Affiliate Income Strategy: How To Quickly Double Your Income In 2013

Let’s roll the ball and make more money. Are you ready?   Affiliate marketing income

Does this sound familiar, you wake up early in the morning, logged into your affiliate account expecting to see orders.

But to your greatest surprise, you found $0.0000?

As if that wasn’t enough, you kept a positive outlook, and waited for three months. Still, you didn’t make any money.

What am I not doing right? You kept asking yourself. The truth is, you’re not alone.

I’ve been an affiliate marketer for over 3 years, even before I became a freelance writer.

The frustrations are enormous. It could make someone go insane – after all, you’ve worked hard enough. You deserve to make money online.

Focus On The Right Stuff

Call me crazy for what I’m about to say. You didn’t make enough money from the affiliate offers you’re promoting because you were focusing on the wrong stuffs.

The moment I realized this, I began to see results pretty fast. By results, I don’t mean $1000 per day as advertised by so-called gurus. But I’ve earned $110.23 per day from my affiliate marketing efforts.

So, What Exactly Are You Missing?

“You’re desperate for money!”

Did you know that out of desperation, you can make a lot of mistakes? It’s obvious. People who make money online have mastered the art of giving value.

You can’t cast a magic spell on money because it doesn’t answer to that. The only thing that matters is what you’re offering to the market.

I’ve seen people with viable and hot affiliate products fail woefully. The problem isn’t the product or the product owner, but the marketer failed to provide value. As a content marketer, I understand that when your mind isn’t relaxed, you can’t produce quality content. True or false?

You’d end up infusing your pain and frustration into the content – thereby losing its juice. Such content can’t speak to people’s need or solve a problem. It’s the type that gets slapped by Google Panda or Snake. He he!

The more value you provide, the more money you make. Let me quickly show you how to deliver great value and make more money with affiliate marketing.

Build Premium Email List

Don’t get this mixed up; there is a BIG difference between collecting email leads for your business and building a premium email list.

The word “premium” means high quality. In other words, the only way to double your affiliate commission is when your subscribers are responsive. If you haven’t heard that “the money is in the list,” you’re living under a rock.

But allow me to paraphrase that statement, “The money is in the relationship you’ve established with those who joined your list.” And the list bait (e-book, software, membership access et al) you’re using must not be FREE. I mean it, don’t give away free stuffs.

That’s a BIG mistake which has kept several people from meeting their affiliate marketing goals. You don’t expect people to buy what you’re promoting with ease, when you didn’t offer value in the first place. If you must give away stuffs in exchange for leads, ensure that it’s “premium.”

What Does That Mean?

Ideally, you should buy the product you intend to promote as an affiliate. This way, you can read and discover the “strengths” and “weaknesses” of the product.

You can also take screenshots of the member area and use for your review. If you do all of these, your conversion rate would increase. Guaranteed!

But if you can’t afford the product, you should contact the product owner and ask for details. You could even test the product.

It depends on how well you communicate with the owner. He or she would be glad to help you out – the more sales you bring, the more money he makes. It’s a win/win situation for both of you.

Give away a short report, e-book or 5-minute video that can educate potential buyers. When you allow people to glance through the paid product at no cost, they’d be more than willing to get the full product.

That’s my secret and it’s never failed – it works pretty well. This kind of giveaway is unique, and speaks of value to people who actually subscribed. They’d thank you for giving them access to the product, before asking for their hard earned money.

Eliminate The Dollar Mindset, Earn More!

To a large extent, when you unveil the good and ugly aspects of any affiliate product, you’d double the conversion rate by 203% or more.

I was surprised that potential buyers still felt comfortable when I told them that the product would take time to bring results. Rather than making false claims and cunning people, I decided to come out as an honest person. You should be honest, too.

When you eliminate the dollar mindset, you’d earn more. Because, now your product reviews would take on a new cap. You’d be concerned about people and their needs.

Of course, you still want people to purchase the product – but that’s not your #1 priority/focus. You want to build a lasting relationship with buyers, so that in the nearest future, they can become an asset when you launch your own product.

Stop Holding Back

Create a separate landing page for the product you’re affiliated to.

This way, you can channel quality traffic to the page, build a premium list and begin to spoon-feed subscribers with rich, valuable and friendly content.

Second, understand that no affiliate product/program is 100% perfect. If you assert that yours is, it’s a slap on the buyers’ face because you’re lying.

Stop hoarding vital information that can help people make buying decisions. It’s your turn to build a system that will generate income even when you’re asleep.

See you ahead!

[This is a guest post by Michael Chibuzor a Freelance writer and content marketer for T3leads. Check out the T3leads payday affiliate program to make some extra money in 2013.]


  1. Aasma

    Hi Michael,

    I’m not sure how can you utilize your email list to promote affiliate products. You can’t bluntly ask your list to buy/purchase any product or service. What type of approach you use which ensure maximum output? I would be grateful if you can answer my query.

    1. Michael Chibuzor

      @Aasma, It’s a vital question Aasma. Before you can send an affiliate product for your list members to buy, you MUST first and foremost RELATE with them. They should know you in person, not as a marketer who wants to make money and run away, but as someone who cares and truly love them.

      Having 10,000+ subscribers on your list, might not make you any money, but if 100 persons like, trust and believe in whatever you say (it must be legit and valuable), then you can recommend a product to them.

      We don’t call this selling, we call it content marketing. I hope this helps?

    2. Chadrack

      @Michael Chibuzor,

      I agree with you 100%. Affiliate marketing is not really about selling. As an affiliate marketer, you position is that of a friend helping another friend. I simply recommend products or services you know will be of great help to your contact lists. And for them to trust that your recommendations are worth it, there should be that trust element. It is therefore important to build that trust before you recommend any product or service.

      However, I will like to say building relationships with your email list is only a subset of content marketing. Content marketing is a whole lot wider than just email marketing.Content marketing comprises of piece of content you will ever create. The value you create in your blog posts, site content, free reports etc. will determine the success you will produce with your email marketing campaigns.

      Besides, one other thing that will ensure your email marketing efforts produce the right results, is that any product or service you recommend should be targeted. This means you don’t just recommend any product because you know you will be able to make some good commission from it. It should be something that is related to what the list is about in the first place. So, if you want to use your email list to promote an affiliate product, you should build a list that is related to that product.

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