Are You A Blogger or an Entrepreneur Who Blogs?

As a follower the Web Income Journal (ok, that is just an assumption but if you are not, consider subscribe by clicking here!), you will understand that our content is basically focused on helping you build a business as a blogger. Unlike most other bloggers who write mostly on blogging and blogging tips, most of what you read on this blog, is geared towards helping you build an online business.

The temptation to concentrate mostly on blogging tips is definitely strong considering the number of people who are jumping into the blogging bandwagon. Indeed, all of these want to know how to become successful bloggers. But, beyond succeeding as a blogger, I think you should really succeed as an entrepreneur blogger – an entrepreneur who uses the medium of blogging to build a successful business online!

But, Why an Entrepreneur and Not Just A Blogger?

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Over these past few years, from my personal studies, I’ve come to understand that many of the bloggers who have thrown in the trowel (yes, I’ve seen many come and go!) are really those who did not treat their blogs as entrepreneurs. They approached their blogs simply as bloggers, eager to share their knowledge or passion! Indeed, they loved what they were doing and in a sense, they succeeded.

But then, a few years later those blogs are gone; filling up the dotcom trash can!

Ever wondered why these ‘passionate’ bloggers could not continue?

Of course, various reasons could be adduced for this but most often than not, these bloggers have not considered themselves as building a business and therefore have not seen themselves as entrepreneur bloggers.

In this article I want to share with you some distinct marks of an entrepreneur that you need to imbibe as a blogger if you truly want to succeed as an entrepreneur blogger. I hope this will help you succeed building a business and not just a blog.

The truth is it’s not just about starting a blog.  Anyone can do that. The real issue is succeeding as an entrepreneur blogger.

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Entrepreneurial Traits Every Blogger Should Imbibe

1.    Self-Confidence

Entrepreneurs are self-starters. Yes, they understand the importance of people in achieving their dreams, but they will never depend on others for their success. They understand that the business world is highly competitive and that it is not a place for the faint in heart. They are quite aware that beyond having the best idea you need self confidence to succeed as an entrepreneur.

As blogger you mustn’t ignore this fact. You must trust in yourself. You must believe in your capabilities to make your business work. Instead of looking for some outside push and drive, you must be self-confident. And of course, you must refuse to live by someone else perception of success.

2.    Risk-Takers

Businesses are prune to losses and failures but an entrepreneur does not allow this to be a hindrance. An entrepreneur understands that a great business idea could come as a hunch but it takes acting on that hunch to make any impact. With such knowledge the entrepreneur is always ready to take calculated risks.

Unfortunately, most bloggers just want to play safe.  Stepping out of their comfort zone is a no-go area. Investing any amount of money in their blogs is a big risk for these type of bloggers. Little things like buying a domain name and paying for a webhost is never in their ‘to do list’ – just in case it doesn’t turn out as desired.

If you must succeed as an entrepreneur blogger you must be ready to take risks because you simply cannot run away from it!

3.    Creativity

I don’t know if it is really in-born or they simply develop it along the way but one thing that is really common with entrepreneurs is the ability to innovate or find new ways of doing things, better. They are naturally curious, inquisitive, bright and highly flexible when thinking. They keenly observe their environment and have an eye for spotting new trends that could potentially become a business opportunity.

Unfortunately, this is not the same for the majority of bloggers. You can clearly see this when you visit blogs run by these bloggers. Their content is almost always the same – how to set up a blog, how to build a better blog, what you need to succeed as a blogger! They rarely look for new ways of doing things and in most cases they are controlled by what I call the ‘follow-the-leader’ mentality – doing just what some guru says is working. They look to someone else to set the pace, rarely putting on their thinking cap to innovate or build on what they learn.

You cannot really succeed as an entrepreneur blogger with this type of mindset. You must be creative and innovative. You must set your own direction and be prepared to hit your own mark!

4.    Visionary And Goal Oriented

Entrepreneurs are always propelled by a vision and guided by a goal to achieve that vision. Each of their blogging activity is geared towards their business success. They systematize and strategize all with the mind of achieving their set goals.

But this is not the case for the average blogger. If you are simply a blogger chances are you are carrying out your blogging activities without any proper planning and like a rudder-less ship, you are being tossed to and fro by every wind of opinion let loose on the blogosphere.  You must understand you are the captain of your own ship therefore you must take control and drive that ship in the right direction.

5.    Good Work Ethics And Honor

Competition and the drive to make money most times make the business world ruthless, but the true entrepreneur will always strive to make every business deal honorable. The successful entrepreneur has good personal work ethics that ultimately leads to good business practices, excellent reputation and good association with industry peers and business partners. They will never resort to short-cuts and blackhat tactics that will ultimately work against their success.

Most of the unwholesome practices we see around the blogosphere today are perpetuated by bloggers who lack the entrepreneurial spirit. They rarely understand that these things are inimical to their business success. As a blogger who desire true success you must be committed to good work ethics and do everything with the mind of adding value to your target market.

6.    Value For Money And Finances

Every entrepreneur I have ever known or read about has a value for money. Most, through their innovation and creativity, learned how to earn money at a very young age. They are never ashamed to put a price tag to their work. And they are also very good at watching their finances, always making sure that every little spending is an investment that is capable of bringing in a gain.

A blogger without the entrepreneurial spirit would cringe at the prospect of making money from his or her blog. We recently discussed the issue of monetizing a blog with ads. If you are giving value on your blog do not be ashamed to make money from it. Time they say is money. Your time and energy that is being expended on your blog should be recompensed with some monetary reward. So, never shy away from making money from your blog instead be observant and always on the lookout for new ideas and new ways you can make money with your blog.

7.    Perseverance And Hard Work

Entrepreneurs know the value of perseverance and hard work. They understand that in the world of business the courage to face failure and to start again no matter what happens is the sure path to success. They don’t simply give up because things are not going their way. They have a doggedness that is necessary to continue the journey even if failure momentarily obstructs their path.

Many of those who have thrown in the trowel and given up on their blogs did not understand this. To them blogging is just fun – something you do because you love it! They have swallowed hook, line and sinker the idea that when you do what you love the money will come! They never bargain for the hard work involved. They never quite understand that there is always a time lag between when the seed is sown and when the harvest will come!

Dear blogger, you need perseverance while committing yourself to working hard on your blog. Be an entrepreneur and not just a blogger.

So, what’s Your Take Away?

I think it’s time to stop and re-evaluate why you are really blogging. Do you consider yourself as an entrepreneur who is building a business online or you are just a blogger who simply love to share your thoughts with the world? Can you really refer to yourself as an entrepreneur? Do you have a business? What is your product or service?

You cannot allow someone else to decide your terms. Ultimately it’s about you and what you make of your blog. If you simply want to be blogger, fine. But if you must be an entrepreneur then you must run your blog guided by the entrepreneurial spirit.

Over to You: of course these are just my thoughts. I don’t expect you to agree with me. So feel free to let us know what you think about this. I’m waiting to connect with you in the comments section below. 🙂

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