How To Turn Your Skills Into An Online Business

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When you want to start a business online what are the factors you should take into consideration?

Is it your skills, your knowledge or your passion?

Should you rather go for what is already selling, what the market wants?

If you have sought advice on this issue before now you definitely must have received different suggestions. While some business coaches advise you to start a business based on what you love – what you're passionate about – others suggest building a business based on your skills and knowledge.

Now, if you're a blogger (and I’m assuming you are) chances are, your blog is built on a topic you’re passionate about! The reason for this has always been that blogging demands so much attention and focus and without been passionate about your blog topic it is impossible to stay focused as a blogger.

And this is definitely true!

However, as a blogger who is into niche blogging (building blogs in niche markets to promote affiliate products) I don’t believe passion is enough. Frankly! My belief is that you simply need to be passionate about the market you want to serve. Passionate about helping people in that niche with solutions that will better their lives – it's simply about you wanting to always help others!

Please read the above paragraph again until it sinks in and let there be a shift in your mindset!

The question is, what are you passionate about? Are you passionate about what you know or you’re passionate about the market you want to serve?

It is that important because…

The world is filled with starving artists, writers, actors and others who spend their entire lives doing what they love for a pittance!

The Perfect Combination for a Perfect Business

Right here in this post, I want to give you a perfect mix that can actually help you build a perfect business. Yes, a perfect business because it combines the entire core factors that business coaches advice as a MUST for starting a business.

Now, imagine starting a business that combines your skills, knowledge, passion and a ready market? What do you make of that? A perfect combination right?

Well, let me here introduce my new baby the…

SEO Content Marketing & Blog Consulting Service!

building an online business

You know, I’ve variously written on this blog how you can use your blogging skills to serve offline businesses. I've also posted on how you can use your blogging and internet marketing skills to serve businesses desiring to use the internet to increase their operations.

While freely sharing these tips and ideas with you, I’ve concentrated on building niche blogs and promoting affiliate products. But after a recent research, I’ve decided to take my own advice and start a line of service where I can take advantage of my skills, knowledge and passion. And what more, from all indications the market is also there!

What is this new line in my business?

I now offer SEO web copywriting and blog consulting services for businesses desiring to increase their internet visibility (read the press release announcing the launch).

I’m sure you will agree with me that marketing online using the right content is increasingly becoming a necessity today. With more and more businesses taking to the internet to market their products/services and with the new developments as regards online social media marketing, employing the right content is now a must.

Unfortunately, not many of these business entrepreneurs are writers.  Among those who are writers, not many know how to write content for the web. This is where a service like mine is very important.

As a reader of this blog you have firsthand knowledge of how passionate I am about writing content that is not only engaging but informative and highly geared towards helping the reader. This is actually very important when it comes to content marketing because content marketing is about using good-quality and search engine optimized content in your online marketing endeavors to inform, educate and help your target audience. It’s about creating content that that engages and communicates with your site visitors in such a way that interaction and trust is easily achieved which ultimately results in sales.

So, I’m presenting my content creation and blog consulting service as an example of how you too can use your skills, passion and knowledge to locate a perfect business. Remember that in our today’s information-based economy, providing information and delivering service are the new keys to building wealth.

Marketing Take Away

My purpose with the Web Income Journal has always been providing you with the right tips and strategies to help you make the best use of the internet as a business tool. And so, you could easily take a cue from what I’m doing here and take another look at your blogging skills. A careful look may just reveal some areas that you can turn into another stream of income as a blogger. And who knows, you may just uncover that perfect business you have been looking for – a business with a ready market and about which you have the skills, knowledge and passion to serve!

And, before you go, if you're a business that is looking for someone to write your marketing content, you can be sure that giving me that opportunity will be to your advantage. Click here to visit my offer page for details about the service!

As usual I want to respond to your comments. If you have suggestions or questions about this service feel free to let me know. Post your comments below.

  1. Chadrack,

    I differently agree with you. You must love what you do. I feel if your trying to make a quick buck you won’t go far. Passion is what you need to succeed.

    • @Allentown Nightlife,

      Hey, do I understand you here? Do you mean you agree with me but on a different note? What do you mean, “I differently agree with you?” Anyway, you must understand that I never disputed the fact that passion is needed to succeed. However, like you put it, you must love what you do. And this is what I’ve tried to present in the post. My stand always is, “Love what you do and not do what you love!”

  2. Hi Chadrack,

    So true! So true! I love it…. Sometimes people are too focus in money they forget passion. Thanks for reminding us.

  3. Your offer seems to be a really nice service, it’s a nice combination of the most effective SEO processes. It could be a great choice for those, who only wants to spend their time for the blogging and content creation.

    • @Julie,

      Of course, if you have a passion for creating content and you find blogging an exciting adventure, why not? The good thing is that you will be doing what you love and getting a good income from it. For me nothing is more than that. It’s satisfaction of the highest order! 🙂

  4. Sounds wonderful Chadrack!

    Soon after commenting, I am surely going to head over what you have in store for all of us- and coming from you, it must be something worthwhile 🙂

    I totally agree with you that we should make our writing our passion, and write only what we are really passionate about. Both things if combined together do wonders! But yes, as a freelance writer, i often have to write even about things I may not really like 🙁 But not on my own blog 🙂

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • @Harleena Singh,

      Great, Harleena. This coming from you is sweet music to my ears! Of course as a freelace writer I understand you have to deal with just any topic. Now, this agrees with what I have said in the post. You don’t have to be passionate about the subject. As a freelance writer, you are passionate about writing. You love reading up new subjects. You love putting your own thoughts into those subjects and then bring those thoughts to live by “fleshing” them out with words!

      That is the passion of a writer. Anyone who will only write about subjects he/she is passionate about can never be a freelance writer. It is where your passion is that matters.

      Btw. Did you check out my offer page? Can I have your thoughts please! 🙂

      • @Chadrack, the offer page is very well written. It is totally professional, and am sure people are going to contact you, once they learn more about you.

        Wishing you all the best 🙂

        • @Harleena Singh,

          Oh thanks. In fact, I’m already discussing with a few who contacted me earlier! Just want some opinions since there’s always room for improvement. As a freelance writer who have been in this for some time your opinion is gold to me! Again thanks for your kind words.

  5. How can i get more visitors for ebay product selling? How can i convene customer to buy my product? It is so difficult for me to sell anything online.

    • @Lisa Donaho,

      Unfortunately, I’ve not done any ebay selling before. But why not do a google search? You may just find enough information on how to go about it.

      About selling anything online there are just some simple basic rules/tactics:

      1. Know what your target market wants/needs and give them only that
      2. Know who your target customer is
      3. Know where to meet them
      4. Know what language to use in marketing to them
      5. Know what emotional buttons to press when selling to them
      6. Know how to sell online. Package your product/service the right way
      7. Know when to approach your prospect

      Indeed there is more you should know but if you have these basics in place and work with them, selling online could be form.

  6. It seems that you have opened the useful services for making the business very good. You’ve talked about the most needed thing for business – Passion. If you are not passionate, then it’s not worth to do.
    The offers are good to see as I’ve visited your offer page. Content is the most vital thing for business and you are doing the right thing by providing this services. Best of Luck!

  7. Chadrack, yes, a person has to be passionate about the niche they’ve chosen, but after being passionate and engrossed in one’s niche at first, how should a person deal with occasional boredom that comes after a few months? In other words, what should a person do if instead of “Oh wow I want to blog about something today,” they feel like “Oh no, I really don’t want to have to do anything.” Is it okay to take time off?

    • @books,

      I will simply say when you’re not in the mood don’t push yourself. Take some time off. I do that occasionally. However, you have to be careful that it doesn’t progress into laziness that will handicap you. What i do to guide against this is to devote myself to reading a related subject. Reading gives me inspiration to write again. Simply sharing the thoughts of others in what I’m reading gives me ideas on what to write about next. So when you feel like not writing, take the time to go off and read what others have written. These could be blog posts or some real book!

  8. Hi Chadrack, unfortunately I am not a business, but I wish you the best of luck in making money by using your skills to help promote businesses.

    • @Christopher,

      You know you surprise most times when you’re very certain that you’re not into this because of business. As I’ve written in some of my posts,any blogger can turn his/her skills into business online. I’ve also mentioned it that your blog has the potential of making good money if it is put that use. But all the same i admire your stand and thanks for wishing me googluck! 🙂

      • @Chadrack, you are welcome for the luck 🙂

        I am in it for the fun of it Chadrack, I get to read about the latest tech news every day, and select the coolest stuff to write about, I also sometimes get products to review, which is pretty cool. I love what I do, and I worry that if I were to turn the blog commercial I would loose that.

        If I can cover the cost of the domain name and hosting, as well as any potential prizes for competitions, I am happy 🙂

        • @Christopher,

          That is really cool! And that point about getting products to review, that is where I see the potential in your blog. Ok, may be not now, I definitely see some day when you will begin to go for the cash! 🙂

  9. You can also create ftp accounts and create unique accounts for your users, making sure the permission settings don’t allow others to see the contents.

  10. Hello Chadrack, it is such a great idea to turn your skills and knowledge into business but I am not in business but this may help me in other areas I want to learn. Thanks!

    • @Danyelle Franciosa,

      Not in business? I visited the link referenced in your posts and that is definitely a business site! Any way, as you mentioned, you can always used this information in other areas 🙂

  11. This is the result of passion . Keep it up.

    • @Saikrishna,

      Definitely, I’m passionate about creating marketing content and blogging has given my a voice to this. turning it into a business is nothing special. My only desire to do enjoy it while making some good income from it!

  12. I love these tips and even as a pro blogger – or at least a full-time one 😉 WELL-DONE.
    That sounds great! I agree that learning about Skills & Knowledge Into A Prefect Business 🙂

    • @Antonio,

      thanks for the comment Antonio. Frankly, as a solopreneur the best way to go is to find a way of turning your skills and passion into a business. This way you will always enjoy the journey!

  13. You’re right on point. It takes both passion and zest for what you write and an equal passion for the niche market you want to provide solutions for.

    • @GADEL,

      Just right Gadel. Without passion and zest you will only fall flat like a deflated baloon. Passion will definitely help you fly high! Thanks for the comment.

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