Little Known Cornerstones For Longlasting Online Business Success!

In the first part of this article I presented just one of the cornerstones for building an enduring and successful online business – having a right and healthy mindset. In this second and concluding part I want to present you with the remaining 3 cornerstones. I do hope you will find these ones as helpful as you did the first.

But I know many will want to ask why the much interest in these cornerstones?

My answer to that is because building a business is like building a house. Every building engineer knows the importance of a solid foundation to a building. In fact, the foundation, to a great extent, determines the building structure. The higher the building is expected to be, the deeper the foundation!

This is very much the same when building a business. If you expect something that will stand the test of time then laying the right foundation is a must. That is why you must take seriously these 4 cornerstones we are discussing.

Having said that, let's now take a look at the remaining cornerstones that are necessary to build a successful business online.

2. Use the Power of Leverage

If you've been online for a while you will readily note that there are different business models you can choose from when building a business online. All of these models have their own pros and cons.  And of course, some are more successful than others.

However, whatever the model you decide to choose, you mustn't forget to employ all of the power that the internet offers to make your online business successful. No stone should be left unturned. Learn to leverage search engine optimization (seo). Proper leveraging of seo will quickly get your business blog/website indexed by the search engines. Leveraging seo includes proper structuring of your site, using the right keywords in the right places, implementing the right linking structure both on-site and off-site and providing sticky content that will appeal to both the search engines and your human visitors.

Another area of leveraging the internet is using online social media to build a brand for yourself, your website and your products.  Build your reputation and credibility using Private Label Rights (PLR) products. These give you the power to create your own products with ease. You can easily do some re-writing, change the name  and put your own  and then give them away to reap the gains of viral marketing with ease.

Other areas include the use of software programs to free up your time while building your business. Doing this will enable you work for less but achieve much. For example, you can use auto-responders to automate your operations. Tracking tools will help you better understand what’s happening in your business so that you can take better informed decisions that will drive your business on the right lane.

3. Build the Right Relationships

Ever heard the saying: “It is not What you know, but Who you know that counts”? Indeed that may be an old saying but it is nevertheless true when it comes to building your online business. The cornerstone of good solid relationships mustn’t be toyed with. It should be one of your top priorities.

In our everyday life, building social relationships help us insert ourselves into social situations which gives us the opportunity to come in contact with people who have interests that are similar to or complimentary to our own.

The same happens when we establish business relationships. With the right business relationships you can insert yourself into business situations where you will meet others who have businesses that are similar to or complimentary to your own business. Attending real brick and mortar business seminars and online teleseminars and webinars, will help you build friendly business relationships with not only your peers but also with those who are in position to help you.

4. Find a Capable Mentor

It isn’t likely that there is a more valuable asset that a new netrepreneur can have than a good and capable mentor. Someone who has already made all of the mistakes can help you avoid making all of the mistakes yourself.

They have the wisdom that comes from experience. And with this they can easily point out pitfalls to help direct you toward the better of choices.

But why, you may ask, would anyone who has made it want to take their time to help a newbie succeed?

Of course they do it for various reasons. But the most common one is because they desire to see what they know outlive them. And this they do by teaching what they already know to other up and coming netrepreneurs. However most of these successful internet marketers wouldn’t want to waste their time on anyone who has not already worked hard to lay the first three corner stones themselves. These potential mentors are looking for new comers who show that they have a right and healthy mindset, who are working hard at leveraging and who are well aware of how important it is to know all the players and the RIGHT people.

In short, the new comer most likely to get a mentor is one who is already working hard and helping himself and not looking for someone who can just smooth the way for him. So you must learn to work your online business implementing the first 3 cornerstones we have mentioned above.

Conclusion: I don't know about you but right from the start of my online business journey what has always been in my mind is to build a business that will not just take advantage of the present opportunity but also will stand the test of time. And this is why every action I take in this business is to build on this foundation secured on these 4 cornerstones. You too can decide the direction of your online business. What you need is setting up the right foundation for your online business by getting a right and healthy mindset, using the right leveraging tools, building the right business relationships and working on getting the right mentor(s).

Of course we all love comments –  Give your reactions to this article in the comments below!

  1. Reply
    Jane Cooper @ lcd tv June 3, 2011 at 8:04 am

    I like your explanation, it’s realy interesting, it’s great lesson for me : )

  2. Hi, Chadrack
    I completely agree that the right basis is half of the success. And for me personally the most vital and important moment was to find the right mentor. A mentor can be a person, a resource, a study. In my situation – it was the internet and various online resources.

    • All the resource that can be handled easily is a really quite enough …bur the sense is that what you can really work on what you read and cook up your own knowledge bank!

    • @Anna,

      You have just touched something that many people overlook when we talk of mentorship. That’s you can really get so much from resources like books and other online resources. I think what you really need is a mind that is open to learn and that can really work on what you read and cook up your own knowledge bank!

      Thanks for joining the conversaion.

  3. I’m David. Hello to all. As I am new to the internet and blogging in particular,I have a lot to sort out and to learn. Thankfully, bloggers are some of the classiest and most informative people anywhere. I need all of the information I can get and this post helps a whole lot. Thank You for posting this. I am determined to hang in there because I believe in the process.

    • @David,

      You’re welcome David! I’ll really love to see you around again. And maybe also see a pic behind that name!

  4. Hi Chadrack,
    I agree wiith you and I also think that if people could take time to really picture where they see their website years from now, they will be doing just good in the long run. Because with no vision and no plan, we can actually kiss success goodbye

  5. Hi Chadrack,

    Another great article. Thanks.

    The power of leverage using SEO changes the way that you structure your article. Over time, it comes naturally to you. Perhaps, it takes 3 months to 4 months to train your brain to be half-human and half-text-analyzer. There are some good online free tools for checking readability age, readability complexity, syllable count, keyword density, etc.

    Myself, I think it’s important to physically create your very own products/services from scratch. That way, they’re yours. They have your personality stamped on the outside and, if you open them up, they have your personality embedded inside as well. Changing other people’s work is not quite the same as doing your own stuff.

    One of the things I like about your site is that you personally reply to almost every comment and you do not use an auto-responder. Your site has a personal feel to it. It gives the impression that it is created and managed by a person who loves what they do.

    Your advice about relationships is good. I really do laugh at those people who waste hundreds of hours in collecting people’s names as ‘followers’ on Twitter. The ‘followers’ never actually follow. They just collect other people’s names. It would be much simpler just to photocopy the New York telephone directory and paste it into your Twitter account. You’d get about as much use from the paper copy of the telephone directory as you would from the pixels of people’s names. If you spend 500 hours to follow 50,000 people then its simple mathematics that 50,000 people will follow you. Only Lady Gaga and David Bowie have 2 million followers and their Twitter secretaries only follow 5 people! Building real social relationships involves effort, real effort, on both sides.

    Your definition of a mentor with wisdom is spot on, “… someone who has already made all of the mistakes …”

    If Benjamin Franklin were around today and writing a blog, I’m pretty sure he’d also apply your principles of the four cornerstones on solid foundations. He’d probably also add a keystone above each window to promote the two-way exchange of ideas and comments.

    • Hi Russell,

      Glad to have you around once again. And for this comment I must say you are one of a kind that is really hard to find on most blogs. I’m serious about that! Like you said, I try my best to reply to every comment because I desire to know what my readers are saying. But I must say most of the comments I have shows that not every one really read through the post before posting their comments. But I’ve seen a difference in you. I think I will just have to put together a reward package for people like you! 🙂

      I agree with you that creating your own products from scratch helps you put your personality into it. However, you will agree that there is no product you want to put together that someone else have not written about. And in gathering ideas for your product you definitely will be referencing most of these ones. It’s business sense therefore if you can save some time by using PLRs. But like I said, you will need to re-write them. In rewriting you can actually put your personality into the product.

      Hey, you sure Lady Gaga’s secretary only follows 5 people on twitter with all those millions following? Then if those people are hoping to ride on the back of Gaga’s popularity they are definitely on the wrong boat!

      I felt some warmth in my stomach reading that piece about Benjamin Franklin using the same principles! But of course these are not my principles, they are ancient but moderm principles tested over the years.

      Thanks for joining the conversation.

  6. Building an online business is great, especially when it’s succesful. But those who think it’s easy money are wrong. It takes a lot of dedication and work if you want to do it right.

  7. Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.

    • @Mahesh Rathi, Truly love the way you put it: all things are possible for those who believe! That simply is the spirit. We are bound to face a lot of problems along the way but having the mindset that all things will work out fine can really be of great help. Thanks for the comment.

  8. Hi Chadrack,

    Very good point! A solid foundation is going to serve you better in the long run, and you can never spend too much time on preparation.  Mentorship  is the difficult one for me because you have to know where to go or who to talk to, and there’s a certain time commitment involved.  But I keep my eyes open!


    • @Delena Silverfox, I agree with you Delena. Before approaching any one to be your mentor you must have watched what that person is doing and the result being produced. Care is definitely necessary.

  9. I have an Idea for and ORIGINAL online business, but how do I actually approach other online companies to form mutual contracts and still Protect the idea. I’m pretty sure I can’t just email the CEOs!

    • @seo birmingham, well you must know there are some risk that need taking when it comes to business. You simply need to learn to trust others. However, I will advice that you seek the services of a legal adviser. You may need one to help draw up some legal agreements that will be of help.

  10. Thanks fore such an informative post…i agree with you at every point…building powerful and long lasting relation is as important as correct mentor

  11. Blogging online business is a great this technology we simply handle business forom thanks..

  12. Hi Chadrack,

    I like how you compared the importance of learning these cornerstones from building a house or an establishment. I’d like to add that there is no shortcut to success. We have to learn about these cornerstones in order to live and play the game in business. 🙂

    • @Ira, Yeah, this is what many online entrepreneurs must understand. Making money online is not just about puting together some reharshed information product with the mind of selling to a few and then moving on. It’s about building a business and if that’s so then laying a solid foundation is a must. There is really no shortcut to success online.

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  14. I am a 25 year old new entrepreneur and have just started a trade consultancy business and needs little brainstorming to keep a positive mindset for me with your suggestions.

  15. I want to start an online business and I have no ideas! I think i might want to sell but I’m not sure what. I like the average things a teen likes and have a lot of time. Any ideas? I’m willing to work very hard on the business.Thanks

  16. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe. thank you

  17. I am a mom and I hear your pain.I want to support you 100%.You sound very honest and sincere.I wish you find the most wonderful guy and you never know and your time is coming.If I found several guys with children,I will urge them to check you out.Here is my two cents and do not get mad at me.If I am in your shoe I will ad myself at the window of my car.Here is so and so.I just divorced and looking for a new love.

  18. Chadrack, I agree with all your 4 cornerstones completely, I guess you have missed the most important aspect in the Online Business is patience, which is seriously needed for a newbie entering the Online Business. we really need to work hard in eliminating the myth that Online Business is nothing but ‘Easy money’

    • @James H,

      I agree with you James. Unfortunately it appears you’ve not read the first part. What I discussed in the first part touched on the issue of patience. In fact, I took sometime on that. You may want to read it also. Just follow the link referenced in the article.

  19. Before starting out a business, we need to have more advice of people who have tried this for a long term so that the business that you are going to build up will be successful in the near future.

    • @Bless Tabudlong,

      That’s the purpose of research. You don’t rush into starting a business no matter how much you think you know of that business. The good thing is that there is so much information about starting a business out there on the internet. It’s you duty to go get it and then put it to work.

  20. I agree. Building Online business is like building a house, we play the role as an engineer in building online business, you must ensure that there must be a strong foundation and strong relationship. I enjoy reading your post and I learn a lot of things.

  21. we need to have more advice of people who have tried this for a long term so that the business that you are going to accumulate will be acomplished in the near future.
    I enjoy reading your post and I learn lots of things.

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