Once you have a large readership, you can turn your website views into cold, hard cash. If you are getting loads of hits every day, you can sell advertising and paid links on your site so that you can make money from it. You could also use your blog for market research. There are many systems that work in the same way PCRF works for mobile data. That means that you can gather information from your audience and sell it.

Step 6: Promote Your Blog

Promoting your blog is perhaps the hardest part of having a blog. You need to get the word out there about your blog so that people trust you and visit your site. Of course, you need a powerful social media presence, but you also need to get out there and meet people. Attend blogger events and networking sessions so that the people in your area get to know your name. When you attend events, make the right impression on people. Communicate your message in a clear, straightforward way so that people understand you.

There you have it, my 6 simple steps to starting a profitable blog. So, which are yours? Are there any steps you think are not included in this post?

Successful Blogging Habits That Will Help You Change Your Life For Good!

If you start thinking about the most difficult activity that needs to be maintained in your daily life, what would it be?

Surely, that activity is not, in any way, related to your life goals, right?

Okay, does it revolve around your focus on a particular lifestyle you have chosen? Not likely!

Now, no matter how big or small everyday things are, all of them originate from a certain point. Keeping this activity consistent for a longer period of time requires a lot of will power, sacrifice, and dedication from your side.

This is what we call a routine!

It’s definite that keeping up with a daily routine is probably the most difficult activity people face in their lives. In this article therefore, I’ve decided to outline few things that relate to blogging and can be implemented in your daily habits.

Blogging may hold an amorphous form for you at the moment, but once you start doing it yourself, you will start molding this activity into a definite shape that can become part of your daily activities.

Blogging and Life Success tips

Setting your daily goals

Every single thing in your life has to originate from somewhere. You can’t expect to find a way of achieving your goals by taking shortcuts. If you leave steps behind, you will never become the person you could be, because all those steps add to your skills and experience.

When you start making a change, it is always wise to take notes of the steps that you are going to complete the next day. Creating such list will bring expectations from the day you have ahead, but expectations from yourself as well. You will expect yourself to complete the goals that you have set for that day, and you will be highly motivated to accomplish them. If you approach the changes in your life this way, you will find that these daily activities you are trying to introduce to your routine will get easier to accomplish in the long run.

Recommended: Setting Goals For 2012 – This Will Greatly Help, Seriously!

The importance of time management

If only we had more than 24 hours available daily, we would be able to accomplish much more in our lives, wouldn’t we?

Your time becomes shorter and more compressed with all activities imposed by the modern way of living, so these 24 hours seem more like 12 hours when you consider all responsibilities that are putting constant pressure on you. However, we have to accept the truth – you cannot change the length of a day, but you can make a mind-shift and learn how to allocate your time properly. If you approach your activities with the right time management strategy, you will understand that there is time for everything.

This is exactly where blogging can help you elevate your efficiency. Make a checklist and give yourself enough time to feel comfortable in the activities you are undertaking. For example, most bloggers like writing in the early mornings, when there is nothing else to take their attention away. You can also do this during the night, when you have already completed your daily checklist and there is no more weigh on your shoulders for the day, so you can take your time and set your creativity free while you are writing the blog.

While you are making the daily checklist and deciding which tasks to complete first, you should always start with the most spiteful and strenuous task, just to get it out of the way. By giving priority to these tasks, you will have most of the day stress-free. It is important to stay focused while completing that strenuous task. Don’t let anything distract you and don’t indulge yourself in less significant activities. Keeping to your objectives may be difficult at first, but it will become easier as you train your mind and teach it to stay occupied with your goals.

Setting deadlines

Deadlines are not a pleasant thing, but let’s face it: you cannot be prudent and punctual without setting deadlines. No matter how dreadful deadlines can be, they won’t present a threat for you if you learn how to manage your time properly. When you pre-define your goals, it will be easier for you to stay focused and stay on one task until it’s completed instead of deviating from one task to another. These shifts in your routine will make you a much more efficient person, both in your professional and personal life.

Conclusion: Blogging as a useful activity

Blogging is one of those daily activities that can make your life more balanced. It will help you stick to a proper daily routine by getting up earlier in the morning in order to write a blog, or finishing all your tasks early in order to leave time for blogging in the evening. There is no better use of time than blogging if you want to open your horizons and your mind. If you write your blogs in the morning, you will get a fresh start of the day and you will soon start seeing subtle, but important change in the way you perceive every-day things.

Alert: Your “Killer” Content is ACTUALLY Killing Your Content Marketing Efforts!

How many times have you heard that common copywriting advice about writing “killer” headlines or titles?  Of course, you know what I’m talking about. The one that goes somewhat like this: “If you want to make great impact with your marketing copy, write a killer headline!?”

How about the one that says you should spend 80% of your time on the headline or title and 20% on your main content – the 80/20 rule! – because the title is the most important part of your content?

You are familiar with those content writing tips, right?

Of course, I must agree that these are generally accepted content writing tips passed on to us by seasoned copywriters. However, may I inform you that simply putting together any piece of marketing content and stamping a “killer” headline on it will not help you achieve your dream result?

Truth is, you might have just packaged a “killer” with all the capabilities of KILLING your marketing efforts!

What do I mean?

Now listen to this:

Creating marketing content that is relevant and remarkable is beyond writing crafty headlines and titles. You must understand that content marketing as an inbound marketing technique, uses new content creation tactics aimed at attracting the right audience to your offers. It is not about trying to prize the sales from some reluctant prospect using covert headlines and titles but through using highly engaging, trust-building and thought-leadership content that employs the rules of inbound marketing content.

So, applying the 80/20 rule in creating your marketing content is nothing but “putting old wine in a new wine skin” – a sure path to failure!

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How to Create Killer Web Content!

Here Are 5 Signs That Your ‘Killer’ Marketing Content Is Indeed Killing Your Efforts!

1. No Target Audience

This is indeed the first sign that your marketing content will end up a failure. Your content could be of the highest quality, expertly written and accurate in details but without a specific target audience that content will definitely flop.

Every piece of marketing content should be written with a picture of your ideal customer or prospect in mind. Who are they? What are their needs? What are their biggest concerns? How do you aim to solve those needs and concerns with your marketing content? How best should you reach them? Etc.

To understand all of these it is important that you do some basic research. You should be able to know who really, is the most common buyer for your product or service. If possible, lay out a detailed description of this ideal customer.

This is what a buyer persona is all about.

Write without a target audience in mind and your content would indeed qualify as a “killer”!

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2. Content Not In Sync With Buying Cycle

Marketers agree that every prospect goes through a certain journey before making a purchase. This is the buying cycle or buying process. Target Your Prospect with Your ContentA typical buying cycle goes something like this:

(i)    Awareness

(ii)    Research

(iii)    Comparison, and

(iv)    Decision or purchase.

Each of these stages of the buying cycle requires different forms of content.

You need to identify the buying stage you want to target with your content before creating that content. This is important because if your “killer” content is not in sync with the prospect’s specific stage of decision making, it would as well be just a piece of entertainment – making the prospect feel great but without any tangible returns for you.

3. Not Optimized, Socially And SEO-Wise!

One thing that savvy marketers have come to realize is that writing content for the web is miles apart from conventional content writing. And one area where this difference is most noticeable is writing SEO optimized and SMM optimized content.

While SEO content ensures that your marketing content is optimized for the search engines, social media marketing optimization ensures that your social media updates are optimized to achieve the desired results on the platform you are using.

Unfortunately, many marketers or content writers never care about optimization and this is truly a grave mistake because without the right optimization tactics, any “killer” piece of content will end up driving the wrong type of traffic.

This is indeed a specialized area of web content writing. But the good news is that you can always get a professional SEO web content writer if you are challenged in this area. A professional will help you create the form of marketing content that will achieve your marketing purpose.

4. Does Not Engage Your Target Audience

What, in your own opinion, makes a marketing content a “killer”? Is it because you put the word ‘killer’ in the title? Is it simply because it is relevant to the subject discussed?

Make Your Content Highly Targeted!etAs much as these are good reasons, you must understand that without truly engaging the prospect, the content will have little impact. Prospects and customers do not want to simply hear from you, they want to engage with you. It is important therefore that in creating your marketing content you must find ways to make it create a sense of shared value with your target audience.

Like a seasoned orator, you should be able to empathize and resonate with your target audience making them more open to do what you want.

Using the basic conversation skill of empathy, your marketing content should be able to engage your prospects and lead them along until they click that button or link. Anything short of this will be a wasted piece of content.

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5. No Calls To Action

The CTA is one major aspect of a marketing content that many content writers easily overlook. But the truth is, the word “marketing” is what differentiates marketing content from other forms of content. Content marketing is nothing but using content to market your products and services therefore, writing your marketing content without any clear-cut “Call to Action” (CTA), is like a fisherman who throws out his net, encloses a big catch but refuses to pull it in!

For example: The author of this article is a Freelance Blogger and Professional SEO Content Writer. His passion and specialty is in the are of helping entrepreneur bloggers and small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) write web content that both engages your site visitors and is pleasing to the search engines.  Every of his content is designed to enhance your site’s search engine rankings, drive more traffic, increase your brand visibility and boost your site conversions.  If you desire truly ‘killer’ marketing content that will not jeopardize your marketing efforts, then visit his SEO content writing site and request your free quote today!

Did you see what I’ve just done here? That, is a typical CTA that can go with this article. You must make the best use of your marketing content. Warm up your target and then, tell them what to do next – your Call to Action!


Content marketing as an inbound marketing tactic is a new form of marketing that requires new rules and tactics. Trying to use out-dated and fragmented outbound marketing techniques to boost sales will only result in ruining your marketing efforts. Instead of depending on these outbound “killer” tactics, you will do your business much good if you will create your content using engagement tactics based on your understanding of your target audience and what they need. Know where they are in the buying cycle and use your piece of content to easily guide them along until they make that final decision.

Over to You: I’ll appreciate your thought on this post. Do you know any other killer mistake content marketers are making today with their web marketing content? Share with us in your comments.

How to effectively Write Content for SEO in a Post-Penguin Internet!

Write content for SEO?

Do you mean I should still waste my time on search engine optimization in the face of what Google is doing with its algorithm updates?

Is SEO still necessary in this era of Google Panda, Google Penguin, Google “Exact Match Domain” and all the talk about over optimization?

Is it not enough to simply write some great, quality content and wait for the traffic to come pouring in?

Writing Content for SEO is Still Very Important!

It is clear that many today are frustrated with Google and its many algorithm updates with many others concluding that SEO is dead! However, you need to get this straight, no matter what is happening, writing content for SEO is as important today as it was some three years ago!

For one, the search engines still remain the biggest sources of information online. Yes, many are, today using the social media sites to get the opinions of peers and friends but the search engines still occupy a very large position as information sources. This is not minding the storm blowing through the industry. Ignoring the search engines when you want to drive traffic to your e-commerce sites or blogs is therefore an un-wise decision as a business person.

Besides, the search engines still remains the biggest sources of free targeted traffic. If your business site or blog is professionally optimized and it ranks high on the search engines, you are not only sure of driving some of the most targeted traffic online but also doing so for free!

And, I truly love the sound of free!

Oh you do too? Lol!

So, you can see the importance of content for SEO?

Content for SEO - A super guide

SEO Is Not Dead; Still Write Your Content For SEO!

You must understand that Google is not in any way against SEO; Google is simply sanitizing the environment!

Right from the beginning, Google had always maintained that quality content and incoming links from highly relevant sites is the secret to ranking high on the search engines. But the problem over the years had been blackhat SEOs who instead of working by the rules decided to game the system creating poor, quality content and building fairly inexpensive links using linkfarms and private link networks.

But now, Google is saying, enough of blackhat SEO! So, what is dead or dying is blackhat SEO but search engine optimization as originally intended is still the same! There always have been and will continue to be one way to high search engine rankings and this is,

Creating fresh, high-quality, well-written valuable content that is optimized using the right keyword phrases and building high-relevant backlinks from the right websites.

You can quote me on that!

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So, the question is, if SEO is not dead and Google is not, in any way against optimizing your web content, how should webmasters and bloggers go about writing content for SEO and not fall under the hammer of Google Penguin?

How to Write Content for SEO in A Post-Penguin World!

1.    Commit To Quality And Value-Adding Content

Let me quickly dispel the wrong belief which many have swallowed hook, line and sinker over the years.

Content is not king; and never have been!

Before you throw stones at me, listen to this:

I can authoritatively say that the wrong notion that content is king is what has caused much of the problems of search engine optimization – article spinning, content scrapping, content farms and all the other automated content generating strategies that has over the years bedeviled the SEO industry, all were a result of this wrong understanding that content is king – the more the better!

But right now, Google is coming out clear that content is not king.

Did I hear you say, this is heresy?

Ok, let me make myself clear,

When Marketing online, VALUE and not CONTENT  is the real KING!

It is not a case of QUANTITY but QUALITY!

This is where many webmasters and bloggers have always gotten it wrong when writing content for SEO. Right now, if you want to rank high on the search engines and drive free targeted traffic to your sites and blogs, your content must be VALUABLE, of high quality and well optimized with the right keyword phrases.

The post-Penguin internet is the era of VALUABLE content. But beyond that, your content must have the ability to inform the search engines what your content is all about. And this is where identifying and using relevant keywords in your content comes in. it is the keywords you use that will ‘guide’ the search engines to know where to place your content  in their index.

Forget to use the right keywords and the search engines will be confused about where to place your content. The result? When someone uses the search engines to look for information, your valuable content will be missing from the SERPs!

So, value rules, but quality, SEO optimized content stands out tall. You must note this when writing your content for SEO.

Unfortunately, not many business persons or bloggers knows how to write SEO optimized content without making that content sound gibberish to the site visitors.

But that shouldn’t deter you if you are in this category.  Nothing stops you from getting the help of professional SEO content writers.

2.    Join The Guest Blogging Bandwagon, But…

Please, note that BUT because you will be the better for it if you do!

Agreed, guest blogging has become a norm amongst bloggers and it is presently the surest way of building backlinks – which as we have said, are necessary for high search rankings – so, you should become a guest blogger.

But, there is a problem which I want you to note very carefully…

Guest blogging is indeed a good way to build backlinks, especially if you guest post on blogs like the which is a ‘do-follow’ blog (If you want to guest post for us simply follow this link!), but guest blogging simply because of backlinks will ultimately harm you in this post-Penguin internet.

Did you just asked, how is this so?

Then listen and listen very well. Google’s Penguin update is a war against linkfarms and any other un-natural link building system aimed at garnering search engine favor. To understand this you must understand how Google look at links.

When Google introduced links as a ranking factor back in late 1990s and early 2000, Google considered the fact that a link from another site to your site is a VOTE of confidence coming from the linking site. Now, if you know what a vote is, you will understand what Google wants here. Remember that comes from our idea of election into political offices.

So, let’s use the big one of the moment, the forth-coming United States elections.

What do you think President Barrack Obama or Gov. Mitt Romney should do to win the elections?

Convince the United States citizens to give them their votes, right? But what if they decide to use some undemocratic ways to get those votes? That’s against the rules right?

It is just the same with guest blogging. Remember, you are sort of paying for those links with your guest post. The only way they are different from other un-natural link paying strategies is that the host blogger agrees to the links because of your guest post!

So, how can you justify that link? One, provide value in your guest posts and two, guest post only on related blogs! This way, Google Penguin will be able to look at your links and give them a pass mark.

So, use guest blogging to build backlinks but make sure those links earn their true value.

I really hope I could give you some tips here on how you can achieve all you want with your guest posts, but this space will not be enough. So, I will ask you to download a free copy of my special report The Wordsmith’s Guest Blogging Manifesto! you will definitely thank me for it!

[UPDATE: While I was writing this I never knew Matt Cutts of Google did something in line with my thoughts on guest blogging. But following Veer Modi’s comment (see comment below) I went searching for “Google’s view on guest blogging for links” and I picked up this video done by Matt Cutts. Please watch it and see that my thoughts on this subject are not far from what Google is thinking! :)]

3.    Make Your Content Sharable

The third point I will advocate for writing content for SEO in the post-Penguin internet is to ensure that you make it easy for your blog readers or site visitors to share your content. You can do this by simply adding sharing buttons on your articles and blog posts.  If you are using the WordPress blogging platform, adding social media buttons and bookmarking buttons on your posts is simply a matter of choosing a plugin and you are set up!

Placing social media share buttons on your sites and blogs is not just about promoting your content on social media sites. Google and many other search engines are already using social signals for ranking sites. So, your expertly written SEO content will have more chances of ranking high if your blog readers or site visitors find your content valuable and they decide to share the content with their social contacts.

The more shares your content receives will determine, to a great extent, your SEO rankings. However, if there are no options to share your content; your valuable content would simply lose that opportunity to gain some power on the search engines!


Writing content for SEO in the post-Penguin era is not really some rocket science. You simply need to listen to Google and understand what the search engines want from you which is nothing but creating fresh, high-quality and valuable content, optimized using the right keyword phrases and building high-relevant backlinks to your content. If you write your web content with these in mind, ranking high and driving targeted free organic traffic from the search engines will be a child’s play to you!

Alright, that’s my watertight strategy for creating content for SEO in these times of Google Panda, Google Penguin and who knows what is coming next!

Share with us your thoughts on this strategy. Do you think this is ok? Are you using it right now?

Exact-Match Domain Algorithm Update: What Is Google Really Up To?

Once again, the SEO world has been thrown into another confusion following the release of yet another major Google algorithm change.  Referring to it as a “Minor Whether Report,” Matt Cutts said the purpose is to crack down on low quality exact match domains and prevent them from showing up so highly in the search results.

Before now, the search engines have given priority to domain names that are rich in keywords. For example, if you have a domain name like and someone else has something like; now if the person with the second domain write an article on, let’s say, “15 tips to save hair loss!” no matter how good your article is, the search engine will give priority to the first domain when considering relevancy!

But now that has changed.

Google Exact-Match Domain update

EDM Is Not Related To Panda and Penguin Updates!

The release of the exact-match domain update is a clear indication that Google is ready to touch every area of search engine optimization that SEOs have over the years abused.  Matt was very clear that this latest update has nothing to do with Panda or Penguin updates.

You do remember that that while Panda was aimed at fighting low quality content; Penguin was aimed at fighting web spam. Now, EDM is targeted at low quality exact-match domains!

But What Is Google Really Up To With These Updates?

As expected whenever, Google releases any update the SEO world goes agog with those badly hit complaining. But should we really blame Google for what they are doing? Is it not the SEOs are bringing troubles upon their own heads?

Of course, all of these updates are coming as a result of complains from users.  For a long time, many have questioned why exact domain matches rank well when they shouldn’t. I think this update has answered this question.

As I have always said, Google is helping all of us to have a better web experience. Indeed, Google have its business success in mind but as long as all of us benefit from it, I think Google should be encouraged.

Quality Content Will Definitely Rule For A Long Time!

Google is again showing us that the internet is about information not just any information but quality information. And for that, search engine optimization must be done the right way.  Quality content writing must not be sacrificed on the altar of SEO. If you are marketing online then providing quality content that will be useful to your site visitors is a must.

It is unfortunate that most of the time when these updates are released, the worst hit are always e-commerce sites. Why? Because, many depend heavily on SEO companies who do nothing but push in target keyword phrases into places like the domain name, page url, meta description, the first and last paragraph of a content and then push round it off with some heavy back linking tactics using keyword-rich anchor texts!

If you consider that carefully you will discover that all through it all, the emphasis has always been the target keyword phrase.

But it is time for the wise e-commerce site owner to make a change. Instead of just hiring SEOs (who depend mostly on grey-hat and black-hat SEO tactics) e-commerce site owners should, as a matter of urgency, go for professional SEO content writers who will help them  craft quality web content  that will appeal to both their human site visitors and the search engines.

Besides, those that have not added a blog to their sites should do so or find other ways of adding new content to their sites regularly rather than depending on link building networks and spammy blog comments!

Does This Mean Keywords Are No More Relevant?

Far from it! Keywords still remains how people search on Google. The only thing is that in writing web content you will need to know how to match quality and keyword optimization. The exact-match domain update does not mean that sites with keywords they hope to rank for in their domain names are now doomed.

What Google is looking out for here is low quality sites that want to ride high on the search engines on the basis of their exact-match domains! If you can get a good exact-match domain name and then provide real good quality content on that site, Google will love you for it. However, pushing for exact-match domain today when you want to buy a new domain name is not really relevant anymore. The rules of the game have changed and it will do you some good to listen!

A Personal Example

Let me relate a personal experience here.

A few months ago when I decided on setting up a separate site for my web content writing service, I had a few ideas for a domain name; after doing some keyword research. To my surprise however, every one of the about 8 different domain name ideas I picked on were all, “unavailable!”

I couldn’t believe it. For about 3 days, I was researching keyword after keyword and going back to check the availability of each suggestions but again and again everyone returned “unavailable!”

I was actually looking for a keyword rich exact-match domain name because that has always been the right way to go SEO-wise!

After wasting 3 – 5 days trying to get the perfect exact domain name for my content writing service site, I had to go for, remaining the word “writer” and putting in “scribe.” I’m happy that with just about two months and with just about 7 blog posts, the site is ranking well for its target keyword phrase!

Here is a graphic of the site at #6 for the keyword phrase “seo web content writing service” out of 34,700,000 results!

web writing site SERP graphic
Exact-Match Domain Update Take Away!

If you were hit by the exact-match domain update, don’t lose heart. Implement the suggestions on this post. Remember, the update is about quality, so find ways of making your site a good experience for your site visitors. More importantly before doing anything take some time to evaluate what has really happened and then plan an approach that will make the search engines love your site again.

Share your thoughts with us: As usual I will love to know what you think of this Google exact-match domain update. Were my ramblings in any way helpful? Speak your mind in the comments below.