Circus Elephants, Distorted Beliefs and Entrepreneurial Success – Charting Your Path to Stardom!

Why is it that many who desires the internet life style never realize that dream?

Why is it that only a few businesses succeed even when their owners are enthusiastic, passionate and resilient?

Or better still, what is really the basic root cause why many wannabe internet millionaires struggle from year to year barely breaking even?

Ever thought about this?

Ok, I have.  After about 7+ years online and after a careful study, I’ve come to realize that this problem is rooted basically on…

Trying to build an online business with the wrong mindset – misconceptions, mistaken thoughts, false beliefs, and flawed points of view – about building a business on the net!

A wrong mindset is basically the limiting factor which castrates and shackles a business before it ever gets off the ground.


Nothing new really, but come to think of it, have you ever asked, what is this mindset (flawed thinking), how does it affect me and how do I change it? Probably not. But not to worry, that is the purpose of this post, I’ll give you a specific example of a flawed thinking about business online and how you can break away from it. But first, an example of how a wrong mindset can become a prison cell!

Circus Elephants and the Limiting Power of a Wrong Mindset

Elephants and the limiting power of a wrong mindset!

I don’t know about you but personally, I’ve always wondered how those huge circus elephants were held in one place with just a chain and a small stake in the ground despite that they are big and strong animals! I've always been amazed watching them uproot trees with their trunks.

But these same gigantic elephants are restrained by just a simple stake and a chain! It's simply unbelievable.

Why don’t they exert their strength and pull out the stakes so they can simply walk away?

To me, it was a big puzzle until I learned of how these elephants were trained.  It is very clear that the trainers understand the power of the mind.

The elephants are first chained to the stakes when they are calves, at a time when they had no enough strength to break free. Of course, initially they struggle to pull out the stakes but can’t. Then after several attempts and failing to free themselves, it becomes entrenched in their minds that those chains and stakes are too strong for them to break loose from. That as long as that tug on their legs remains, there was never going to be any escape!

Once this belief is accepted, they stop trying and never attempt to break away,  not even when they have grown up and their strength is increased! When this happens, the elephants are no more prisoners to the chains but to their distorted mindset.

This is a good example of the limiting power of a wrong belief. And as an entrepreneur you could be limited by what you belief. It doesn’t matter your business niche, if your mindset is wrong, if you have flawed points of view about that business, you will be limited.

A Strategic Mindset Shift Necessary for Entrepreneurial Success

Now consider the following two groups of online entrepreneurs and decide on which divide you want to be:

1. Opportunity Seekers

This group are always in search of the latest hot opportunity – the latest business in a box, the latest untapped method to making millions online, the latest killer strategy, or just anything that promises the secret shortcut to making millions online!

The mindset prevalent in this group goes something like, if only I can jump in on the “latest hot thing” before anyone else, I’ll become successful! The result? They are willing to pay anything to get their hands on the latest hot idea or strategy.

Are you in this group?


2. Opportunity Creators

Entrepreneurs who are prepared to open their minds and eyes so they can create opportunities from the problems around them.

I don’t know if you have observed this but I see it in every salesletter I’ve ever read online. Just read any salesletter with an open mind and you will see it.

One common story in every salesletters is how, after years of struggling from one opportunity to the other, the product or service creator finally discovered his “secret key!” and of course, he knows it will help you and so he offers it to you to buy into!

Enticing right? Of course, why struggle to create your own system when you can buy into his opportunity and enjoy the benefits?

These two groups of entrepreneurs are on the internet every day. One goes looking for opportunities while the other positions himself offering the “right” opportunity!

So, How Can You Step Out Of One and Step into the Other?

The answer is in a simple switch in your mindset. Jettison the consumer mentality (always buying into opportunities) and imbibe the producer mindset (creating opportunities).

And doing this is not really a big problem as many would think. What it takes is learning to focus on your target market in order to find a void you can fill. It could be a frustration that is being overlooked by other businesses or that is being serviced in a careless, perfunctory, unresponsive and thoughtless way.  It doesn’t matter the number of businesses already servicing that market, you can design your business to solve the frustration in a better, faster, more convenient, or cheaper way.

Remember it’s not about squeezing enough money out of people in the fastest time possible but about making someone else's life better.  Make a difference in the lives of your potential customers and success will come easy.

Take away

Your success as an entrepreneur depends greatly on your mindset. You need to switch from being a solution seeker to a solution provider. Having the mindset of a solution provider will help you see situations that are dying to be fixed, changed, reinvented, or transformed.  It's a totally new and original way of thinking and finding it is finding the true seed to online success.

As usual, I love to read and respond to your comments. So, post them in the comment section below.

  1. Hi Chadrack,

    Hear hear!

    I hadn’t ever considered this subject in quite the succinct way you have expressed it! This is a huge lightbulb moment for me, just thinking about the difference between a seeker and a creator of opportunity.

    Awesome contrast on these 2 very different mindsets. And I must say that I absolutely agree. How we have calibrated our mind has such great and far reaching implications (many of which are OVERT) on our businesses and subsequent success levels.

    I think that understanding this is the best way people can attempt to flip the switch and become the provider of opportunity from within a new core belief system which is congruent with the intended outcome!

    Thank you!!

    Cat Alexandra

    • @Cat Alexandra,

      Lightbulb moment? Glad to hear that! I truly think that if only we can fully appreciate the power of our mind and put it to the right use we will not only astound ourselves but also help make the world better.

      And about flipping the switch, it’s not really everyone that is ready for it. It’s only the prepared ones that will see the switch to flip it! 🙂

  2. Sir its really nice and unique article. A explanation with a story just awsome. Thanks for sharing with us.

    • @Amit Shaw,

      It’s my pleasure Amit. Just want to know, on which divide are you right now? Creator or seeker of opportunities?

      • @Chadrack, Its tough question For me :). But as you know i am newbie and learner so i want to learn more and more and try to get almost all opportunities? Thanks Sir.

        • @Amit Shaw,

          Tough question? That is really surprising to me! You know, I took a real good look at your site the first time I visited and I must say I was impressed with what you’re doing. You see, I’m not a computer geek so whenever I come across anyone who can put those codes together to build some program, I’m always very impressed.

          I took a look at some of the tutorials you offer on blog and I thought this is something anyone can turn into some big business. And so you saying that’s a tough question, I’m really surprised.

          Now, this is piece of advise for you. If you have really digested the message of this post then you know that what you need is a simple shift in your thinking. And so, I’ll suggest that you take another look at your blog and instead of seeing your self as just a blogger (this is a big problem for many bloggers) begin to see yourself as a business person. Approach your blog from the perspective of an entrepreneur.

          With that mindset, you will begin to see opportunities or needs you can fill. The knowledge you already have and you are offering on your blog is a good product that could be of help to others. Package it in a way that it will benefit someone out there and you will quickly become an opportunity creator. 🙂

          Still need some clarifications? Let me know!

        • @Chadrack, Thanx 4ur encouraging words… I wil need ur help as i am a newbie..i hav just stepped in2 d web world n hav a long way 2 go n will need all d support in d coming future. Thanks.

        • @Amit Shaw,

          You’re welcome Amit. It’s always my pleasure to be of help.

  3. Thanks for sharing this informative text! Your tips and advices are very useful for me, actually my resolution for the new year was to get a higher traffic on my site. And I totally agree with you, the most important thing for a successful online business is the right mindset. Maybe I would call it a kind of prosperity mindset.

  4. It’s much easier to read and to understand any kind of information on such simple examples or stories! Thanks you so much for it

    • @BuySellWordpress,

      It’s good to know that this was able to connect! 🙂 Examples are really great when it comes to passing across the message. Thanks for the comment.

  5. The right mindset can help any online business to develop somehow. It plays a very important role in this sphere

  6. Awesome post..!!!
    Good – I should definitely say I’m impressed with your blog.

  7. Hi Chadrack,
    i definitely emjoyed readig this article. so many useful info, and then the interesting example of the elephant story…i must say that i am impressed with your site and the way how you write!

  8. Hi Chadrack,

    Wow!Great article and great story.You make things so much easier for everybody to understand them, plus the story is a unique way to maintain the readers interest!

  9. the stories which u have provided for explaining the article is just awesom..:)
    nice post

  10. hey Chadrack ,
    the information which you have provided is great, lots of people dont provide such a great information, i am gonna tell all my friends to bookmark this site, hope you update your site regularly by providing such usefull information to the visitors you have. thanks will keep in touch with your posts

    • @Sandipan Mukherjee,

      Well, I’m flattered! I’ve seen your comments on various articles here and that truly shows you love what we have here. Thanks for the support and the kind words.

  11. people can win anything like this elephant. nice blog and nice post.


  12. Hi,Thanks for a marvelous posting! I seriously enjoyed reading it, you’re a great author. I will make certain to bookmark your blog and will eventually come back at some point.

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