11 Simple Tricks to Market Your Facebook Page More Effectively!

Facebook marketing is today one of the most targeted ways of reaching your audience online. Being the social media with the largest audience and with a well laid out marketing platform, Facebook offers you an economically viable medium for marketing your business online.

One of the ways you can use Facebook to market your business on a shoestring budget is by creating a facebook fan page to promote your business. However, when marketing via social media, especially on sites like Facebook, it’s important to remember a few key points.

The following Facebook marketing tips and tricks will help you better engage your audience in an effective way.

Simple tactics to engage your audience on Facebook!

1. Update Your  Fans Page on a Regular Basis

It is important to keep your facebook fan page active. One way of doing this is after you publish your blog posts or articles on your site, create a synopsis with links back to the original content for your Facebook page.

 2. Stay Active by Engaging With Your Audience

This strategy should include replying to comments made or an feedback. Social media is all about connecting with others. Facebook marketing will tend to produce better results through a “conversation”.

 3. Share Valuable Content with Your Audience

To gain a high level of respect as an “expert” in a given niche, it’s important to add value, no matter where that value may come from. If there is a worthwhile post on a blog that doesn’t belong to you, it may still be worth sharing. Making the posts all about you will tend to lose fans or have them unsubscribe you from their news feed.

 4. Add Your Own Personality and Human Element to the Page

People don’t want to interact with a “company” as much as they want to interact with another person. This is especially true for sites like Facebook. Your own individuality will earn you a higher level of trust.

 5. Solicit feedback and testimonials

This will not only help you serve your customers better but also create more sales. If you will manage your reputation online with care getting testimonials will give your product or service the social proof it needs to increase sales.

6. Be Tactful When Dealing With Negativity

The inherent nature of large audiences includes a decent amount of negativity no matter how good the product or service really is. Avoid the negativity by working on positive solutions for your target audience and never lowering your standards to the level of someone looking to pick a fight.

7. Target Your Fan Page Posts

Use timing strategies to get your posts to your target audience when they are online or when they’re most likely to have time to click through.  This may be trial and error, but a good analytics package combined with a series of tests will give you some good background data to test further.

 8. Don’t Post Too Often

When the news feed of your fans or followers begins to have too many unsolicited messages, it will prompt action in the negative direction. 2 or 3 solid posts per day may produce better results than 5+ posts. This may depend on your audience and the level of engagement.

 9. Provide Links to the Appropriate Places on Your “Money Site”

Having a twitter feed or giving your audience more places to connect with you will allow them to do this on their own terms. The same user that would unsubscribe from your Facebook on their “wall” would love to follow you via Twitter.

10. Avoid Excessive Automation

Just because you want to see it all doesn’t mean everyone does. Too much too quickly also will kick in Facebook’s own determination of what makes it onto the news feeds. Keep the updates manageable by personally reviewing what makes it onto your page and they’re much more likely to go through.

11. Promote Offline

Take advantage of offline promotions through the use of business cards, bumper stickers or other promotional deals. If you have a product that has any custom labeling, this can be a great way to add your Facebook page web address. Exclusive deals or coupons can be offered as a method of getting people motivated to fan you on Facebook.

Marketing Take Away: These are only a few of the tips and tricks to setting up a successful Facebook presence. Testing and tracking will allow you to customize how you do things without sacrificing time and your personality  while getting new customers for your business and making more sales.

Over to You: What social media marketing tactics are you deploying in your facebook fan page presently? Do you know of any challenges in using Facebook to angage with your customers? Share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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