The Internet – The Evolution In Under Ten Years! – [INFOGRAPHIC]

If, in 2002, someone undertook to predict where the internet would be a decade later, I don’t know how accurate that person would have been.

I can still remember vividly how a magazine I read back in 2003 described the internet as the new industrial revolution and internet marketing as the new Gold Rush that you cannot ignore.

I remembered that even when at that time I knew very little about computers, I made up my mind to get involved in this Gold rush! And so, when a few years later I got the opportunity to have access to the internet in my place of work, my whole focus was to learn this internet marketing of a thing!

Barely a decade later, I can say that that magazine was not far from the truth. The period 2002 to 2012 can really be termed the real information age considering what has happened within this decade. The internet has not only evolved into a more efficient way of gathering information but new and emerging technologies have continued to dictate designs. Smart phones, mobile friendly websites smart web designs, etc are now an every day pleasure.

But, how was it 10 years ago? Oh yes, using the internet then was really a leisure but today if you are not on the internet you are definitely missing out in life! 🙂

In this animated infographic by, you will be taken on a voyage of the evolution of the internet in the past decade. Indeed technology has come a long way but the sure thing is, there is still more to come!

And talking about more to come, can you predict where the internet will be another 10 years to come? Share with us in your comment!

the internet a decade later!



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