How Promote Your Business With Google SEO for Local Businesses

Search engine optimization for local business starts with optimizing the geographical address of your business. Google places, city search address. The very basic SEO settings include keyword setup, videos of your local business and city keyword optimization. The keyword phrase example ” local small business seo” may be set below your title which is the name of your local business and a tag of services. Example: “ SEO services” gives a descriptive name and your company identity.

Promoting your business with Google SEO!

SEO for local business is an affordable way to achieve search engine results without huge SEO costs or optimization. The thing to be aware of is the time factor you will need to optimize your local listings and keep them up to date, this can be a daily chore. Do you hire a local SEO consultant or try to do it yourself?

When you are looking to hire a local seo firm for your business, just type in Google “local search engine optimization” and hundreds of company's will be listed. However, hiring an SEO firm that is actually located in you city may be the best strategy. Why is this? The local seo company can use social media to optimize your twitter account, if you use the local tweet feature your listings automatically appear in your area. If your seo social media company is outside of your local area many social media websites and local directories will ignore the query.

If you decide to do your own local SEO you run into the cost vs your time situation where you are spending more time optimizing your website for local businesses than spending time on your own actual services. The balance between cost effective local search engine optimization and Google local listing optimization is the amount of time you personally have to do local SEO yourself.

Deciding to employ the proper top SEO for local searches in your city is based on pricing and client conversion and lead sales. In order to make sense of your internet marketing budget you need to look at the ratio of clients which can be pulled from internet marketing local search and how much revenue is attained by local search engine optimization.

If the SEO company provides social media marketing service like twitter , facebook, digg, youtube and myspace optimization so much the better. With over 300 other social media websites this will also help making a decision as to what SEO, internet marketing, social media agency to work with. Social media can bring in many leads and help with local business internet marketing optimization.

Regarding reputation management, local review websites such as yahoo local, Google places, Google hotpot, yelp or makemeheal offer ratings of local businesses such as attorneys, lawyers, doctors, chiropractors, eye surgeons, plastic surgeons and other professions.

Local search engine optimization firms need to monitor these websites to watch out for competitor remarks being posted. On a lot of these review websites for local businesses there is no moderation so you need to be aware. If your local SEO company is not providing reputation management all the best local SEO strategies will diminish due to clients turning away from the bad or negative reviews posted.

If you wish to monitor and flag comments in your local SEO optimization make sure you know all the issues involved. Example, do not try to post false reviews as the local review website can see if you are posting about yourself and this is a serous issue.

All in all to perform strategic internet marketing for your local business would take many hours a day depending on how far you want your website to rank in Google. Local business listings and search terms in your city need to be looked at almost every day. If you feel you can spend this time or give some of the duties to a co worker you can learn internet marketing yourself.

Remember this does not include time for social media marketing which now with hundeds of websites to join, monitor and optimize, may take many extra hours a week, just to get started. Local SEO can still be minimally optimized by yourself but will you even get the client leads you need and after all the time you have spent. You need to look at the return on investment.

The best option may be to hire a local seo firm that meets your economical requirements and brings in at least ten to twenty percent new clients to your business. If you are a doctor lawyer or attorney simply add up the monetary amount ten percent will bring to you and look for a local SEO company which will fall under your budget requirements.


  1. Dennis Edell@ Direct Sales Marketing

    Excellent Michelle! I’ve ignored all this local stuff up to now, but recently I’ve had several business ideas for my local.
    This might be a stupid question for the more experienced, but just how local can good optimization go?
    I live in a town on Long Island in NY. I have ideas for both LI as a whole, right down to my home town.

    1. Chadrack

      Hi Dennis,

      Ok, I know this question is for Michelle but let me offer some answer 🙂

      The truth is that local SEO can go as local as you wish depending on your offer. For example if you’re promoting a service business, you may want to restrict you’re offer to those who are around you locality. In a situation like that you simply target your seo using local terms. However, if you want a wider coverage then open up your reach by using a wider range of keywords.

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