Spam comments and G.A.S.P. – Do You Think Something is Wrong?

Ok, my plan was to start off the new series on search engine optimization I mentioned a few days ago. However, there is something that I’ve just discovered and I truly want to draw your attention to it. I hope someone will be able to help out!

Some months ago I made a post discussing the problems I was having then with spam comments on this blog. To over come that situation I tried various strategies using different anti-spam plugins. It was while looking for a solution that I came to know of Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin (G.A.S.P.) Since then I have been using this plugin and I must say it has worked wonders.

However, recently I’ve noticed another deluge of spam comments. I first noticed this about a month ago when the same type of spam comments that were so rampant then started showing up again. Most of these were held in the spam folder for my moderation.  Frankly, I want to believe that some may have slipped through.

From my experience in the past, I’m very sure that most of these spam comments are posted using automated commenting software. And so I’ve been wondering if by any means someone have found a way around the powerful spam-blocking features of Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin!

My bringing this up here is to know if any one is experiencing this problem with G.A.S.P.  and if so to know if there is any possibility that this plugin is already letting in some automated spam comments?

So if you’re using G.A.S.P.  and you’re experiencing anything like this, let us know in the comments below. If you think there is anything I’m doing wrong with this plugin that is allowing this spam comments to get through feel free also to let us know.

Here are some graphics of a few of these spam comments I checked out on Google.

1. This one that said something like: “I almost accidentally went to this site. But stayed there for long blah, blah, blah..”. had 252 results when I checked it out on


2. And here is another one. This one says: “It’s always a pleasure reading your articles. Thank you for sharing such relevant topic with us..blah, blah… “

Now, do you know this one was actually posted on the blog post: “Are You Making These 5 Blog Commenting Mistakes?” which has been generating a good number of positive comments? Well, it beats my imagination! Here is the graphic with 91 of such comments alreay indexed by Google:


3. You want to see more right? Ok, here’s another one.  This one already have, now wait for this …. 2320 results on! Here’s the graphic:



4. And finally, here’s a graphic of some of these comments waiting for moderation! You can see one of them actually have a gravatar which makes it appear real indeed!

 So what do you think of these spam comments? What do you think I should do about this situation?

A Belated but Must-Be-Done Announcement of the Top Commentators for the Month of May!

First, I must apologize to every one of you, especially those who are the top commentators for the month of May, for staying away for this past few weeks without a word. I’m really sorry. Though it was meant for good, but I realize that I should have put in a word, at least, to let you know what was happening. I do hope you’ll find a place in your heart to forgive me!

Well, my “sabbatical” was to fix a few things that have been bedeviling this blog for some time now. As you are quite aware I had to pull down the whole structure and set it up again sometime ago.

But unfortunately, since then I have been receiving emails from some of you on how you are finding it difficult in publishing your comments. Besides, I also observed that many of the comments held for moderation are sometimes multiples of the same comment, a clear indication that the comment was posted a number of times. It was to correct this problem therefore that gave rise to my “sabbatical”.

This past couple of weeks I had to once again do some “dismantling” and restructuring trying to figure out what was really wrong. I have tried a couple other themes in trying to pinpoint where the problem is coming from. But so far it does appear that the problem is not with the current theme so I’ve restored it back.

For now I wouldn’t say all is well. What I’m doing right now is still a test. I’ll be grateful therefore if you will report any problems encountered (if there is any) whenever you’re posting your comment. One thing I know is that problems are not meant to break us but to make us stronger. We may be knocked down but we will never accept any knockout! We know where we’re going and therefore nothing will stop us. I believe this problem is here to bring out the best in us.

And so, I must appreciate you for being there for us even when I’ve not posted any article for the past couple of weeks or so, which is unusual. I call on your therefore to keep your comments coming they are a big encouragement.

Top Commentators for the Month of May:

And now, let the drums roll for our top commentators for the past month:

1. Christopher of The

Apparently Christopher is taking the top position for the third consecutive month! I truly admire Christopher for his dedication to this blog. He has not only proved to be a reader of this blog but also a friend in that he is always quick to shoot me an email whenever he discovers anything not working the way it should. I have said some good words about and why you should join the community of bloggers there. Read that post to know more. But today I want to point you to an article Christopher wrote recently that every blogger should read. It’s about reputation and your blog’s success. You should read it right away.


2. Andrew Walker of

Andrew Walker was able to edge out some other promising contenders for the second position. Some Andrew come on the scene he has shown that his intention is to hit the top. Well, though he couldn’t clinch the top position, but he was able to get the second! And what is Andrew offering you. He wants to help you save some money. I’m sure you do your shopping online, right? Of course, who doesn’t these days! Ok, how about saving some money when you do your shopping, great right? If you love that then you should visit today for their Discount Coupon Codes and Promotional Vouchers that will help you save money when you do your online shopping!  I think doing that is a wise decision both as an individual and a business because every dollar saved will turn out to put some more power into your pockets!

We congratulate Christopher and Andrew we look forward to see more of you here. Our gratitude also goes to everyone else. We appreciate your contributions to the success of this top commentators’ rewards package. Accept our warmest thanks!

Please Read This Very Carefully: I’m considering modifying the rules of the game. I will make this known at the end of June. For this reason there will not be any top commentators’ announcement at the end of June. This is (1) to compensate for the lost time in this month and (2) to formerly commence the new commentators’ rewards package in the month of July. Please do bear with me and watch out for the new rules.

Remember, I want you to post your comments and let me know if you still have any problems. And if you think there is anything that can be added to the top commentators’ rules to make the whole experience a fulfilling one for all of us, simply post it in your comments below.