How to Improve Your Productivity on Social Media

Do you know how many hours you spend on social media sites every day on the average?

Well, studies indicate a range of 3.6 hours!

If you ask me, that is really something a business person wouldn’t want to do. Remember, you have other pressing demands on your time trying to effectively run your business!

Agreed, those hours your spend on social media are spent on trying to drive traffic to your business offerings. But you DON’T have to spend about 25% of your waking hours on social media everyday to do that.

Do that and other areas of your business will suffer for it.

This is why when I came across Neil Patel‘s infographic: How to Be More Productive on Social Media, I immediately thought of sharing it with you.

Please enjoy!

Improving your productivity on social media


So what do you make of this info?

Fact is, improving your investment in time on social media so that you can be more productive is definitely going to pay off on your business success. The above tips are sure to help do this effectively. Put them to use today and you’ll see a BIG difference in your social media marketing efforts.

How to Effectively Optimize Your Social Media Marketing For Success!

Optimize your social media marketing

If you have read my previous post you will understand that I’ve recently developed interest in the subject of social media optimization! This is not for no reason!

If you have been following what is happening in the search engines lately you will notice that within a few months Google announced three major updates.  First was the Caffeine update which was actually an infrastructural movement in preparation for the recent happenings.

The second was the much talked about Google Freshness update. This was a major algorithm change. The Panda update was a total overhaul of Google’s search engine algorithm affecting mostly blogs/websites that were nothing but content farms. The official announcement of the Panda update pointed out that the update affected about 12% of search results!

Now, the third update, announced a couple of weeks ago, is the Google Freshness update. This, like the Panda update, is an algorithm change. With this update Google is now officially using social media as a major parameter in ranking webpages.  Now the interesting thing is that while the panda update affected only 12% the Panda update is covering about 35%! If you were aware of the effect of the Panda update which was only 12% then you should understand what this 35% is about!

Doesn’t that ring a bell for you? If you still have not gotten it, then let me put it very clear to you. If Google’s Freshness update covers as much as 35% it is something you should take note of!

Do you now understand why I’m passionate about this? You got it, because I’m always passionate about search engine optimization (seo) and it is definite that seo is moving on a new direction!

Now, as I mentioned in the previous post, it is important that you have a social media optimization strategy if you’re going to make any good of this. In my studies and from my personal experience I have come to realize that there are some essentials if you truly want to have a workable and effective social media optimization strategy. And this will be my focus in this post.

5 Essential Elements for a Successful Social Media Optimization Strategy

1. Decide On What You Want To Achieve

I’m putting this as #1 because from my personal experience, except you know what you really want to achieve with your social media optimization your efforts will only be in vain. There should be an aim to everything you do on the social networking sites. As many have confessed, social media could be addictive. This is why you should have a purpose. Without a purpose and plan you could be sucked into a whole lot of activities and at the end of the day you’ll end up achieving nothing.

Here are some reasons you may want to optimize your social media marketing

(i)    Build your business online

(ii)    Connect with potential customers

(iii)    Connect with existing customers

(iv)    Build links back to your business website/blog

(v)    Generate traffic to your website or blog

(vi)    Build relationships with similar businesses

(vii)    Etc.

You should therefore from the beginning decide on your social media optimization purpose as this will guide you on every other thing you do.

2. Decide On Your Audience

One fact you must get into your mind from the onset is that you don’t have to reach everyone out there. Of course, this is not possible! So, the ideal thing is to decide on who your audience will be and then focus on them. It is definite that if you have been able to decide on your purpose from #1 above, deciding on your target audience will be much easier.

3. What Content Should You Share?

When it comes to marketing online, content is definitely king. This is more so when it comes to social media marketing. The content you share determines your brand and so it is important that you should be selective.  It is indeed true that the social media sites are first and foremost about social interactions but if you’re there for business promotions, then every content you put out there should be that which will help your brand. For example, twitter’s simple question is, “what are you doing?” Now, if your twitter account was set up to promote your business you should be careful the way you answer that question. In fact, it is important that instead of answering that question you should turn it around to read, what is of interest to you right now? Or, what is of interest to your audience? 🙂

In this way you would be able to put out content that will build your brand and enhance your business success. It is glad to know that most of the social media sites now recognize the importance of tailoring your content to your audience and they have introduced features to help with this. For example, twitter and Facebook now have lists and Google+ have what it calls “circles”. You can use these to segregate your audience so that you can tailor your content to each group with more effectiveness.

4. What Time Is Available To You?

This is crucial. If you are a one man (please if you’re a woman read woman!) business, you definitely don’t want to spend all of your time on the social networking sites. This is where you again need to be careful of the addictive nature of the social media sites. One way to take care of this is to determine how many hours a day or how many days a week you would devote to social media interactions. This will help you to be focused every day.   The big fortunes companies can afford to hire freelance or career social media workers to help them manage their social media updates. But since you know this is beyond you, at least for now, managing your time is necessary. Again, it is clear that there are various tools in the market today that help you to automate most of your social media activities but you should be careful about using them. Social media is not about machines. It demands the human touch. So having a workable plan based on the time available to you and sticking to it will be of great help.

5. What Social Media Platform Should You Use?

At the moment there are a plethora of social media sites online. But the truth is that you don’t have to be on every one of them.  There are some dedicated to specific niches but except these ones are directly focused on your target niche, the best option is to stay with the big ones.  These are Facebook, Facebook, LinkedIn andTwitter. Creating an account with these ones is not enough. It is important that you study these different platforms to understand the target audience of each. While there may be some overlapping in the way they operate, you will have more success if you know what each is all about and use it that way. The good thing is that there so much information about these social sites and how to use them for marketing online. A simple Google search will to do the trick. Learn as much as you can and you will definitely succeed with your social media optimization.


Social media is here to stay and the astronomical growth of the social media sites in recent times is a testimony to its effectiveness in promoting businesses online. As a business entrepreneur you can’t afford to ignore social media optimization. Use these tips to plan out your social media optimization strategy and you’ll have a workable and effective system in place.

Is This Asking Too Much?

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SEO and Social Media Optimization: A Powerful Combination for Winning the Online Marketing Battle!

Do you know anything about social media optimization? Are you effectively using it for your online business promotions?

Or, better still, what do you think of online social networking sites?

Do you consider them as just some great place where you could speak out against the insensitivity of those in government? Of course, if that is your idea of what social media is all about then there are various options open to you right now. You could pack your sleeping bags and join any of the protest sites. Occupy Wall Street is a good idea here!

But, how about doing something more rewarding with social media? I mean, something that could really improve your life and move your business forward? That would be interesting, right? Then you will want to read this through.

Online social networking has grown from just a platform for college kids and tech gurus to become a powerful way for us to connect with each other. Whether it’s in the area of quickly and easily accessing breaking news or it’s about galvanizing mass support for a cause, social media is today a major player.  The recent happenings in Northern Africa and other happenings like Occupy Wall Street, greatly testify to this.

However, the social media revolution is not just in our social interactions. Businesses also have been revolutionized by what is happening in the social networking sites. Today social networking and social media marketing have changed the way businesses interact with their customers/prospects. And it is indeed right to say that social media has placed the power of business branding squarely in the hands of the customers! So if you’re neglecting social media marketing as an entrepreneur, you’re only digging the grave for your business.

SEO and social media for business success

The Fusion of Social Media Optimization and SEO

With its growing popularity, social media has gradually infused itself into search engine optimization (SEO).  Before now, Search engine optimization has been known to be a powerful way for businesses to generate traffic online. Based on some on-site optimization and off-site link building tactics, seo has been the “traditional” or “conventional” way of getting targeted traffic from the search engines.

However, in recent times the search engines realizing the power of social media have incorporated it as one of the determinants for ranking a webpage in search engine result pages (SERPs). Bing appears to be the first to do this when they announced a social SEO partnership with Facebook in May 2011.

Google, the “Grand Daddy” of search, after a carefully structured adoption first by partnering with Twitter to present real-time search results then later by introducing its own social signal, the +1 button also in May 2011, has now finally launched its own social media platform, Google+ (G+).

It was not surprising when Google Plus took the social media world by storm by reporting a growth of about 10million users in just about 16 days of launch!  Industry watchers immediately recognized that Google was determined to play a major role in the social media game.

Now, the waiting game is over for Google has just announced, about 2 weeks ago, that they are officially infusing social media into their search algorithm. In an official blog post Amit Singhal of Google wrote on 11/03/2011:

“Given the incredibly fast pace at which information moves in today’s world, the most recent information can be from the last week, day or even minute, and depending on the search terms, the algorithm needs to be able to figure out if a result from a week ago about a TV show is recent, or if a result from a week ago about breaking news is too old.

We completed our Caffeine web indexing system last year, which allows us to crawl and index the web for fresh content quickly on an enormous scale. Building upon the momentum from Caffeine, today we’re making a significant improvement to our ranking algorithm that impacts roughly 35 percent of searches and better determines when to give you more up-to-date relevant results for these varying degrees of freshness.”

With this official announcement, the use of Google’s +1 button as a ranking signal in Google’s algorithm to determine how well a site ranks in the SERPs has finally been confirmed.

This Is A Big Opportunity for Businesses That Are Adept At Using Social Media Marketing

Social media and SEO for success

As the situation stand now, there is no doubt about it. Social media optimization is imperative for your online business.  The traditional ways of generating traffic online through search engines have gone beyond just optimizing your site for the search engines (SEO). You must have in place a system to infuse social media optimization to your traditional search engine optimization (SEO).  And so if you’re marketing online and you’ve not started implementing a social media optimization strategy, you’ll do yourself some great good if you start right away!

This subject is definitely in its infancy but if you get in right now you’ll stand a better chance of winning the game.  Because of my interest and enthusiasm about SEO, I’ve been studying the subject of social media optimization for some time now. Right now, the results from my studies have been enough to literally force me to renew my interest in social media marketing.

Like I mentioned in one of my posts, I’ve recently renewed my interest in using twitter. One of the first things I did was to change my twitter handle to @IncomeMC with plans to increase my use of the platform. The WebIncomeJournal Facebook fan page is also receiving more attention than before. You can take a look at our fan page here. (We’ll be glad if you can post your comments and suggestions on how we can improve the page).

Besides, I’ve recently created a profile on Google Plus and LinkedIn.  Before now, I’ve really not paid much attention to them but with these revolutionary SEO social media changes, it will be foolhardy to be an onlooker!

So, the question right now is, are you paying attention while the search engines are pointing out the direction marketing is taking online? Are you really listening? Do you have in place a system for optimizing your social media marketing right now? Or, do you want to wave it off as one of those things?

You Need a Social Media Optimization Strategy

One of my popular saying is:

“Without A Strategy You Will End Up In Tragedy!”

Now, I must say, when it comes to social media optimization, this is very true.  You need a strategy. This was something that was missing in my earlier attempts at social media marketing. The end result of that lack of a strategy was that my efforts ended in frustration.

But I’m now ready to remedy that. To this end I’ve been updating my knowledge about the subject of social media marketing and I’ll want to share some of the wisdom gleaned so far with you. This post is actually a prelude to a series of posts I will be doing on this subject in the coming days. As usual you can be assured that I’ll hold nothing back. Every detail will be presented in an understandable voice as to help you structure and implement your own social media optimization strategy.  That is, if you do not have one right now.

There are some resources that are really helping me along this line. One of them is this free ebook, “The Definitive Social Media Guidebook – Ways to Integrate Your SEO and Social Media Marketing.”  I must say that for a free ebook, this one is truly amazing. Instead of trying to convince you on why you should read it, I will simply point you to where you can download a free copy right away.  So, click here and get it. You can thank me later!

If however, you want something more in-depth and that present a step by step formula, then getting a copy of “The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools, and Strategies for Business Success” is just the right choice. At $17.46, this is actually a giveaway. Considering the power of social media optimization and what it can do for your business in today’s economy, an investment of $17.46 is really nothing. You can easily recoup that once you begin to implement the strategies learned.  Click here to get a copy of “The Social Media Bible” at


Ignoring social media optimization in the face of the changing trends in search engine optimization is definitely an entrepreneurial suicide. Your business, online or off-line, will be stunted without the nourishment provided by social media nutrients. You could decide that social media is all about hosting protest and speaking out against the ills of the society but remember, your competition is using social media optimization right now. If you neglect it, your competition will simply leave you in the dust!

Over to You:  As always I love to read and reply to your comments so do not hesitate to share your views on the subject of social media optimization below. Are you already implementing a social media optimization strategy or do you think it is not really necessary? Let’s have your say.


How to Improve Your Marketing & Digital PR Skills With Social Media Optimization


The advent of online social media sites has produced a significant change in marketing over the internet and this has led to what is known today as social media optimization (SMO). The massive amount of users of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter has made this kind of paradigm shift over the internet something that must not be ignored by any marketer.Social Media Optimization Tactics!

SEO being an important element of internet marketing is also being molded keeping in mind the social media elements. Social media optimization, or call it SMO or social SEO optimization, is a method and technique being adopted by online entrepreneurs to get unique visitors or traffic using the social networking platforms. Therefore this new online technique called the social media optimization blends well with SEO to gain high, organic and search rankings.

In this article, we want to focus on how you can use social media optimization to boost your marketing skills and digital PR.

Why Social Media Optimization (SMO) Matters A So Much?

The reason why social media is considered to be a serious thing nowadays by internet marketers is the fact that the social networking sites have recently become a huge source of free website traffic. By using SMO in the right way you will be able to substantially generate a deluge of targeted unique visitors to your website/blog.  From recent studies it can be confirmed that there is a significant shift in searching pattern right now. The shift is moving from using the popular search engines to social networking sites.

You definitely must noticed that a sizeable amount of people now use the social media sites in various ways including being referred by their friends. With this increase of social media activities, Web entrepreneurs and bloggers who are involved in social media optimization are better positioned to generate traffic to their blogs and websites.

The Inside Story of Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social media optimization is an online marketing idea connected with search engine marketing, though it is pretty different in a couple of ways. The fundamental difference is the fact that you get traffic from social media and not from the search engines. But with a good SMO you can achieve a good search ranking for your websites as well.

SMO is related to the techniques of viral marketing in a number of ways, where you can see the word of mouth happening not through your family or friends but with the effective use of networking in video, bookmarking and photo sharing websites. Your business blog plays a significant role here too as it could be used for content sharing through RSS (Real Simple Syndication) with which you can distribute your content throughout the blogosphere and other specific blog search engines.

SMO is Advantageous In Many Ways

Social media optimization is not just confined to brand building and marketing activities. Of late, smart businessmen are incorporating social media participation as an integral part of their knowledge management strategies including business development, employee recruitment, product or service development, PR, customer satisfaction and so on.

Furthermore, you will find SMO being used sometimes to promote a community within a website which helps to build a healthy bond between the business and customer.

Final Word

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a new phenomenon emerging as a method for drawing unique traffic to your business on the net. Thanks to the growing number of users actively engaged in using the social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and so on. Through the activities of virtual friends encouraging and recommending websites and blogs to their friends, you will be able to use SMO to gather a tangible amount of people to visit your websites. In this way your websites/blogs will be generating a more refined kind of targeted audiences. You must aim therefore to structure a well planned SMO strategy to market your business online because it  will also improve your search engine optimization (seo) and help build your digital image or brand.

[Editor’s note: The topic of social media optimization is one that should really interest you considering the fact that Google on 11/03/2011 announced it’s Freshness Update which will be driven mostly by social media. I’ve just downloaded a free social SEO guide book that is specially prepared to help you understand the best ways to integrate your social media marketing and SEO efforts. This free ebook is now my guide better understand the social media of a thing. If this article has inspired you to know more about SMO I recommend that you download and read this free social SEO guide book. Click here to download a free copy.]

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