How to Use Internet Marketing Blogs to Create Success Online!

Internet marketing and blog marketing are two business marketing strategies that have fast become popular today. Already, creative online entrepreneurs are finding ways of marrying these two to create internet marketing blogs for promoting their businesses online. If you truly want some outstanding business success in our today's world of inbound marketing then you will not want to overlook these two powerful marketing tools.

For one, they have proven to be a very cheap way of online business marketing. Besides, in a world where information has become a big commodity, internet marketing and blog marketing are definitely the right choice because that’s just what they are about – delivering the needed information and right on time!

Blogs are informative…


Online markets demand information before they buy!

What better couple would you find!

However, the process of online marketing is quite different from the conventional marketing techniques while blogging is an art in itself. To get the two to work together therefore you simply need to find some creative ways to make them work. Do this well and you would have uncovered a super marketing vehicle to drive your online profits!

internet business marketing blogs

The Essential Elements of an Internet Marketing Blogging

A blog is a good online marketing tool, provided it’s an efficient, productive blog. Blogs need to maintain a stream of good quality content at all times. Efficient marketing blogs do just that, and that’s the main reason they’re so successful.

The dynamics of blogging are well suited to marketing ventures, because blogs can provide a lot of useful information and attract a lot of interest from consumers.

The perfect blog for online marketing should have:

•    Lots of new, unique materials– This is top quality information value for users, and it’s been the basis of every successful blog in every industry. Specialist information, reviews by experts, insights from industry insiders and analyses with useful product information are typical of the world’s best blogs.

•    Consumer values reflected in information– Information about products often needs “translation” into consumer-usable information. Techno-language tends to turn people off, as do the gushing hype reviews and other much too obvious advertising-based content types.

•    Materials targeted to specific users– Please note that this element is critically important for marketing purposes. The best marketing blogs really are true goldmines of information for their users. They concentrate on specific products and market situations. They provide helpful FAQs, a strong knowledge base, and current news, simultaneously.

•    Good interaction with users– The best blogs have good forums and are often extremely popular as a result. The interactions with users also allow for very productive exchange of information among core product users, which is an extremely valuable asset for the blog.

Creating an Internet Marketing Blog

If your blog is nothing right now but a few articles and some archives and therefore you think you do not match this profile, don’t give up yet. You can still create a marketing blog. Creating a good marketing blog isn’t as hard as it looks.

As a matter of fact, the best marketing blogs are the products of motivated bloggers. These blogs are usually geared to the blogger’s areas of interest. These are areas where the blogger really is an enthusiastic expert. That’s good business practice, too, because it means your marketing blog is based on a strong knowledge base. You’ll know where to get information resources, and have a good eye for quality control. Therefore the quality of your blog will be excellent, based on an area in which you’re an expert.

That, interestingly enough, is the heart and soul of internet marketing – Expertise. Consumers looking for products and services go looking for expert advice and information created by experts. It’s why the marketing blogs, which provide very high quality information, are such successful marketers. That’s what “information” means to consumers, online, and that’s what sells.

If you’re able to get this mix of product and information values right, your marketing blog will be extremely successful. What you should do right now is find ways of marrying your blogging and your internet marketing activities so that you can create your own successful business online.

Let's have your thoughts: Why are blogging? Are you integrating your blogging activities with your business objectives to create a successful internet marketing blog? Share your thoughts with us in your comments.

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  1. Internet marketing is a great source to get big traffic to your site . This Kind of system can starts work with submitting back links to the social posters .

  2. Thanks for the help, I really need information on online marketing and got here. Nice post.

  3. If you want to see visitors from search engine results then your material definitely needs to be unique. It’s now almost impossible to get higher than page 4 of search results unless you tackle a specific issue and you deal with it differently to the other 372 people writing about it on the same day. Use Google Webmaster Tools to see where your site pages lie within the search field. I’m always surprised to see how people come to one of my 5 sites. I then develop that theme further to capture more of that specific audience.

    • @Russell Davison, “It’s now almost impossible to get higher than page 4 of search results” – well I guess it depends on your keywords – you are one the first page for ‘Russell Davison’ in the SERPs!

      May I ask why you run a Blogger powered blog rather than a WordPress powered blog?

      Good tip on Google Webmasters Tools, very useful, I also like Google Analytics 🙂

      • @Christopher,

        Google Webmaster Tools is truly a good tool for taking advantage of what is already working for you. I recently installed JetPack wordpress plugin and that is proving a great one for also.

        About getting #1 with “Russell Davidson” how many people are searching that? I think what Russell mean is the game is much harder now than before. There are some “big guns” who have entrenched themselves up there using the advantage of the domain age and the power of other resources.

        But for me I consider 4th position a great feat. You can actually “steal” the traffic from the other top contenders if you know how to craft a good description for your article.

      • Thanks. I run a few Blogger powered blogs through default, rather by design. I wrote the code from scratch for my first blog. I then found it too complicated to do a comments box with database for organizing the posts. I knew that WordPress was better for SEO but I’d read many bad reviews for one of my service providers asking for extra money to run WordPress powered blogs because of the huge bandwidth needs. So, I use Blogger at the moment and have a Page Rank of 3 after 10 weeks for the latest one. I’ll be writing code for the Blogger header HTML to incorportate conditional meta tags for each post. Later, in September, I’m changing the service provider to Go Daddy for another blog and I’ll be using WordPress for that one.

        • @Russell Davison,

          Wow, wrote the code from scratch for your first blog? You definitely know what you’re doing! And frankly, when you write that code for meta tags on blogger header I’ll love to have it. Seriously, that’s one of the things I truly love to see in blogger. Some time ago when I used the service I tried entering meta tags manually but there was a problem as the theme I was using will not accept it.

        • @Russell Davison, They charge you to use WordPress!!!! Get a new host!!!

          We use Discus Group Hosting, they are very reliable and don’t charge extra if you get more visitors 😛

          I would personally never switch again, as they are just great to us 🙂

  4. Uniqueness of the material on such blogs are relative, but even if you repeat some info, you should find the unique way of presenting it. The one that readers will love and appreciate.

    • @Alex,

      Oh yes, uniqueness really does not mean is something new. It’s all about putting in a new spin. Check around the web and you will know that there is nothing new!

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    Nitin Verma @ Travel wisconsin August 10, 2011 at 8:04 am

    Hi! I always read your post and i found out that you always put something new to learn from and working. Please put some more blogs about being successful. I’m sure you will do great! Can you please help on how to create blogs on an easy way? Thanks!

  6. Hi Sachin,
    Thanks for sharing those information its really helpful for us and specially for me, now I know how to use internet marketing blog’s.

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    Online Home Inspector August 12, 2011 at 6:18 am

    I do really agree on using online as a strategy of marketing. In the world we have now, we should also be competitive. Most people, especially the young ones are living on the internet now. So it’s better to start ahead and collect information or ask some help.

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    Online Home Inspector August 12, 2011 at 6:23 am

    Online marketing is really the useful tools in online business. So I am one of those people who are using with this technology. It really boosts up my production and it’s doing better and better. And I’d like to give thanks on the author of this article that I gain more information I needed.

  9. Yes, people tend to trust these kinds of blogs. And people tend to buy stuff on the recommendation of people they trust. (It’s kind of like the “word of mouth” effect.)

    But I would say that to become really successful in this niche you have to devote heaps of time and effort to one blog in particular. The competition is fierce, so to pull ahead of the pack you really have to offer something exceptional and unique, with consistently insightful posts — and lots of them.

  10. Both Internet and Blog Marketing are good to get some useful money from online, but its not that easy as it seems. This is the best way here to go with it.

  11. Try searching for blogs on Technorati and Google Blog Search for that phrase. Also, you can set up Google Alerts to notify you of recent postings on internet marketing.

  12. I am 24. I play guitars (advanced) and the piano. I am good at programming and puzzle solving. I am pretty much everything a perfect computer geek needs to be. I am planning to start off a company before which I will need to get a feel of how marketing works on the internet. I would like to create niche blogs but I don’t see where I should start and what topic would be ideal for me. Could you suggest a way for me to get things going.

  13. I’m looking for some blogs about internet marketing – primarily SEO and email marketing. I’ve come across some, but none that seem to be very informative or educational.

  14. Definetly myspace. Get on there and put your music up. Become friends on other bands myspace(same genre as you) and people will come. You have to put out the word and play a lot of shows and pass out fliers and what not with your band and put the myspace url on it.

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    I’m looking for a internet marketing forum that has no spam on it and that has an active community. I’ve tried several in the past such as DP and they just have to much spam. Can anyone suggest an internet marketing forum that has no to very little spam and helpful insightful internet marketers on it? Thanks!

    • @Adelaide trike tours,

      Frankly, it will be very hard to find any internet marketing forum where you will not find any form of spam. The internet marketing niche is biggest when it comes to spam. But if you have not tried the warrior forum, I think you can try it. At least it has more reputation and because of the top level of moderation, it is really the right place where you can find usable information about internet marketing.

      Thanks for your comment will be glad to have you around again!

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