Autoblogging Revelations PLUS the Power of Creative Internet Marketing!

Ever wondered why internet marketers make more money online than bloggers; even when they do LESS of the work?

Do you know that an “inferior” product/service can actually sell more than a “great” product/service simply by using the right marketing strategies?

If any or more questions like these have ever crossed your mind then you’ll need to read this post carefully.

A few days ago I made a post on the dilemma of making money with autoblogs based on a comment by Jeffrey Morgan to one of my earlier post: “Can You Really Make Money With These Blogs?”

Of course, I did that post expecting a robust discussion on the issues raised.  However, except for a few comments other really did not touch on most of the issues raised. And so I’ve decided to post my comments here using the opportunity of Jeffrey Morgan’s comment to clear a few things about autoblogging and making money with blogs. I've really been thinking of doing this.

Permit me to once again to reproduce the comment here so as to remove any misunderstanding. Here is the comment:

“Hi Chadrack,

I’ve got a competitor that is killing me over at Flippa. He’s selling 40 auto-blogs every three days. I’m lucky to sell one a month. Comparing the two is like apples to oranges.

I’m a top pro, taking 70 hours to craft a Blog. My competitor is using out-sourcing to fill his orders. They look pretty bad to me. But man, do the people break their necks bidding $2000.00 for a block of these Blogs. Me …… I get no bids ……. maybe one a month that results in a sale usually for just a hundred dollars or so.

Even if I wanted I can’t compete with overseas outsourcing. I work hard at my sales copy, but inform people that you have to work at Blogging to earn any type of an income.

My sale 1 bid, his sale 16 bids, every three days!!! No one stops to question his sales.

Chadrack, I would like to hear your comments on “WP-Robot”. It appears to me that there is a great deal of work getting these auto-blogs up and running. I’ve looked at some of the testimonials on the WP-Robot site and have run down the comments, Alexa ranking, and sites linking in to the sites listed with the comments and I just can’t see how you can earn any type of money with a site whose domain was registered back in March of 2008, has no comments, no tweets, an Alexa ranking of 3,989,042 and 2 inbound links.

Am I missing something here Chadrack?”

Simply looking at that comment you'll notice that a lot of issues are raised there.  And one of such, to me, is the misunderstanding many of us “contemporary” bloggers have about making money with autoblogs.

[NOTE: “Contemporary bloggers” is used above as those who make money blogging using methods like relationship building, interacting with readers through blog comments and of course building blogs around what they love and are passionate about!]

Autoblogging In Simply Terms

Autoblogging is actually different in a way. I believe autoblogs are named autoblogs simply because they are built using blogs.  They do not really depend on comments or links to make money. So saying:

“(I) have run down the comments, Alexa ranking, and sites linking in to the sites listed with the comments and I just can’t see how you can earn any type of money with a site whose domain was registered back in March of 2008, has no comments, no tweets, an Alexa ranking of 3,989,042 and 2 inbound links.”

readily shows that there is a problem with Jeffrey Morgan’s approach. [I hope Jeffrey may want to clear this and prove me wrong!]

If you have read my post: “Can You Really Make Money With These Blogs?”  and the comments posted by me and some other commenters you’ll understand that autoblogging is better done targeting niche markets whose audience most times knows little or nothing about blogging the way you and I know it.

These markets are actually more open to buy your products, unlike fellow bloggers who visit your blogs to post comments simply to promote their own blogs! That indeed is the truth about most blog comments. That is why a blog populated with comments does not automatically translate to a blog making money!

Of course, these “conventional” blogs have their own ways of making money most of which is through ad placements and promoting B2B blogging products. But judging autoblogs on the same level is wrong indeed.

The point is, the number of comments, links and Alexa ranking cannot really be used to rate the success of autoblogs. But that does not mean that Jeffrey Morgan’s competitor at flippa is building better blogs than Jeffrey or things like alexa ranking are not necessary.  Only that they are not the determinant.

“Am I Missing Something Here Chadrack?”

I know Jeffrey wants my comments on “WP-Robot” but before I do that, let me quickly point out some few things which from the comment shows why, in my opinion, he is not selling as much as the competition. Note Jeffrey Morgan clearly shows that he is a pro. In his words,

“I’m a top pro, taking 70 hours 🙂 to craft a Blog!”

And then he says’

“I work hard at my sales copy, but inform people that you have to work at Blogging to earn any type of an income.”

As a blogger you’re familiar with such advice, right? And of course as a blogger, who knows what it takes to create a blog, you know that indeed is the truth about making money with a blog!

But think about it, what is your prospects idea about autoblogging?

Does he want to spend 70 man-hours working on an autoblog? Remember that is over 2 days working 24 hours non-stop! Better still, if we use 12 hours of day light that is available to us, that is about 6 days of working without any rest! Or maybe still much better, using an 8 hour work plan, that will be about 9 days of working on what they believe to be an autoblog!

Can you now see the picture you’re creating in the minds of your prospects? Not only that you made it clear to your prospects that: “you have to work at Blogging to earn any type of an income.” With that you’re simply saying, if you buy my autoblogs you must be ready to work hard else you cannot make any money with them!

But is that why they want an autoblog?

If they were ready to work will they be looking for an autobloging software that will do all the work for them? 🙂

Certainly not!

They are looking into autoblogging because they don’t want to put in any work. These are the people who want a quick fix. They want to make money but they are not ready to put in any form of work. So telling them, “you have to work at Blogging to earn any type of an income” is telling them “my product is not for you, please go somewhere else!”

That is the importance of pre-qualifying your prospects so that you can target your marketing message effectively.

I’m hope my point is quite clear there?

So, my advise?

Though you’re doing the right thing by telling them what is involved right from the beginning, you need to restructure your marketing message. Take a second look at your autoblogs and then take a concerned look at your competitor’s. Note the problems with his approach and then note the areas where yours have the “advantage.”

Once you’ve noted these things, work again on your sales copy.  Tell your prospects that your autoblogs will not only help them make money but also save them time, at least on the long run!  That does not mean you’ll not tell them about the work involved only you need to creatively present it in a way to make them understand that your autoblogs, on the long run, will be far more better than your competitors. That is the power of creative marketing.  You will need to learn how to make your words sell! That is what copy writers are paid to do.

Of course there is the issue of social proof. You should be able to show that you’re making money with your autoblogs. Besides, those who have bought from you should give you testimonials about their results using your autoblogs so that you can include them in your sales copy. Doing this will greatly increase your conversion rate.

Now My Comments on WP-Robot!

In one word, I do not know much about WP-Robot!

Yes, I’ve not “really” used it and so whatever I say is based on my own ideas. However, some time ago while looking for some more ways to free up my time with the mind of working less on my autoblogs, I looked into getting WP-Robot. But as someone who is very careful when it comes to products like this I decided to test the basic (free) version of the WP-Robot autoblogging software. But a few weeks after installing and checking to know how it works, I deleted it as it was not my idea of autoblogging. Since then I’ve not cared to consider it for building my autoblogs.

Does that mean WP-Robot is not good? No! But as we are most times advised,  the best thing is do a search and read some reviews about it. But again, be careful because most of those reviews are done by no others but affiliates who want to make some money promoting WP-Robot!

Now, I’ve really checked out a few autoblogging software in the past one year or so. Of these ones “WP Simplicity” is the closest to my idea of autoblogging.

WP Simplicity is a powerful WordPress Plugin that helps you set up your blogs in just a few clicks. It comes pre-loaded with some of the latest most used and most rated WordPress plugins and will auto install them in minutes, create pages, generate contents and monetize your posts with Clickbank, Amazon and Ebay. It doesn’t matter the niche you’re targeting.  If you’re interested in autoblogging I recommend you check out “WP Simplicity” here.

So what do you think about this? Do you think my comments addressed the issues Jeffrey raised in his comment?


  1. Chadrack you have crafted a very wise reply. Many bloggers will ‘blag’ an answer to something if they do not know, however when you were replying to the bit about WP-Robot you said “In one word, I do not know much about WP-Robot!” which is a highly respectable thing to do 🙂

    I think your comments address the issues raised 😉

    • @Christopher Roberts,

      Frankly, I’ve learnt over the years that the best way to learn is to admit your ignorance. It was one of the great philosophers who said, “What I know is that I know nothing!” Why prove to know when I know that I know nothing about it? Of course, it will definitely show in my comments so there is no need trying it. Besides, the power of words in the truth conveyed. Lies have no weight but truth is HEAVY! 🙂

      Now that I put that there I’m hoping that someone will come around who will help us with some insight about WP-Robot.

  2. Hi Chadrack,
    First let me clarify that I’m not offering any Auto-Blogs. Never have. What I’m offering is the real thing, not some knock-off. Comes complete with Twitter and Facebook pages for a BIN purchase.

    I’d like to provide a link. I hope I don’t wind-up in the spam folder for this, you may have to fish me out.

    Here is the link:

    107 Auto-Blogs ………. $3.53 a day income average. Sold for $1700.00. It will take 18 months to get your money back before you start earning a profit.

    As for my sales copy. I for one am stunned, yes stunned at the amount of work that has gone into my Blogging System. I’m knocking it down 12 to 18 hours a day. I now program in 5 different languages. It now appears that I will be learning an additional 2 so that I might be able to provide a clean WYSIWYG editor for Facebook Fan Pages for Bloggers.
    Around and around I go.

    I’m being pressured by the editors of Bloggers Market to bring 3 different products to market at one time. Oh joy.

    I understand that this is my “CHOSEN PATH”. At the end of this rainbow, I can guarantee that I will be looking at six figures for my Blogging efforts. But man is it a ton of work!

    I’m not so sure that I want to provide a Blogging Product to someone who is buying a product from me ( or else they would be building their own ) and then have them find out that there is a crushing amount of work for them to do to earn any type of appreciable income.

    I also understand that their are a lot of buyers that do not have the time or energy or resources to engage a Blog on a true social level as you and I do. However, this is not my market. And if they can deal with the $3.53 a day income, I say have-at-it!

    Be forewarned. Any Internet Marketing effort be it Auto-Blogs or You-Tube Affiliate Marketing does not suffer fools. You will put in a ton of time to manage your virtual assets.

    • @Jeffrey Morgan,

      I truly want you to explain what you mean by,

      “I’m not so sure that I want to provide a Blogging Product to someone who is buying a product from me ( or else they would be building their own ) and then have them find out that there is a crushing amount of work for them to do to earn any type of appreciable income.”


      “Be forewarned. Any Internet Marketing effort be it Auto-Blogs or You-Tube Affiliate Marketing does not suffer fools.”

    • @Jeffrey Morgan,

      Glad that you came around to clear things for us. Frankly, I’ve been expecting you.

      Any way, I’ve checked out your sale and must say that was great.

      But what are you trying to do? In one breath you said, “First let me clarify that I’m not offering any Auto-Blogs” and then right under you said, “107 Auto-Blogs ………. $3.53 a day income average. Sold for $1700.00” 🙂

      But not to worry I checked out some of those blogs and I know what they are and even the software you used! Some of the content there came from Yahoo Answers 🙂 Indeed you may have put in some more work but who do you want to decieve? Did you create 107 blogs in 2 months manually?

      Now, I’m not trying to say you don’t have your own idea of what you’re doing but let’s be open and sincere. Others may not know but as one who is into autoblogging I know.

      Any way, most of your comment only showed us how happy you are with your sale. Still I want to know, did you picked some ideas from this post? Do you think this will help you in the future?

      One thing you mentioned in the previous comment that prompted this post is that you were telling your prospects the work they need to put in. I really did not see that in your sales copy at flippa. I’m wondering if you redid it after posting your comment here. We are all learning you know. Maybe your ideas will also help someone here.

      So, come tell us some thing more! 🙂

  3. when they post from feeds, they always go into theuncatgorized catagory. == I believe there is an option in which category you have to put the posts.

  4. Chadrack …….. you’re killing me here. The 107 Blog Auction IS NOT my auction. That is simply an Auto-Blog Auction that I gave as a example. $3.53 a day for 107 Blogs is pretty poor. Yet the seller makes good money on the sale at Auction.

    Please come by my site and click on the Flippa ad on the right sidebar. That will take you to my Auction at Flippa. Unless you see my video that tells you that “I’m Jeffrey Morgan From Bloggers” you’re at the wrong Auction.

    I’ll provide the link in my next comment, you will probably have to fish it out of the spam folder. If you don’t see the link to my Auction right under this comment, please retrieve it from your spam folder, visit the auction and watch the video and and then re-post you’re thoughts to this comments section.

    See you soon! 🙂

    • @Jeffrey Morgan,

      Ok, you are more clearer now. Your comment only led me to thinking that was what you were talking about. I apologize for that miss up. I’ll definitely look at that and give me comments.

  5. Hi Jeffrey,

    I’ve looked at your auction and compared it with the first one you linked to, the $3.53 a day for 107 Blogs! 🙂

    I must say if you’ve read carefully my responses in the post you will agree that I’ve touched everything that has to do with the issues raised. You may not agree with that “product” but what I’ve said in the post is that, to sell a product you should be able to create a market, or a demand for that product. And that is done in your sales copy.

    Do you noticed that his auction sold in 2 days while yours, though it remains just a few hours to expire, is yet to reach the reserved price listing?

    Ok, it’s clear that, as you earlier said, this is not your market. But I’m one who believes that marketing is everything about succeeding in business. Though you may not agree right now because you have a lot of orders waiting to be fulfilled, you’ll definitely need to market sometime later.

    So read this post again. I think you will get some ideas from it. But not minding that, you can decide that later, when you’re making the money big time and wants to increase your market reach, you may have to “dish” out some $2500 for some copy writer to write your sales copy! 🙂

    Btw. your last comment has given me an idea for another post. I may just be doing that very soon!

  6. its really use full information for everyone and keep sharing like this post…than you for the great info.

  7. In my case, i don’t use autoblog software because based on my experience, it would only hurt my site. I’m a white hat technique optimizer and i read your post because i was intrigued by the title.

    • @Gregg Camp,

      Of course all of us have our different opinions when it come to these things. I personally don’t advise anyone to use autoblogging software in their regular blogs. I only use them for my niche sites. You’ll discover that my ongoing seo series is all about white hat. I know the value of that. Thanks for the comment.

  8. Hello Chadrack, Glad I found you here, your blog is very useful and helpful to me this is actually what I need now and my great pleasure to stop by here. Thanks!

  9. Hi Chadrack,

    I agree with all your comments on this one. I really cannot endorse anyone selling poor quality goods and trying to pass them off as the real thing in the offline world or online world.

    Unfortunately, there are billions of people on our planet and statistically there will still be a few thousand people who feel no shame in peddling these auto-blogs. I’ve seen many of my Yahoo and LinkedIn answers plagiarized by these parasites.

    • @Russell Davison,

      It’s a problem we have to live with right now. The sad thing is that because of such shameless acts, the genuine ones are finding it an up hill task to convince prospects of their good intentions.

      Thanks for adding your voice.

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