5 Easy Forms of Content Every Business & Blog Should Be Creating

Every good marketing blog has one golden rule: Content is King!

You definitely must have heard that said before, right? it’s now about to become your new mantra, if you run a business website or a blog. This is because content is one of the most powerful tools you must have in your marketing arsenal.


For these reasons:

  1. It strengthens your reputation as an expert
  2. It feeds your existing community
  3. It boosts your social media engagement rates
  4. It helps you reach new eyes and spread the word about your business.
  5. You can monetize it and create a new revenue stream

Content is the foundation of your online marketing strategy, as it touches all corners of the web.

Now, the best thing about good content is that it’s relatively easy to make. You can do it yourself, right now at home. In the following few lines I reveal to you the best types of content on the web that you can start creating now.

Long-form articles

Blogs and articles are the most abundant form of content. It doesn’t take much effort to write down your thoughts and opinions and publish them to the world. If you can be insightful, entertaining or informative, then even better! For a long time, people churned out lots and lots of short blogs. Now, everyone is slowly realizing that the power lies in long-form articles. Google prefers them, and rank 1000 word articles higher in its search engine. Readers are more likely to share it too. Go deep with your content!


Easy marketing content types

Thanks to YouTube, everyone’s a film-maker! It’s easier than ever to sign up for a YouTube account and start posting video content. You can even record straight from your webcam. Of course, we suggest taking the time to make creative, innovative video ideas. Perhaps you could make a tutorial or showcase your products if you’re an online store. Get creative here and use your imagination.


People love to learn. So if you’ve got specific knowledge in a niche area, create a webinar and host it online. If this sounds like an alien concept, it’s easier than you think! We use a simple webinar software to get it up and running, and our visitors love it. If you can teach someone something new, they’ll remember it. They’ll come back to you when then need a bigger problem solving.


For a while on the web, infographics were the most powerful piece of content out there. They were getting more views, shares, and interaction than any other form. The buzz is dying down a little, but we still love a good infographic! If you’ve got a dense and lengthy blogpost, try turning it into a simple graphic instead. Readers love seeing information displayed simply and easily.


It’s so simple, but still works so well. There’s a reason why Instagram and Pinterest are thriving. High-definition, beautiful imagery always generates interaction. Use photos to show people behind the scenes. Get creative and find a new way to capture attention.


With content, you can build a huge online following and represent yourself as a market leader. Best of all, you can monetize it. So, start with these forms, and see where you get to!

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  1. Theodore Nwangene

    Great post Chadrack,
    Content marketing is not just all about articles alone, its actually mixture of so many other types which you’ve mentioned here.

    The worst mistake a content marketer can make is to base his content marketing efforts on just articles alone. Some people prefer video to articles so you also need to carter for such people likewise those to prefers images.

    Thanks for sharing.

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