Simple But Powerful Tips For Driving Traffic Through Blog Comments

blog traffic1There is one thing every internet marketer agrees on about making money on the net and that is, it is a numbers game! And this demands you being able to generate the right number of traffic that will help you make the desire money.

The goodnews however is that there are various ways of generating this traffic without putting a hole in your pockets. One of those ways is through blog commenting.  The ability of blog readers and visitors to interact with a blogger through the commenting system has become a powerful tool for bloggers for generating blog traffic. This being said, there are some salient points you need to note if you truly want to promote your blog through blog commenting. As with every other blog promotion tactic, commenting on blogs with the mind of generating traffic to your blog demands laying out a good plan that will ultimately benefit you.

Here are a few tips that will help you succeed driving traffic with your blog comments:

1. Practice Purposeful Blog Commenting

If your desire is to really drive traffic with your comments then you need to be purposeful with your blog commenting. Choose the sites and blogs you participate with. Just because you have the burning need to drive traffic to your blog doesn’t mean you can just drop by any blog and comment there.  Of course there are times you may want to comment on a blog that is completely irrelevant but you should do that only during your spare time.  Focus your energies only on more productive commenting activities. Take note of the following:

  • Similarity in interest and target market – The first thing you will need to look out for is the subject of the blog. What's the point of leaving comments on blogs that have nothing at all to do with the main theme of your blog? Of course a direct connection may not be necessary but if the traffic you get from such activities does not benefit you, then your efforts would have been wasted. Keep this in mind before you leave comments on any blog. Find out if the site deals with a topic or subject related to your very own blog.
  • Popularity – Ok, it's well to support smaller blogs by leaving comments now and then but since your aim here is to drive traffic, commenting on small, little-known blogs with a small readership base, won’t justify the amount of time and effort you invest. If you’re going to use comments to promote your blog, it’s better to post them at blogs that are equally popular or more so than yours. One way of determining this is by using the blog’s page rankings.
  • Will they reciprocate? – Another way of practisng purposeful blog commenting is to concentrate your efforts on blogs whose owners are likely to reciprocate your action. To determine this simply read through previous entries. Follow the links of those who posted comments and see if the favor was returned.

2. Get Noticed With Your Comments

Many bloggers tend to be in a hurry when making comments. With comments such as ‘Cool!' ‘Great article' and ‘Thanks for sharing!' won't make any good if your plan is to drive traffic with your comments. You should aim to write something that is meaningful and useful.  Keep it short, concise, and to the point. Your goal is to be noticed AND respected for your opinions.

3. Avoid Being Rude And Don't Use Strong Language

Many bloggers do capitalize on controversy in driving traffic when commenting but most times this could really backfire. Avoid appearing rude to other commenters. Put in a little sense of humor instead. When others leave comments that seem to be insulting, don't fight back without thinking. Plan your approach instead of firing back with the same kind of idiotic language. You could actually use such times to draw more attention to your comments, with class.

4. Be Factual

Another thing you must be careful about when commenting is being factual. If you're quoting someone or citing a certain source, make sure your facts can be corroborated. Don't use make-believe or newly invented figures and statements or even half-truths and try to pass them off as legit. If you want to drive traffic to your blog by leaving comments, make sure you don't tarnish your reputation with the effort.

5. Check Replies To Your Comments

Maximize your comments on other blogs in driving traffic by frequently checking back on the blogs you participated in to see if there are any replies to your comments or the post.  This is a good way to build buzz and network with other bloggers.
The bottomline to all of these is that driving traffic through blog commenting is not something you can achieve through a “hit and run” system of blog commenting. It demands laying out a plan and following it through.

So what's your take on this? Is there is something you'd want to add to this list? Share with us in the comments below.


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  3. Iroko

    And if you are a blog owner, you will do yourself a world of good, by either installing akismet or wpfree-spam plugins, because there so many people using softwares to place irrevalent comments on your blog, I just experience a blog with spam on a new blog, and it was so disturbing and frustrating to delete over 2000 comments

    1. Chadrack

      Hi Iroko, of course I’ve akismet on the blog. I’ve also tried other plugins but I noticed many of these spam comments still gets through somehow. I have really been looking for something I can add in the past couple of days. I really do not want to add a captcha as I found them to be restricting on the genuine readers. I’ll just take a look at this wpfree-spam plugin. Thanks for the comment.

      1. Iroko

        wpfree-spam is actually the other anti spam plugin that I also use, and this comment and visit to your blog is a testimony that blog commenting pays and the reward helps build a community, just like you said in your post!!!

        1. Chadrack

          Yea, blog commenting remains one of the free ways of generating traffic but for what many are really doing to this is pathetic. I did some checks on wpfree-spam but got a few complaints on forums and other blogs. But I was able to get some other anti spam comment plugins that I’m trying out now. So far things have improved drastically. In the past 24 hr or so I’ve only recieved about 10 comments as against 50 -70 before now. Thanks!

        2. Iroko@Cheap Laptops Deals

          Please what complaints did you hear about, though I love this plugins works I would not not to use any that has a bad effective on my blog either on my paer or those of my readers, thanks

          1. Chadrack

            The complaints were not a thing that effects your site or site users. The complaints only bordered on the effectiveness of the plugin. Across 3 different sites I came across those who complained the plugin did not work as they expected as some spam comments still got through. As a result I simply decided against it since I was out for something that will help me combact the menace! So if it’s working for you no cause for alarm.

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  6. Tom - marketing tips blog

    Excellent tips.Blog commenting is one of my favorite ways to drive traffic to my own blog because it so simple and as a great bonus you will get new ideas for your own future posts and meet other bloggers.One thing that many commenters could do better is bring value.Sharing their best tips and tricks is a good thing, it will give you credibility.If you are helpful and sincere, others will see you as the expert.
    Besides, no one likes to see those “good blog” or “thanks for sharing” kind of comments.

    1. Chadrack

      Hi Tom, really glad to have you around. Frankly every blogger seems to understand the power of blog commenting. But the question is why many want to chose the way of spam comments? As you said, sharing your best tips in your comments has its advantages and that is why every one should really do it the right way.

      Thanks for stopping by and putting in your voice to this great topic.

  7. Steve Bartoli

    Good site Chadrack!  I find SEO really fascinating!  Just when you think you know it all, up pops another technique you didn’t know anything about.  For example, blog commenting, which is so powerful!
    The best part of online marketing is when you try a new SEO technique, measure progress and find your site is rising in the Google rankings.  (I feel like a proud father does when his child wins a race at the school sports day!)
    Seriously though, being open to learning all you possibly can about SEO is vital.  Never rest and think you know it all, those are my words of wisdom!

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