How to Stop Blogging From Killing Your Business


There’s no doubt about it, blogging is a powerful tool for marketing and promoting your business online.

As one report has shown…

  • Companies that have a business blog drive 55% more web visitors than those that don’t!
  • B2C businesses that blog generate 88% more leads per month than those who don’t! and,
  • B2B businesses that blog generate 67% more leads per month than their counterparts that do not blog!

Impressive figures there you must agree…

However, despite these wonderful stats, blogging can kill your business and shred it into pieces as quickly as salt would an earthworm!

I’ve been blogging for about 5yrs now and within this period I have seen many entrepreneur bloggers fall into the blogging “black-hole” and losing their businesses in the processes!

In this article, I want to draw your attention to the dangers of blogging and how it could kill your business quickly than you can imagine. Of course, I’ll also give you some insights on how you can stop that from happening.

Blogging could be killing your business without your knowing!

The Dangers of Blogging to a Small Business!

1. Blogging Is Addictive!

Yes, this could be both good and bad for your business.

It is true that adding a blog to your business site is one of the greatest ways of driving traffic and connecting with your potential clients/customers. However, because of the addictiveness of blogging you will soon discover that you feel more “happier” and “elated” working on your blog than working on your business.

This is dangerous to your business.

You must remember that your business blog is a tool that will help you promote your business. Whether you have your business as your blog or you have a blog as a support to your business site, the fact still remains that the purpose of the blog should be aligned with your overall business purpose.

If this is not done, you soon discover that you don’t have a business!

What to do about this: Have a clear cut purpose for your blog taking into consideration your overall business purpose.

2. There Is So Much Bad Blogging Advice Out There!

This is really a big one!

Over these years of my running a blog I’ve discovered that there are many “experts” in the blogosphere who have very wonderful pieces of blogging advice, which if not taken with care, could be harmful to your business’ health!

For example, how many times have you heard things like:

You should blog every day if you want to succeed with your blog!

The secret to blogging success is quality content!

You should be reading and commenting on tens or hundreds of blogs every day and make sure you reply to every comment posted on your blog!

You mustn’t ignore social media. You should spend quality time updating and connecting with your online networks everyday!

Now, on the face value these are truly great pieces of blogging advice but do not lose sight of this fact: to achieve all of these in a day, you will need more than 24 hours to work on your blog!

Running around social media sites, blog hopping to post comments, researching content ideas and then packaging “quality” content every day for your blog will soon take you away from doing what your business really needs to flourish.

Please don’t get me wrong, these things are good for building a community around your blog and subsequently your business but done wrongly, they will quickly kill your business!

What to do about this: Ensure you have a blogging plan that is designed around your business overall plan. Your business should be the focus of your blogging activities and not just your blog!

3. The Dangers of Being Assimilated Into the Blogging Mold!

Be careful or you will fall into the bloggers mindset!This is another big problem of blogging.

When I said above that blogging is addictive I meant it literally. You see I’ve discovered that bloggers have such a connection with their blogs that you sometimes hear things like:

“I just can’t stop blogging no matter what, I’ll always blog!”

That is good, right?

But, whatever good is in that statement the fact is, many of those who say such things are not saying it because blogging is helping them put food on their tables. Rather what they are saying in effect is,

“Even if I’m not getting anything from blogging I love blogging for what it is and will not exchange it for anything else!”

That is passion at play, right?

but the fact is that is the blogging mold…

…and falling into it will soon make you forget why you started blogging in the first place. In fact, those who are entrenched in this mold actually believe that blogging to make money is ethically wrong!

I have referred to this on several occasions as the bloggers’ mindset. The problem is that as you visit and read different blogs you will soon begin to accept these anti-business blogging ideas as the truth and once they get settled in your mind, your business would be the one to suffer!

What to do about this: Mind the company you keep. As the Good Book puts it: “Evil communications corrupt good manners!”

Don’t let those anti-business ideas being thrown around on many blogs out there get into your head. Remember you’re an entrepreneur running a blog to build your business.

Instead of just running around reading blogs about blogging, go out there and read blogs about business blogging. Subscribe to them so you can gain from their insights!

4. It Could Distract You From What Is Important – Productivity!

From experience in these past few years I’ve discovered that bloggers relishes in activities!

Read blogs about blogging and you’ll soon discover that there is a long list of what to do as a blogger every day. The general advice is that except you do these things you cannot succeed as a blogger.

Unfortunately however, most of these activities hardly translate to results for your business. As pointed out earlier when you spend most of your daily hours working on your blog you will soon discover that your business will be neglected.

But please note: Businesses don’t thrive on activities but on productivity!

Your return on investment (ROI) is what matters when you are building a business. I have seen blogs that are “successful” only on the number of blog comments they have but when you look really closer you will discover that the blogger is hardly making a hundred buck each month!

As I write this the biblical story of Jesus and the cursed fig tree is greatly impressed in my mind.

The story goes that on one of the days while Jesus was on his earthly ministry he desired something to eat and seeing a fig tree ahead of him with every sign of fruitfulness, he thought he could get some fruits from it and satisfy his hunger. But what a disappointment when Jesus got to the tree and discovered that the fig tree only had an appearance of fruitfulness but had nothing to show for it!

I’m sure if you know that story very well then you know what happened to that fig tree!

Now, that is a strong analogy indeed but the fact is that when you start a blog as a tool to promote and market your online business you should be aiming for results – productivity and not just activities!

What to do about this: From the start define what productivity is to you as a business. Is it a long list of blog comments, most of which are posted by other bloggers who expect you to return the “favor” else you’ll never see them again? Is it how many blog posts you are able to publish in a week and the number of traffic you are able to drive?


Is it about the number of traffic you are able to convert to leads and subsequently, customers?

If the latter is what productivity is to you then you must see your blog as the top of your marketing/sales funnel.

You simply cannot afford to concentrate your efforts on just your blog. You must learn to use your blog as an email capture system and put more effort into building relationships that will eventually result in more business profits!

Final Thoughts

Blogging is a veritable tool for your online business. Adding a blog to your business website is the quickest way of growing your business. But you must learn to use it well else, like a two-edged sword, it can become a dangerous weapon against your business!

You must always constantly evaluate your blogging activities so that they do not sideline your business purpose. Most importantly, be vigilant enough so that you do not pick up the bloggers mindset that does not expect anything in return for your labors.

Don’t let blogging kill your business. Clearly determine where your blog should be in your business scheme of things and then let it do what you have designed it to do – drive valuable and potential clients and customers to your business!

Your turn: Did you learn anything from this post or do you disagree with what was discussed? Make your voice heard in your comments below.

How Do You Craft A Killer Blog Post? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Blogging is a powerful tool that online marketers are presently using to promote their businesses online. Blogs are not only good for interacting with your site visitors but they are very good in driving traffic from the search engines.

For example, research have shown that Companies that blog regularly drive about 88% more leads each month than those who don’t while a whopping 92% of those who publish multiple times a day on their blogs have landed a new customer through their blog!

However these statistics notwithstanding, simply adding a blog to your business site does not automatically produce these results. The secret is really what you write about and how your blog posts are created! How your blog readers respond to your posts will be determined basically by how much the post is able to connect with their needs. It’s important therefore that you craft killer posts that will intrigue, inform and connect with the readers.

Unfortunately, not every entrepreneur or business person knows how to craft such blog posts. This is why this infographic by Who Is Hosting is really a must read for all blogging entrepreneurs. I invite you therefore to carefully study it to learn the secrets of crafting a truly engaging and informative blog post that will help you drive traffic and generate leads from your business blog.

Secrets of a Killer Blog Post by Who Is Hosting This: The Blog

Over to You: What are your views on this post about crafting killer blog posts? Share with us in your comments below.

Hey Blogger, Please Quit!

What? Is this supposed to be a pun?

Nope! I mean every word in that title and as it says, it’s time for you to quit being a blogger!

Frankly, I’ve been thinking of doing this post for close to seven months now but somehow I have not been able to bring myself to writing it. For one, blogging is fun and I’m very much aware that many bloggers have become addicted to it. To many of us blogging has become part of our lives and therefore a post like this will meet with every resistance.

Nevertheless,  I have hinted on it in different posts and at various times. This include:

All these posts plus a few others were borne out of my own experience and what I have seen around the blogosphere.

There is no doubt, bloggers are the hardest working people on the net. Every day we brainstorm post ideas, do research, write and publish posts, promote our blogs through social media networking sites, comment on other blogs and reply to comments on our blogs, visit forums and interact with other forum users, etc.

The typical day of a blogger is filled with activities that, from all indication, seems to be moving you forward but as my good friend, Theodore wrote some time ago, we mustn’t mistake activities for productivity!

And, this is really the irony because it is not about working harder but working smarter!

Stop blogging and start making money

Scaring, About 85% Of Bloggers Are Making NOTHING From Their Blogs!

I read a disheartening post on a blog recently.  In the post the blogger revealed that one of the bloggers who I have always admired, is rarely making anything from her blogging efforts. Unfortunately,  this blogger was actually using that as a yardstick to justify he’s not making anything from his own blog. His reasoning, if such a great blogger is not making much from her blog and she is still blogging, he knows that he is not alone!

Pathetic right?

Now, the blog in question, from all indication, appears to be a highly successful blog. On average each post has upwards of 60 – 80 comments. The content is great – highly engaging and expertly written. Over the years this blogger has been able to build a really large and engaged optin list.

Sometime in 2011 when I did a post appreciating all my blog readers during the Christmas celebration, this particular blogger mentioned that post to her list and it was indeed a great boost for me because it did not just help in driving more traffic to that post but it also add a few new contacts to my own list! 🙂

But I couldn’t bring myself to accept it that that very blog is not making anything substantial all these years. To check things out for myself I hopped over to read the post where this blogger revealed her earnings and I was flabbergasted!

Why Do Bloggers Work So Hard Without Any Good Returns?

Now, I’ve read many bloggers recently detailing why they blog and I have no grouse with that. It is your life and you have the right to choose what you want to do with it.

But, the truth is if you invest that much of your time into that blog (and they say time is money) you deserve a good return on that investment.

I don’t care if you are blogging for the fun.

I don’t even care how much exhilaration you are getting from connecting with other bloggers and readers!

Ttruth is, if you are spending a good part of your time and life on that blog you deserve something better!

So, let me emphasis it again by saying, it’s time to stop blogging and start building a business!

Here are few things you may want to do right now:

1. Stop comparing yourself with average bloggers –  Start listening to entrepreneur bloggers. When you measure your success with those you are doing better than, you are only harming yourself. Aim higher!

2. Stop building a blog. Start building a business!Download this guide to learn how to start an online coaching business as a blogger

3. Ditch the bloggers mindset – If you must build a business you need an entrepreneur’s mindset. This post will surely blow your mind: Why are You NOT Making Money with Your Blog?

4. Every business has a product. Decide on your product today! – This could be a physical product or a service. Choose what best suits you! Starting an online coaching business is something you may want to consider.

5. You have developed various skills as a blogger – Turn them into a business! You have more knowledge about online marketing than most people. Don’t waste it.


Was I too blunt in this post? That could possibly be why I have withheld from doing it all this while. So whether you want to throw stones at me or not, I still believe that just blogging because you feel good about it is not enough. Your time, effort and resources could be better invested in other things. So, take this as a wakeup call.

You could start by removing the, I am a blogger tag and replace it with, I am an entrepreneur blogger! As simple as that may be, it will go a long way in readjusting your thoughts and approach to blogging.

To me, blogging is simply a business tool. That is why you rarely read blogging tips on this blog even though those tips are needed. But I always want to stay within the purpose of this blog which is, to educate, inspire and empower our esteem readers and friends with wisdom that will help them attain their highest vision online!

And, I hope this post have been able to inspire you in some way. If not, feel free to throw the stones. You have the floor let’s hear from you!



Hey Blogger, What Really Is Your Product?

In the recent past, the question of what a bloggers product should really be has been the subject of many blogs.

Before now, the generally accepted business model for nearly every blog was the paid advertising model where you create a blog that aims to make money through selling ads and possibly promoting affiliate products.

Like I mentioned in my post detailing the lessons I have learned in 4 year of blogging, this model has really become a highly competitive one. But beyond just being highly competitive some bloggers actually see this model as wrong one.

They reason that a blog which runs on this model is simply treating the readers as their products, i.e. build a large following of readers and then look for an advertiser to pay you for placing ads. In this, they reason that since the advertisers pay you based mostly on the numbers of readers (traffic) you have, the readers are therefore your main products which to them is unethical!

Then, others believe that selling ads on a blog is basically a wrong approach and that you MUST have your own product as a blogger if you truly want to make money blogging!

However you look at it, all of these arguments may be correct but unfortunately rather than help, many budding bloggers have become confused about what next steps to take in their blogging journey.

In this post my aim therefore is to help clear the fog this may have caused.

Make your blog a valuable business

Don’t See Yourself Simply As a Blogger, See Yourself as a Business!

I don’t know what brought you into blogging. But one thing I know is that a good number of those who read the are here because they want to make money with their blogs. For these ones, my advice is:

“Approach your blog as a business right from the word go. Instead of just seeing yourself as a blogger, see yourself as a business!”

This approach does not only help you to set your target audience right from the beginning but also help you to define what to offer.  Unfortunately, many of the blogs out there can really be classified as “Just another WordPress Blog” and nothing more.

Recommended: How to Build a Business and Not Just a Blog!

Now, there are 3 basic requirements for any business to succeed online, which are:

1. A product that has value in itself.

2. A platform through which you can effectively communicate that value; and

3. Visitors who want what you’re selling

A careful look will reveal that the main issue is the #1 requirement, a product that has value in itself and I think this is the reason why many bloggers are concerned about product creation.

Your Product Most Times Depends On Your Business Model!

For any blogger to really understand the issue of product creation, he/she will need to know what business model he/she is running or intends to run. Truth is, there are different business models you can choose from to make money online. These models basically can be classified into the following:

Model #1 – Free or Open Access

This is mostly found in businesses promoting digital content. Everyone has free access to the “product” without first giving anything for it in advance. The product offered may be in the form of text (like on your blog), video (like on, audio, software, or any other digitally deliverable goods or services.

Model #2 – Restricted Access

Unlike the free access, this model aims to get something in advance from the person wishing to acquire the product. This “price” paid in advance could be something as simple as your personal contact information (physical or email address) which gives the product provider a way to deliver the content to you. This model is mostly common with physical goods but can also be used in delivery of free subscription content or digital information products.

Model #3 – Paid Access

This one is quite obvious. You have to offer money before the “product” is delivered. This could be seen in operation in membership based content delivery systems, and of course, in nearly every other online business where either a physical product or digital product is being sold. Unfortunately, because this model asks for the money before the “product” is delivered, many only see this as the only true business model where a product is truly involved. But this is far from the truth.

Now, take a look at these 3 models and you will discover that as a blogger, you can easily use any of them in making money with your blog. You could pick any of these business models or combine two or even the three!

What really is the blogger's product?

But, How Do This Help You With Your Product As A Blogger?

Here are my suggestions:

1. Threat Every One of Your Posts as a Product

As you do know I’m an advocate of valuable content (remember, content is not king, but value is!) This is actually what you should do with every one of your blog post. Threat it as a product and make sure it offers value to the reader. Simply regurgitating other people’s content on your blog in other to keep it updated will not help you. Your blog readers must see and get value from every post published on your blog. By so doing, even if you want to charge for your content, people will be ready to pay for it.

2. Focus On and Listen To Your Readers

No matter what others believe, my belief is that your readership is your target market and not your product! You must aim to provide value for them every time. But you cannot do this except you listen to them to know what they want.

But how do you listen to them?

Go through the comments on your own blog with your “ears to the ground.” Read other blogs in your niche but instead of just skimming through the posts and jumping in to post a comment, read each post with your mind wide open to pick up the frustrations and challenges exposed in the posts and comments.  Do this over time and you’ll be able to provide more value on your blog which will boost your brand and subsequently, bring you more business.

3. Make Your Blog an Online Real Estate

One thing about real estate properties is that they have a way of growing in value with time. You should aim therefore at turning your blog into a valuable property by continuously proving value with your content. One way to do this is to answer questions being asked by your target market. Most of these questions may be pressing issues while others are just trivial ones. No matter what they are turn your blog into a digital platform that answers those questions and with time your blog will become an online real estate – a property whose value will increase over time.

4. Package Your Knowledge and Skills for Sale

I see the blogger as a vastly skilled individual. From what I have seen across the blogosphere, it is clear that a blogger who can create valuable content or provide a professional service to clients and does it well can definitely create a product of their own. And so, once you have been able to build your personal or business brand, your target as a blogger should be on how to package your knowledge and skills for sale.


Your product as a blogger depends largely on the blogging business model you have chosen. But you shouldn’t wait until you have created a particular “product” before you consider yourself to have a product as blogger.

Your “product” should start with every post you publish on your blog.  Remember, there are many who are charging a fee to have access to their content because that is the business model they have chosen. If however, no one will be ready to give you money for the content you are publishing on your blog right now, creating a “product” will not bring you that eureka!

Start today, position yourself not just as a blogger but as a business and starting from there, give value to your target market and the issue of creating a product will resolve itself.

Over to you: There you have my thoughts about this issue of, what is your product as a blogger? Now is your turn.

Do you think monetizing your blog with third party ads is a wrong model?

Do you agree that except you have created a “product” then you do not have a “product” as a blogger?

Share with us in your comments below