Search Engine Optimization Specialist: A Lucrative Online Career for the Discerning Entrepreneur

With the tremendous increase in internet users, and different businesses turning towards the cost effective medium of internet marketing, demand for search engine optimization specialists and SEO services have also escalated. And with increasing competition, it is getting more and more difficult for the webmasters or part timers to perform SEO services along with other tasks.

Businesses are discovering that SEO is a full time job, and so they are looking to hiring some in-house SEO specialists or to outsource SEO tasks to some freelancer who are search engine optimization experts. This has made SEO a fast emerging profession.

With this many people are looking forward to pursue Search engine optimization as a careerSEO Expert. But the question is if it is really a good choice for everybody, especially those with no background in IT? And should you proceed with this career just because you see good earning potential? Is it a good enough reason? Following are some facts that shows how this can be a career to look out for people looking to get into IT field.


1. Rising Demand Of SEO Services:

Almost all the businesses in today’s world are looking to have an online presence. Almost all types of buildings like small, medium and large scale organizations have their websites and they are looking to take advantage of SEO in one way or the other. SEO is the only way to make their online business known. So you can expect very high demand of SEO services in future. This high demand guarantees lots of vacancies and low chances of unemployment in near future.

2. Money Spinning Profession:

Marketing is a profession that is directly responsible for the sales of any business, so the marketing professionals get to earn very good salaries. Same is the case with SEO which is in essence, Internet marketing. Salaries of the SEO guys are almost equal or sometimes higher than the developers or designers. But to earn good in this field, you should have great know-how, skills, and command over your work.

3. Great Scope of Learning:

SEO is a vast field that requires expertise in different areas including link building, content optimization, SEM, and even web development, so there is always a great scope of learning. You can’t think of becoming a successful Search Engine Optimizer in a matter of days. Time and experience is the only route that can take you to SEO success. You may need to go for search engine optimization tutorials or trainings to succeed with this.

4. Easy To Adopt:

Pursuing a career in SEO is easy and convenient. You are not required to have any specific degree to go for it. Any person having a strong grip on English and Internet can start as a trainee. You can start from working with an SEO expert as a trainee and after the necessary search engine optimization training; you will be well on your way to a bright future.

5. Highly Flexible Profession:

You can start this profession as a full time or a part time job. If you don’t have resources to set up your own business, you can work in any search engine optimization company as a full time employee. This career option is so flexible that even if you are a student, or someone who is looking for a part time work at home job, SEO jobs can serve the purpose.

All in all, SEO is a career which has a lot of potential, and that’s the reason more and more people are entering into this field, however, it’s not an easy job, you will have to stay on a learning spree perpetually, even when you have started earning quite good.

Do you think a career in search engine optimization is really worth considering?


  1. Thank you for sharing this. I really enjoy reading and getting more ideas on your post. Keep sharing more about this it was very interesting.

  2. If I hire and SEO to tell me how my pages should change to rank higher, will he/she actually create those pages and then upload them or do they just make recommendations and then I have to have my web designer make the changes and upload the pages?

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  4. Keep sharing more about this it was very interesting. I really enjoy reading and getting more ideas on your post.

  5. I have been outsourcing my work lately. and its good. the search engine specialist that I’ve hired are responsible and dedicated to their job.

  6. Hi Chad,
    I agree with the one the commentator here to Miss Cara I have search engine specialist to and I’ve got them in the place of Philippines this is their site they are really great

  7. Its great way to start a living online. Have a client to do SEO and get paid to start your own website.

  8. We all know that being an SEO is not an easy task, but I have been practicing this kind of job. many of the SEO’s I have tried to contact are really dedicated to their work, I can’t think negative thoughts about them.

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