Spam comments and G.A.S.P. – Do You Think Something is Wrong?

Ok, my plan was to start off the new series on search engine optimization I mentioned a few days ago. However, there is something that I've just discovered and I truly want to draw your attention to it. I hope someone will be able to help out!

Some months ago I made a post discussing the problems I was having then with spam comments on this blog. To over come that situation I tried various strategies using different anti-spam plugins. It was while looking for a solution that I came to know of Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin (G.A.S.P.) Since then I have been using this plugin and I must say it has worked wonders.

However, recently I've noticed another deluge of spam comments. I first noticed this about a month ago when the same type of spam comments that were so rampant then started showing up again. Most of these were held in the spam folder for my moderation.  Frankly, I want to believe that some may have slipped through.

From my experience in the past, I'm very sure that most of these spam comments are posted using automated commenting software. And so I've been wondering if by any means someone have found a way around the powerful spam-blocking features of Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin!

My bringing this up here is to know if any one is experiencing this problem with G.A.S.P.  and if so to know if there is any possibility that this plugin is already letting in some automated spam comments?

So if you're using G.A.S.P.  and you're experiencing anything like this, let us know in the comments below. If you think there is anything I'm doing wrong with this plugin that is allowing this spam comments to get through feel free also to let us know.

Here are some graphics of a few of these spam comments I checked out on Google.

1. This one that said something like: “I almost accidentally went to this site. But stayed there for long blah, blah, blah..”. had 252 results when I checked it out on

blog spam comments


2. And here is another one. This one says: “It's always a pleasure reading your articles. Thank you for sharing such relevant topic with us..blah, blah… “

Now, do you know this one was actually posted on the blog post: “Are You Making These 5 Blog Commenting Mistakes?” which has been generating a good number of positive comments? Well, it beats my imagination! Here is the graphic with 91 of such comments alreay indexed by Google:

spam comments2


3. You want to see more right? Ok, here's another one.  This one already have, now wait for this …. 2320 results on! Here's the graphic:



4. And finally, here's a graphic of some of these comments waiting for moderation! You can see one of them actually have a gravatar which makes it appear real indeed!

spam comments picture So what do you think of these spam comments? What do you think I should do about this situation?

  1. Chadrack I will tell you my solution, even though nobody ever listens to it.

    Technology Bloggers and Christopher Roberts Philosophy Blog have NO spam right?

    GASP + Akismet

    GASP = 90% of spam gone (automated span)
    AKISMET = The rest of the spam gone (user spam, chucked in the now practically empty spam folder, which you can easily dig out any good comments)

    Nobody seems to want to trust me that it works, so it wouldn’t suprise me if you don’t try it either Chadrack 🙁

    Why NOT give it a go?
    1 week trial run?

    Talk to me 🙂

    • @Christopher Roberts,

      Ok, I know you talked about using Akismet and G.A.S.P. together some time ago. And frankly that’s what I’m using. The two are installed and working. But what I’m concerned about is this: the purpose of G.A.S.P. is to remove automated comment spams that uses spam bots. That is the purpose of the check box in G.A.S.P. It is expected that every commenter should be able to check the box for the comment to go through, either into the spam folder or awaiting moderation. But from what I’m seeing I don’t here, I don’t think these comments were posted by someone who visited this blog. I’ve the feelings that they were posted using a bot. This is what I want some one to help me with. Am I right in my thinking or these people really visited the blog but decided to “copy” and “paste” these comments once they are here?

      But do you think someone will be visiting blog’s and posting the same comment. Just imagine the one with 2320 comments already out there!

      • @Chadrack, I didn’t knew the difference between G.A.S.P. & Akismet. I was using Akismet only and was hoping that it will remove all the spams, but still i was getting loads of them, I will get G.A.S.P. installed today only

        • @James H, like Chadrack said GASP asks you to tick a box, which I think catches out almost all automated spam. I like them both 😉

        • @James H,

          G.A.S.P. is actually the plugin that asked you to “check” the box if you’re a human 🙂 It’s really great since you have to be on this site before you can post a comment. Using only Akismet is not really a good idea again since many bloggers have resorted to using automated programs to post comments and they can easily game Akismet.

      • @Chadrack, the odd comment slips through on Technology Bloggers too, you just have to check your comments I am afraid m8 :-/ all the solution I can offer…

        Even if bots are doing it (which they probably aren’t as it’s more hassle than it’s worth) then it’s only the odd one.

        I hate spam, it’s a never ending war, but hand in their Chadrack 😉

        • @Christopher Roberts,

          Oh yes, it’s really a war especially for dofollow blogs like ours. I’m really thinking there is another solution that will take care of all these.

  2. I started to get a lot of Spam when I changed my blog to Do-follow.

    I think its a combination of bots and real people. Its really nothing you can do besides just mark the comments as Spam.

    For every software made that blocks spam, there are another 3 softwares made that produce spam.

    • @Kent Mauresmo,

      I think that’s really the problem. Most of these spam bots are created to target dofollow blogs. What is paining me really great is the time spent of going through the spam folder to fish out every comment and checking them on google. I really think that should be time spent on doing some other things.

      • @Chadrack,

        Do not even check the comment on Google. If the comment isn’t directly related to your article, then just delete it. Lol.

        Here are some examples that I delete right away:

        “Good post”
        “This is a really good article, thanks for the info”
        “Wow!! I never really thought about it like that!!”

        I just click SPAM because its irrelevant anyways. Anyone who wants to make to make a real comment will be a little bit more specific and reference at-least 1 thing in the article written.

        • @Kent Mauresmo,

          Oh yes, that’s exactly what I’m doing now deleting anything that clearly shows it’s out of point with the post. However, there are some comments running about 4 or 5 lines and not clearly showing that it’s not on point. These are the ones I want to check up on Google. So far about 99% of these ones are the biggest culprits. In fact, during my check on Google I’ve seen some very reputable blogs already hosting these comments. That’s to show how clever these ones are.

          My checking is to be on the safer side that I do not delete some genuine comments with the bad ones! Thanks the input.

  3. Chadrack, You are doing exactly right thing and I am happy for that. One must give the comment regarding to the post, so that can be useful for others too. Its not a good thing to just drop out sentence only for getting links.. And that is not a proper way to make a comment on any blog.

    • @bjohn,

      Thanks for your understanding. I’m trusting that with more and more bloggers standing against this practice, we’ll see less of it.

  4. i m new in this field. my site is not in rank but i got every day more than 50 spam comment it make me confuse but your post clear my confuse thank you i will try this plugins

  5. Spamming is that order when a person is leaving a back link in a blog or a website but in a wrong manner , bots are also involved in this kind of strategies

  6. I’ve technically used GASP for a long time and so far so good.. I never met any problems and experience any automated comments but then I’m already aware of that because spammers are very intelligent enough.

  7. G.A.S.P is really helpful, I’ve been using in a couple of months ago and it really do good for me. I think spammers have their own software to operate automated comments Isn’t it?

    • @Madeline,

      Of course there are different software in the market that the spammers use. My confussion though is that G.A.S.P. was created to stop these software. Why most of these spam comments were going through is what made me write this post. Do you have any idea?

  8. G.A.S.P is really great, it contributes great help to all bloggers to get rid against spammers and I’m one of those. It is truly great.

    • @Marco Eitel,

      G.A.S.P. is truly awesome. I was only concerned when I began to see some funny comments even while using it. However, I’ve come to allow it do the work the best way it can! 🙂

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