The Untold Truth About Web Hosting That Every WordPress Blogger Must Know!

What do you know about you web host? Or put differently, what did you take into consideration in choosing your present website host?

I know web hosting is not a glamorous topic to write on and therefore you will find very less mention of it in blog posts. But why is this so?

Frankly, there are a number of reasons but top most in the list is the fact that many bloggers take web hosting for granted. Bloggers who use WordPress are even less likely to know about this subject. But that is really unfortunate as you could run into unexpected problems along the way.

[Editor’s note: The problem I had with the WebIncomeJournal a few weeks ago was a problem that has to do with web hosting. Before now I thought a simple reseller hosting account was good enough for a decent blog. But the sad experience opened my eyes to the limitations of shared hosting. I think you should really pay careful attention to this article. Let it motivate you to do some more research before you choose your next web host!]

Web hosting and BloggersOk, so what should you know about your web host and why? Let’s discuss this briefly.

1. What Are The Technical Specifications Of Your Web Server?

By technical specifications I mean server capacity, communication backbone, datacenter in which the server is located, data backup facility, number of sites hosted on the server, RAM and location.

The location of your server is important. If you expect your visitors to come from US, your server must also be located there. There is no point having a low cost host located at Korea since user experience deteriorates with distance.

The datacenter in which your server is located is also a factor to be considered. Some datacenters directly connect to high speed internet backbone which speeds up data transfer considerably. Datacenters must be physically secured and must provide incremental backup facility. You must remember that your data is the most critical element and should not be compromised under any circumstances. Physical and electronic security is therefore a must.

Most of us merely look at the amount of server space allotted to us. A typical WordPress client would need not more than a few Gigabits of space. RAM capacity which is more important factor is surprisingly ignored by us. Most of the outrages occur due to insufficient RAM. In one case I remember that  I lost all my data because of it. Most web host providers do not supply this information and have to be coeaxed into divulging it.

2. One Click Installation of WordPress

I would consider this necessary for any web host. Most of us, I mean bloggers, don’t know technology and consider it unnecessary. Tech guys understand this and have provided for one click installation of WordPress. I would avoid any host who doesn’t explicitly provide for this. In addition, I have noticed that many bloggers have more than one blog. Your web host must be able to provide for multiple WordPress installations which you can manage from a single dashboard. Automatic upgrades must also be available.

3. Managing WordPress File Transfer through FTP

In many instances php files are not visible through WordPress interface. In such a situation, you must be able to upload and transfer files through FTP. Though you may not encounter this problem often, it’s important to have a good FTP client for file transfer.


In addition to usual server specifications, WordPress users must ask for more information from their web host. Though price is a major consideration for most bloggers, it must not be the sole factor while deciding on a web host provider.

Ultimately, WordPress users must be able to install, use and upgrade their installation with ease. Remember that bloggers have to blog and not battle with technology.

Over to you: What was your consideration in choosing your web host? Have you ever had a problem with your web host? Share your experience with us in your comments below.

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