Driving Targeted Traffic: How to Put Your Traffic Generation on Steriods in Five Easy Steps!

So, you need more targeted traffic, right?

Yes, driving targeted traffic to your site is important but you need a definite guide that works. If you go about web traffic generation in a mediocre way, you're going to attract a bunch of unqualified traffic that eats up your bandwidth. Doing business online costs money and time, if you must enjoy the fruit of your labor, you need “targeted traffic” that love your offers.

What's the need of sending traffic to your site, when it won't convert, subscribe or simply click a tiny Google AdSense Ad – you've got to think again on how this all works to bring you money. I'm in business to make profit – I don't know about you but if you agree with that, let me show you the five important steps required to drive targeted traffic.

Driving targeted traffic


1. Have A Goal in Paper

Don't have a goal in mind, have it in paper! Does this look like a step? Absolutely, it's the innate step that changes everything. If you don't set goals on how much traffic you need, the quality of that traffic and how to take action, you're heading for failure. Once you map out your goal, you must make it realistic. I see a lot of beginners to internet marketing claim they receive over 1000 visitors weekly.

Well, if an expert made that claim, maybe I can give it the benefit of doubt. I know that affiliates can send much more than that – but for beginners, you must set your goals realistically. If you were to explain your traffic generation goals to a 2-year old, would he understand and agree with you?

Ask that question and write down your answer. Now, let's move on to the next important step.

2. Research Your Key phrases Deeply

Success online, especially with search engines, is not via keywords. Keywords don't send you traffic, but keyphrases does. I can't remember the last time I searched on Google for the word “traffic.” I usually type a long tail phrase like “how to improve my traffic.” These are terms you should target if Google is to send you hot targeted traffic everyday.

So, instead of researching keywords, research terms that are longer, terms that make sense and have a decent search volume monthly. Although, Google keyword tools is recommended but it does have its flops. Don't totally believe the stats, simply target terms that have decent local searches, and remember to check your “exact” section.

It's better to be 9% right than being 98% wrong. Bear that in mind!

3. Make Your Web Pages Google Friendly

I prefer driving traffic from the search engines. My reason is simple, people who search for information via Google and other search engines are targeted. It's quite different when a visitor comes via referral sites. They may not be targeted at all.

Ask yourself, when you've a problem that needs solution, where do you go first? I bet it's Google. That tells you that the real responsive prospects you need on your site are busy searching and visiting web pages from Google. You need to position your web pages so that it would be found and rewarded. If you fail in optimizing your web pages, none of your content is going to get viewed.

That's why on-page SEO is crucial. On your blog posts, link back to your old posts to make them strong, Google loves this knowing fully well that you've not neglected your old posts. If you don't neglect them, Google won't.

4. Write Quality Contents That is Natural

There are so many quality contents online, but few are written in a natural state. What does it mean to write naturally? Well, I will tell you. Let's take this instance: If I'm your friend and you were writing a letter to me, how do you write?

I'm sure you're going to write so natural as if I'm with you. You call me sweet names (nick name), tease me and even recommend what you saw the last time you visited the web. It's the same thing, on the internet, Google spider expects you to write as though your “prospective customer” is standing next to you.

Don't write your content with the mindset of publishing it later – getting Google to index before traffic comes. You won't be natural no matter how great the content is. Just write and expect the person reading it to smile, link back to the content and expect more. That's what marketing is all about – pleasing your customers and converting them into repeated buyers.

When writing for the web, don't be overly keyword-oriented. Write as natural as you can. If the keywords needs to appear within your content, then insert it in a natural way. If it's not ideal to include any keyphrase, especially the ones that are odd, stay clear.

5. Focus On Relevant Backlinks Only

After the recent Google panda updates, a lot of sites suffered and that's a warning to unscrupulous content writers. The importance of backlinks to improving your ranking cannot be over-emphasized but you need to do it well.

Gone at the days when huge backlinks plays a vital role in raising your pagerank, today, what you need the most is relevant, quality backlinks from niche sites. Does that make any sense?

Relevant, Quality, Niche Sites.

Niche sites are those sites that share similar content like your site or blog. For instance, if you get a natural backlink from a gardening blog, assuming your blog is gardening tools and tips, that link carries a great weight. Even though the niche blog is PR 1 or less, it still counts as being relevant. So, stop wasting your time on building thousands of backlinks, focus your energy on quality, it's the best route to tour.

All in all, with the above 5 important steps, your traffic generation endeavors would be on steroids, if you discipline yourself to abide by them. But remember, it's action that makes the whole difference – Take Action today and enhance your online business.



  1. Nick Lawless@Instant Profit People

    Hi Michael,

    This is a great list with some good tips. I find it really interesting how google often changes their ranking criteria (like how you mentioned the Panda update). It can be really frustrating and I’ve seen people go from page one to page 3 overnight – its cost their business a lot!

    My mentor and coach uses social media to drive traffic and I think that this is often an over looked part. In fact he is about to launch a new product purely on the back of social media marketing!

    Everyone spends so much time pleasing google but then all that work can be flushed in seconds.

    While it is important and the tips above are very helpful I recommend that people also invest in social media marketing!


  2. Russell Davison

    Hello Michael,

    Thanks for the post. I agree with you that goals should be written down. They should also be Specific, Measurable, Acheivable, Results oriented, and Time bound.

    Your point on targeted traffic is a good one. I’m guilty of visiting a couple of dozen blogs every month and commenting because I like the content and have empathy with the author. They have nothing to do with the subject matter of my sites. I need to be a little more mercenary and liaise with sites like my own to attract targeted readers. Thanks.

    1. Chadrack

      @Russell Davison,

      I can understand that part about being guilty of visiting just a couple of dozen blogs every month. But, apart from the fact that they are not related to your site’s subject, I think there are some advantages in really building some solid relationship with those dozen blogs. In the long run that can also turn out beneficial.

  3. Nicholas Scott@Media release

    If you are new to online business you are probably thinking that you need more traffic to succeed, but the fact is that in order to succeed, you need targeted traffic. Targeted traffic and targeted visitors are more likely to buy something, subscribe to your newsletter or opt in for any type of service you offer as they already expressed their interest in your niche.

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