Hey Blogger, Please Quit!

Shocking Truth About Blogging

What? Is this supposed to be a pun?

Nope! I mean every word in that title and as it says, it's time for you to quit being a blogger!

Frankly, I’ve been thinking of doing this post for close to seven months now but somehow I have not been able to bring myself to writing it. For one, blogging is fun and I’m very much aware that many bloggers have become addicted to it. To many of us blogging has become part of our lives and therefore a post like this will meet with every resistance.

Nevertheless,  I have hinted on it in different posts and at various times. This include:

All these posts plus a few others were borne out of my own experience and what I have seen around the blogosphere.

There is no doubt, bloggers are the hardest working people on the net. Every day we brainstorm post ideas, do research, write and publish posts, promote our blogs through social media networking sites, comment on other blogs and reply to comments on our blogs, visit forums and interact with other forum users, etc.

The typical day of a blogger is filled with activities that, from all indication, seems to be moving you forward but as my good friend, Theodore wrote some time ago, we mustn’t mistake activities for productivity!

And, this is really the irony because it is not about working harder but working smarter!

Stop blogging and start making money

Scaring, About 85% Of Bloggers Are Making NOTHING From Their Blogs!

I read a disheartening post on a blog recently.  In the post the blogger revealed that one of the bloggers who I have always admired, is rarely making anything from her blogging efforts. Unfortunately,  this blogger was actually using that as a yardstick to justify he’s not making anything from his own blog. His reasoning, if such a great blogger is not making much from her blog and she is still blogging, he knows that he is not alone!

Pathetic right?

Now, the blog in question, from all indication, appears to be a highly successful blog. On average each post has upwards of 60 – 80 comments. The content is great – highly engaging and expertly written. Over the years this blogger has been able to build a really large and engaged optin list.

Sometime in 2011 when I did a post appreciating all my blog readers during the Christmas celebration, this particular blogger mentioned that post to her list and it was indeed a great boost for me because it did not just help in driving more traffic to that post but it also add a few new contacts to my own list! 🙂

But I couldn’t bring myself to accept it that that very blog is not making anything substantial all these years. To check things out for myself I hopped over to read the post where this blogger revealed her earnings and I was flabbergasted!

Why Do Bloggers Work So Hard Without Any Good Returns?

Now, I’ve read many bloggers recently detailing why they blog and I have no grouse with that. It is your life and you have the right to choose what you want to do with it.

But, the truth is if you invest that much of your time into that blog (and they say time is money) you deserve a good return on that investment.

I don’t care if you are blogging for the fun.

I don’t even care how much exhilaration you are getting from connecting with other bloggers and readers!

Ttruth is, if you are spending a good part of your time and life on that blog you deserve something better!

So, let me emphasis it again by saying, it’s time to stop blogging and start building a business!

Here are few things you may want to do right now:

1. Stop comparing yourself with average bloggers –  Start listening to entrepreneur bloggers. When you measure your success with those you are doing better than, you are only harming yourself. Aim higher!

2. Stop building a blog. Start building a business!Download this guide to learn how to start an online coaching business as a blogger

3. Ditch the bloggers mindset – If you must build a business you need an entrepreneur’s mindset. This post will surely blow your mind: Why are You NOT Making Money with Your Blog?

4. Every business has a product. Decide on your product today! – This could be a physical product or a service. Choose what best suits you! Starting an online coaching business is something you may want to consider.

5. You have developed various skills as a blogger – Turn them into a business! You have more knowledge about online marketing than most people. Don't waste it.


Was I too blunt in this post? That could possibly be why I have withheld from doing it all this while. So whether you want to throw stones at me or not, I still believe that just blogging because you feel good about it is not enough. Your time, effort and resources could be better invested in other things. So, take this as a wakeup call.

You could start by removing the, I am a blogger tag and replace it with, I am an entrepreneur blogger! As simple as that may be, it will go a long way in readjusting your thoughts and approach to blogging.

To me, blogging is simply a business tool. That is why you rarely read blogging tips on this blog even though those tips are needed. But I always want to stay within the purpose of this blog which is, to educate, inspire and empower our esteem readers and friends with wisdom that will help them attain their highest vision online!

And, I hope this post have been able to inspire you in some way. If not, feel free to throw the stones. You have the floor let’s hear from you!



  1. Hi Chadrack Congratulations on a great post with so much excellent information – this is most timely and I have to agree with you about making the best use of your time. It is no good just “flogging” the blogging!
    All this is so relevant and as you know Gavin is putting together an excellent training program – it is so much more than that and I hope we will once again meet on a future Google Hangout.
    Regards John

    • @John Barton,

      You will be surprised the kind of dust this post has created on LinkedIn! Many are short of eating me raw for having the audacity to want to dictate what blogging should be.

      Of course, I do agree with them that many blog for different reasons which I made clear in the post but these people wouldn’t accept it that if you spend so much time on your blog then it is also a wise thing to get something out of it. It’s really unfortunate but my joy is that there are people like you who understand these things. We are entreperneurs and no matter what, we want some returns for our inputs.

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Hey Chadrack!

    Great blog headline! Definitely an eye-catcher 🙂 I think there are a number of people who truly blog only to express themselves BUT there are a whole bunch of us who blog for business purposes whether to promote a particular business or product. Thanks for the reminder that we have to remember to work smarter, not harder.

    Thanks for the post!


    • @Susan Harjehausen,

      Its really glad to hear from people like you. Yes, this post was really intended for entrepreneurs who are blogging and not anyone who is playing around in the name of blogging. Every entrepreneur has an eye for ROI if it is not there then something has to be done. And that is why this post.

      I’m glad that the post is really a wake up call for you. Thanks for the comment.

  3. HI Chadrack,

    I really appreciate your post from the bottom of the heart.
    You know I’m seeing many bloggers who are just writing for fun or putting so much effort and believe me, it takes a hell lot of effort building relationship via commenting. I really don’t know how they can think of putting efforts in commenting when they can make good money doing some job.

    I recently asked one of the good blogger, how much he is earning and he said, he intends to earn $100 per month. I was so amazed that even a full time programmer is earning more than $1500 per month to say the least. in India.

    Blogging can be addictive but it cannot pay all your bills so I think some definite goal should be there without which his or her blog is going to disappear very soon.

    I’ve started something related to my online niche and will be disclosing that within 3 months and I hope it will be something worth noticing.


    Thanks Chadrack for this share.


    • @sapna,

      I can’t say how happy I am to hear this from you. Frankly, this is something that has been a pain in heart for some time now. I know there are many who are blogging for fun but most of those people are using free blogging platforms like WordPress.com or blogger. But as some one who entered the blogosphere with the mind of building a business, my interactions have been with bloggers of similar interest. Unfortunately, what I’m seeing around leaves a lot think about.

      How can you be paying for webhosting, domain name, one or two premium plugins here and there, autoresponder etc. and then you tell me you are only blogging for fun? No, no, no! Most of those people are only using that as an excuse to cover up their low ends! It makes me mad and I had to talk about it.

      Right now, this post has caused a whole lot of debate on one of the groups I posted it on LinkedIn. While those who are entrepreneurial in mind are defending the post others are short of calling me rude for daring to tell them what to do!

      Of course, I expected such reactions but I know for many its only a cover up. Deep in their hearts they know some day this post will come back to them as a turning point.

      I’m glad for you that you are already working on something. I’m a believer in the fact that when you sow you should reap and enjoy the fruit of your labor. I’m wishing you well.

      Thanks for the comment.

  4. Chadrack,

    Your point is well made. You work, you should get paid. Here is the thing. If given the choice of being rich or famous, then i would take famous. There is nothing better than coming home opening your laptop and reading where a bunch of people think you are awesome. Not just any people. These are people who are not out to gain anything. These are people who I have made laugh and gave some joy to in this cesspool of a planet that we live on. I would never follow a blog that had any advertisements on it because i would question its integrity, or its motivation.

    • @Tom Nardone,

      I truly appreciate your position. All of us are motivated by different things in life. But come to think of it, being rich or famous what is really the difference? When you make some people feel good and by adding value to their lives and they in return give you the high applause is not the same as paying you for what you are doing? (Remember riches is not just about money.) That of course is your own reward!

      Again, that you will never follow any blog with advertisements because you would question its integrity or motivation, does that mean you will never listen to a radio station or tune in to a television station because they carry advertisements? Of course, they are there to entertain, educate and inform which is just what blogs are about. That is why blogs are today called the new media. And I hope you never follow any of the news blogs out there because they all have advertisements!

      All the same thanks for adding your voice to the conversation.

      • Chadrack,

        Thanks for the reply . For the record I have not watch a single news broadcast or read a single news story since the towers came down. I could not name three people in the entire government. It makes absolutely no difference to me what direction this country is heading. 12 years ago it was on a collision course to hell, and expect we will all be there soon enough.

        • @Tom Nardone,

          Hmm, must say I’m really amused by this! Since the towers came down never watched, listened or read a news story? That is a tall standard you set yourself. Why I do not agree with you that we’re all on a collision course to hell, I do agree that yes, there are lot of things that are wrong with our society. Besides, if you only stopped listening or watching or reading the news stories since the towers came down, I want to believe that you’re only responding to what must have happened then. And if that’s the case, don’t you think that there is more blessedness in letting go and helping to heal the world?

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