11 Awesome Pinterest Tools to Boost Your Business Easily!

11 Awesome Pinterest Tools to Boost Your Business Easily!

using Pinterest for business marketing

For some weeks now we have been discussing the power of Pinterest for business. As we have seen so far, Pinterest is not just a social media platform but a marketing resource that if used well can greatly impact the growth of your business.

As expected, a powerful resource like Pinterest is not one that will escape the eagle eyes of marketing practitioners. And so, right now there are different tools that are specially designed to help you effectively use the platform to achieve your business dreams. Therefore, in this post I want to highlight some of these Pinterest tools.

Let me quickly apologize for bringing this late. As I mentioned above this is a continuation of our special series on Pinterest for business and it has been running for about 4 weeks now.  I know a number of you expected to see this post published in the past week since I actually muted the idea earlier. Unfortunately, because of other engagements I have not been able to update this blog. I hope the knowledge you will gain from this post will compensate you for this delay!

As usual, I invite you to read the posts so far published in this series. Doing so will greatly help you to gain more insight into using Pinterest for building your business, whatever that business is. Here are the topics we have touched thus far:

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I advice that you check them out since that is only way you can truly get the value from this particular post.

Ok, on to today’s post…

Pinterest Tools for Building Your Business on Pinterest

#1: SpinPicks – This is a great tool that will help you locate content for posting on Pinterest. You can search using keyword categories or trending topics. When you search for content the site will help you locate images on social media sites which you can use in your pins.

Spin Spark tool for Pinterest

#2: Share As Image – With this site, sharing your quotes as an image on Pinterest is quite simple. You can take any text you find online and turn it into an image which you can pin on your Pinterest boards. There is no need for a photo editor to use this service.

Turn text to images to post on Pinterest

#3: Pinstamatic – This is a tool that allows you to create different types of media to be pinned on Pinterest. You can create both quote images and even music files.

Pinterest for business marketing tool

#4: Pinvolve – This is a Facebook app which allows you to display your pins on your Facebook page. The pins will appear on your facebook page exactly like Pinterest pins allowing your fans to pin and share them both on Facebook or repin them directly from your page.

Pinvolve tool for Pinterest

#5: Pin Search – This is a Google Chrome plugin that will help you to search for a Pinterest images on Google.com. With this plugin, you will be able to see where this pin appeared, see where similar images and info about the photographer who took the photo if it is available.

Pin Search tool of Pinterest

#6: Shopinterest – This is one tool that will help you make money with your Pinterest account. With Shopinterest you are able to create an online shop and connect your Pinterest account to it. When people visit your Pinterest boards they will not only able to pin your content but also make purchases on your online shop.

Create online shop with your Pinterest account

#7: ViralWoot – This is one Pinterest tool that will greatly help in boosting your Pinterest following. With ViralWoot you can manage multiple Pinterest accounts, schedule pins and create pin alerts. In fact, the plaform aim to combine what most other platforms are already individually. ViralWoot - grow your business on Pinterest

Pinterest Analytics and Monitoring Tools

While the above tools help in building a truly engaging Pinterest account there is the need to track and monitor your progress. This is what the following tools aim to help you with.

#8: Pinterest Web Analytics – Do you want to know how many people Pinterest is referring to your site? How about the number of people who have pinned from your site? Or do you want to know the number of views your pins are receiving? Then you will need to check this out. Pinterest web analytics is open to verified Pinterest business accounts.

Pinterest web analytics

#9: Piqora – This is a premium Pinterest analytics tool that is used by top businesses today. As expected it is not a free tool, however you can get a 21 day trial period. Apart from helping you track your Pinterest influence, it is a great tool for promoting your business into Pinterest as it also helps you spy on your competition.

know your influence on Pinterest

#10: Pinreach – PinReach which recently changed its name to Tailwind is another tool that allows you to know your Pinterest influence based on your user’s analytics. You simply need to input your site url and PinReach will calculate your Pinterest influence.

Tailwind - formerly pin reach tool for Pinterest marketing

#11: Pin Alerts – If you are familiar with Google alerts then you have an idea on how this works. It helps you monitor your website and sends you an email whenever someone pins an image from your website.

Pin Alerts for Pinterest marketing


As we have seen from the beginning, Pinterest is a powerful social media platform for building your business. But this potential is greatly improved if you have the right tools to work with.

These Pinterest tools are all designed to build your business but as expected you don't need to have all before you can profit with your Pinterest marketing tactics. However, while there are many other tools out there for your Pinterest marketing, the above list was carefully packaged to help you make the right choice. Feel free therefore to make your choice.

Over to you: Which of these Pinterest tools are already using? There is other you will want to recommend for us?


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