5 Easy Forms of Content Every Business & Blog Should Be Creating

Every good marketing blog has one golden rule: Content is King!

You definitely must have heard that said before, right? it’s now about to become your new mantra, if you run a business website or a blog. This is because content is one of the most powerful tools you must have in your marketing arsenal.


For these reasons:

  1. It strengthens your reputation as an expert
  2. It feeds your existing community
  3. It boosts your social media engagement rates
  4. It helps you reach new eyes and spread the word about your business.
  5. You can monetize it and create a new revenue stream

Content is the foundation of your online marketing strategy, as it touches all corners of the web.

Now, the best thing about good content is that it’s relatively easy to make. You can do it yourself, right now at home. In the following few lines I reveal to you the best types of content on the web that you can start creating now.

Long-form articles

Blogs and articles are the most abundant form of content. It doesn’t take much effort to write down your thoughts and opinions and publish them to the world. If you can be insightful, entertaining or informative, then even better! For a long time, people churned out lots and lots of short blogs. Now, everyone is slowly realizing that the power lies in long-form articles. Google prefers them, and rank 1000 word articles higher in its search engine. Readers are more likely to share it too. Go deep with your content!


Easy marketing content types

Thanks to YouTube, everyone’s a film-maker! It’s easier than ever to sign up for a YouTube account and start posting video content. You can even record straight from your webcam. Of course, we suggest taking the time to make creative, innovative video ideas. Perhaps you could make a tutorial or showcase your products if you’re an online store. Get creative here and use your imagination.


People love to learn. So if you’ve got specific knowledge in a niche area, create a webinar and host it online. If this sounds like an alien concept, it’s easier than you think! We use a simple webinar software to get it up and running, and our visitors love it. If you can teach someone something new, they’ll remember it. They’ll come back to you when then need a bigger problem solving.


For a while on the web, infographics were the most powerful piece of content out there. They were getting more views, shares, and interaction than any other form. The buzz is dying down a little, but we still love a good infographic! If you’ve got a dense and lengthy blogpost, try turning it into a simple graphic instead. Readers love seeing information displayed simply and easily.


It’s so simple, but still works so well. There’s a reason why Instagram and Pinterest are thriving. High-definition, beautiful imagery always generates interaction. Use photos to show people behind the scenes. Get creative and find a new way to capture attention.


With content, you can build a huge online following and represent yourself as a market leader. Best of all, you can monetize it. So, start with these forms, and see where you get to!

How to Make Money Online As a Fashion Lover!

If you have passion for fashion, it will interest you to know that you can translate your love into some profitable business venture online.

Of course, there are lots of skills and interests that you can market online to make money but fashion is such a popular topic that when you know what to do, can become a lucrative business. So if you truly love clothes and accessories, this is one area you should look into.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a designer or you just have a love for the art and industry, there are several ways you can start making money over the internet.

If you have business skills or are keen to develop them, or you enjoy fashion photography or writing, it’s easy to translate your skills and knowledge into a business idea.

Make money ideas for Fashion lovers

Here are some excellent ways that you can use your passion for fashion to make money online.

1. Set up An Online Store

One way you can make money as a fashion fanatic is to set up an online store. There are lots of different ways you could do this and a variety of things you could sell. For example, you might pair up with designers to help them sell the items that they’ve made. Another idea is to search for vintage or second-hand pieces that you love and sell them on at a profit. If you enjoy art and graphic design, another option is using one of the websites that allows you to add designs to t-shirts, mugs, and a range of other items. And you could always start ordering products wholesale to sell them on.

2. Become a Fashion Photographer

If you love photography as well as fashion, you can market your fashion photography skills online. The internet is an excellent place to display and look for work. You might be able to find work for magazines, websites and other clients. Set up a website to advertise yourself and look out for positions to apply for. You could also sell your photos on stock photography sites, either for exclusive or usage rights.

3. Set up a Blog

Lots of fashion fanatics choose to set up a blog that they can use to show off their style and talk about their passion. You can share your knowledge and post photos of your favorite looks, review products and give advice. The best way to start a blog is to make a plan before you create your site, doing plenty of research to make sure it will be profitable. There are lots of ways you can make money from a blog, but with many of them you need to be patient.

4. Be a Fashion Writer

If you love writing for your blog, you might be interested in writing for other people too. You can look for blogs, online magazines and fashion websites that want writers to work with them. You could write guest posts, review people’s products or even get a full-time position writing for someone’s site.

5. Offer Your Skills as a Designer

If you’re a designer, you can market your skills on an online marketplace. People are always looking for freelancers to work for them, so you can show off your sketches and designs online. There are lots of different websites for freelancers and designers to match themselves with jobs and employers.


From the above it is clear that fashion lovers can turn their passion into a job if they use their skills and interests smartly online. All you need is to identify a place where your abilities would be useful, and you could start making money from what you love.

Image credit: OpenClips

How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Online Marketing

The world of digital marketing is basically a world of facelessness and automation. As a result many marketers see the customer as just another number in the profit equation.

But that shouldn’t be. while you are looking at your stats and want to measure hits, new visits, repeat visits, conversions, etc. the customer wants to be seen as some human and treated as such. You must understand that the customer can tell when they’re being treated as just part of a machine, and when they’re truly respected.

With modern technology at its current state, there is no excuse for this anymore. Digital marketing can be every bit as personal as a real life encounter. A personal touch in your marketing will make a world of difference. Customers love to know that they are dealing with real people. They like to know that they are acknowledged.

If you’re wondering how you can do this then I invite you to carefully read this article.

Here are…

5 Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Your Online Marketing

1. Show Your Face

Use your marketing channels to show customers behind the scenes. We love to know that real people are working to make things happen! It’s a small thing, but a simple picture of employees working together makes a big difference. Upload pictures of you and your workers planning the next big launch. Show them using your product or just working behind the scenes. Get creative with this, we love seeing how things are made and the people behind it!

Personalize Your Business Marketing

2. Address Customers By Name

Email marketing is still one of your most powerful tools. However, it can often seem so indirect and impersonal. Our tolerance for poor emails and spam is at an all time low. We’ll ignore anything that isn’t useful or personal.

The good thing is that nearly all mass email clients out there have the functionality to implement the recipient’s first name. It’s so simple, but so powerful. Try putting their name in the subject line for serious results.

3. Happy Christmas!

One of our favorite pizza restaurants has a fantastic approach. They send us a free pizza voucher on our birthday, every year. What a brilliant way to show a personal side! It rewards loyalty and makes an emotional connection with customers.

You can do the same thing with a company like Ecard Shack. Send personalized birthday, Christmas or Halloween e cards. It’s fun, it’s personal and it makes a connection.

4. Reward Loyalty

Customers really love to know that they are recognized for their loyalty. In the faceless world of online shopping and services, it’s hard to feel valued. It’s really important to make sure that your loyal customers feel valued. Register how many purchases each customer makes. When they hit a certain number, reward them with a free purchase. Offer them a streamlined service or an upgrade. Anything that recognizes their loyalty will go a long way.

5. Remember preferences

People will flock to your business for a variety of reasons. Often they will be there for a niche reason. Use a web algorithm to remember their choices and preferences. Make sure that when they return, they are shown these preferences. Use wording to tell them that you have hand-picked these results for them.

Get to know your customers and create a personalized service for them.


The world of digital marketing is now more sophisticated than ever. Take advantage of this and show a personal side to your services. The best marketing makes a strong, personal connection.

Are you making that personal connection with your customers? Want to share how you’re making a stronger emotional approach with your marketing? Why don’t you do soin the comments below?

Choosing a Profitable Niche – A Practical Guide!

In my previous post I mentioned that choosing the right niche is crucial to succeeding with your niche site. In that post, I gave the criteria I normally use when researching a niche market and then promised to also give you a practical guide on how to pick a profitable niche. In this post I want to fulfill that promise.

So, if you are ready let’s get on with it!

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Where Do You Look For Profitable Niches?

The truth is if you do not know where to begin your research, you will waste a lot of time running around! Now, I must say for your niche site to meet the criteria we set out you must stay away from anything “internet marketing” or “make money online”! Instead go for real, tangible products!

Why Real, Tangible Products?

There are lots of reasons but for this post I will simply say when you build you niche site around real, tangible products, you would be selling physical products and not some theoretical concepts. You would be delivering something of actual, tangible value to your customers and of course you don’t need to grabble with those pushy persuasion techniques you see on Clickbank.com!

Besides, building your niche site around physical products agrees greatly with the basic principle we are working with which is:

1.    Build a niche site that is optimized for the search engines…
2.    So, when a potential customer goes to the search engine and searches for a product…
3.    Your niche site shows up…
4.     The potential customer clicks to visit your site, looks around and then follows your affiliate link to the product site and there, make purchases…
5.    And then, you get your commission!

It’s that simple and honest, too!

You don’t have to use some underhand marketing tactics or some pushy salesmanship to “hand twist” the visitor because with physical products, the value of the product is obvious to the buyer already!

So, Where Do You Look For Profitable Physical Products?

Here are some good places to look: Amazon.com, ebay.com, Overstock.com, Rakuten.com (buy.com) and of course Google.com/shopping. For this guide, I’m going to use Amazon.com and a few other free online tools to show you how to pick a profitable niche.

So let’s begin.

Step #1: What Is Already Selling Out There?

For this step I could start either by first going to Amazon.com to see what is already selling there or I could use Google keyword research tool to know what others are looking for.

If you want to start with Amazon.com and work backward, what you simply do is visit the site and then specify “Books” to search. Then enter a niche you desire to target (you must have known this). Take a look at the results.   The number of books written on the subject at Amazon.com is an indication of how much that market spends on the topic. When you see people spending money, you have a potentially profitable niche!

Once you confirm that (1) The niche is targeted enough and (2) The niche is spending money, your next move is to know if the niche is big enough. From there you have to go on and use any keyword research tool of your choice.

For this guide, I’m working the other way round, starting with keyword research first and then going on to Amazon.com!

Step #2: Where Do I Look?

Here I’m assuming that I do not know what niche to target. So, I’ll start by using one of the “discovery keywords” I mentioned in the previous post – “how do you stop.”

I took that and entered it into Google’s search box and received the following suggestions:

Niche Site Product Research

Notice the two phrases I underlined. I will be working with these two but with special focus on the first one!

Step #2: What Really Is The Demand?

Next I will proceed to know if the demand is high enough. Is this niche a popular one? Are people looking to buy products in it?

So working with “how do you stop snoring” I opened Google’s keyword tool and entered this keyword phrase. Please note that I selected “Exact” as the match type. Here is a graphic of what I received:

getting details about the niche site research


There are actually two things that are my focus here these are “Competition” and “Global Monthly Searches!”

The competition is an indication of how other “sellers” sees this market. You’ll notice that for our example the indication is “high.” It is clear from all the keyword phrases returned in this experiment!

NOTE: A word about this competition. I have heard many say if this is high you should stay away from it because it means you will be up against a big competition. Unfortunately, it is not so!  This is only true if you’re using Google Adwords for your promotion. If however, your niche site will be monetized through Google Adsense and other affiliate products, going for this is your best bet!

For me, I don’t use Google Adwords. Search engine optimization is my specialty and writing SEO optimized web content is my stock in trade! And so, I actually look out for a high “Competition” as it is an indication profitability!

Step #3: How Profitable Is Really This Niche!

Now this step is only to confirm if truly this niche is profitable. For this I will use another online keyword tool and Amazon.com. The keyword tool is Spyful.com.

First, I will start with Spyful.com and I will be looking to find for our potential niche a search result of at least 1500 searches a day for all keywords combined. Also, I’ll check to know how much advertisers are paying per clicks (PPC) for these keywords on Google Adwords.

As a general rule, if the cost/click hits anywhere between 50 cents and $3.00, it’s a good indicator that people are making money in this niche market. A pointer that you too can make some money in it!

So, let’s see what Spyful.com has for our keyword phrase:

Keyword research using Spyful.com

Please take note of the data I’ve highlighted. These are worth explaining.

1.    Monthly Searches – This shows the local and Global figures from world-wide traffic as indicated by Google searches in all countries. For our example the local search is 240 while global it is 480! Of course, these looks insignificant but remember, I’m looking for a search result of at least 1500 searches a day for all keywords combined! For this, simply scroll down the page and you will see another section for “Profitable Related Keywords.”

Spyful.com Related Keywords

You should add these together and then divide by 30 to get the daily results.

2.    Cost Per Click – This is an estimate of the clicks an advertiser should expect from his advert on average each day and the the advertiser will pay per each click. Of course, this is only an estimate but for you as a niche site builder, it is an indication of what you can earn from such ads!

3.    Click-Through Rate – This is Google’s estimation of the number of clicks an ad gets vs. the total impressions the ad receives. If an ad appears 100 times, and it gets 2 clicks, its CTR is 2%! This is another profitability indicator for you. Please take note of this.

4.    Ranking Difficulty – Ranking difficulty takes into account the strength of the domains, on-page signals like “keyword in title,” and the number of .gov and .edu domains. We will talk more about this later when we discuss keyword research.  For now we will let it be!

So, there you have the data laid out for you. Easy to assimilate and simple to understand! All you need to do is use your experience and decide if this niche is worth targeting.

From my experience this is indeed a profitable niche however, from the “Monthly Searches” and “Ranking Difficulty” it will take some extra work to make an impact in the search engines.

But then you may want to check out Amazon.com before making your final decision.

So, what do you do?

Simply go to Amazon.com and enter the phrase, “how do you stop snoring” without the quotes.

So, what do we have?

Below are some of the products on sale at Amazon.com for this niche. Please note the customer reviews. Understand that if the customer reviews are over 30 it is an indication of how popular a niche is and as you do know, the more popular, the more profitable!

(i) Brookstone Anti-Snore Pillow!

Stop Snoring on Amazon.com


(ii) SONA FDA-Cleared Anti-Snore and Mild Sleep Apnea Pillow

Amazon.com - Stop Snoring


(iii) Doctor’S Nightguard Advanced Comfort, 1 Box

amazon.com Anti Snore Products!


Take Away: This is indeed a simple way of finding good and profitable niche markets.  How long does this take. For me, 30minutes to 1 hour is enough. But if you have not mastered the process it may take you a little longer.  You may decide to go for paid research tools. That is fine!

When I started the Niche Site Duel 2.0 I decided to look into some of these paid tools. And so, because Pat Flynn recommended the Long Tail Pro keyword tool I went on to download the trial version and tried it out. I also downloaded the trial version of Market Samurai having heard of it for some time now.

Now, I must say there are all good for keyword research.  But from my experience, to really get the best from them, you need the information I’ve just given you in this post. I must confess, I simply love using the free tools I used in this post. Yes, they may take time but I have a better grip on what I’m doing!

So, that is for now. In our next post we will talk about keyword research. Watch out for that post. If you have not signed up for our free updates do so right now, it is simple and free to join – see the box below!

Over to you: I will be glad to hear your thoughts and if you truly enjoyed this post, remember to share it!

Released And Redirected? Now Stay Focused!

Focus is the secret key to your business success!

Today is the twelfth day of our 12 Days of Christmas Inspiration series which means it is the last day!

I must say it has been a journey that has touched my heart. I hope you have gained from it just as I have.

The journey has helped in reevaluating our business’s mission and purpose, it has helped us to jettison every unproductive activity and redirect our business operations. It has also touched on some areas of our personal lives. If for any reason you have not read any of the posts I sincerely plead with you to do so. Click here for the full list and read the ones you have not read.

Today’s post is about staying focused. Yes, we have touched this severally during this series but considering the fact that it is such an important issue when it comes to building a successful business, I want to round off the 12 Days of Christmas Inspiration with it!

Are You Considering Changes In The New Year?

Someone has defined insanity as: doing the same thing and expecting a different result!

If that is indeed true is it then not enough to consider some changes in the New Year? Of course, we know that even when we say change is the only constant thing in life the fact still remains that we resent change like a plague! But the truth still stands that if you are going to make any meaningful impact in 2013, there must be changes.

Knowing what to focus on requires know what should change. And so here are two things you must do:

1. Look At Your Relationships

You cannot succeed alone. You need a team, just as someone said: “A dream is a compelling vision you see in your heart, that’s too big to accomplish without the help of others.”

Now, that is very true. You need people to work with however, you must understand that whoever these people are they must be identified and managed accordingly. They may be partners or patrons, clients or critics. Whatever they are, each needs to be handled differently.

As we have said before it is not about activities but productivity.  Whoever is in your team or whoever you chose to work with will determine if you are simply working some activity or producing results. And so, as the New Year approaches you may need to do what someone was reported to have done some time ago. The story has it that this particular man left a message on his answering machine which read:

“I’m not available right now. I’m making some changes in my life. Please leave a message after the beep. If I don’t return your call, you are one of the changes!”

That indeed is wisdom!

2. Keep Things Focused

There will always be a “to do” list but your concern should really be, which of these is helping me towards my dreams?

You have been working on that business for some time now and so you definitely know what has brought you good results in the past. Why not focus on those things? Every tactic or strategy out there is not for you. If it worked for someone who said it did, that doesn’t mean it will work for you. Stop seeking the latest opportunity. Be disciplined enough to say “no” when someone else wants to push you into doing what you know will not move your business forward.

Jim Collins, author of “Good to Great” wrote:

“Most of us lead busy but undisciplined lives. We have ever expanding ‘to do’ lists, trying to build momentum by doing, doing, doing. But it rarely works. Those who built the good to great companies made as much use of ‘stop doing’ lists as ‘to do’ lists. They displayed a remarkable discipline to unplug from all sorts of extraneous junk and channel their resources into only one or a few areas.”

And that indeed is another good wisdom for the new year!


If these 12 Days of Christmas Inspiration series will be of any help to you, you must put these two suggestions into use; building a successful business demands building the right relationships and doing the right things at the right time. You must work to rediscover why you are here which will help you decide who and who should be on your team – either as cheerleaders or mentors. Make your own rules and decide on what activities to focus on daily. You can indeed make 2013 truly awesome!

I love you and I wish you a prosperous 2013!

Important: Don’t close this page until you have shared with us your thoughts on this post. The comment section is for you, make use of it!

Exact-Match Domain Algorithm Update: What Is Google Really Up To?

Once again, the SEO world has been thrown into another confusion following the release of yet another major Google algorithm change.  Referring to it as a “Minor Whether Report,” Matt Cutts said the purpose is to crack down on low quality exact match domains and prevent them from showing up so highly in the search results.

Before now, the search engines have given priority to domain names that are rich in keywords. For example, if you have a domain name like http://www.hairlosstips.com and someone else has something like http://www.clipperstalk.com; now if the person with the second domain write an article on, let’s say, “15 tips to save hair loss!” no matter how good your article is, the search engine will give priority to the first domain when considering relevancy!

But now that has changed.

Google Exact-Match Domain update

EDM Is Not Related To Panda and Penguin Updates!

The release of the exact-match domain update is a clear indication that Google is ready to touch every area of search engine optimization that SEOs have over the years abused.  Matt was very clear that this latest update has nothing to do with Panda or Penguin updates.

You do remember that that while Panda was aimed at fighting low quality content; Penguin was aimed at fighting web spam. Now, EDM is targeted at low quality exact-match domains!

But What Is Google Really Up To With These Updates?

As expected whenever, Google releases any update the SEO world goes agog with those badly hit complaining. But should we really blame Google for what they are doing? Is it not the SEOs are bringing troubles upon their own heads?

Of course, all of these updates are coming as a result of complains from users.  For a long time, many have questioned why exact domain matches rank well when they shouldn’t. I think this update has answered this question.

As I have always said, Google is helping all of us to have a better web experience. Indeed, Google have its business success in mind but as long as all of us benefit from it, I think Google should be encouraged.

Quality Content Will Definitely Rule For A Long Time!

Google is again showing us that the internet is about information not just any information but quality information. And for that, search engine optimization must be done the right way.  Quality content writing must not be sacrificed on the altar of SEO. If you are marketing online then providing quality content that will be useful to your site visitors is a must.

It is unfortunate that most of the time when these updates are released, the worst hit are always e-commerce sites. Why? Because, many depend heavily on SEO companies who do nothing but push in target keyword phrases into places like the domain name, page url, meta description, the first and last paragraph of a content and then push round it off with some heavy back linking tactics using keyword-rich anchor texts!

If you consider that carefully you will discover that all through it all, the emphasis has always been the target keyword phrase.

But it is time for the wise e-commerce site owner to make a change. Instead of just hiring SEOs (who depend mostly on grey-hat and black-hat SEO tactics) e-commerce site owners should, as a matter of urgency, go for professional SEO content writers who will help them  craft quality web content  that will appeal to both their human site visitors and the search engines.

Besides, those that have not added a blog to their sites should do so or find other ways of adding new content to their sites regularly rather than depending on link building networks and spammy blog comments!

Does This Mean Keywords Are No More Relevant?

Far from it! Keywords still remains how people search on Google. The only thing is that in writing web content you will need to know how to match quality and keyword optimization. The exact-match domain update does not mean that sites with keywords they hope to rank for in their domain names are now doomed.

What Google is looking out for here is low quality sites that want to ride high on the search engines on the basis of their exact-match domains! If you can get a good exact-match domain name and then provide real good quality content on that site, Google will love you for it. However, pushing for exact-match domain today when you want to buy a new domain name is not really relevant anymore. The rules of the game have changed and it will do you some good to listen!

A Personal Example

Let me relate a personal experience here.

A few months ago when I decided on setting up a separate site for my web content writing service, I had a few ideas for a domain name; after doing some keyword research. To my surprise however, every one of the about 8 different domain name ideas I picked on were all, “unavailable!”

I couldn’t believe it. For about 3 days, I was researching keyword after keyword and going back to check the availability of each suggestions but again and again everyone returned “unavailable!”

I was actually looking for a keyword rich exact-match domain name because that has always been the right way to go SEO-wise!

After wasting 3 – 5 days trying to get the perfect exact domain name for my content writing service site, I had to go for SEOWebContentScribe.com, remaining the word “writer” and putting in “scribe.” I’m happy that with just about two months and with just about 7 blog posts, the site is ranking well for its target keyword phrase!

Here is a graphic of the site at #6 for the keyword phrase “seo web content writing service” out of 34,700,000 results!

web writing site SERP graphic
Exact-Match Domain Update Take Away!

If you were hit by the exact-match domain update, don’t lose heart. Implement the suggestions on this post. Remember, the update is about quality, so find ways of making your site a good experience for your site visitors. More importantly before doing anything take some time to evaluate what has really happened and then plan an approach that will make the search engines love your site again.

Share your thoughts with us: As usual I will love to know what you think of this Google exact-match domain update. Were my ramblings in any way helpful? Speak your mind in the comments below.

May Day 2012: Reminiscences of A Trade Unionist Turned Entrepreneur!

May 1 2012 was May Day, otherwise known as Workers Day or Labour Day and celebrated in most parts of the world annually as a day when the working class take time off to voice their grievances and seek for more justice on their jobs.

And so, May Day 2012 did not just live up to that tradition but really went beyond expectations.  From around the world – Canada, Germany, Spain, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, etc – it was protests and street demonstrations! Where the people did not pour out into the streets, mass rallies were held in stadiums.

America’s protest group, Occupy Wall Street, was not left out. In a statement posted at http://www.maydaynyc.org, the group appeared to all to join the protests:

Occupy Wall Street support May Day 2012
Occupy Wall Street supports May Day 2012


“Today, May 1st,

We celebrate a holiday for the 99%. Today, we come together across lines of race, class, gender, and religion to challenge the systems that create these divisions. New Yorkers join with millions throughout the world — workers, students, immigrants, professionals, houseworkers. We take to the streets to join in a General Strike against a system which does not work for us. With our collective power we are beginning to build the world we want to see. Another world is possible!

We call on everyone to join us: No work! No school! No shopping! Take the streets!”

Indeed, another world is possible!

However, as I watched the events on television, I had course to relive some 17 years ago when, as a worker, I fully engaged in trade unionism. May Day celebrations afforded us, as union officials, the opportunity of speaking out against the oppressive military junta that ruled my dear country then.

It was indeed a passionate time for us. With clinched fists punching the air, we sang the comrades’ solidarity song:

“Solidarity for ever!

“Solidarity for ever!!

“Solidarity for ever!!!

“For the Union make us strong!!!

Then it was fun but after about 7 years of getting involved I began to ask myself some very pertinent questions.

May Day Protests!

Why Put Your Life In The Hands Of Those Who Really Don’t Care?

Now these questions arose because I realized then that despite  the confrontation between the union and management for better wages and better working conditions, there wasn’t really any significant improvement, at least, not on the part of the workers.

And then I began to be agitated in mind. Soon I was questioning the  motto of the union body which is:

“Labour Creates Wealth!”

To me, it was something speaking directly to me. And so, every time when we had course to use it as a point in demanding for better conditions of service – because labour creates wealth the worker should given a better treatment – my heart goes something like:

Labour creates wealth? But for who? Who is the beneficiary of this wealth being created by labour?

It was actually those years of trade unionism and my reflections on what was going on that fanned the flames of entrepreneurship in my heart! I couldn’t stand the thought of labouring and others reaping the fruit of my labour. I’d rather produce wealth for my enjoyment than for others!

This is why May Day 2012 and all the demonstrations and confrontations only reminded me of those years and my decision that May Day Rallies will never be for me again. I’d rather be excited about taking control of my tomorrow than worrying about not getting a wage raise. I will not put my tomorrow in the hands of others.

I know that many who took to the streets this last Tuesday did so because of the economic situations around the world. There is no doubt that the political class have failed us. But we must not loose sight of the fact that politicians are not the solution to the world problems.

The Information Age Is Really an Opportunity for All of Us!

I’m writing this because I believe we are indeed living in an exciting time, unprecedented in our world’s history. An era filled with great and exciting opportunities, a time when you shouldn’t blame others for your misfortunes but when you should rise up and take your destiny in your own hands.

Some years ago, owning the land was considered a sign of being wealthy. Those who controlled the land controlled the working class. Then much later it was the factories and production when those who owned the industries owned the wealth.

But today, the commodity is information. Own the right information at the right time, and you own the wealth! And the good thing? With the internet, information can simply not be contained in just one place. It is available for all of us. It has no boundaries like land and factories.  And that is why anyone who really wants to be can be all he wants to be today.

I think it is really time to drop some of the old ideas about creating wealth or living the good life. While everyone cannot become an entrepreneur but aspiring to be one is not a bad thing. Many of the stories of online business successes I’ve read have always been people who at one time were in cooperate employment. Today they are making waves after experiencing some form of “disappointment” in their regular jobs!

I don’t know why you are reading this. If you are not online to build your own business please have a rethink. Let this article motivate you to do so right.

No other person can do for you what you cannot do for yourself!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re still working a day job or you’re fully running your own business online. Know that you can make it. What you need is the basic management skills that will help you run a successful business. Learn these skills today and they will be great for you tomorrow.

Another good thing about the internet is that you can really start small and learn as you go on. Nothing is better than that, earning why you are learning! Starting a blog is a good way to go. There is no doubt about it, the competition in the blogging arena is strife but even if you do not make much money from it right now the skills you will learn as a blogger will be of great help to you.

Every successful person understands the importance of communication skills like writing, speaking and negotiating and then that of selling and marketing. As a blogger you can easily become adept at these skills. Besides, being a blogger will also help you become a good teacher and a good student, a matter of being able to give and to receive which is also very important when it comes to building wealth.

And so, this is my point:

More and more of the working class should look into other areas of making our world a better place instead of taking up placards and blocking the streets. In a time like this, we all must be creative and make a way for our own lives.

It’s worth repeating that no one can do for you what you cannot do for yourself!

Or what do you think?

As always I love to connect with you in the comments section and so let me know your views. You can also help someone today by sharing this article with them.

Dramatic Easter As A Once-Self Confessed Atheist Converts to Christianity!

Easter is once again here and in the spirit of the season I want to sincerely wish all my readers, that are celebrating, a happy Easter indeed! Easter is definitely the bedrock of Christianity as it marks the glorious event of God’s great love to mankind.

As you celebrate my prayer for you is that may the power that raised up Christ Jesus from the dead work mightily in you as you work to fulfill your dreams online!

I have never really being religious in my posts in this blog but in the spirit of this Easter season, I want to relay a story that was a great inspiration to me. It definitely shows that the power of the glorious gospel of Jesus is still available today if only we will put it to use.

I’ve just read a story of one Patrick Greene, a die-hard atheist who a few months ago threatened to wage a legal war against the nativity scene in Henderson County in Athens, Texas.

A wonderful Easter graphic

Greene previously threatened to sue if the nativity scene was again erected on public land “to show that Christianity does not rule my state of Texas, the Constitution does. Christianity is only one of the many faiths represented in this state.” but now this same Greene has turned a Christian!

This is really a dramatic conversion that could be likened to that of Paul in the Bible. Paul who once was an oppressor of the Christian faith later became the most vibrant Apostle ever. However, while Paul’s conversion came about by the intervention of the Lord Himself, Greene’s resulted from the Christ-like action of the believers in Athens.

The report shows that while Patrick Greene was threatening with his law suit, he discovered that he was suffering from a serious eye condition that could lead to blindness as reported by the Friendly Atheist. The Christians in Athens on knowing of his situation rallied round and raised fund for him. At the end they were able to offer him $400 for groceries and other needs.

This simple act of kindness, which of course is a response to the commandment of the Lord to never retaliate a wrong but forgive those who wrong you and to pray for those who despitefully use you, caused Greene to re-think his atheistic inclinations.

Today Greene is not only a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ but the report indicates that he is considering going into Ministry. Hallelujah!

As you celebrate this Easter I think this is really a story that should inspire you. You may have recounted how the Lord Jesus prayed for those who were nailing Him to the cross on Good Friday. But do you remember that He has commanded us to do likewise?

Let the story of these Christians in Athens, Texas, once again remind you of the Lord’s command. Live out the Easter life in everything you do. He rose that we may live a new life in Him. To Him be the glory.

Over to you: I don’t know your faith but if this story in any way touches you, share your thoughts in the comment below.

How to Use Vlogging to Boost Your Business Blogging Success!

If you’re a business entrepreneur promoting your business online through blog marketing, incorporating video blogging into your business blog is something you mustn’t overlook.

Today there are a plethora of video hosting websites such as YouTube, viddler etc. that you cannot afford to be left out of this powerful online marketing tool. The increase of these video hosting sites, most of which are free, has made the popularity of hosting videos on the internet to go right through the roof in recent years and this has also made video blogging to be a wise choice.

It’s a common knowledge these days more and more people online now prefer the idea of watching a short marketing video instead of reading a long salescopy or even a great deal of text when visiting websites and business blogs. For this reason it is good business sense, as an entrepreneur running a business blog or a blogger trying to make money blogging, to consider adding a free video blog to your online marketing kitty. This is because with video blogging (also known as vlogging or vblogging) you’ll be able to share more information with your visitors and connect with them much easily.

Video Blogging: Powerful Tactic That Will Boost Your Business Blogging!

A Few Advantages of Video Blogging

To show you why you should consider video blogging today, let me give you some of its advantages in marketing your business online as opposed to using only text.

1. Convey More Information In Less Time

With video blogging you’ll be able to convey a great deal more information much more quickly as well as in a manner that is much more entertaining than simply reading text on a page. And this is to your advantage as research confirm that people are able to absorb and retain more information when there are both visual and audio components. And so with video blogs you’ll be able to both engage, entertain and inform your readers with ease. And when you do this very well you’re headed for success!

2. Gain The Attention of More of Your Readers

It’s a confirmed fact that most people on the internet skim rather than read through entire blog posts. (Possibly, you are doing this right now despite the fact that this post is fairly short!) Because people skim when they read content online a good number of your blog readers  end up missing some of the most important points that you are trying to sell in your blog posts. Now, if you decide to offer your visitors a short video of 2 to 3 minutes and you highlight only the most important information, instead of a 500+ word blog post, you might just discover that you have significantly and more effectively influenced your visitor to take the right action.

3. Connect More Intimately With Your Blog Readers

Another powerful advantage of Video blogging is the ability to provide feelings, emotion and a visual aspect that simple words are incapable of. For example, it is commonly said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Indeed, that goes to show how much worth a video blog can be. You know people love entertainment, and video blogging can provide them with this level of entertainment. You can give them both entertainment and information at the same time, ensuring that they soak up the information you are trying to offer them.


If you are looking for a new way to share information on your blog while bringing more people to your blog in the process, then video blogging is an option that is well worth your consideration. Getting started in video blogging is easy and does not take a lot of skill or equipment (you can download this free guide to help you). Indeed, video blogging is a skill that will have a very large impact on your blogging ability. You can mix up your blog with video blogging, text blogging and image blogging in order to keep the attention of readers from all over the world.