How to Use Vlogging to Boost Your Business Blogging Success!

If you're a business entrepreneur promoting your business online through blog marketing, incorporating video blogging into your business blog is something you mustn't overlook.

Today there are a plethora of video hosting websites such as YouTube, viddler etc. that you cannot afford to be left out of this powerful online marketing tool. The increase of these video hosting sites, most of which are free, has made the popularity of hosting videos on the internet to go right through the roof in recent years and this has also made video blogging to be a wise choice.

It's a common knowledge these days more and more people online now prefer the idea of watching a short marketing video instead of reading a long salescopy or even a great deal of text when visiting websites and business blogs. For this reason it is good business sense, as an entrepreneur running a business blog or a blogger trying to make money blogging, to consider adding a free video blog to your online marketing kitty. This is because with video blogging (also known as vlogging or vblogging) you'll be able to share more information with your visitors and connect with them much easily.

Video Blogging: Powerful Tactic That Will Boost Your Business Blogging!

A Few Advantages of Video Blogging

To show you why you should consider video blogging today, let me give you some of its advantages in marketing your business online as opposed to using only text.

1. Convey More Information In Less Time

With video blogging you'll be able to convey a great deal more information much more quickly as well as in a manner that is much more entertaining than simply reading text on a page. And this is to your advantage as research confirm that people are able to absorb and retain more information when there are both visual and audio components. And so with video blogs you'll be able to both engage, entertain and inform your readers with ease. And when you do this very well you're headed for success!

2. Gain The Attention of More of Your Readers

It's a confirmed fact that most people on the internet skim rather than read through entire blog posts. (Possibly, you are doing this right now despite the fact that this post is fairly short!) Because people skim when they read content online a good number of your blog readers  end up missing some of the most important points that you are trying to sell in your blog posts. Now, if you decide to offer your visitors a short video of 2 to 3 minutes and you highlight only the most important information, instead of a 500+ word blog post, you might just discover that you have significantly and more effectively influenced your visitor to take the right action.

3. Connect More Intimately With Your Blog Readers

Another powerful advantage of Video blogging is the ability to provide feelings, emotion and a visual aspect that simple words are incapable of. For example, it is commonly said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Indeed, that goes to show how much worth a video blog can be. You know people love entertainment, and video blogging can provide them with this level of entertainment. You can give them both entertainment and information at the same time, ensuring that they soak up the information you are trying to offer them.


If you are looking for a new way to share information on your blog while bringing more people to your blog in the process, then video blogging is an option that is well worth your consideration. Getting started in video blogging is easy and does not take a lot of skill or equipment (you can download this free guide to help you). Indeed, video blogging is a skill that will have a very large impact on your blogging ability. You can mix up your blog with video blogging, text blogging and image blogging in order to keep the attention of readers from all over the world.


  1. reeha@gift ideas

    the concept of video blogging is taking boom these days and i am glad to see a video blogging post from you John.
    I also love video blogging because it clears all the concepts more effectively and its an easy way to impress any one. thanks for this useful post for changing others mind.

  2. bjohn

    This is something new for me as i haven’t tried it before. It sounds good. It seems helpful for making your blogging more powerful. I agree with the #2 tip and that can be done by video blogging easily.

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