Can You Really Make Money Building and Selling Websites?

Without any doubt the Internet has opened up different ways for people to make money these days whether full time or part time. From running of eCommerce sites and selling of information products, a lot of people have discovered lucrative opportunities online. One of such business opportunities is the building and selling of websites. What these people do is, like real estate developers, they create nice looking sites and then sell them on auction sites such as this online business model is also known as website flipping. The question many people will want answered is, can you really make money from building and selling of websites? Can these sites actually make money for the average Joe?

Using Blogs For Promoting Your Business Website

Here are a few ways you can make money from website flipping:

1. Hosting Services – Some website designers will offer a website for a very low price to entice a sale. Part of these offers is a free month or year worth of hosting on his or her server. Many of these people will use a reseller service for webhosting in order to sell off space on the Internet for a very low price. When a sale happens, part of the stipulation may be that you are committed to a specific amount of time with this hosting provider for a discounted price if not free. Some may think this practice borders on immoral, especially if the auction or sale doesn’t emphasize this feature. At any rate, many of these practices are actually cheaper per month to the consumer over paying directly for hosting.

2. Outright Sale – It could take a great deal of work to generate enough traffic to sell a website for thousands of dollars, but it does happen. Developers will spend several months cultivating a website to generate a certain amount of traffic and then sell them to the highest bidder. If the developer can prove to the potential buyer that the website generates thousands of visits per day, he or she can easily make a sale. The more quality traffic a website receives, the more valuable it becomes. However, this could take a great deal of time and search engine optimization management in order to make this a lucrative venture.

3. It’s All in the Name – A common practice on the Internet is the buying and reselling of potentially golden domain names. By keeping an eye on what’s trending in the general public, a seller could discover the perfect domain name at the time and buy it from a registrar for less than $15. He or she can then auction off the domain or use services available such as those located on to sell the domain name for a great deal more. Some of these sites have sold for tens of thousands of dollars from just a simple $15 investment. However, this entails that you have a good eye for the current trend and can make an educated guess as to what the next big domain name will be.

4. Content for Success – One of the most important constants to remember of the Internet is, “content matters.” Simply throwing a nicely designed template up with a few pages of content won’t help you sell the site later on. The site needs to be rich with unique and well developed content. These pages need to be added on a regular basis in order for the site to score well with search engines such as Google. You can’t write 10 pages of 1000 word articles and expect the site to generate a great deal of traffic. It needs to be a regular flow of relevant content to the niche supporting the website’s name. For instance, writing about boats on a website named “” is not going to bode well for future sales.

5. Don’t Waste Space – If you are developing a website for the purpose of selling it later, you might as well use what you have. Add money making programs like Google Adsense and affiliate marketing banners to put more money in your pocket. If you can provide evidence that your site is making money from these venues, it will exponentially increase the value of the site. Coincidentally, you may find yourself wanting to keep the site because of the amount of money it makes from these services.

The Internet has provided a platform for money to be made in a variety of ways. Whether these are purely online services or selling products world-wide, the Internet opens possibilities to virtually any business idea. Developments for continued success are constantly being designed to benefit anyone. Regardless of whether you are a website designer looking to sell your creations or a guy in the basement of his house running an online eCommerce home electronics store, discovering new online methods could help you solidify your income.

Over to you: do you think money can really be made from building and selling websites on the internet? Share your views in your comments below.

Author Bio: Jason Miner an expert freelance writer loves writing articles on different categories. He is approaching different bloggers to recognize each other’s efforts through “”. He can be contacted through e-mail at jasonminer8atgmaildotcom.

Why Email Marketing: 6 Reasons To Invest In Email Marketing In 2013!

Why Email Marketing still hold sway when many thougth otherwise

A few years ago many marketing pundits referred to email marketing as a dying internet marketing strategy. They predicted email marketing to fade out in a matter of years!

But it is surprising that we are now in 2013 and instead of fading out email marketing has remained a strong force in doing business online. In fact, it is now predicted to be one of the biggest online sales drivers.

The advent of social media marketing (another big one for building relationships online) could not in any way stop it. Bloggers who a few years ago considered it anathema have now become the biggest advocates of building email contact lists for relationship building and effective marketing!

Looking at all of these, the question one will want to ask is, why is email marketing so valuable in marketing online that it has defied every prediction and remained  a force to reckon with online?

Why, despite the increase of email spam (one of the biggest problems of email marketing), marketers have continued to levitate towards using email marketing for online businesses?

Why Email Marketing Has Defied The Pundits’ Word!

1.    Easier Leveraging Ability

Email marketing gives the easiest way to leverage on the power of the internet. I’m sure you know one of the reasons for using the internet for business is the ability to reach a large number of your target audience in a cost-effective, quick and easy way.

Now, email marketing gives you just that power. With email marketing you simply need to compose an email targeted at the reader and her needs, customize it with the necessary tags (first name or last name, etc), and then click the broadcast button to reach thousands of people instantly!

Nothing can be this easier and if you truly want to reach the millions of online buyers and prospects then making use of email is something you want to consider.

2.    Scalability

If you have been involved in an offline business you will understand that the more customers you have, the busier you become. However, in email marketing, it is much easier because regardless of the size of your mailing list, whether it is 100 or 10,000, all you need to do is click broadcast and everyone on the list gets notified! You don’t really need any extra effort to reach more prospects. Big or small, it all takes the same effort!

Why email marketing3.    Highly Targeted

Another reason why email marketing has remained highly effective at getting sales and therefore has refused to bow to the negative predictions is the fact that the recipients get a kind of “in your face” marketing promotion. With email, you are marketing directly to the customer through their PERSONAL mailbox. Not only will you grab their attention firmly, they will tend to respond with the right buyers mindset because they are marketed to directly, unlike other advertising where the buyer might not be in the frame of mind to buy things.

4.    Personal Marketing In Action

With autoresponders you can customize your email marketing message in such a way that it allows you to connect with the subscriber individually. This is really a big plus for email marketing because the more personalized your email, the better the result because it comes like a message from a friend.

5.    Automation Made Easy

There’s nothing that online marketers love more than the ability to automate things. Frankly! Just take a look around you. We want to automate our content creation. We want to automate traffic generation. Even social media interactions which are supposed to be interpersonal relationships are being automated!

Now, there is no other area where automation is really much easier and better than email marketing. With an autoresponder, you can time your emails to enable you build a really intimate relationship with every new opt-in subscriber! You can decide, for every new opt-in subscriber, what to send, when to send it to them and the frequency between each email.

6.    A Good Pre-Selling Strategy

Whatever you are selling online you know the importance of preselling, especially if you are an affiliate marketer.  With email you will not only be able to build a relationship with your subscribers but also presell them and lead them to your blog, sales letter or website (or affiliate product site as the case may be) to check out what you have to offer. Of course, with the email you are able to set them in the right frame of mind before they evaluate what you have to offer them.

You Need Email Marketing No Matter Your Online Business

Now, can you see why email marketing has remained central in marketing online? If you are not implementing email marketing in your online business, you’re definitely losing out. Whether you are a blogger or a web entrepreneur, one of the good decisions you can make for your business this year is to have a system to build an email list.

In subsequent posts I’ll be delving deeper into this subject. Some of the topics we’ll be dealing with will include how to set up your autoresponder to build fruitful relationships with your prospects and customers, the etiquette and effective strategies of email marketing in a socially connected internet and of course, how to integrate email into your blogging and social media marketing strategies.

I know you don’t want to miss any of these posts because the purpose is to help you boost your online profits. But you may not be able to follow these updates if you are not signed up for my free update newsletter. I therefore ask you get your free signature in the box below.

It’s Your Turn: That’s it from me for now. Share your thoughts and opinion on this subject in your comment below. Do you consider email marketing as ideal for bloggers? Do you think it is a good online marketing investment? Over to you!

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Internet Marketing Videos: 8 Killer Tips for Making Your Marketing Videos Compelling Enough!

Internet marketing videos are becoming more popular every day. With more and more people having access to high speed internet, putting your marketing message across using videos has become a powerful and cost-effective way of reaching your target audience.

But as it is rightly said, not every marketing video is created the same. For your videos to achieve your purpose, the video must be compelling enough to make the viewers do what you want.

The question then is, how do you make your marketing videos that compelling? What should you include in your internet marketing video for it to literally take the viewer by the hand and lead him to do what you want?

internet marketing video image

You Don’t Have To Break The Bank To Create Compelling Online Marketing Videos!

It will interest you to know that creating internet marketing videos for online distribution does not have to be extremely time consuming or cost intensive. Indeed, for a lot of companies, creating marketing videos seems like too much work. But that is really unfortunate. With the plethora of video creation tools and technology available today, it can really be fun and very cost-effective!

The truth is, as a company with a web presence, properly utilizing online marketing videos can have a huge impact on your business’ image and traffic. What more? You don’t even need the skills of a Hollywood cinematographer to create your online marketing videos!

Below are the video marketing tips to creating good business videos from start to finish.

1. Have a Solid Concept

What is difficult about starting a video is that people try to start with the wanting to create a video, and then they try to produce it. Instead, you should have a list of messages you want to get across, and find which ones will do best in video form. For instance, if you need to do a product tutorial, videos are great to get this message across. So instead of having a contrived video message, you work your way to finding that video is your best option. Once you have this all settled, make sure you create a solid script or talking points, ensuring that you have the most important points covered. Also, try to make sure your video is long enough to be informative, but not so long that they lose your viewers. Often 2:30 to 4 minute films are good lengths to aim for.

2. Get The Right Gear

Here is where there is a lot of debunking needed. Most small businesses think that getting great equipment will break the bank. Fortunately with the new lines of DSLR cameras that have video functions, like the Canon T2i, you can get a camera for well under $1000, and you can get great quality for your videos. These cameras are very user friendly and easy to get a grasp on, and even have advanced functions for those that have a little more experience in video producing. While these cameras still aren’t top of the line, it makes it so you no longer have to invest thousands to make a corporate video. After that, you’ll need to find a decent external mic, because great audio is key to these types of videos, soon to be discussed further. Finally, you need something to put it all together, and there are plenty of decent editing softwares that can help you create a final product, and even top of the line products are becoming more affordable, and give you the chance to have a great polish to your video.

3. Get the Basics Down

Again, not everyone needs to be a prolific filmmaker to make good marketing videos, but you should learn about the basics. The biggest thing you should look into is learning the basics of composition so you can at least have a decent look to your videos. This is called the “rule of thirds.” What this means is that you segment the screen into thirds, horizontally and vertically, and then place your subject, whether it is a product, speaker, etc. in one of the segments (see images). This allows for your image to be balanced as well as having a pleasant, viewable image. When you don’t get this right, it not only gives it an amateurish look, but it is also an “uncomfortable” image to look at. It is important to nail down some core skills to filmmaking, and there are a ton of online resources that can help you learn the basics in a quick time span. Having these few things nailed down will ensure that you will at least have a solid production effort.

One last basic that you will want to have down deals with your subject if they are a person. A lot of viral videos are products demonstrations, but sometimes they are also essentially short form documentaries about your company. They might have testimonials, interviews, or a number of other “performances.” In all cases, you want to make sure you have a good eye line for your speaker. If they are doing a product demo, then chances are that they will be addressing the camera, and that is fine. On the other hand, with an interview or testimonial, you want the subject’s eyes just off camera, looking across the frame. This is a more professional interview aesthetic, and if you can do this correctly, it will make you video look great. The best way to pull this off is to have your interviewer sit right next to the camera, and have the subject speak to them.

4. Have Good Audio

This is far more important than people think. When most think about making a video, they want to have absolutely beautiful images, and think that is what makes a successful video. In fact, what is most important is to have good audio. It has been shown that when it comes to viral videos, marketing or otherwise, audiences are far more forgiving of bad imagery than they are of bad audio. Poor audio will turn viewers of because a.) it is more annoying than bad imagery and/or b.) people don’t like watching video when they can’t understand what is being said. If the audience can’t understand your words or message, your video is pointless. It defeats the purpose of putting out an informative piece because no one can understand the point of the video. This is why investing in an external mic, even cheap ones, can do wonders for your productions.

5. Lighting

You can record your own marketing videosThis is another aspect that will touched on quickly. Investing in lighting is not necessary, but make sure that you do have an area that is evenly lit, and has enough light to get a good picture. Rooms with a lot of natural light are ideal because natural light looks better than office fluorescents, but as long as you have plenty of light, you should be okay. Like bad audio, poorly lit, indistinguishable images are often deemed unacceptable by audiences. This doesn’t require a big investment, but it does require an eye for detail and effort.

So these are the basics to getting a good video made, but you’re not done here. After you’ve created the video, it is now time to utilize the video well. While creating a good video is step number one because people need something to watch, the SEO and traffic benefits that you can harness are amazing for your business. Google already ranks the use of video on pages very highly, and self-hosted and created videos can do even more. For instance, a satellite channel provider might share video clips of programs they support, but if they can share unique material they produced, they can have even more success. So now that you have your unique video created, it’s time to utilize it.

6. Properly Tagging Your Videos

With the ability to add video descriptions and a file name, you can add search terms to your video to help it get found in searches like on Youtube and Google. The reason you do this instead of making your own search terms is because you want to find out what people are searching for. You can have the most relevant search term in the world, but if it is not something people are looking for, then you’ve missed. So start to search for a video like the one you’re creating, and as Google or Youtube autofills showing the most relevant searches, you this as your guide. Once you have that keyword, use it in your video file name like anchor text, and use the description to augment your efforts. Also, just like anchor text and keyword targeting in written content, try not to overly optimize your videos terms. The more you keyword stuff, the bigger of a red flag will be raised by searches.

7. Self Hosted Video

Self hosted videos are optimal to get the SEO benefits back to your site. When someone decides to share your video, they have to embed it from your site. When they embed it from your site, your link becomes a part of the HTML of the site on which it’s shared. This link is much like a typical backlink to your site, except that as earlier mentioned, videos are more highly regarded. After the video is initially shared, if it keeps getting shared, the more links you are passing around. This can lead to an amazing link building campaign if your video has that viral ability.

One reason that self hosted videos are great if you have the ability is that people go to your site to find it. The video is therefore more branded because it is surrounded by your own website material, and is not playing on a branded media site like Youtube or Vimeo. This makes people feel like they are looking at a more professional production because it is on your sight. This has a lot to do with the mindset people have when they think about Youtube, and other videos that may pop up on there. Those other outlets aren’t bad options, but this option is ideal.

8. Non-Self Hosted Sites

Just because your site doesn’t have the ability to host video doesn’t mean that you can’t link build. If you upload to Vimeo or Youtube to put on your site, try to create a custom embed in which you can put your link in. So even though the host will also get credit for your video, your link is still present as it gets shared. This can be a good option because you won’t have to worry about getting a site with video hosting ability. Youtube and Vimeo also have good media players and design, not to mention people are already familiar with these players. So with this option, all you have to focus on is creating great videos, upload them to a video hosting site, and then wait for it to get passed around.

Internet Marketing Videos Take Away

So these are the best ways for you to utilize video content for your marketing efforts. All of the content creation tips are universal for online and offline videos, but it is important to also know how to properly use it for online distribution. While great videos are important to get your company’s message across, it is also important to make sure you get the traffic back to your site. Videos are important assets in online and digital marketing, and while it doesn’t take a film genius to be successful, it does take some hard work and focus on the message you want to get across to your audience.

Over to You:

Are you marketing with videos? Is there any other online video marketing tips not mentioned in this article you would like to share with us? Feel free to do so in your comments below.

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The Internet – The Evolution In Under Ten Years! – [INFOGRAPHIC]

If, in 2002, someone undertook to predict where the internet would be a decade later, I don’t know how accurate that person would have been.

I can still remember vividly how a magazine I read back in 2003 described the internet as the new industrial revolution and internet marketing as the new Gold Rush that you cannot ignore.

I remembered that even when at that time I knew very little about computers, I made up my mind to get involved in this Gold rush! And so, when a few years later I got the opportunity to have access to the internet in my place of work, my whole focus was to learn this internet marketing of a thing!

Barely a decade later, I can say that that magazine was not far from the truth. The period 2002 to 2012 can really be termed the real information age considering what has happened within this decade. The internet has not only evolved into a more efficient way of gathering information but new and emerging technologies have continued to dictate designs. Smart phones, mobile friendly websites smart web designs, etc are now an every day pleasure.

But, how was it 10 years ago? Oh yes, using the internet then was really a leisure but today if you are not on the internet you are definitely missing out in life! 🙂

In this animated infographic by, you will be taken on a voyage of the evolution of the internet in the past decade. Indeed technology has come a long way but the sure thing is, there is still more to come!

And talking about more to come, can you predict where the internet will be another 10 years to come? Share with us in your comment!

the internet a decade later!



How to Use Internet Marketing Blogs to Create Success Online!

Internet marketing and blog marketing are two business marketing strategies that have fast become popular today. Already, creative online entrepreneurs are finding ways of marrying these two to create internet marketing blogs for promoting their businesses online. If you truly want some outstanding business success in our today’s world of inbound marketing then you will not want to overlook these two powerful marketing tools.

For one, they have proven to be a very cheap way of online business marketing. Besides, in a world where information has become a big commodity, internet marketing and blog marketing are definitely the right choice because that’s just what they are about – delivering the needed information and right on time!

Blogs are informative…


Online markets demand information before they buy!

What better couple would you find!

However, the process of online marketing is quite different from the conventional marketing techniques while blogging is an art in itself. To get the two to work together therefore you simply need to find some creative ways to make them work. Do this well and you would have uncovered a super marketing vehicle to drive your online profits!

internet business marketing blogs

The Essential Elements of an Internet Marketing Blogging

A blog is a good online marketing tool, provided it’s an efficient, productive blog. Blogs need to maintain a stream of good quality content at all times. Efficient marketing blogs do just that, and that’s the main reason they’re so successful.

The dynamics of blogging are well suited to marketing ventures, because blogs can provide a lot of useful information and attract a lot of interest from consumers.

The perfect blog for online marketing should have:

•    Lots of new, unique materials– This is top quality information value for users, and it’s been the basis of every successful blog in every industry. Specialist information, reviews by experts, insights from industry insiders and analyses with useful product information are typical of the world’s best blogs.

•    Consumer values reflected in information– Information about products often needs “translation” into consumer-usable information. Techno-language tends to turn people off, as do the gushing hype reviews and other much too obvious advertising-based content types.

•    Materials targeted to specific users– Please note that this element is critically important for marketing purposes. The best marketing blogs really are true goldmines of information for their users. They concentrate on specific products and market situations. They provide helpful FAQs, a strong knowledge base, and current news, simultaneously.

•    Good interaction with users– The best blogs have good forums and are often extremely popular as a result. The interactions with users also allow for very productive exchange of information among core product users, which is an extremely valuable asset for the blog.

Creating an Internet Marketing Blog

If your blog is nothing right now but a few articles and some archives and therefore you think you do not match this profile, don’t give up yet. You can still create a marketing blog. Creating a good marketing blog isn’t as hard as it looks.

As a matter of fact, the best marketing blogs are the products of motivated bloggers. These blogs are usually geared to the blogger’s areas of interest. These are areas where the blogger really is an enthusiastic expert. That’s good business practice, too, because it means your marketing blog is based on a strong knowledge base. You’ll know where to get information resources, and have a good eye for quality control. Therefore the quality of your blog will be excellent, based on an area in which you’re an expert.

That, interestingly enough, is the heart and soul of internet marketing – Expertise. Consumers looking for products and services go looking for expert advice and information created by experts. It’s why the marketing blogs, which provide very high quality information, are such successful marketers. That’s what “information” means to consumers, online, and that’s what sells.

If you’re able to get this mix of product and information values right, your marketing blog will be extremely successful. What you should do right now is find ways of marrying your blogging and your internet marketing activities so that you can create your own successful business online.

Let’s have your thoughts: Why are blogging? Are you integrating your blogging activities with your business objectives to create a successful internet marketing blog? Share your thoughts with us in your comments.

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Search Engine Optimization Specialist: A Lucrative Online Career for the Discerning Entrepreneur

With the tremendous increase in internet users, and different businesses turning towards the cost effective medium of internet marketing, demand for search engine optimization specialists and SEO services have also escalated. And with increasing competition, it is getting more and more difficult for the webmasters or part timers to perform SEO services along with other tasks.

Businesses are discovering that SEO is a full time job, and so they are looking to hiring some in-house SEO specialists or to outsource SEO tasks to some freelancer who are search engine optimization experts. This has made SEO a fast emerging profession.

With this many people are looking forward to pursue Search engine optimization as a careerSEO Expert. But the question is if it is really a good choice for everybody, especially those with no background in IT? And should you proceed with this career just because you see good earning potential? Is it a good enough reason? Following are some facts that shows how this can be a career to look out for people looking to get into IT field.


1. Rising Demand Of SEO Services:

Almost all the businesses in today’s world are looking to have an online presence. Almost all types of buildings like small, medium and large scale organizations have their websites and they are looking to take advantage of SEO in one way or the other. SEO is the only way to make their online business known. So you can expect very high demand of SEO services in future. This high demand guarantees lots of vacancies and low chances of unemployment in near future.

2. Money Spinning Profession:

Marketing is a profession that is directly responsible for the sales of any business, so the marketing professionals get to earn very good salaries. Same is the case with SEO which is in essence, Internet marketing. Salaries of the SEO guys are almost equal or sometimes higher than the developers or designers. But to earn good in this field, you should have great know-how, skills, and command over your work.

3. Great Scope of Learning:

SEO is a vast field that requires expertise in different areas including link building, content optimization, SEM, and even web development, so there is always a great scope of learning. You can’t think of becoming a successful Search Engine Optimizer in a matter of days. Time and experience is the only route that can take you to SEO success. You may need to go for search engine optimization tutorials or trainings to succeed with this.

4. Easy To Adopt:

Pursuing a career in SEO is easy and convenient. You are not required to have any specific degree to go for it. Any person having a strong grip on English and Internet can start as a trainee. You can start from working with an SEO expert as a trainee and after the necessary search engine optimization training; you will be well on your way to a bright future.

5. Highly Flexible Profession:

You can start this profession as a full time or a part time job. If you don’t have resources to set up your own business, you can work in any search engine optimization company as a full time employee. This career option is so flexible that even if you are a student, or someone who is looking for a part time work at home job, SEO jobs can serve the purpose.

All in all, SEO is a career which has a lot of potential, and that’s the reason more and more people are entering into this field, however, it’s not an easy job, you will have to stay on a learning spree perpetually, even when you have started earning quite good.

Do you think a career in search engine optimization is really worth considering?


Autoblogging Revelations PLUS the Power of Creative Internet Marketing!

Ever wondered why internet marketers make more money online than bloggers; even when they do LESS of the work?

Do you know that an “inferior” product/service can actually sell more than a “great” product/service simply by using the right marketing strategies?

If any or more questions like these have ever crossed your mind then you’ll need to read this post carefully.

A few days ago I made a post on the dilemma of making money with autoblogs based on a comment by Jeffrey Morgan to one of my earlier post: “Can You Really Make Money With These Blogs?”

Of course, I did that post expecting a robust discussion on the issues raised.  However, except for a few comments other really did not touch on most of the issues raised. And so I’ve decided to post my comments here using the opportunity of Jeffrey Morgan’s comment to clear a few things about autoblogging and making money with blogs. I’ve really been thinking of doing this.

Permit me to once again to reproduce the comment here so as to remove any misunderstanding. Here is the comment:

“Hi Chadrack,

I’ve got a competitor that is killing me over at Flippa. He’s selling 40 auto-blogs every three days. I’m lucky to sell one a month. Comparing the two is like apples to oranges.

I’m a top pro, taking 70 hours to craft a Blog. My competitor is using out-sourcing to fill his orders. They look pretty bad to me. But man, do the people break their necks bidding $2000.00 for a block of these Blogs. Me …… I get no bids ……. maybe one a month that results in a sale usually for just a hundred dollars or so.

Even if I wanted I can’t compete with overseas outsourcing. I work hard at my sales copy, but inform people that you have to work at Blogging to earn any type of an income.

My sale 1 bid, his sale 16 bids, every three days!!! No one stops to question his sales.

Chadrack, I would like to hear your comments on “WP-Robot”. It appears to me that there is a great deal of work getting these auto-blogs up and running. I’ve looked at some of the testimonials on the WP-Robot site and have run down the comments, Alexa ranking, and sites linking in to the sites listed with the comments and I just can’t see how you can earn any type of money with a site whose domain was registered back in March of 2008, has no comments, no tweets, an Alexa ranking of 3,989,042 and 2 inbound links.

Am I missing something here Chadrack?”

Simply looking at that comment you’ll notice that a lot of issues are raised there.  And one of such, to me, is the misunderstanding many of us “contemporary” bloggers have about making money with autoblogs.

[NOTE: “Contemporary bloggers” is used above as those who make money blogging using methods like relationship building, interacting with readers through blog comments and of course building blogs around what they love and are passionate about!]

Autoblogging In Simply Terms

Autoblogging is actually different in a way. I believe autoblogs are named autoblogs simply because they are built using blogs.  They do not really depend on comments or links to make money. So saying:

“(I) have run down the comments, Alexa ranking, and sites linking in to the sites listed with the comments and I just can’t see how you can earn any type of money with a site whose domain was registered back in March of 2008, has no comments, no tweets, an Alexa ranking of 3,989,042 and 2 inbound links.”

readily shows that there is a problem with Jeffrey Morgan’s approach. [I hope Jeffrey may want to clear this and prove me wrong!]

If you have read my post: “Can You Really Make Money With These Blogs?”  and the comments posted by me and some other commenters you’ll understand that autoblogging is better done targeting niche markets whose audience most times knows little or nothing about blogging the way you and I know it.

These markets are actually more open to buy your products, unlike fellow bloggers who visit your blogs to post comments simply to promote their own blogs! That indeed is the truth about most blog comments. That is why a blog populated with comments does not automatically translate to a blog making money!

Of course, these “conventional” blogs have their own ways of making money most of which is through ad placements and promoting B2B blogging products. But judging autoblogs on the same level is wrong indeed.

The point is, the number of comments, links and Alexa ranking cannot really be used to rate the success of autoblogs. But that does not mean that Jeffrey Morgan’s competitor at flippa is building better blogs than Jeffrey or things like alexa ranking are not necessary.  Only that they are not the determinant.

“Am I Missing Something Here Chadrack?”

I know Jeffrey wants my comments on “WP-Robot” but before I do that, let me quickly point out some few things which from the comment shows why, in my opinion, he is not selling as much as the competition. Note Jeffrey Morgan clearly shows that he is a pro. In his words,

“I’m a top pro, taking 70 hours 🙂 to craft a Blog!”

And then he says’

“I work hard at my sales copy, but inform people that you have to work at Blogging to earn any type of an income.”

As a blogger you’re familiar with such advice, right? And of course as a blogger, who knows what it takes to create a blog, you know that indeed is the truth about making money with a blog!

But think about it, what is your prospects idea about autoblogging?

Does he want to spend 70 man-hours working on an autoblog? Remember that is over 2 days working 24 hours non-stop! Better still, if we use 12 hours of day light that is available to us, that is about 6 days of working without any rest! Or maybe still much better, using an 8 hour work plan, that will be about 9 days of working on what they believe to be an autoblog!

Can you now see the picture you’re creating in the minds of your prospects? Not only that you made it clear to your prospects that: “you have to work at Blogging to earn any type of an income.” With that you’re simply saying, if you buy my autoblogs you must be ready to work hard else you cannot make any money with them!

But is that why they want an autoblog?

If they were ready to work will they be looking for an autobloging software that will do all the work for them? 🙂

Certainly not!

They are looking into autoblogging because they don’t want to put in any work. These are the people who want a quick fix. They want to make money but they are not ready to put in any form of work. So telling them, “you have to work at Blogging to earn any type of an income” is telling them “my product is not for you, please go somewhere else!”

That is the importance of pre-qualifying your prospects so that you can target your marketing message effectively.

I’m hope my point is quite clear there?

So, my advise?

Though you’re doing the right thing by telling them what is involved right from the beginning, you need to restructure your marketing message. Take a second look at your autoblogs and then take a concerned look at your competitor’s. Note the problems with his approach and then note the areas where yours have the “advantage.”

Once you’ve noted these things, work again on your sales copy.  Tell your prospects that your autoblogs will not only help them make money but also save them time, at least on the long run!  That does not mean you’ll not tell them about the work involved only you need to creatively present it in a way to make them understand that your autoblogs, on the long run, will be far more better than your competitors. That is the power of creative marketing.  You will need to learn how to make your words sell! That is what copy writers are paid to do.

Of course there is the issue of social proof. You should be able to show that you’re making money with your autoblogs. Besides, those who have bought from you should give you testimonials about their results using your autoblogs so that you can include them in your sales copy. Doing this will greatly increase your conversion rate.

Now My Comments on WP-Robot!

In one word, I do not know much about WP-Robot!

Yes, I’ve not “really” used it and so whatever I say is based on my own ideas. However, some time ago while looking for some more ways to free up my time with the mind of working less on my autoblogs, I looked into getting WP-Robot. But as someone who is very careful when it comes to products like this I decided to test the basic (free) version of the WP-Robot autoblogging software. But a few weeks after installing and checking to know how it works, I deleted it as it was not my idea of autoblogging. Since then I’ve not cared to consider it for building my autoblogs.

Does that mean WP-Robot is not good? No! But as we are most times advised,  the best thing is do a search and read some reviews about it. But again, be careful because most of those reviews are done by no others but affiliates who want to make some money promoting WP-Robot!

Now, I’ve really checked out a few autoblogging software in the past one year or so. Of these ones “WP Simplicity” is the closest to my idea of autoblogging.

WP Simplicity is a powerful WordPress Plugin that helps you set up your blogs in just a few clicks. It comes pre-loaded with some of the latest most used and most rated WordPress plugins and will auto install them in minutes, create pages, generate contents and monetize your posts with Clickbank, Amazon and Ebay. It doesn’t matter the niche you’re targeting.  If you’re interested in autoblogging I recommend you check out “WP Simplicity” here.

So what do you think about this? Do you think my comments addressed the issues Jeffrey raised in his comment?


How the Internet Is Actively Empowering Home Based Business Entrepreneurs!

Recently, I’ve been doing some research on small home based business ventures. From all indication this sector has continued to grow despite the global economic down turn. In fact the statistics indicates that there has been a steady increase between 2007 and 2009.  For example, statistics shows that more and more Americans prefer being self-employed with over 12% households in the US having a home based business. Besides, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the number of home-based businesses in the U.S. is well above 18.3 million businesses while the success rate for home based businesses is put at 70% for at least a 3 year period as compared to 29% outside the home business venture.

Now, I personally believe one of the reasons for this increase is because more and more home based business entrepreneurs are today using the internet as a marketing tool. Whether we admit it or not, one thing is certain, technologies like the internet have revolutionized just about everything we do around the world both at our personal and professional levels. And it’s this revolution which online home based business entrepreneurs are cashing in right now that is pushing the figures up the scale!

Indeed the internet has opened a whole lot of opportunities for home based businesses. In this article I want to highlight some of the ways the internet has influenced the home business entrepreneur positively.

1. Potential for a Global Market

This can be regarded as one of the greatest gains of home based businesses as regards the internet. Before the internet, home based businesses were limited being able to only reach out to customers from their immediate communities. But today the internet has made it possible for home business entrepreneurs to have customers far away from home. In fact, an online home based business today has the potential of reaching the global market without any extra costs. Having a home based business in today’s internet-driven economy means being released from that limiting factor of market reach.

2. Less Time to Get Your Business off The Ground

Before the internet, starting and growing a successful business took time and much hard work. Many of the big companies today had to put in the extra hour in order to get their businesses off the ground. However, the internet now helps people to shorten that time. With the proper information coupled with the right mindset starting and growing a home based business on the net is now a click away!

3. Making Money At Home Made Much Easier

The internet has actually eroded much of the barriers of running a home business so much that the lure of making money from home has increased. Now home-based businesses aren’t what they used to be because of the internet. With the advantage offered by the internet it means the lucky entrepreneur can actually stay at home while making their money online. And from all indication it’s because making money with the internet technology is much easier that more and more people are opening up online businesses today.

4. Easy Access to Information

Every entrepreneur understands the importance of having the right information in running a successful business. Before the internet a whole lot of testing and research work were undertaken by entrepreneurs. Sometimes this took years. But with the internet, you can have all the information you need at your fingertips. Pieces of information that can affect the business venture like marketing trends; demographics etc can now be easily gathered. Of course the market is a very erratic factor in business, with people changing their preferences all the time. But with the internet the home based entrepreneur can really be prepared for any of these possible events using the right tools.

5. A Better Understanding of Your Competition

Another way that the easy access of information has helped the home based entrepreneurs is that they are now able to take a closer look at the competition. Questions like, what sets those businesses apart? What is the competition’s weakness? How can I get ahead in the market? etc. can now be answered by a simple search online or by the use of specialized software.

6. Quicker and Easier Access to Help

One thing that is clear in building a successful business is that you need the help of others. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a one-man home based business. In fact, it makes it more pertinent! And the internet has become a really great asset in this area as it allows you access to people even while working from the comfort of your home! This means you can reach important contacts and make business decisions faster. With online social media home business entrepreneurs are finding it much easier to network and build fruitful business relationships that have impacted positively on their businesses. Also access to expert advice has become much easier, cheaper and quicker.

7. Easier Access to Business Opportunities

One outstanding trait of successful entrepreneurs is that they are always on the lookout for any chances of expanding their businesses. They understand that the earlier you learn of an opportunity, the better your chance of getting it. And the internet has become an indispensable tool in this area for entrepreneurs.
Conclusion: From the foregoing, it will not be out of place to say that with the internet home based business entrepreneurs have an edge. From saving time on making business-related decisions to multi-tasking, the internet has become a very valuable technology for the home business entrepreneur. But most of all having the world as your potential market is indeed an opportunity to make more money from your home based business.

What do you think: Maybe I’m wrong but I passionately believe that the internet is contributing greatly to the increase of home based businesses. Do you agree with these views? Share with us in the comments below.

Viral Marketing Tactics: Supercharge Your Blog Marketing NOW!

Using viral marketing techniques to drive blog traffic

Are you interested in driving more traffic to your blog? If indeed you’re interested then these viral marketing techniques will appeal to you!

To better help you understand this strategy I want you to consider the recent buzz about facebook. Do you know why facebook all of a sudden become so popular with internet marketers?

How about

Do you have the answer?

Ok, here it is: All of them did because of the viral nature of these social networking sites!

Facebook is built in such a way that when you friend someone on facebook your interactions with this friend become visible to every other friend of this your friend! This creates a viral spread of your interactions on facebook. This is the one big plus that has worked so well for facebook’s and twitter’s popularity.

If you truly appreciate the popularity of these two social networking sites you’ll understand the power of these viral marketing techniques.

But What Really Is Viral Marketing?

Here are some definitions of viral marketing from across the web: Viral marketing and viral advertising are buzzwords referring to marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to produce increases in brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives (such as product sales) through self-replicating viral processes, analogous to the spread of virus or computer viruses. It can be word-of-mouth delivered or enhanced by the network effects of the Internet. Viral marketing is a marketing strategy that relies on individuals rather than traditional campaigns to pass along a message to others. It usually refers to marketing on the Internet. Viral marketing is so named because of the tendency for messages to use “hosts” to spread themselves rapidly, like a biological virus. Viral Marketing (Word-of-mouth): It is the personal communication about a product between target buyers and their friends, relatives, and associates. Viral marketing technique passes along the company’s marketing message to create an exponential growth. Viral marketing is the extremely powerful and unique ability of the Internet to build self-propagating visitor streams, bringing about exponential growth to a company’s Web site. This can consist of such things as affiliate programs, co-branding, link exchanges, e-mail campaigns, and off-line promotion. The effective way or advertising or producing brand exposure through social networks. The technique spreads throughout the network rapidly by word of mouth or by Internet resources like e-mail, blogs or other services. Like a virus, it replicates and spreads quickly. The cost of such a campaign is relatively low compared to the high rate of exposure to the target audience.

From the above definitions you can see that viral marketing have been proven to produce good results because it makes use of the tendency of a person to share something that he/she find informative, entertaining or amazing. It is simply an innovative way of using the traditional word of mouth marketing techniques of business promotion. And as you may know word of mouth marketing can produce outstanding results because prospects and customers gained through it are more reliable and profitable. It’s because of this effectiveness that many webmasters and bloggers now bank on it to spread their products and increase the popularity of their sites and blogs.

In this article I want to discuss some proven viral marketing techniques you can implement to produce outstanding results as a blogger.

#1: Create Informative Videos

Video has gained and continues to gain popularity on the internet at the moment. With the continued rise of broadband and ad-serving technologies, more sophisticated online video advertising is becoming popular. Right now videos can be embedded in emails and they are also becoming popular in sales letters. The simple reason is because they achieve greater response rates than plain text.

But how can you use videos to drive traffic to your blog or business site? It’s simply by taking advantage of the many video hosting sites on the net right now. Sites like allow you to upload your videos thereby giving the site users to syndicate your videos by placing a code on their sites or blogs. This means if you can create an informational and entertaining video and upload it to you have the chances of turning that video into free digital salesman for your blog as others can embed it anywhere on the internet.

#2: Ask Your Readers to Share Your Content

This technique has actually caught on with bloggers. It is one of the easiest methods in viral marketing. And the good part is that there are a whole lot of free scripts out there that will help you do this without any problem. For example, on this blog you can easily share our content with your friends and contacts on any of the social networking and social bookmarking sites.  At the top of every post there is a “ShareThis” button that gives you various options to share the article with your friends either through email or the social sites.  Like I said this is really popular with bloggers right now and there are various wordpress plugins that will help you do this without much ado so you can’t afford to ignore this simple viral marketing technique in promoting your blog.

#3: Give Away E-Books

Another powerful viral marketing technique that is taking the internet by storm is the use of free ebooks that comes with giveaway rights. Of course before now the printed word on paper and bound into books used to be the only way information was given and received. But not anymore.  Today the marketing ebook, which is slightly different from just an ebook has taken over as a powerful salesman on the net. The marketing ebook could contain text, images, links to web pages and navigation controls.

For effectiveness, your ebook needs to be interesting and informative. It should also have links back to your website or blog. Be sure to include a prominent section where you encourage your readers to pass on the ebook. Let them know that they can post it on their site as a free download, that they can use it as a bonus, and that they can bundle it with other products. This method uses the multiplication effect to “explode” the distribution of your message by willing participants.

Using viral ebooks as a viral marketing technique is cheap. It doesn’t take long to set up and it’s even quicker if you use rebrandable ebooks that have been written by others. You can also produce your own ebooks by combining articles written by you or that have private label rights. If you have written a large ebook you can also use the first three chapters as a viral ebook.

On promotion, it could be done through offering it to your blog visitors in exchange for subscribing to your newsletter and also posting the ebook to free ebook directories.

#4: Install Facebook Comments For WordPress

This is one of the latest that bloggers are using to get viral with their blog marketing tactics. Facebook comments for wordpress when installed on your blog gives your blog readers an option to post a comment on your blog using their facebook id. The idea is to cash on facebook’s  viral nature. Whenever anyone posts such a comment the comment does not only appear on your blog but also shows up as a status update on the commenter’s facebook page. Now if you understand how facebook works, that status update will also be visible to the commenter’s friends on facebook thereby exposing your blog to a large number of facebook users. If your blog is running on the wordpress platform I advise that you install the facebook comments plugin right now. Besides, I invite you to try out the system by commenting on the facebook comment box below!

Bottom-line: These viral marketing techniques works on common human motivations. So you’ll need to implement a technique that will be able to build on these common motivations and behaviors to produce the right result. Besides, ensure that your content is worth sharing because this is what will give your readers the experience that will help your viral marketing campaign succeed.

Now over to you. Tell us which of these viral marketing techniques you’re already using right now. And do you think bloggers should really use these viral marketing techniques in promoting their blogs?