The Internet – The Evolution In Under Ten Years! – [INFOGRAPHIC]

If, in 2002, someone undertook to predict where the internet would be a decade later, I don't know how accurate that person would have been.

I can still remember vividly how a magazine I read back in 2003 described the internet as the new industrial revolution and internet marketing as the new Gold Rush that you cannot ignore.

I remembered that even when at that time I knew very little about computers, I made up my mind to get involved in this Gold rush! And so, when a few years later I got the opportunity to have access to the internet in my place of work, my whole focus was to learn this internet marketing of a thing!

Barely a decade later, I can say that that magazine was not far from the truth. The period 2002 to 2012 can really be termed the real information age considering what has happened within this decade. The internet has not only evolved into a more efficient way of gathering information but new and emerging technologies have continued to dictate designs. Smart phones, mobile friendly websites smart web designs, etc are now an every day pleasure.

But, how was it 10 years ago? Oh yes, using the internet then was really a leisure but today if you are not on the internet you are definitely missing out in life! 🙂

In this animated infographic by, you will be taken on a voyage of the evolution of the internet in the past decade. Indeed technology has come a long way but the sure thing is, there is still more to come!

And talking about more to come, can you predict where the internet will be another 10 years to come? Share with us in your comment!

the internet a decade later!



  1. I’d like to comment but that LONG inforgraphic lost me. Maybe it’s just me. I WOULD like to predict that five others and I will meet you on Networking Superstars hangout next week. LOL.

  2. I agree with Patricia, it kind of lost me two. You might want to reduce its size a bit. That said it has been an interesting 10 years and would predict the next 10 will be as fascinating. 🙂

    • @Susan Cooper,

      Yea, I too found it rather long but the message was really clear. You know things could really change in just a space of 10yrs. Now, wouldn’t that be some incentive to begin to straighten your operations looking forward to something greater in the future?

      Btw. I have reduced the size to fit into the blog space. Thanks for the comment.

  3. I think that your article was a good start but it would be good to see more content and less of the info graphic. Thanks.

    • @Martin Casper,

      Oh Martin! More of content in an infographic post? In fact, my comments at the start of the post were rather too long. You were supposed to get the details from the infographic. Any way it does appear that you are for more content than this new craze about speaking in graphics! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. In last few years technology made many more changes on is very good to have all this.
    Your info-graphic has very good and deep explanation here.I like I-pod and notebook so make me some comfortable.Thanks for this info.

  5. 10 Years from now…

    I really have no idea, my guess would be computers will play more of a role in daily life. If your business is not online you will never be able to compete. People will socialise less face to face and spend more time doing it online, also a new way to socialise 3D immersion.

    • 10 Years from now…

      I really have no idea, my guess would be computers will play more of a role in daily life. If your business is not online you will never be able to compete. People will socialise less face to face and spend more time doing it online, also a new way to socialise 3D immersion.

  6. Chadrack, I must appreciate that you have done good work regarding this post. I liked this post very much and you’ve given the perfect insight. The changes are seen here clearly from the last decade.
    I would share this post to my friends as it is really worth to do so.

  7. Great post because of the depth on information and statistics in it, also visually very attractive too.

    • @Elena Anne,

      Thanks Elena. For me it’s really the animation. This taking infographics to another level! I’m sure that very soon we will be seeing more animated infographics on the net. Ok, maybe that is just my prediction, Lol!

      Thanks for the comment.

  8. You should resize the image because it can’t be viewed correctly, I think it should be only 600p wide instead of what you’ve embedded, which might be about 1000 or 1200. By the way, the topic sounds interesting, I’m looking for the right infographic!

  9. Nowadays technology is developing faster and faster,we all have no idea from now on how the internet will become, but we are proud of the changes that the internet made in the last ten years, it is an awesome thing.

  10. Every day something new is coming to the market technology is changing at a very high speed much more than was expected,this is making communication easier research and also socializing has become more easier in the next 10 years allot will have happened i can wait to see it.

  11. Its a great post. Many information i got from this post. Its a nice comparison of the internet of today and 10 years before. I really don’t have the idea what was actually there 10 years ago. Thanks for the post.

  12. In last few years science made many more changes on is rather good to have all this.
    Your info-graphic has rather good and deep explanation here.I like I-pod and project manual so make me some comfortable.thank you so very much for this info.

  13. Internet has been the most useful technology of the modern times which helps us not only in our daily lives, but also our personal and professional lives developments. The internet helps us achieve this in several different ways.

  14. Wow this really brings back memories. I was friends with one of the founders of Napster and it seems like just yesterday. He was just starting up and was still just a young smart kid. Now he is on top of the world. It is amazing how much things have changed and grown over the years.

    • @punta cana,

      Yea, it’s true how time flies. You were just a young smart kid, right? Now that his is on top of the world, where are you? Weren’t you able to strike some deals with him?

      • @Chadrack, We lost touch awhile ago when the court cases started ramping up against napster. I and others have tried to re connect but none so far have had any luck. I myself have working in internet radio and now am doing light seo work. Wish I could have the opportunity to learn from him but I guess he is too big to remember his past. I don’t blame him for it, it is what it is.

        • @punta cana,

          Too bad really. Well, I don’t really think he has forgotten his past. Like you said, maybe the court case and other things may have taken up his time. Besides, if you truly want to connect with him again, I think you can always use the social media sites like Facebook and Google+ to look for him.

          You see, if you were really close nothing stops you from going out there and looking for. And like you mentioned, he could just be a help in your new project.

        • @Chadrack, That is a good way to look at it, and I have tried reaching out on facebook but haven’t got a response. He is busy and has been working on some huge project so I don’t blame him.

  15. Like this post a lot. There could be many other ways to achieve it but you have very genuinely highlighted the best. According to me you described that in very good way.

  16. So amazing. I remember in 2003, I have thought of Internet so much and I do not even turn on and turn off a computer. Obviously I do not know how to deploy Internet as well as mail or web…Now looking back that time, I find very interesting period in comparision to current

  17. is the nice way of blogging and how much change may occurs in the previous years.

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    It is quite right that internet net has been changed the today life and it is beautiful rather than past life..Nice article thanks for sharing with us…

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