How Integrating Social Media And Blogging Can Greatly Enhance Your Online Success!

Are you using social media and blogging to build connections online? If you are not then you are definitely losing out in some good fun!

It is a fact that in the early days, blogging was simply a means for people to talk about their interests and share their hobbies and ideas. Then it was all about self-expression. But those days are gone as blogging has come to serve a bigger purpose than anyone would have ever thought.

Today blogging is not just a powerful marketing platform but it’s also the biggest source of information for the general public.

To better understand the increasing popularity of blogs in recent times, let’s take a look at these insights:

social media blogging

The Statistics

  • The top two blogging platforms right now are WordPress and Blogger with 43% and 35% users, respectively. On the other hand, Tumblr, Posterous, and TypePad have 16% each.
  • WordPress has approximately 42 million blogs with each one garnering around 329 million viewers. Beyond that, there are about 500,000 new content and 400,000 comments in a day.
  • The top three languages used are English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Aren’t these figures incredible?

Now, let us put social media in the picture.

The Growing Connection

By definition, social media refers to mobile and Web-based technologies that intend to make communication more interactive. It allows the production and trade of content, which the users have created themselves (technically known as user-generated content).

Now, please note that blogs are technically part of social media. Though many people tend to look at the two as separate platforms, the truth is that blogs are part of social media. And so instead of working with them as two separate tools, you should find ways of integrating them for your online marketing efforts.

Doing so will greatly help you to both share useful information with your networks without running out of words and also grow your readership.

9 Fundamental Social Media Tactics for Bloggers

social media and blogging integration

Whether you are in the process of designing a platform or you have been publishing several posts already, boost your blogging activities with these ideas.

1. Integrate your site and social pages

There are two main ways of doing this.

1.    Place your top posts with widgets and buttons. This allows users to easily share your work to their network. Plus, it helps them navigate to your fan pages conveniently.

2.    Add your blog article link to your profile messages.

2. Limit your updates

You must note this with every caution. Never flood your followers or fans with nonsense talk. Apart from being annoying and risking removal from users’ list, it hampers engagement on the part of your target audience.

Do you want these things to happen?

If you don’t, never forget to minimise your posts to one or two.

3. Communicate with your readers

Since you wish to widen your network, interact with people. What better way to win their favour than to engage them in an interesting conversation.

Therefore, take time to respond to their feedback or comments. Ask them questions on particular topics and encourage them to send in their own masterpieces (e.g. poems, photos, blogs, etc.).

4. Pay attention to their interests

In line with #3 above, make sure that you listen well to what the users have to say. By doing so, you can learn greatly from them. What is more, you can come up with wonderful ideas for your next post.

5. Portray a consistent image

Batman has a bat logo, Superman has “S”, and McDonalds has “M”. How about you, how do you want your target audience to see you?

Always remember that it will be easier for the people to recognise you if you use the same username and trademark for your blog site and social pages.

6. Interact with other bloggers

In the blogosphere, you don’t have competitors but peers. Those individuals who are in the same niche as you and talk about similar topics are not threats. On the contrary, you can think of them as your guide.

Therefore, participate in bloggers’ groups to help you learn more ideas and gain new readers.

7. Use analytics tools

Never forget that your tactics must not only involve application. It must also include monitoring, so you can determine whether you are using the right strategies or not.

With that said, find online software and applications to help you keep track of unique visits, quality traffic, and user engagement.

8. Remain active

“Out of sight, out of mind”, does it sound familiar? Well, you can hear it almost anywhere. It applies in social media too, specifically those times when you don’t log in to your account for days. If you keep on doing this, the tendency is that the users will forget you.

9. Work with marketers, brands, and sponsors

This strategy is very useful if you wish to make money out from blogging. Do you want to?

Well then, one of the best means is to search for affiliate programmes or sponsorship on top of networking sites and then, become a fan. Afterwards, express your interest in joining them. Once they welcome you, you can start creating content about the products or services you are marketing. You may also need to advertise on your social pages.


As you can see, the last technique is quite specific. If you really hope to generate income, you must dedicate time and effort on your blog and in finding niche markets. If you won’t, then you can’t earn a penny.

On the other hand, it does not mean that you can slack off if you do not want to become an affiliate blogger. You need commitment to become successful too.

What do you think? Are these strategies easy to carry out? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts or own tips on blogging and social media.

  1. Need to remain active, it’s not instant some find it easy to become inconsistent. Don’t! Set yourself a plan and stick to it.
    Progress can be slow, but just be prepared for it.

  2. There is nothing for saying because here is all topics which has everything about seo and what for making rank higher.

    excellent strategies point to is good to have a website for promoting with unique i can only say that follow these and have better one..

  3. I guess I night need to learn Spanish or Portugese then? Who knew! Most insightful post.

    My blog is central to my Tweeting, Liking, Sharing. and your most important point for ME personally is this: “If you really hope to generate income, you must dedicate time and effort on your blog and in finding niche markets. If you won’t, then you can’t earn a penny.”

    Sometimes I feel like I’m dancing on a high wire looking down at all that I am doing and still – not monetizing my online efforts. So at the very least, the ideas here are giving me pause to think.

  4. Wow, great content. I wasn’t Integrating social media to my blog but now I am and I cant express the joy it gives me. Thanks

  5. Hi Emma

    Interacting with other bloggers has really made a difference to my blogging. A lot of web traffic is generated just by that alone.

    I always take the time to answer comments as well. It’s important to try and create a community I think on your blog so people keep coming back.

    Thank you for some great tips.


    • Given that our blog won’t survive without readers, we need to find ways to make them stick to our site. And one way of doing this is to start a conversation with them. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your insights, Tim, and thanks too for appreciating my post.

  6. This is a great premier for any new blogger and as a reminder for the ones who have been blogging awhile as well. Blogging and SM are now so intertwined. With every interaction or communicate with your audience, no matter where they are or how they interact with you, can lead to more traffic and some really great relationships. The thing is you just never know who you touch and where it may take you.

    • You are indeed right. We must remember that blogging is not just about widening our readership but building wonderful relationships with other people. Thank you for giving your own ideas on the topic, Susan. 😉

  7. Awesome post dear, i can’t agree more. Social media have come to stay so the earlier we realize that and use it to our advantage, the better for us.

    Don’t go waisting your time on all the social media sites out there, just select and find out the few that are effective to your business, then focus and stick with them.

    Thanks for sharing Emma.

    • You’re welcome, Theodore. And thanks too for sharing your own understanding on social media and blogging. 🙂

      • That’s right, Balu. And by “make friends”, it means that we must interact with them regularly. Plus, we need to connect with authoritative individuals to boost our online image.

        Thanks for adding your insight. 🙂

  8. If you wanna make it up big in social marketting, u gotta make friends, this will lead you to success.

  9. Hi Emma,
    great strategies. Social networks are great in building relationships with other bloggers. And great relationships are one of the most important factors in success (not only online).
    Thanks for sharing,

  10. Such a great articles with a lot of useful tips which can help one to generate some traffic to the site or online business. I totally agree with you, blogging and connecting via social media platforms are the most efficient ways of reaching a higher page rank or Alexa rate, but the content must be optimized to help people to find your site, too.

    • Exactly, Vera, you know a lot about boosting online visibility! Blogging, social, search engine optimisation—these are important for building a good image. Thanks for sharing your insights. 🙂

    • @Vera,

      You have a point there Vera. Integrating social media into your blog will drive some quick burst of traffic to your blog but it is SEO optimization that will ensure that the traffic continue over the years.

      Thanks for the comment.

  11. Those were really great stats Emma, thanks for sharing.

    I agree with what you’ve shared here as well. I write about things I’ve learned and experienced since being online and one of the things that irritates me are the people who put up the social sharing buttons yet don’t set them up correctly. That’s important to note as well.

    Consistency with implementing everything is really the key. I learned this by being consistent in my daily actions and although it took months before I saw good results I was very pleased with the outcome. Just be patient, they will come.

    Thanks again for sharing your insights with us.


    • You’re welcome, Adrienne, and thanks too for the appreciation. I really appreciate it that you have added your understanding and experience regarding the topic. The other readers can learn much from you too. 😉

  12. I think one of the best habits that anyone can get into with blogging is to follow a routine! If you have a plan integrating social medias and a routine laid out there’s a much higher chance that you will actually get stuff done!

    • You are right, Becca! And, along with the routines and plans, we need to consider the performance of our blog in SERPs. This way, we can come up with better strategies and plans.

      Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  13. Great post Emma. Now that Google are all for great content and non of that black hat SEO rubbish, I’m really enjoying writing good, informative posts and connecting with my readers. I’ll always make a habit of popping back onto my reader’s blogs to check out and comment on their work. Made great friends this way.
    I’d love it if you could stop by my site sometime and let me know what you think. Already had Chadrack over, which was great.

    • Thanks, Gareth. I’m glad that many bloggers share my sentiment on creating connections through blogging and social media. It’s great to have a huge social network these days.

      Thanks for this wonderful comment and, yes, I will check out your site. Have a good day! 😉

  14. Emma, it’s good post. This post helps to understand the significant of social media and blogging. I agree with the thing that now blogging is not that where people just want their thoughts and make some individual posts. Blogging has now become the most useful marketing platform with providing the best insight to the public.
    Social media, on other hand, is now the biggest platform where one can promote business and advertise the product or services of the particular site. It has now become a demand in order to generate handy traffic.

  15. This is one packed content. I love it. 🙂

    Social media and blogging are like siblings, they have their own identities yet they look great when they cooperate and work together. Sure it may take time for us to work on these tips so we can ensure online success for our business, but all efforts are worth it.

  16. Very good post. I really agree with all the points you have mentioned. Nowadays blogging is a powerful marketing platform and also the biggest source of information for all of us.Thanks for sharing with us….:)

  17. Emma, it is great article. This particular article helps you to be aware of substantial associated with social networking as well as running a blog. Certainly using the point this description now running a blog isn’t that wherever individuals simply would like their own ideas and create a few person articles. Running a blog has end up being the best technological platform along with offering the very best understanding towards the general public.
    Social networking, upon furthermore, is currently the greatest system to market company as well as promote the item or even solutions from the specific website. They have right now turn into a need to be able to produce useful visitors.

  18. posh post Emma. Now that search engine are all for superb content and non of that black hat SEO crap, I’m really enjoying writing good, informative posts and connecting with my readers. I’ll always make a habit of rattling back onto my reader’s blogs to check out and comment on their work. Made supreme friends this way.

  19. Hey that were some great info. I was surely missing on some of the points or paying less attention to them. But you have put them in a easy and understandable way . So I will make sure to follow all of these.

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