How to Improve Your Productivity on Social Media

Do you know how many hours you spend on social media sites every day on the average?

Well, studies indicate a range of 3.6 hours!

If you ask me, that is really something a business person wouldn't want to do. Remember, you have other pressing demands on your time trying to effectively run your business!

Agreed, those hours your spend on social media are spent on trying to drive traffic to your business offerings. But you DON'T have to spend about 25% of your waking hours on social media everyday to do that.

Do that and other areas of your business will suffer for it.

This is why when I came across Neil Patel‘s infographic: How to Be More Productive on Social Media, I immediately thought of sharing it with you.

Please enjoy!

Improving your productivity on social media


So what do you make of this info?

Fact is, improving your investment in time on social media so that you can be more productive is definitely going to pay off on your business success. The above tips are sure to help do this effectively. Put them to use today and you'll see a BIG difference in your social media marketing efforts.

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