Inspiration: Your Business Success Is Your Responsibility!

Day 6 of Our 12 Days of Christmas InspirationI started these 12 Days of Christmas Inspiration series by relating the incident that brought down the Web Income Journal for about 5 days. That was the second of its kind in a matter of months. And of course, it was just one of the numerous other challenges I have faced building my online business.

But like I said in the post, rather than let that incident and the frustration and pain it caused me to crush my spirit, it motivated me the more to ensure that no matter what happens, this business must succeed and therefore I must put in more effort!

Now, that resolve was because I have learned to be responsible!

It’s because I’ve learned that:

  • The success or failure of your online business is up to you. You have no one to blame.
  • The freedom and choice to make your business produce results are your responsibility.
  • Success or failure the credit goes to no one but you.
  • Your blog readers will not do it for you neither will your online friends!

Of course, I have earlier mentioned the need to collaborate with others in order to achieve your dream, but that does not remove the responsibility from you. Your blog readers and online friends are there to assist but be ready to carry the load of responsibility alone!

Being responsible demands being bold enough to step out on your own through individual initiative. You must be able to act independently and with greater self-reliance.

It demands taking the right actions that will bring you to your desired goal. The responsible are always ready to roll up their sleeves and put action to their desires!  Forget “all-done-it-for-you” and those “set-and-forget-it” tactics being touted by unscrupulous vendors.

3 Things You Must Do To Be Responsible

1. Invest In Your Self

Successful people agree that success is not really what you get but what happens to you. It is about who you become and not what you beget. It is a reflection of your person. If you are successful inside it will show in the outside. As it is commonly said, “Your attitude will determine your altitude!”

It is important therefore that the first action you must take towards being responsible is to invest in building your capacity. Read the right books and apply what you read to your business. To be fruitful you need to stay green and continuous study will help you stay green and therefore fruitful!

2. Design Your Own Action Plan

You are unique. Your circumstances and experiences are distinct from others. You don’t need every strategy out there to succeed with your business. Get as much as is necessary and then structure your own action plan. Make it unique to you. Add what you know will help you. Try new approaches only if you know they will further you purpose. Depending on your business model, your action plan may not be what others are using but the important thing is if it is working for you then it is useful.

3. Be Proactive And Not Reactive

Change is rapid on the net. A tactic that worked a few minutes ago will become obsolete in the next few hours! That “sure-fire” tactic you have just read about is actually outdated already! It has been milked inside out. Why run around looking for the latest tricks and tactics? It will only weary you. Instead, learn to read and interpret what is happening. Learn to understand where the trend is going and then make the move to position yourself before others. This may sound a bit out of your reach but the truth is you don’t have to compete with the big players. Learn from them and carve out your own stand!

Here is one way to do this. As the year is running to a close many companies and businesses that are into research are coming out with reports and predictions for the coming year. Study these reports. Note what they are saying about your target market. Use your knowledge to review your business and tactics.

Take away

Your business is your responsibility. The buck stops on your table. You have a duty to yourself and your family to ensure that it works. You cannot blame anyone whatever happens. You are given an equal opportunity as everyone else – twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and fifty-two weeks a year. Invest them rightly and your dream will become a reality.

So, what is your take? Will love to read and respond to your comments below.

How Integrating Social Media And Blogging Can Greatly Enhance Your Online Success!

Are you using social media and blogging to build connections online? If you are not then you are definitely losing out in some good fun!

It is a fact that in the early days, blogging was simply a means for people to talk about their interests and share their hobbies and ideas. Then it was all about self-expression. But those days are gone as blogging has come to serve a bigger purpose than anyone would have ever thought.

Today blogging is not just a powerful marketing platform but it’s also the biggest source of information for the general public.

To better understand the increasing popularity of blogs in recent times, let’s take a look at these insights:

The Statistics

  • The top two blogging platforms right now are WordPress and Blogger with 43% and 35% users, respectively. On the other hand, Tumblr, Posterous, and TypePad have 16% each.
  • WordPress has approximately 42 million blogs with each one garnering around 329 million viewers. Beyond that, there are about 500,000 new content and 400,000 comments in a day.
  • The top three languages used are English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Aren’t these figures incredible?

Now, let us put social media in the picture.

The Growing Connection

By definition, social media refers to mobile and Web-based technologies that intend to make communication more interactive. It allows the production and trade of content, which the users have created themselves (technically known as user-generated content).

Now, please note that blogs are technically part of social media. Though many people tend to look at the two as separate platforms, the truth is that blogs are part of social media. And so instead of working with them as two separate tools, you should find ways of integrating them for your online marketing efforts.

Doing so will greatly help you to both share useful information with your networks without running out of words and also grow your readership.

9 Fundamental Social Media Tactics for Bloggers

social media and blogging integration

Whether you are in the process of designing a platform or you have been publishing several posts already, boost your blogging activities with these ideas.

1. Integrate your site and social pages

There are two main ways of doing this.

1.    Place your top posts with widgets and buttons. This allows users to easily share your work to their network. Plus, it helps them navigate to your fan pages conveniently.

2.    Add your blog article link to your profile messages.

2. Limit your updates

You must note this with every caution. Never flood your followers or fans with nonsense talk. Apart from being annoying and risking removal from users’ list, it hampers engagement on the part of your target audience.

Do you want these things to happen?

If you don’t, never forget to minimise your posts to one or two.

3. Communicate with your readers

Since you wish to widen your network, interact with people. What better way to win their favour than to engage them in an interesting conversation.

Therefore, take time to respond to their feedback or comments. Ask them questions on particular topics and encourage them to send in their own masterpieces (e.g. poems, photos, blogs, etc.).

4. Pay attention to their interests

In line with #3 above, make sure that you listen well to what the users have to say. By doing so, you can learn greatly from them. What is more, you can come up with wonderful ideas for your next post.

5. Portray a consistent image

Batman has a bat logo, Superman has “S”, and McDonalds has “M”. How about you, how do you want your target audience to see you?

Always remember that it will be easier for the people to recognise you if you use the same username and trademark for your blog site and social pages.

6. Interact with other bloggers

In the blogosphere, you don’t have competitors but peers. Those individuals who are in the same niche as you and talk about similar topics are not threats. On the contrary, you can think of them as your guide.

Therefore, participate in bloggers’ groups to help you learn more ideas and gain new readers.

7. Use analytics tools

Never forget that your tactics must not only involve application. It must also include monitoring, so you can determine whether you are using the right strategies or not.

With that said, find online software and applications to help you keep track of unique visits, quality traffic, and user engagement.

8. Remain active

“Out of sight, out of mind”, does it sound familiar? Well, you can hear it almost anywhere. It applies in social media too, specifically those times when you don’t log in to your account for days. If you keep on doing this, the tendency is that the users will forget you.

9. Work with marketers, brands, and sponsors

This strategy is very useful if you wish to make money out from blogging. Do you want to?

Well then, one of the best means is to search for affiliate programmes or sponsorship on top of networking sites and then, become a fan. Afterwards, express your interest in joining them. Once they welcome you, you can start creating content about the products or services you are marketing. You may also need to advertise on your social pages.


As you can see, the last technique is quite specific. If you really hope to generate income, you must dedicate time and effort on your blog and in finding niche markets. If you won’t, then you can’t earn a penny.

On the other hand, it does not mean that you can slack off if you do not want to become an affiliate blogger. You need commitment to become successful too.

What do you think? Are these strategies easy to carry out? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts or own tips on blogging and social media.