Make Money Blogging: Take Your Blog to the Next Level with These 8 Simple Tips!

In the last few years more and more people have continued to turn to the internet as a source for a second or a primary income. Of these number, reports indicate that those who want to make money online blogging are increasing by the day.

Unfortunately, most of those who want to make money blogging soon find themselves running round in circles and never making any headway. Many struggle for years without making any reasonable income from their blogs.

But this shouldn’t be so. As blogger it’s expected that you should continue to improve and become better – the more you improve as a blogger, the more your income will improve! However, this is where many get it wrong.  They have the wrong notion that making money blogging is all about starting a blog and writing “good” content. But that is just the foundation. If you want to make more from your blog you need to take it to the next level.

GOOD NEWS:  There are a few things you can do to improve yourself as a blogger that will help you make more money from your blog.

BAD NEWS: The things you need to do demand time and effort. Yes, some of them are simple but others are complex!

QUESTION:  Are you ready to put in the time and effort required to take your blog to the next level so you can make more money as a blogger?

If you answer yes to this question then read on because the eight ideas discussed below will all help you to the plane of earning more income from your blog starting today. Depending on your position right now, you could choose the ones that you think are most applicable to you and your situation, and then push on from there.

Ready? Then read on…

Mak money blogging tips

How to Become Blogger and Make More as a Blogger

1. Make Your Work More Shareable

If you want to become a better blogger, your work needs to be more widely read. The only way to discover new opportunities is to have your work read. This can then lead to offers and jobs as a blogger. But you should focus, first of all, on thinking about how to increase the amount of traffic your blog gets.

The best way to do this is to make your work more shareable. Add images to the work you post on social media. And ensure that there is a share button for all the major social media platforms at the bottom of each post. This makes it much easier for people to share your writing with friends and followers.

2. Give Yourself More Time to Write

Time is always an important factor for bloggers. If you don’t have enough of it, then it’s hard to improve your writing and blogging skills. You should do whatever it takes to create time for your writing and then stick to the schedule you have in place.

One of the ways you can do this is by setting aside time to write. If you set aside an amount of time in which you can write each day, your writing will improve massively. People say that practice makes perfect, and it really is true. You can’t improve at anything unless you spend time on it. That’s how you make mistakes and learn from them. Even if you only have 30 minutes a day to dedicate to writing, it’s worth it. And of course, the results will soon show in your blogging income.

3. Commit to Your Blog

You need to have a direct commitment to your blog as well. Your blog can only be a success if it is updated regularly. It often seems like 99% of blogs out there have been abandoned. And there is nothing worse than finding a blog that you love, only to discover that it hasn’t been updated for months. This instantly puts visitors off. And they won’t keep coming back to see if you post anything else. Once they get the impression that the blog is inactive, they simply won’t come back again.

Keep your blog active, and never go more than a couple of weeks without posting on it.

4. Add Something Extra to Each Post

Variety can be a huge asset when you are trying to keep your blog fresh and popular. So, why not try adding something fresh and new to your posts each time you write something. It could be a different writing style, a new layout or a new way of integrating and using graphics. It’s entirely up to you which you choose, but do make the effort to add new things. It’s a good way of keeping people interested; it simply stops them getting bored of what you’re doing. There are all kinds of interesting features, such as reader polls, that can be taken advantage of.

How to blog with authority

5. Write Guest Posts

As a blogger, you should think about branching out occasionally. This can be a smart move when you are looking to progress and reach larger audiences. Guest blogging can be the best thing to do when you’re in that kind of situation. It offers you the chance to write posts for other blogs. That can mean exposing your writing to an entirely new audience. And, if you’re lucky, some of them might like what you write and check out your blog. It’s something that can be really beneficial to you as a writer.

If you want to know which sites to write for, go to Guest Post Tracker's list of sites.

BONUS: Check out my detailed guide on guest blogging success here!

6. Get the Length Right

As you mature as a blogger, you will start to learn the importance of getting the post length right. If you ramble on for too long, people will get disinterested. That’s not what you want. But if your posts don’t go into enough depths when discussing complex issues, this can disappoint readers too.

There is no one answer to this problem. You simply have to look at each situation and decide which post length is best. You will get to know what your readers want by looking at the figures. If long posts aren’t as successful, then maybe you should stick to the shorter ones.

7. Write with Authority

People want to know that they are reading something that has been written by someone who knows what they’re talking about. If they don’t feel like the writer is writing with authority, then they will look elsewhere for the information they’re looking for.

The solution?

You need to write with authority, and don’t be afraid to show off the knowledge that you do possess!

You have to be willing to give people what they want. If you can’t, then maybe you should think about learning more about what you’re writing about before you start typing up the post.

8. Make the Blog’s Layout Look Great

When people head over to your blog, they’re not just interested in what you’re writing. They will also take the actual blog itself into account. If the blog looks old-fashioned and poorly designed, they might stop reading before they’ve even started. So, make sure that the design is modern and fresh.

And you should also ensure that every post is easy to read…

That means getting the colors and the font just right. Simple, clear fonts, combined with contrasting colors, are always best. If you try to complicate things, then it can easily backfire on you.


Building a blog to make money blogging is simple indeed but what will bring the truly success requires your time and effort. Go beyond what the average blogger is doing with these simple tips and you will see your blog making you more money online.

Of course, these tips are not exhaustive. So why not share a few of your tips with us in your comments below?





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  2. Great ideas on making money blogging. With content marketing being such a big part of peoples online marketing strategy there is always a need for good guest bloggers who can provide awesome content.

  3. Great ideas on making money blogging. With content marketing being such a big part of peoples online marketing strategy there is always a need for good guest bloggers who can provide awesome content.

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